Star Trek: The Path To Glory

Episode 1: "In the Beginning..."

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The I.K.S. Ty'Gokor is the Klingon Empire's newest weapon to combat the Romulan Star Empire's recent hit-and-run attacks into Klingon Space.  It is equipped with a long-forgotten technology of firing when cloaked and is the perfect tool to advance the High Council's agenda.
But as the Ty'Gokor launches on its maiden voyage, the engineers and scientists onboard discover flaws in the design that could make the ship vunerable during battle.  So as the Ty'Gokor races toward the border to face the Romulans, the question comes up: Is this an honorable fight handed down by their superiors... or a devious political setup? 


"In the Beginning..."

Captain Korleth, Commanding Officer IKS Ty'Gokor

Lt. Commander Horatio Blackburn, First Officer IKS Ty'Gokor/Starfleet Excange Officer

********************                                                                                                                  Klingon Defense Force Headquarters, First City, Qo'noS.

 It was a good day in the Klingon Empire for Captain Korleth, son of Mi'Goth. He was practically, as his human brother would say, on top of the world. Here he was now, in the heart of the Empire, ready to take command of one of the newest Klingon Birds of Prey to roll off of the assembly lines. The Bird in question was none other than the Ty'Gokor, named for the planet in which Hall of Warriors stood. The very hall in which Korleth himself was inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth. The Ty'Gokor supposedly had more armor, more manuvarability, more firepower, and more cloaking capabilities than the standard Bird of Prey, and Korleth was honored enough to recieve command of it. Such a fitting assignment for a warrior such as him!

The only downside to this prestigious assignment was that the Klingon High Command picked his crew for him. As such, he had quite an intresting First Officer, the one he was now waiting for to arrive. He had recieved word that a Federation Starship had just entered orbit and was already beaming down the new Klingon Ambassador, a one Alexander Rosinko, the son of Commander Worf himself. He knew Worf by reputation only, not having the honor yet to meet him. But from what he heard, the man measured up to the myth. He was standing by now for the next batch of Starfleet personnel to come down. These would be the members of the revived Officer Exchange Program that had taken place once, many years before.

All Korleth knew of his human First Officer is from what he read in the man's dossier. It was one fitting a Warrior of the Empire, something that was becomeing more and more frequent nowadays, now that the Federation had actually fought a decent war for once. This 'Blackburn' would be interesting to see in action among Klingons.

Horatio Blackburn, as he called himself, frowned as he was beamed over, swearing quite a bit. One thing was that the uniform was uncomfortable. His neck was itching, and he had been forced to fight with all he was to keep his hair at the length it was. The woman dressing him earlier had almost insisted on giving him a military cut. Well, he would have been deaf, dead and damned before that happened. 

Truth was, Horatio was a bit apprehensive. Apprehensive going onto scared shitless. He would be the only human being on a Klingon ship. It didn't sit well with him, especially not since he had spent his entire life fighting his way on top to keep his own skin intact. Now, he had fought Klingons in brawls, and it took an incredible amount of cheating to beat one. They were stronger than him and a lot bigger, and sometimes just as quick. So all he really had here was being fast, being able to get up after a hard punch and being able to cheat. He wetted his lips, straightening. And now, he'd see his Captain. Now that would be interesting...especially considering that he had made his last Captain hate him with all he was. Or else he wouldn't have been sent here.

He stepped off the platform, shuddering as always just to make sure that all body parts were still in place. The Ambassador was beside him, a nice enough man who had spent an hour telling him about Klingon culture. He would also be the one to introduce him to his new Captain, he guessed. He shifted awkwardly for a moment, looking at the Klingons standing there. Well, it was too late to turn and run, so instead of giving the Ambassador a chance, he looked around. "Which one of you lot is Captain Korleth?" he asked, or more demanded.

Korleth eyed the human who shouted out his demand. This one would certainly bear watching in the future. He has spirit, he has fire, and yes, hedefinately has the heart. But time will tell if this human would measure up. But then again, he's certainly seen worse before. "Depends on who is asking,hu-man." he said after allowing Blackburn a few moments to scan the crowd.

Blackburn looked at Korleth. Jesus, but that was a huge bastard. Instead, hebefore walking over to him. "Horatio Blackburn, also known as the man who willtan your arse if you don't tell me who Korleth is. Mind you, with my luckyou're most likely 'im, so perhaps I should start being nice?"

Korleth threw his head back and laughed, then clapped Blackburn so hard on theback that he nearly toppled. "Well spoken!" he said. "Get your things." hecommanded. "I'll show you the ship."

Horatio refrained from rubbing his shoulder in pain, instead grabbing hisdufflebag and following the Klingon, taking a place on his side. He'd bloodywell act like a First Officer, even if he didn't feel like one. And he knewthat he would perhaps have to fight for that place.


"Spring Time"

Lt. Junkar, son of Ka’pok


***Karlush province, Qo'noS***


The province of Karlush had been under the protection of the House of Gonkor for several hundred years now. In turn control of the province meant a seat on the High Council, the leader of the House of Gonkor was General Ka’pok. He ruled from the provincial capital of which bore the same name as the province.


General Ka’pok had three children, Jem’mok the oldest, the strongest, and governor of the province in the General’s absence. Then there was Shokeg who commanded the House’s Squadron which consisted of twelve Birds-of-Prey. Katarren, third born and a daughter administrated both the province and the fleet and kept everything in order. Finally came Junkar… who was given a small fishing village in the south of the province.


There just had been not much else to give Junkar, once all the towns and ships had been divided amongst his siblings, uncles and family retinues all there was left was this small fishing village. None the less, there Junkar resided with his mate Keleth and his first born Fortan. Life was peaceful and good there, although a warrior cared much for honour and glory in battle and for that reason Junkar spent much time thinking of returning to space.


On this morning beautiful spring morning, Junkar was busying instructing the youth of the village in the use of the Mek’leth, the young boys watching attentively as he demonstrated its use with another warrior, before going on to fight amongst themselves with wooden Mek’leth so as to not kill each other.


As Junkar swept low with his Mek’leth sweeping his opponent of his feet, he heard the low roar of an older shuttle heading towards the village. One never knew when a rival house was attacking, so he signalled the boys to fetch the disruptors from his home, as he and the other warriors made for a nearby field where the shuttles usually landed.


When the shuttle landed, the men were relieved to find that it was their Lord and House leader, General Ka’pok.

”You tricked us you old fool!” Junkar yelled clasping his father’s shoulders. “What’s with the old shuttle?”

General Ka’pok laughed before replying. “The IKV Bat’leth is off suppressing Cardassian rebels with you’re brother in command, so I needed to use this one from the IKV Targ.”


“We’ll father, what can I do for you?” Junkar asked, walking the man towards his home which stood high above the smaller dwellings in the village.


“There is something I have to ask of you. But first we shall drink and I shall see my grandson!” The General ordered.

***Later that night***

That night a feast was prepared as was tradition and most of the village attended, the General gave a speech, Junkar a gave speech, infact almost everyone that night gave a speech. Towards the end of the night when most were either passed out or had returned to their homes, Ka’pok found himself holding his sleeping grandson as Junkar sat in front of him waiting to hear why he had come with his mate Keleth besides him.

”We’ll Junkar…” The General started, watching his grand son, one of at least twelve grandchildren. “It’s about time for you to take up a posting… you’ve done well here in this little fishing village and it shall remain yours once you leave…”


“Understood” Junkar replied leaning back against his chair with one arm over his sleeping mate. “Shall I join Shokeg then?” He asked.


“No. The I.K.S Ty’Gokor” He informed him, there was no choice for his son in the matter, once he had decided, that was it. But he would explain to his son reasoning to his son as it was the honourable thing to do. ”Although you may achieve much on the Bat’leth with you’re brother or anyone of our family’s ships, whatever you achieve will go down as a mark for the House of Gonkor. I believe its time you gain you’re own victories, a deeds to tell that wont be shared with you’re brothers.”


Junkar knew of the Ty’Gokor, it was one of the newer K’vort class vessels, ad it out classed his own families ships. He would miss his young family, but such was the way of the warrior. “Good then, when do I leave?” He asked.

The General snarled. “Tomorrow!”



‘Rise to Honor’  Last Rite

Klotho, head of the house of Gara’Keth

Lieutenant Marrek


"You must be silent," Klotho said calmly as he drew a d’ktagh from its sheath and handed it back to the Starfleet officer that had beamed down to the instillation.

"Like a slow wind." Klotho handed out the knife then pulled out one of his own, unlike the other this blade was long and thing and sinuous.

The head of the house of Gara’Keth was not dressed as other Klingons, rather then a suit of armor he wore dark robes and a large back over coat, seeing the man pulled out the knives from behind the coat the officer wondered just how many weapons he had hidden away. 

Marrek drew a jejtaj from each side of his armor, holding one in each hand as he moved slowly down the poorly lit corridor behind his father, the Starfleet officer behind him. Marrek moved with a slow bob of his head, looking around the corridor as he moved down it, his breathing pattern was slow and calm, this was but another trip into hell for him, a mission for the glory the Empire and above that for his House.

Ariel looked at the knife and smirked before putting it into his waist band. Klingons, fun guys but take things a little too serious, Ariel thought to himself as he moved behind the two Klingons. We’re big mighty Klingons, we must move in silently, like a slow wind. Ariel smiled his big grin and shook his head. I wonder how close the Dreadnaught and the Yamato are, probably a few thousand miles up.

"Just inside," Klotho said over his shoulder, his voice only a ghostly whisper. He held his knife at the ready as he peered into the room. The room the men now stood outside was the sleeping quarters, inside were nearly a dozen sleep Romulan High Guard officers. They were the elite of the Romulan ground forces.

"We’ll move in and take positions then wake them from their sleep, then attack."

Ariel moved up to the door and looked in and shook his head, "They’re sleeping," he said, "we’ll be safer if we just move in and kill them without waking them."  Ariel had worked with Klingons before and served on a ship with a man who wanted to be a Klingon, he knew all about honor but there was no honor on a battlefield. He started for the door.

As the tall bald man moved for the door to the sleeping quarters Marrek grabbed his arm, "There is no honor in killing a sleeping man." He argued, in tone was stern even in its whisper.

Ariel smiled again, they were really committed an honor that could get them killed, that’s something isn’t it? I suppose it should be admired, then its not that out of the ordinary, we all have things we’ll risk our lives to keep. "les anges terribles," Ariel said, "I have no honor."

"Commander," Klotho insisted.

Yeah, so much for that plan. "Alright, alright," Ariel said, the large grin never leaving his face, "We’ll all sneak in there and then someone will scream or break wind and wake them up and they’ll all have time to go for their guns and their knives and their guns, all of which are probably hidden under their pillows. And once we have," he paused to look in the room, "eleven pissed off High Guard officers all with their weapons and all woken up, then we’ll kill them." With that Ariel moved into the room.

"An interesting one," Marrek whispered to his father as the two men watched the Starfleet officer make his way across the room and get into position. "He acts in a manner I have not seen among the other officers." Marrek had met more then his fair share of Starfleet officers and while this was his first time working with one he had, until now, known what to expect from them.

"He lacks discipline," Klotho said in a nearly silent voice, "he is without honor.

Once Ariel was in place he signaled. Seeing his signal Marrek moved into the room. His footfalls slow and easy so as not to make any noise as he crossed the room into his position. Marrek turned slowly, his boots making no sound against the cold rock floor of the room as he did so. Before signaling for his father to enter the room he looked around at the sleeping Romulans and thought to himself that it would have been better to kill them in their sleep, faster and safer. Breaking his mind from this thought of breaching his honor Marrek looked to his father and signaled for him to move in. For what seemed like an eternity Marrek watched as his father moved through the room, finding his own position and standing at the ready.

Ariel shrugged once he saw everyone was in place then pulled out the knife Klotho had given him. Holding the weapon in his hand he pressed the switch, the side blades popping out. Ariel smiled, I always thought that wasn’t true, I didn’t know they could do that.  He looked up at Marrek and Klotho and his smile faded. Yeah, yeah I’ll wake them up. Knife in hand Ariel thought of a way to wake the sleeping men and as the idea came to him his smile returned and he jammed the knife into the nearest Romulan’s leg.

The knife sunk into the man’s leg easily, partly because of the blade’s sharp edge and partly because of the force in which Ariel had forced it downward.  As it tore it way through the blankets and into the flesh of the Romulan a green jet of blood stained the sheets and the man awoke screaming at the top of his lungs in quick shrieks of anguish.

"They’re awake!" Ariel shouted as he grabbed a dazed waking Romulan and jerked his head to one side, the sound of the man’s breaking neck echoing in the room.

Marrek kicked an waking Romulan in the gut and turned to face one of the high guard members going for the weapons locker. Marrek slammed the dish shaped blade of the jejtaj into the man’s back then turned to force both blades into the face of an on coming Romulan.

Klotho had waited until the Romulan nearest him had taken a hold of his weapon before he moved in to make his attack. With one quick arc of his blade he separate the head from the body, dashing quickly to one side to avoid the shower of blood from the limply falling headless body.

Ariel grabbed another Romulan, in a quick fluid motion he placed his left hand behind the man’s back between his shoulder blades. Once his left hand was in place just as quickly as its brother the right hand moved to the Romulan’s chin forcing its way upard toward the sky, the sound of the High Guard’s back snapping in several places was audable over the other fighting in the room. The body traveled upward for an instant, still under the force of Ariel’s blow, as Ariel’s hands move away from the body it fell to the floor.  "Marrek, Right."

Marrek turned to his right and then leapt forward, his blades sinking deep into the back of the seventh Romulan. The man gasping his last breath as he feel to the floor, no more then four feet from the main alarm switch.

Not bad at all, Ariel thought as he saw Marrek tackle and stab the enemy. "Not bad," he said with a grin.

Klotho’s blade danced in the air, what little light there was in the room dancing off its curved blade, the silver of the weapon’s metal hidden under a sheen of green blood. He moved in, swiping downward and taking out the legs of one guard before slashing another on the chest. The blade dug deep separating several of the man’s ribs, his chest opening, his lungs exposed to the room. As the man’s chest opened Klotho turned around, dropping to one knee as he drove his blade into the skull of the man who his blade had only a moment ago robbed of his legs.

Ariel spun on his left heel as he moved around, his right foot connecting with a guard’s larynx. The foe made a few gasping sounds as he clawed at his throat and fell to the floor, thrashing around before breathlessly dying.

Marrek slashed the last guard down as the man charged his rifle. Marrek’s blades first taking out the man’s fingers, them his eyes, then cutting a swipe across the belly, the blue loops of the guard’s intestines pouring out onto the floor in a slashing bloody mess. "Clear," Marrek said wiping his blades and the sheets of one of the now empty beds before tucking them back into their places on the sides of his armor.

Ariel looked around, "Clear," he said calmly.

"Clear," Klotho said as he sheathed his blade. Unlike his son he did not bother to clean the blood from the weapon, instead leaving it as a mark of the battle and a message to all those who saw it. After tucking away his knife Klotho stopped to collected himself, straightening his robes and his over coat. His clothes had been throw out as he fought but once made straight again he looked like he had before he had entered, the attack that had happened here was nothing to him, just another reason to adjust his coat.

Ariel tapped his commlink, "This is Markinson to Yamato, High Guard station has been cleared without the alarm being sounded." Ariel explained as he looked over the dead Romulans. "We’re moving to the power station now."

"This is Yamato," the captain said "let us know when you’ve lowered the magnetic field."

"Won’t be long, sir."

Marrek looked around, "It won’t take long for the High Guard to realize their other officers are slain,"

Marrek said in a low tone. "We’ll need to move fast or the entire area will be down on us. The Romulans will not hesitate, they do not fight with honor as we do."

Klotho gave a hard glance to Markinson then turned back to his son. "This is true, me must move out now and destroy their field power source." Looking around the bunk room Klotho searched for a control panel, finding one he moved to the interface and brought up a map of a facility. "The area should be just beyond this room, down a corridor and then a lift."

Marrek pulled his disruptor pistol and charged it to the kill setting. This room had been easy and while letting them guard wake and move for their weapons before attacking had given their foes and advantage beyond here the advantage would be greater. Outside this room there would be armed disruptor rifles and stun batons. "Father," Marrek said as he handed one of his pistols to his father.

Klotho took the weapon and checked the charge in it before holding it at the ready. Ariel pulled the PX4 Storm from its holster beneath his shoulder and flipped off the weapon’s safety with his thumb. Checking the sites once he looked up to Klotho and Marrek, "I’ll move in first and raise some racket with this," Ariel said holding up the bullet firing weapon, "Once I go in you two follow me and take out the other Romulans."

Marrek nodded, "Understood, and once we quell the Romulan force we’ll take down the field."

"Yeah," Ariel said. Eager guy isn’t he? Ariel gave one last look to the area then stepped through the door way.

Marrek saw Ariel step though the door and disappear from view. He stood waiting until he heard the load report of the officer’s pistol. Once he heard the first shot he move in, his disruptor pistol at the ready.

Running down the corridor he entered the main power station. He could hear the screams of the soldiers and the firing of weapons as he passed out of the hall and into the room itself. Now that he was inside the room he found cover and took it, using it as he picked off the enemy soldiers from their positions.

Marrek looked around, checking first his father’s position then the officer’s. Both had found cover and were firing against the Romulans. Marrek smiled as the rush of fighting an uphill battle rushed over him. His weapon took down many Romulans, its red beam lancing out in the darkness and tearing into them as they moved for their own cover and higher ground.  While Marrek couldn’t be sure when the smoke cleared he believed that he had taken at least ten men in this room. When all was said and done it didn’t take long for the three of them to clear out the section of the base and now that it was done it was time to move onto the field.

Marrek had the been given the honor of carrying the satchel and he set it now over the main relay hub and set its timer, "We have one hundred seconds," he said in a gruff tone.

"Let’s get going, once that field is down the Yamato and the Dreadnaught can beam down their crews." Ariel explained as he moved swiftly toward the hall they had entered through.

The three moved out of the power station and back through the corridors. Behind them the facility rocked as the satchel charge detonated and took the power station with it. The blast was deafening and once the sound faded all three men’s ears rang.

"This is Markinson to Yamato," Ariel began, "The field is down."

"Alright commander," the captain of the Yamato replied, "We’re sending Security Team Seven down, Dreadnaught is sending Security Team Six. Hold your position until back up arrives, the cavalry will clear the rest of the High Guard out, Kurkland Out."

Ariel nodded then leaned against the wall, "I guess we wait," He said with a triumphant smile, "I think this all went well."

Marrek nodded in return, "Yes, we fought with honor and glory." The big Klingon holstered his disruptor pistol then took out his communicator, "Marrek to Odium, the shield is down and Federation officers are beaming in, maintain guard, we’ll return shortly."

Marrek informed the bird of prey that had brought him, his Father and the Officer down to the planet. It’s cloak had allow them to enter the area in secret as beaming was not possible until now, with the fall of the magnetic field the rest of the officers, the cavalry as the captain had called them, could beam in and take control of the rouge High Guard station.

Klotho gave an approving look to his adopted son, "You fought well my son," he said in a low gruff done, "This was to be our last fight together, I am glad it was a good one."

Marrek bowed slightly to his father and superior, "Thank you, you honor me with your words, father."  Marrek would miss fighting by his father’s side but he knew that he had to do what he was doing. He was an adopted child and had no familial honor of his own.  While there was glory and honor fighting alongside Klotho he knew that to have true honor for his children and for their children he would need to build it himself.

"Until we fight together again," Marrek said, bowing once more to his father.

"Until that day," Klotho replied.


"The Ty'Gokor"

Captain Korleth, Commanding Officer IKS Ty'Gokor

Lt. Commander Horatio Blackburn, First Officer IKS Ty'Gokor/Starfleet Excange Officer


Klingon Defense Force Headquarters, First City, Qo'noS.

Korleth threw his head back and laughed, then clapped Blackburn so hard on the back that he nearly toppled. "Well spoken!" he said. "Get your things." he commanded. "I'll show you the ship."

Horatio refrained from rubbing his shoulder in pain, instead grabbing his dufflebag and following the Klingon, taking a place on his side. He'd bloody well act like a First Officer, even if he didn't feel like one. And he knew that he would perhaps have to fight for that place.

The massive Klingon Captain led his new Human XO down a series of corridors before finally coming out on a massive tarmac. Streaching either way for miles were Klingon Birds of Prey in various stages of repair and readiment. Korleth led Blackburn onto a crew mover ground vehicle and it sped away after he had entered the proper coordinates. "Unlike the rest of the fleet which is spaceborne, the Birds Of Prey are serviced on the ground for more ease of maintenence." he growled over the howl of the wind whipping past them in the open roofed vehicle. "Our newer ones, like the Ty'Gokor, are on the south end of the field where our main processing plant is at."

Horatio nodded, taking it in. "What is the size of the crew?" he asked, considering what he had read about the ship. Not much, of course, since his reading took forever...but enough to have some idea.

"Three hundred and fifty warriors assembled from all over the Empire... and the Federation." Korleth said, giving Blackburn a sideways glance. "We do not even have a full crew yet!" he spat off of the side of the mover as their ship was just now coming into view. "I am still getting transfer orders in from the High Command."

Blackburn nodded, looking at the ship. She was an impressive sight...not in the Starfleet kind of way, but in the power kind of way. He looked around though, for a moment, before back at the ship. "When do we launch, Sir?" he asked, needing those things. Then he didn't bloody have to read it.

"Ha!" Korleth laughed. "If the idiots in the High Command don't bore us to death first, we SHOULD be launching within a week. I'd rather launch much sooner, but I do prefer to have a full crew first."

"Easiest that way. Less work, and less trouble later if we can get the men to work together from the start. Sir." Horatio looked at his Captain, watching him and feeling very out of place. Even his words didn't fit in. They were standard, of course. With a heavy Sheffield accent that made it sound rougher. But, a part of his mind found it safer not to say that he spoke good Klingon. Not just yet anyway. "We could have a few drills while she's down here, see how the crew works. Theory, of course. All theory, but it'll be summat...summat's better than nowt, Sir, cos you never know if the bugger will let ye do as ye wish, or if they'll fight ye. And if they fight ye, big bastards like that, ye might be in for 'un." He flahsed him a quick grin, chuckling, and completely unaware that he had gone from just an accent to heavily speaking his own dialect.

Korleth roared with laughter, his voice carrying down the tarmac. "You'll do just fine as a first officer human!" he said clapping a hand on his shoulder as the crew mover came to a stop before their ship. "Combat Drills are what helps us keep our Warrior edge." he stepped off with Blackburn following him. "The Ty'Gokor is based off of your standard model D-25 K'Vort Class with 13 decks, 327 meters long and 276 meters at the beam. Its capable of atmospheric flight, if it weren't obvious, and can sweep the wings up or down for different attack postures."

"As long as she flies and fights, Sir, I'll be happy enough," Horatio said, looking at the Captain. He chuckled, folding his arms as he watched it. "The crew...I take it they're good men?"

"They're Klingons! Of course they are good men!" Korleth said proudly. "Our second and third officers come from well known and great Houses and our Marines could rival any special forces unit that anyone has to offer." Korleth led Blackburn right up the main ramp that was underneath the protruding neck of the Bird Of Prey. The two went inside the dimly lit ship and up a level to where the crew quarters were at. The senior officers were toward the front of the ship where the quarters would then go down by rank until you got to the lowest officer. "My quarters are here at the left." Korleth pointed out. "Yours are right across the corridor here." he said, turning into a room that had Blackburn's name in both Klingon and Terran characters.

The room, like all quarters on a Klingon ship, had a table and chair with a single metal bunk cut out of the wall. "We do not have need for luxary here human. We have" he slammed a fist down on the metal bed "basic bunks. No 'cushion' here. And we do not serve Federation foods so I hope you've gotten used to Klingon Cusine before you got here."

Horatio kept his face blank at his words. The bed he could live with. He could get a blanket and use it to soften it a bit, and it wouldn't be the first time he had slept without any coverings. As for the food...he had lived off garbage at some point in his life, and he knew that his body would force him to eat what he needed to get on, no matter how it tasted. "I'll make sure to bring my pocket knife...not used to eating live food yet."

Korleth grinned as he went back to the corridor. "Next, the bridge." he said.

He followed him, watching the man for a moment. "Can I ask you what I can expect from the men? Being a human and all..." he laughed, looking around with interest.

"Lots of challenges at first. Some more subtle than others. Maybe one or two of them will actually come to a fight but in either case, you must show the crew who the boss is. If you relent or show weakness, then 'the game is up' as you humans would say."

The metal doors at the end of the corridor then opened up to reveal the spartan bridge. There were a few Klingon technicians and a couple of warriors up here at the moment working on various systems. Korleth ignored them as he led the human into the room. He stopped short of the long console just behind and to the right of the command chair. "This is your station." he said, slapping the metal. "This gives you a practical readout of every station on the bridge plus schematics for the ship and you can take over a station if need be, much like on your ships in the Federation." he explained. "To your right, right next to you, is the helmsman station. The opposite station has communications and security. In the back right behind your station is Tactical, Weapons and Gunnery control. On the other side is Sciences and Medical." Korleth was pointing as he explained. "In the front to the left of the viewscreen is sensors, countermeasures, and cloaking control and to the ri!

ght is Operations and Engineering readouts."

Korleth then pointed off to the side of the bridge where a pair of metal doors were at. "My office is right over there." he then pointed to the opposite wall. "And the crew head is right over there."

"I see," Horatio said, nodding as he looked around, arms folded. This would indeed be intresting...he wasn't that keen on fighting Klingons, but he would have to here.

The Klingon captain clapped his hands once. "Boreth! Get over here!" He called out. One of the Klingon warriors got up from the post he was working and walked over. Korleth then turned back to Blackburn and clapped a hand on the young warrior's shoulder. "This is the man you need. He can show you specifically how each console operates and, if you need to, learn how to read Klingon. He's young, he's eager, and he's anxious to know how the Federation way of life is." he said. "Kahless knows why..." he muttered.

Horatio chuckled, looking at the Klingon. "Some help would be appricated. Only how things works though. I'll pick up the reading eventually." He met the young Klingon's eyes, holding them.

"Very well then." Korleth said. This human would work. "I'll leave you to familiarize yourself with the ship then. I will be at the High Command finding the rest of our crew."


"Trouble With Command"

Captain Korleth, Commanding Officer IKS Ty'Gokor


Klingon High Command - Central Building - Qo'noS

"What do you mean 'another week' petaQ!?" Korleth roared as he eyed one of the many 'administrative technicians' in the heart of the KDF High Command. "You filthy toDaSH told me that LAST week!"

"We still have your crew coming in from all over the Empire, Captian." the technician told him. "As well as a few more exchange members from the Federation. And the additional enhancements to the Ty'Gokor are still not complete yet."

"BAH!" Korleth snarled as shoved the technician aside. "You whine and mince words like a Ferengi. Now either tell me EXACTLY when my ship will be cleared to launch, or I will have your heart for my dinner!" The technician, barely a teenager and a scrawny one at that, was busy trying to get the information that Korleth desired. Korleth had no desire to wait however as he merly shook his head and stalked out of the operations room.

He walked down the corridors and over to the balcony that overlooked the Birds of Prey that were on the ground far below. The High Command's Central Building was perched high on a cliffside with the factories and ship tarmac being far below. He easily picked out his ship where now technicians and engineers were scurring over it like insects over a rotting targ. The ship, and the mission that came with it was bold and the glory and honor was there to grasp with both hands...

If only he could get his ship off of the ground!

He was tired of waiting. After months and months of handing House affairs, he finally got a Captaincy within the KDF itself. Commanding a House ship was all well and good, but the real action was with the KDF. Especally when you get picked by the Chancellor and the General to test out one of the Empire's newest prototypes!

But there was always something wrong. Personnel... Logisics... Engineering... Structural... Politics... whatever... It was enough to make Korleth sick. While High Command and the High Council were bickering, he was stranded on the ground when the call for action screamed from within his blood.

Once they got moving... then it would all fall into place.


"Plans for the Romulans"

Captain Korleth, Son of Mi'Goth

Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka'pok



Junkar sat at the tactical station studying the controls of his new position on the bridge. He was the only Klingon on the bridge of Ty'Gokor at that time, most of the crew were still settling in.

Korleth, having not much better to do at command, had come back to the ship to maybe 'encourage' the filthy technicians and engineers to get their work finished quicker. He decided to start at the bridge and work his way down in each department of the ship. He was, in a way, disappointed and thrilled at the same time to see none but his 3rd officer on the bridge. It was a sign that the technicians were done with this portion of the ship.

The ships 3rd Officer swung around to see the Captain entered the bridge. A Klingon could tell who his commanding officer was by appearance alone, the way the man walked, the way he stood, it was the way of the warrior. "Captain" Junkar said.

"Lieutenant Junkar." he said, nodding. "You came highly recommended from both the Houses of Ka'pok and Nedved" he said, recalling the young warrior's record. "It is said that you single handedly held the bridge of the Vor'Cha during the Dominion War."

"General Nedved tells a good war story, espicially after twenty bottles of bloodwine, Captain" He replied with some cheer. "I hear we have been delayed another week" Junkar said getting to the point.

Korleth let out a string of muttered curses at that. "Yes..." he growled. "If it isn't one thing it is another!" he practically roared. "But I believe that the main thing keeping us here is the finalization of our orders and the installation of our 'special' equipment down in engineering."

"Special equipment?" Junkar asked with somewhat of a grunt. "Were starting to sound like a house ship now" The House ships were widely known for their personal touches.

"Not exactly." Korleth said. "Its something that our scientists haven't tried in nearly a century. Some notion of getting ships to fire when cloaked. I'm told that this new weapon is improved from the first model."

Junkar nodded. "That would make us a formidable hunter." He said before musing. "If were cloaked, we'd be firing without shields thought..."

"One of the drawbacks of the design." Korleth admitted. "Which is why we will have to rely on superior piloting and superior tactical abilities while firing under cloak." he bared his teeth in a wicked smile. "Up for the challenge?"

Junkar smirked. "Argh" He replied. "Has the Council decided what will we be doing out there? or shall we just wonder around like Ferengi hoping for a profit" He snarled at the word profit.

"Word is that we will be 'testing' the weapon near the Romulan boarder. In reality, we will be testing it on the Romulans themselves." he said proudly. The Empire was now going to show the filthy Romulans that the Klingon Empire was not something to be ignored or even toyed with. The minor 'raids' that had happened just a few short months ago were proof of that. "We are to proceed at best speed to the boarder as soon as we are to recieve clearance. That is... once the diplomats are through with their battle of mere words."

"Interesting" Junkar said, considering their chances of success alone. The IKV Dak'tagh had once pulled off a similar mission destroying a warbird but had lost its warp engine in the process and been forced to slug home at impulse for over a month, until it got back across the border,

"I heard that the Federation will not stand for any action against their new found friends and that the USS Titan is still in Romulan space." Korleth explained, the distaste of politics in his mouth. "So the High Council is trying to appease the Federation by saying that we will not take action aginst the Romulans. But in reality, we will still be showing off our strength. Hense the reason of our delay. All of this pathetic squabbling like grishnar cats in heat!"

"Indeed" Junkar replied. "Then when we are fitted, we shall proceed to the border and begin counter raiding. This should be interesting if we don't get ourselves killed"

"But the Glory that such a mission can bring." Korleth said now, thinking on it. "The risk alone is worth it. And if we do die, we shall join the Black Fleet in Sto-vo-kor! eh?"

Junkar laughed. "Indeed, Captain we'll join the Black Fleet and kill Romulans there"

Korleth clapped him hard on the back. "Well said! Well said indeed!"


"By order of the High Council..."

Chancellor Martok and the Klingon High Council

Captain Korleth, Commanding Officer I.K.S. Ty'Gokor


Klingon High Council Chambers - First City, Qo'noS

Korleth had been waiting for this moment for a long time ever since he had first recieved his orders to take command of the Ty'Gokor. Now he was standing before the Chancellor himself and all of the High Council read to recieve his orders. It was rare that ship Captains recieved their orders personally from Martok himself, so whenever it happened it meant that a vital mission for the empire was about to take place.

"We are done squabbling with the Federation and the Romulan ambassadors." Martok was now saying, his one good eye focused on Korleth now. "The Romulans continue to deny these cowardly raids into our territory and the Federation will not stand for any attacks on thier new found friends. But our blood calls out for vengence Captain. That is where you, your crew and your ship come in at."

Korleth smiled. "Tell me what our orders are my lord." he said with anticipation.

Martok reached to the side of the throne and picked up a PADD, which he then handed to Korleth. "You already know your general mission Captain. This PADD contains your operational area and your list of targets. Read it but do not download into your ship's computers." he said in his gruff voice. He then pointed at Korleth and stared deeply into his eyes. "Know this Captain. The Federation cannot know of this. Not yet. So if this information leaks out or if you somehow get captured, we will disavow any knowledge of you."

Korleth was taken back by this. "Are we scheming Ferengi now?" he asked, clearly insulted.

"No. I just want to impart on you the gravity of the situation." Martok said. "There will be Federation ships going in and out of Romulan Space as well including the USS Titan. They cannot see you or detect you so use some... discretion when hitting your targets. If you end up being detected... well... use your imagination."

That got an arched eyebrow from Korleth. But he got the drift regardless. "Yes sir." he said.

"Very well then Captain. Good luck on your mission. Qapla!"


Klingon Defense Force Headquarters, Primary Bird Of Prey landing strip. First City, Qo'noS

Korleth got off of the crew mover at the Ty'Gokor and looked up at his majestic ship. He hoped to Kahless that this new weapon system worked or else he and his crew might as well be getting underway on the Barge of the Dead. He managed to supress a shudder at that though as he stalked onto the loading ramp of the ship and went straight to his quarters.

It was a couple of days from launch and there was still work to be done on the ship. No matter... they would now depart on time and nothing was going to stop them from completing their mission. Nothing. Korleth decided to drink a mug of bloodwine to that.


Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka’pok

Various members of the House of Gonkor



“The Education of Junkar, Son of Ka’pok, Part 1”


***Karlush province, Qo'noS, 2368 (During the Klingon Civil War)***



 “The casualties were high” Junkar said watching the movements of those around the table who listened into the conversation. The fifteen year old was anxious tonight.


General Ka’pok raised the glass to his lips and took a sip of his drink, before placing it back down. “I’d expected so.”


“Once a ship is boarded, casualties are often high, don’t you think, General Ka’pok?” Shokeg, Junkar’s old brother commented, he’d witnessed several such actions whilst serving as a warrior on the IKS Bat’leth.


“I remember a time, Shokeg where you didn’t speak at all” Katarren said, walking up to the table of seated officers. “Under our uncles service”


Shokeg smiled and raised his glass at their sister. “Our uncle is not only a General, he is also the leader of our house. I would die for him”


“And our father? Would you die for him too?” Katarren questioned.


General Ka’pok took a deep breath, wishing she hadn’t asked such a question.


“My dear sister, our father, little Junkar and every other warrior in this hall, are of the House of Gonkor, guards of the Klingon Empire. I, as they would die willfully for one another” Shokeg replied.


Katarren leant in besides Shokeg and kissed his forehead. “Our uncle was right about you.” She smiled and placed her hands on his shoulders ignoring their fathers raise eyebrow. “You will make a good Captain in the war against the Duras, brother”


“And you will bare many strong sons who will go on to make this house proud and more honorable” Shokeg replied in the customary fashion.


Junkar watched the proceedings of his siblings throughout the evening with an unusual feeling. This was his family, his house, warriors of the House of Gonkor and their wives and daughters. Perhaps in this day and age it was wrong to have the chuQun, the nobility, that small percentage that makes up the elite of the Houses, but that was how things were.


“Something is bothering you?” Ka’pok asked his youngest child. He did not need to ask, he could read it on Junkar’s face.


“I wish that there was more I could be doing” Junkar replied. “Maybe I should join the Bat’leth with you and my brothers.”


General Ka’pok turned away from Junkar and faced Katarren. She would have comforting words to say. Her mother was descended from a great line of mighty houses which one did not need to mention.


“Junkar. We know you could do much good on the Bat’leth. But you are needed here to protect your families lands.” Katarren brushed Shokeg aside and sat besides Junkar. “You are lonely, I see it”


“Junkar is still young, it isn’t time for such things it will only distract him from his training” General Ka’pok said.


Katarren smirked. “He can take next year if he wished it and both houses approved. And his bat’leth and mek’leth abilities are exceptional, he is extremely talents, father”


“Yes, but he doesn’t do it” Ka’pok replied. “I have seen him; but he wastes his talent, never trains, and associates with humans from the Federation Embassay.” Ka’pok also knew well that his brother had trained Junkar well, when he paid attention.


Katarren now looked annoyed. “Are you saying his better then the others?” She’d seen all her brothers trained, and although Junkar was talented, she never thought him superior to Shokeg or Jem’mok.


“He has been given a gift, to rise above others.” General Ka’pok said loudly for all to hear. “Look at us all, we survive because of this, our reflexes our strength and ‘luck’ us others call it, were in a civi war. We survive countless battles, we do things reckless and brave that no other warriors or house for that matter could do without complete destruction. Why? It isn’t because we are brave or reckless, but because we can see the outcomes of our actions before it happens. We control not only ourselves but others around us.”


***Hours Laters***


Returning to his room Junkar slumped into his chair. They had both been right to a degree. He was lonely and he was wasting his gift. The glory he’d seen in his brother Jem’mok’s gain in victory against the Duras squadron on the Romulan border was incredible, and he knew he could never reach such heights, but every warrior had potential, the glory of a warrior that ran in their blood.


Then he thought back to what Katarren had said about him being lonely. It was true, he was. And it wasn’t that there weren’t enough on Qu’noS, but then not all women were suitable for a young warrior of such birth.


It was time to grow up, Junkar thought. Fifteen was far too old an age to be wasting his time with games and fun. Now was the time to reach out and become the warrior he was born to be. To straighten his life, find a commission on a ship and seek honor in places were others would not go.



"Thoughts on the Launch"

Warrior 1st Class Ihsaan, Science Officer


Bridge - I.K.S. Ty'Gokor

~Life is amazing.~ Ihsaan saw the whole story of his family from the early start when his Father met with the Klingon settlers, as it was told during the long night of the winters of Dak'ou, to his arrival on the Project. In a sense everything was connected as if the Universe had scheme for him.

It was not only the courage of the settlers that turned the hostile planet into the base of the rise of the House of M'Vagh. It was also the smart choice made by his Father, but most of all, the wisdom of his mother who accepted to use the differences as leverage. Hemwing was El Aurian and a scientist, this made him think in a very different way about the issues the settlers were facing. As long as Dak'ou was a harsh and hostile world, no House would pay attention to the fools that had chosen to live there. But the day Hemwing discovered that deep inside there was a valuable resource that would turn to be profitable after a refining, the deal was different. If this information was spread around the settlers would quickly be absorbed by a powerful House without hope of really enjoying the fortune that had been offered to them.

This happened ten years after Ihsaan's birth and he only remembered a time were people had been exited and shouting around. Records evoked this time as a turning point where many opposed the position of Stira but eventually followed her choice: to start exploiting secretly the mines and refine themselves to sell a high value product. The solution and the source of the problem came with Hemwing who had strong contacts with the Ferengis. The idea of dealing with them had been hard to accept. But DaiMon Neg saw a good opportunity of profit and financed the setting up of the facilities. Hemwing contributed to the projet by developing a ground cloaking device allowing them to keep secret their activity. And finally for safety reasons Neg got the monopoly of the exchange. This contributed greatly to his power and he made everything to secure it. This association benefited both sides and after two decades the House of M'Vagh could deploy three Birds of Prey. But the bottom line was that all started with a cloaking device. And now Ihsaan was working on the Ty'Gokor project which was based on a totally new cloaking device.

He spent nine years. From the early stage when a group of scientists explored the idea of trying again to develop a cloaking device which didn't interfere with weapons, to the final installation on the ship. His Father had been one of the leaders of this research project involving dozens of scientists. Ihsaan was in the team which worked in connection engineers. He left the pure theoretical works to brilliant minds and focused on how to apply their ideas. Ihsaan had a greater respect for his Father and his ideas. He had contributed to the rise of the House of M'Vagh and now he was contributing to the strength of the Empire.


Ihsaan was not supposed to follow his project to the ultimate stage and take off with it. But it seems that his science experience and his involvement in the project made him a good candidate for the Crew. It was a great Honor and it rewarded the contribution of his family. This glimmer of Glory didn't make him forget what had been the real source of power. It wasn't bloodshed with rivals Houses or off-worlders. It was the power of the mind. Smart moves and smart choices. Everyday were good days to die, but death meant something only if in the life that preceded, all choices had been made, and all contributions had been given. Premature death in a hasty and unprepared quest of Glory was just a mistake. All this time, Ihsaan had to endure mockery and jokes about his strange appearance, his melt blood and other lack of perspectives from his fellow Klingon. He could have fought them all! He certainly would have died long ago, exhausting his body with the wounds of Pride. Instead, as his family did, he grew up quietly. His long experience in the Federation was one aspect of his strategy. His personality had been shaped by this behavior. That day, he was on the Bridge of the most advanced ship of the whole Klingon Fleet. The strange hybrid had reached the ladder which was heading for the Ultimate Glory. A Glory that would overcome a lifetime in the shadow. Nevertheless it was too early for showing up, and besides more than a century of habits couldn't be changed in few days. No! The Glory would come form inside. The fight was against his own weakness. Continuous self-improvement: that was the meaning of his name 'Ihsaan' in the native dialect of his Father. He did intend to be worthy of such a name. Ihsaan's fight wasn't against external foes, it was against himself. Glory from the outside was comforting,... but very fragile and contingent to the politics of the moment.

Ihsaan gave a look at the rest of the crew. He would learn to know them. They came from all parts of Empire and beyond. He nodded to the Human First Officer: this would be an interesting challenge for everyone. They would explore the most delicate part of the Universe: themselves in the mirror of aliens. Suddenly the Captain spoke up a big smile on his face: "Warriors!" He paused to emphasis his words "Today we embark on a mission of great honor and glory. It is not just any mere mission given by High Command either. It is a mission handed to me personally by Chancellor Martok himself!"

A resounding chorus of cheers went up from the crew, Ihsaan joined it as it was expected on a Klingon ship, really feeling he was definitely not on a Starfleet vessel. Captain Korleth continued. "Warriors! Today we take the fight back to our most hated enemy! Today we go to fight the Romulans!"

Ihsaan's face was cold and calm. Romulans! Of course they were the Nemesis to Klingon's Hubris. Allies in the end of the Dominion war this couldn't hold for a long time. Ihsaan observed the reaction of the crew. Klingon were always eager to fight, it was in their blood and Ihsaan had felt it many times. Breathing exercises and meditation sometimes couldn't overcome the call of the blood. So even him felt the thrilling call of battle. The Captain must have been briefed about the mission and the senior officers would soon also know why they were using this precious prototype in a dangerous mission. Of course it was ready for combat, but Ihsaan would have thought about a recognition mission, or furthers tests, in one word, prudence. But if there were dozens of Klingon words to express the concept of 'Honor' in a dictionary, there was little room for one like 'prudence'. Ihsaan was sure that there was a good reason to break the delicate balance of power, eventually there was always a good reason. The point was to assess whether it was good enough to justify the life of those sent to defend the 'good reason' while those who gave it stayed safe behind the scene. But the Chancellor was an honorable man who built himself from modest origins and reached the paramount of the Empire. He did walking on a right path and with a real sense of loyalty to the Empire. Ihsaan had heard that he didn't seek the title. The title had been given by Commander Worf who knew him very well. For that and all he knew about his leader, Ihsaan could only respect his decision.

His science console had been updated with the Federation database he got last week in addition to his own one. His last check on the cloaking device with the Operation Officer had revealed no problems. Because he was familiar with it, they had prepared a re-routing protocol from OPS to Science, in case the Officer had to be away from his console. But also for science purpose, data related to the cloaking device were also channeled toward Ihsaan's console. He certainly didn't have the skills of a good engineer, but he did work long enough with them on this device to be able to give them a hand and speak the same language. The final checks were over: he had no problems to signal. As far as Science was concerned, they were clear for launch. But Ihsaan had a hunch that even if there had been a problem to signal from any department, Captain Korleth would have launched the Ship one way or another. Even if it had meant to ask the whole crew to hold the ship with their bare hands! The Captain had stayed on the ground too long to accept any bad news.


"The Launch"

Captain Korleth, Commanding Officer


Bridge - I.K.S. Ty'Gokor

~This is it... the launch of a new ship, the beginning of a new mission, the dawn of a new era...~ Korleth thought as he walked onto the bridge right at 0800hrs. He looked around to see all assembled on the bridge. His crew, his ship, everything was in place. Even his Human First Officer seemed to fit right in. This was all good. "Warriors!" He called out with a big smile. "Today we embark on a mission of great honor and glory. It is not just any mere mission given by High Command either. It is a mission handed to me personally by Chancellor Martok himself!"

A resonding chorus of cheers went up from the crew, Korleth continued. "Warriors! Today we take the fight back to our most hated enemy! Today we go to fight the Romulans!"

He spun to face his other Starfleet Exchange Officer and pointed. "Helm! Initiate Launch! Full Impulse once we clear the city. Take us to orbit."

"Aye Sir!" the man replied

Korleth turned again to address the bridge crew. "It will take us a few days to reach the border to get all of our systems up to battle ready. But I have faith that this crew will do well!" he said, surveying them and looking each of them in the eyes. Beneath him, the Ty'Gokor lifted off of Qo'noS' soil, lowered its wings for atmospheric flight, and flew upwards toward the waiting cold of space. The viewscreen behind him showed the scrolling landscape of the planet before as it clawed its way into the sky.

"Now then, let's get to work. TO BATTLE! AND VICTORY!"


Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka'pok

Kian, Kadar, Kahir and other NPC Warriors.

"The Third Officer"

***Corridor, IKV Ty'Gokor***

"Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down." Junkar almost chanted as the fresh batch of young warriors would hit the steel crated corridor floor then jump back up, disruptor rifles in their hands. A third officer's work was never done, he thought to himself as the young warriors followed his orders. "Up. Down. Up Down." This reminded him of his life on Qu'noS, in the Karlush province. As Lord of a small fishing village, his duties consisted of training the young pre-adolescent males for future service to the House of Gonkor and the Empire. Although here the training was intensified, he could not afford to teach these young warriors to fight with wooden blade weapons, real ones were used on the I.K.S Ty'Gokor, mistakes could not be made, and when they were someone would spend the night in sickbay.

"Up. Down. Up. Down" He smiled at such thoughts of home, his mate Keleth and young son Fortan, he could not wait for Fortan to grow a little older and light the Kor'tova Candle taking the path to becoming a warrior like Junkar, and his father and his fathers fathers had all done before. "Up. Down. Up. Down"

***Later that day***

Junkar laughed as he helped Kian, get off the corridor floor. "Very good attempt" He said, giving the young warrior a few words of encouragement. "Who's next?"

Kadar gave a roar before charging the first officer with his Bat'leth. Junkar then proceeded to block with his Mek'leth, and with his other hand grab the man by the thigh, lifting him a few feet into the air before dumping him to the ground.

"Help him up Kian" Junkar ordered, trying to maintain a straight face as Kahir attacked now, deflecting the blow, he sent him into the wall of the corridor. "That's enough for me" Junkar told them, attaching his Mek'leth to his belt.

"You eight spend the rest of the shift practicing here; I want you to learn how to fight in a restricted area." He told them. "Just wait till we board a Romulan vessel or they board us, then you'll know why"

With that he left the young warriors to spar amongst each other, content that at least two of them might survive the next battle.


"The First Day"

Ens. Holden, Son of Rosh, Chief Engineer

"Yes, Jorik, it is a good day to be alive." Holden said to himself as he sat in his lonely quarters. The sleepling area was inviting but now was not the time to sleep.

His Bat'leth hung from his allotted place on the wall. While he learned to love the excess of a federation ship, there was nothing better than the bare room on a klingon ship. No frills, just a good place to rest and meditate.

Holden took a moment to go see Jorik's Mek'Leth. The weapon still had blood on it. Jorik's and that of the Cardassian he slew. The Cardassian that took his life. It sat in it's case as if it were a shrine.

He stared at it with reverence, then touched his forhead solemnly and stroked the blade. He said his personal daily prayer. "Brother, while I hope to see you in Sto-Vo-Kor, I hope it isn't today. For I still serve the Empire. I still seek my personal glory."

The Solemn mood left Holden as he grabbed his tool kit and walked out the door.


Holden nodded to his bretheren as they patrolled the halls. He reached engineering and his subordinates greeted him.

"M'Lord. The cloaking device requires your inspection."

Holden turned to his subordinate and nodded. "Of course. I shall tend to it. Return to your duties." The subordinate saluted and left.

He immediately walked over to the new device. It looked different than any cloaking device he had seen before. "A marvelous device.....the ability to fire when cloaked?" Holden mumbled to himself. "Imagine that, Jorik...Ha Ha."

With a quick check on a computer console of the device, Holden was satisfied.

"Attention. I will now begin an inspection of engineering!"


"The Offer" [BACKPOST: This takes place prior to the Ty'gokor's launch by several days.]

Ens. Holden, Son of Rosh

General Rosh, Son of Kohl

Captain Martin Hall

General Ulthar, Son of Olgo, Head of House Kresh

Location: I.K.V. Kol'to, Docking Facility, Qo'nos.


The House of Kresh was a small, yet fierce house. Not very well known either. Holden walked into the mess area of the docking facility while the older K'Vort-class Kol'to was undergoing refit. Familiar faces sat at the table.

"Father? Commander Hall? My....a surprise indeed." He approached and sat down.

"Friends to see me, A gift, Jorik."

"Holden my son, hello. You have met General Ulthar?"

"No I have not. The Honor is mine."

"I'm sure you know Captain Hall." Rosh presented Martin Hall.

"Captain. I see we've moved up."

"Yup, and they gave me the Magellan."

Holden was stunned. "Really. That about Captain Terlik."

"Following the war, he began to succumb to his injuries. He retired and is resting peacefully on Vulcan. They gave me the command shortly afterward. Your father has told me much....aparrently I have "Wits as sharp as the blade of Kahless himself.""

Holden remembered the poem he wrote. "Commander Hall, His Wits as sharp as the Blade of Kahless himself, and his prowess was that of my brother. He slew three cardassians with a shard of glass." Holden recited with his right hand forward and upturned, a pleased look on his face.

"Heh, you won't believe who I chose to be my first officer."

"Marcus? Tilley?" He spoke their names with reverence.

"Stonewall." Martin replied might proud of himself.

Holden laughed. That last one he'd expected.

Ulthar spoke up. "You speak of the crew of the Magellan with such reverence. They must be quite the warriors."

"I would die for them. If I could, they would all by my brothers and sisters."

"The feeling's mutual."

"Who amoung the crew is left."

"To tell you the truth, most. Only 10 transfers in the last 6 years."

Holden was pleased they were all here, but he still had to wonder why. "I would like to ask why you are all here. I am pleased, this is true...but....why?"

"Well, As much as I'd like to have you aboard the Magellan, I'm actually here on completely unrelated business. Ferrying diplomatic staff as well as some exchange officers. As a matter of fact, I'll have to leave you three now."

Holden grabbed his hand. "Where is Nancy? Is she aboard?"

"Nancy Rockford...She was promoted and transferred to Earth before we left for Qo'nos."

Holden nodded, disappointed.

Ulthar was a bit disappointed in Holden's concern for a woman that was obviously human, but he decided not to mention it. "Father? What is the matter?"

General Ulthar butted in. "House Kresh offers you a new assignment. The position of Engineer on the I.K.S. Ty'Gokor."

"That is the new K'Vort that is scheduled to be launched within the week?"

Ulthar nodded.

"I agree to this transfer."


"New Places"
Ensign Geoff Hunter, Helmsman, I.K.S Ty'Gokor
    Geoff tryed to get some sleep on his uncomfortable cot. He thought to himself "These Klingons must be machines, they can live through this?". Ah I quess im going to have to live with it...
    He managed to get some sleep but was imediatly called to the brigde. He had to take a course on Klingon controls and how to operate them in an emergency, just one of the many things he has to do in this exchange program. He arrived and noticed the Captain wasn't on duty. He strolled over to the Helm and sat down. A large Klingon walked over and asked "Are you the new pilot?". "That's right, i am." Geoff replied. The Klingon went on and on for about 30 minutes until he said, "Ok ready to pilot the ship yourself?". Geoff was speechless, but he agreed. The auto-pilot was disengaged and Geoff had control over the ship. At first he was regually making mistakes and sending the ship on wild courses, but his instructer corrected them. He loved having control of a ship in HIS hands. It felt good. His lesson ended and he strolled back to his quarter, dreaming about what new adventures lay ahead.


Captain Korleth

Lieutenant Marrek


Marrek paused just outside the bridge to adjust his armor. Once it was checked he moved toward the doors, watching as they parted for him as he the tall Klingon stepped onto the bridge.

The man's hair was closely cropped most Klingon warriors, his armor was also different, its accenting replaced by darkened red metal, his twin blades attached one at each side and his heavy disruptor pistol low slung on his right leg. He didn't look like the other officers around him and he wasn't viewed the same either, for many he was a man without a name and without honor. When he was only an infant he was left in a slum in the Klingon's captain city. His parents never discovered his lack of history and lack of family had followed him like a curse his entire life. Marrek's determination to rise above the disgrace he had earned by being born as a nothing.

"Captain," Marrek said hitting his heels together and nodding to the captain of the Ty'Gokor.

Korleth had been on the bridge that day, going over system checks and, more importantly, double checking with Engineering and Sciences that the new cloaking system was going to work properly. There was no room for error on this mission and failure was not a word in Korleth's vocabulary. He was also in the process of meeting the steady stream of warriors under his

command who were reporting in for duty. This fresh-faced new warrior that now stood in front of him was no exception.

He had reviewed his crew manifest well when he first got his orders and assignment. Out of all of his senior officers that were assigned to him, Lieutenant Marrek was one who he had reservations for. But, like he did with anyone under his command, he was willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt. Besides, he would not have rose to the rank of Lieutenant without having at least some skill or merit. He turned now to regard the Klingon before him. "So you're Marrek. I've heard much about you." he said.

Marrek nodded, he could feel the eyes of other officers on the bridge as they fell upon him, assessing him as either a threat or as a qa'Hom, either way he could tell he wasn't well received. Marrek was used to that. He nodded to his captain, "As I of you my captain."

Korleth, getting the feeling that they were being watched growled suddenly. "BACK TO WORK!" he roared at the bridge crew. They all quickly found something in which to be busy with. Korleth motioned for Marrek to follow him into his ready room off to the side of the bridge. Upon entering he motioned for Marrek to take a seat as he himself sat behind his desk. "So tell me Marrek, as a newly appointed Security and Intel Officer, what do you know of the current affairs between us and the filthy Romulans."

Marrek moved off the bridge behind the captain and into his commanding officer's ready room. As he stepped inside he moved into a nearby chair as the captain instructed. Marrek shook his head, "I do not," he replied shortly. His time with Klotho had dealt more with a joint Federation action that was geared against high guard members that had separated from the government; he had not yet been informed about the current political situation with the RSE. He did not imagine it was good, between the Klingons and the Romulans things were never good.

Korleth growled a bit, this was not getting off to a good start. He hoped that Marrek would make a better Security Officer than he would an Intel Officer. "Then I shall tell you." He said gruffly. "The Romulans have been making raids into our territory for months now under their guise of 'peace' and 'friendship'. They make good with the Federation while sniping at us and the Federation expects us to merely ignore this like we are some kind of lap pets!" he said, slamming a fist down on the table. "The Ty'Gokor was made to take the sniping back to the Romulans. Now, do you know any of our relations with the Federation?"

Marrek shifted back in the chair and nodded, "Well aware, we are allied with the Federation and because of their own attempts to keep peace they have always had a push to ignore or move past small," Marrek paused, "Incidents, with the Romulan government." Some things never changed, even when the Romulans weren't leaving their own boarders and weren't seen for some fifty years there still managed to be hostilities between them and the Klingon empire, and even then the Federation tried to cover it up and maintain peace throughout the galaxy."

~There's hope after all~ Korleth though, allowing a small smile. "And tell me then, based on that information, how would the Federation react were we to take up the same type of attacks that the Romulans make on us?"

Marrek did not make it a habit of judging people before he had met them and as such had not made any judgments on the captain apart from his belief that the man must have some idea what he was doing to achieve the position he now held. However not knowing the man aside Marrek was beginning to question where the captain was coming from. The Lieutenant shifted in his seat, "I would say that depends on what kind of attack we make on the Romulans, The Federation chooses to maintain neutral and would work hard to protect that neutrality."

"The reason, Lieutenant, is because we are equipped with a weapon to fight back against the cowardly Romulans and we happen to have the USS Titan and a few other minor Starships in our attack zone. I need an insight on how they will react to attacks on thier new Romulan friends." Korleth explained, baring his teeth.

"If our attacks are in response to a Romulan action then I cannot see any major Federation reaction." Marrek said then added, "However, if we force the Federation's hand in the situation they might act against us, forcing us to stand against the Federation and the Romulans." Marrek turned and gave his commanding officer a hard look, "It might help if you

shared with me our intended mission."

~The boy has a spine, good.~ Korleth thought. "Our mission is to take the fight back to the Romulans. The Ty'Gokor has a new cloaking device that will allow us to fire while cloaked, and not be detected. We have been given a list of targets along the Klingon-Federation-Romulan border junction to hit. The only problem is when the Romulans start whining to the Federation that they are being attacked, they will send ships to investigate and I want to know what to expect from them. I have not had many dealings with the Federation recently to gauge this." he explained.

Marrek nodded, sneak attacks were not something he had a lot of experience but he had a fair amount and working with cloaking devices was something that most Klingons serving in the fleet had gotten used to. However he was surprised that the government had chosen to use it, in the past such weapons had been seen as underhanded and dishonorable. They must be more worried about the Romulan threat then Marrek had once thought. The man shrugged, "Depending on who is dispatched they

might not do anything, if we maintain cloak it would be difficult for smaller ships to even detect our presence which would make placing our ship as the attacker impossible. If, however, they have more advanced sensor systems they may be able to pick out trace emissions from our ship and determine that the attack was Klingon, only if they know it's us will they be forced to take action."

"Which is why I hope to Kahless that our new systems will work. We do not need the Federation meddeling into our business." Korleth said. "Now... about your record..." he said, picking up a PADD on his desk and giving Marrek's Bio a once over.

Marrek glanced at the PADD his commanding officer now held then back to make eye contact with the captain, "Did you have any questions about it?" Marrek asked, not sure where Korleth was going.

"Many on here view your presence here as... insulting." Korleth observed.

Marrek smirked and nodded, "That was unavoidable considering my birth." Marrek had long ago grown used to being seen as a disgrace and arguing with this view of him was something he had given up in his teens.

Korleth held up a hand. "I care not what others think of you. All you need to do is prove yourself to me." he said. "Now, what you need to do is show the crew that you are worthy to me, and therefore you will be worthy to them as well. I'm not one who holds the past against a warrior."

While Marrek questioned the honesty behind that statement he showed none of it on his face. His face was that of an officer listening to his superior, not questioning him. "Then I shall endeavor to prove myself to you," Marrek said simply.

"Excellent." Korleth said, smiling broadly. "And if anyone questions your placement on this ship, then do not hesitate to show them who is superior." he said.


"Training, All Over Again."
Ensign Geoff Hunter
plus unauthorized use of Lieutenant Junkar
Geoff woke up to the sound of the comm system. It was time for his training on how to use Klingon equipment. Geoff quickly got dressed and headed toward Lieutenant Junkars quarters. "Ah, you finally arrive. 2 minutes late." Junkar said as Geoff stumbled in. "Sorry Lieutenant and quess I forgot to set my..". "Oh forget it, lets get on with this." Junkar replied.
"Ok first im going to teach you how to use the Disruptor." Junkar said as he picked up a Klingon disruptor from a table. "Disruptors aren't like the Federations Phaser, so your going to have to adapt. They only have one setting, Kill, but the intensity of the shot can be changed.". "Here take it and shoot at that target when I say to." Junkar said as he handed Geoff the Disrupter. Geoff felt the weight and size difference between it and a type-II phaser. He aimed at the target and waited for Junkars word. "Fire." Junkar said. Geoff fired the disruptor and hit the target. Bullseye! He hit the exact center. "Wow very good. Your aim is unfaltering.". "All of the other equipment you'll use will be starfleet made. And I assume you know how to use those, cause' I don't." Geoff thanked Junkar and quickly jogged to the Bridge for his duty shift.

"Meeting the Captain" [BACKPOST - Before the Launch]

Captain Korleth, Commanding Officer

Warrior 1st Class Michael Pallara, Medical Officer


Michael was nervous about meeting the captain, and trying very hard not to show it. His Klingons side knew it would not be appreciated. Yet he had spent the last couple of years amongst humans, and spent most of his life amongst humans, and it would be difficult to change back now.  It had come as a great surprise to him when he had been assigned to a Klingon vessel. He had given preference to a Starfleet vessel himself, yet the empire needed more doctors. It was not a fashionable career path amongst full-blooded Klingons, and now he ended up here waiting for a possibly hostile captain to see him.

Korleth was conducting a bit of a surprise inspection of the ship and was now on his way to the sickbay to observe the facilities, and their Doctor. As he looked at his PADD and was reviewing the Medical Officer's Bio, he gave a snort of disgust. ~Another Human... at least this one is HALF Klingon.~ he thought. ~Is the High Command trying to turn this into a Federation Starship?~ he wondered as he stalked down the corrior.

Not that he had much room to talk to begin with. His own bonded brother was human and served on the USS Miranda in Starfleet. ~But Leger should have been born Klingon.~ he thought on that subject. ~The man might be human on the outside, but on the inside he is pure Klingon...~ He walked into the Sickbay to a obviously nervous Doctor. "So you are the Doctor that High Command and Starfleet has sent me eh?" he said in his usual gruff voice.

"Yes captain." Michael said. "Michael Pallara at your service." He would probably know the family name.

"Ah yes..." Korleth said, remembering now. "Your grandfather served on the High Council under K'mpec, did he not?"

"Yes he did, he is still semi active in politics." He was proud of his grandfather.

"Any your parents are both heroes in the Imperial Navy, yes?"

"Yes." Michael was not sure were this was going.

Korleth leaned forward a bit and looked him square in the eyes. "Can you live up to your family Honor?" he asked.

Michael did not look away. "Yes. I hold the family honor very highly, captain. And my family has a high reputation."

"You have much to live up to." Korleth said. "But now, what makes you think that you are worthy of your family's reputation?" he said in way of an obscure challege to see what this kid had.

He still looked the captain in the eye. "Because I had the guts to do something different. I chose to be a medical man and to save lives and still adhere to the family code."

~Intresting response.~ Korleth thought as he pulled back and eyed him. "You will get to do just that Doctor." he said. "As a Ship of the Empire, we will be expected to fight. And I will need all of my warriors in prime condition. Now I just have one last question. Can you kill as easy as you can heal?"

Now he hesitated but Michael was not going to lie, that was the coward's way. "I don't know. I have never had to kill. It is not something I will ever do lightly, sir."

"You will learn then, and learn quickly. The Romulans have a tendacy to board vessels like we do. One of the few things we share with the petaQs" he spat on the deck at the very idea of it. "So I suggest you be as handy with a disruptor or a d'ktahg as you are with a scalpel. Doctor." he turned to walk out.

Oh yes, this was going to be fun. Michael thought. It had been years since he had trained with weapons or hand-to-hand and he had no intention of killing without need. He stayed silent as he watched the captain leave.


"Hidden Below the Surface"

Warrior Kahgar

Kahgar stood frozen in place as he stood guard on the bridge. He was ignored
by all present, just another warrior in place in case he was required. There were
others like him on the ship, or so it seemed to anyone seeing him at a duty station.

Or so they believed. Kahgar son of reHDep had created this persona and it was
as familiar as an old pair of boots or a favorite weapon. Short of a Vulcan mindmeld,
the act would hold up to any form of interogation if necessary. That was what all good
Imperial Intelligence officers learned from the start, how to never break, how to stay
in character and project what you wished people to see. Kahgar wanted them to see
a simple warrior, and that's all anyone received. If necessary he could switch to a ranking
security officer, a klin zha granmaster or, most terrifying of all, an Imperial Intelligence

*Perhaps all four will appear on this voyage.* kahgar thought, watching the officers do
their duty. Every detail was recorded in his mind...



"A great challenge: the Cloak's flaw"

Lieutenant Junkar, Tactical Officer

Ensign Holden, Engineer Officer

Warrior 1st Class Ihsaan, Science Officer

Warrior Hunter, Helmsman and navigation.


Engineering, Chief Engineer Office - I.K.S. Ty'Gokor

Ihsaan had been working more than nine years on the project. He was a science officer but a member of a team mixing scientists and engineers. During all this time he had the opportunity to oversee the overall aspects of the cloaking device. And recently he also had to grease his hands with the engineers during the assembly process.

It had been a while since they left the gravitational influence of the Homeworld. Ihsaan had still in mind the viewscreen that offered them a wonderful image. Qo'noss had been there in front of them, with one more pulse of energy and they found themselves released from the attraction and left it behind. They were no more under its protection, and soon they would have to face the dangers behind enemies's border.

Knowing what he knew about the cloak weakness he had invited the tactical officer, the helmsman and the engineer to try to overcome the shimmering issue, or at least finding a way to use it in their favor.

The four warriors had gathered in the Chief engineer small office. There was no comparison with a Starfleet engineer's room. But there were some clues that it was an engineer that occupied this space. Many blue-prints were surrounding them, tools were hidden above papers. This was definitely the office of an Engineer.

Ihsaan had called the Tactical officer and the Helmsman, because there were important implications in terms of maneuvering and tactical strategy. If they were close to the source, this would indeed allow them to understand the issues at stake and contribute to find solutions:

Ihsaan looked at his crewmates and spoke up: "Warriors, I thank you for answering my calling. The issue we will discuss is critical, but before making a clear proposal to the first officer and the Captain, it is wise to prepare it together and save them the time we will spend dealing with small details."

Junkar still wasn't exactly sure what the man was going on about, but considering where they were he figured it might have to do with that strange experimental cloaking device they were fielding.

In answer to a rather expecting look from Junkar, Ihsaan started his explanation: "Our cloak is at the state of the art and this ship is the most advanced of the whole Klingon fleet. But as you know using disruptor while the cloak is online is a very tricky operation. After more than nine years of research we achieved a great step in overcoming most of the technical aspects. But there is still room for challenges. The most important point is that once we shot, we inevitably reveal our position. When we shoot uncloaked, we have some usual patterns in terms of evasive maneuver. Some pattern that the Romulan might anticipate. But we are cloaked, and if the Romulan can identify us as Klingon, they might try to anticipate the next move after we shot. Of course it will be tricky for them, a Bird of Prey is very maneuverable. But still, this point should be examined. Besides, the quality of the cloak is lower when it is in Battle mode –when we can shoot under the cloak. The Romulan technology in terms of cloaking devices is very challenging. So we can expect them to be worthy challengers. That is why you Helmsman and you Lt Junkar, should keep in mind those aspects when thinking about attack patterns. If I may, new attack and evasive patterns should be advisable."

"Our current patterns have always worked before..." Junkar replied, then sighed. "But yes we may need to work on something new. Ihsaan noted Junkar omment but he would answer to that later first he had to see the pure ngineering issues.

"Chief, I will be glad to examine with you some solutions about enhancing he cloak efficiency during the battle mode. I have some hypothesis, but I eed to hear your engineer opinion."

Junkar looked over his shoulder at the helmsman, human. The human was way to perfumed for his liking.

"Yes...That is a problem. I suspected it as much myself, and have been looking into proving the efficiency of the cloak. Originally I had decided to suggest that we adhere to torpedoes alone when attacking, but that would quickly exhaust our complement." He walked over to a console and brought up a display. "I've been examined the disruptors and the cloak and I have a distinct fear that when we fire the disruptors, there may be a residual shimmer at the disuptor's barrels. This would quite obviously reveal our position, but the effect I believe would only last a moment. I have been constantly studying the cloaking device in order to determine what can be done."

Holden's display confirmed what they found when they tested the cloak. Their focus had been to keep the harmonic convergent to allow firing and cloaking. But of course, the research team hadn't found a way to compensate for the residual shimmer. They need more data, and due to the need of keeping the project secret, they hadn't got the chance to make extensive battle tests. This mission would provide an opportunity to collect the data. With his usual calm voice Ihsaan bounced on Holden's remark to answer Junkar's objection:

"Of course, this issue had been noted, and I don't think we will find a solution overnight. But that is precisely why we have to think about innovating in term of maneuver. Cloaked we have very low shield defense, any hit would considerably damage the ship." Ihsaan looked at both Junkar and Hunter: "That is why, Romulan should not be able to predict our next move if they pinpointed our location. We may have the effect of surprise, but then after they calibrated their sensors, each time we shoot, we appear and the start of our maneuver is shown. Based on their knowledge of Klingon patterns they might be able to shot back correctly. Of course, this would require a very skilled tactical officer: the lock might be faint. But we shouldn't underestimate the opponent."

Ihsaan had made his point but wanted to show confidence: "I am certain that you will come up with some very innovative maneuvers. I do not doubt the wisdom of those who put us all aboard this ship."

Holden started fumbling around his office, checking computer consoles and the many scattered pieces of paper in which he liked to write notes down on. He was mumbling to himself while the others made their suggestions. A couple chuckles and references to "Jorik" could be heard. "Ah Yes...." He picked up a piece of paper and handed it to Ihsaan. It was written with a primitive tool, but written in clean modern klingoneese "That details my idea to change variances within the disruptors themselves. I don't know if they'll work, but I wish to try them out. I'm hoping that these changes will prevent shimmer, but also dull the glow the disruptor shots themselves, while at the same time preventing loss of strength in the disruptor bolt. But I do fear that on occasion, a shot or two will be far brighter than expected."

A glance at the notes showed that they deserved a deep attention, but this was going to be technically hard and probably boring for Junkar and Hunter. "I think we will study your notes and compare them together later.

Oh! By the way, I don't know if you have reviewed the crew roster but there are two engineers that were working on the assembly line: warrior third class Hadra and warrior third class Kiron. They are very familiar with the device." Ihsaan turned to Junkar and Hunter to see whether they had something to add.

While looking at the new maneuver's proposals Ihsaan got an idea: They didn't have time to adjust the cloaking frequencies in order to suppress the residuals. This would need plenty of data and delicate programming. So Ihsaan took the problem from another angle: why just don't use the shimmering effect until they could fix it.

The curving course plotted by Hunter and Junkar ended by a swift reverse on the side. This could be very useful if they could leave the shimmering residuals and make them finish the curving course. There was a way to expulse the residuals: a alternate ionization bust: if they could make an ionization burst quickly followed by a reversed ionization burst just before breaking the curve at full impulse, this could make the shimmering pocket continue the course for a brief instant, fooling the sensors of the adversary which would detect the pocket and not the ship. It was very tricky because the maneuver needed high amount of energy, so did the ion burst, and all this had to occur right after the disruptor's fire. It needed a smooth coordination between tactical, helm and engineering. But if they succeed they could escape from enemy's fire. This would give them some time until they found out how to totally suppress the residuals, a far more complicated problem.

When Junkar ended his proposal, Ihsaan explained his idea using the same display he and Hunter had programmed. He tapped some commands to simulate the whole maneuver adding the ion burst. The screen showed the ship on a Z axis descending curve at half impulse, and when right after she had fired, everyone could see two dots: one representing the cloaked ship without its residuals breaking the curve and one representing the residuals pocket continuing the curve. "Do you think I will be feasible?" He asked to the three warriors. "It will require coordination and accuracy from each of us."

After listening to everybody's opinions and proposals they decided to sump up their ideas into a report and show it to the Captain and his first officer. They prepared the main lines and Ihsaan volunteered to write the full report. Everyone got his assignments: Ihsaan would work with Holden on an analysis program to collect data to better understand how to limit the residuals but also thinking about how deal with the engineering aspect of the maneuver, and Junkar and Hunter would think about new pattern to overcome the vulnerability of the ship. They also decided to ask the Captain to try the 'Burst Maneuver' once or twice before they could reach the border. It was a tricky move requiring a minimum of training outside a holodeck, in the real world. Especially because the burst would prevent the helmsman to use the navigational instruments during one second, but at full impulse, a second was almost an eternity during when their fate was literally in the Hunter's hands. Ihsaan was satisfied: this would be glorious. He mentally reviewed all the tasks needed to apply this strategy: improving inertial dampeners to sustain the sudden acceleration ~failing to do that might be a good way to paint the wall our blood~ the high energy demand, the piloting and tactical challenges. ~If they were looking for worthy challenge in spite of shooting under the cloak, I think they have found it.~ Ihsaan commented.


"Old friends"

Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Junkar, Son of Ka'Pok

Medical Officer Warrior 1st Class Michael Pallara

He sat there on his knees in light mediation, trying to picture the previous shift and wondering how he’d raise firing efficiency. Junkar was drawn away from his mediation by the blinking red light at the head of his door. It indicated someone was standing outside. As he watched the blinker he wondered who was outside.

Jumping to his feet he walked over to the door, just before he opened it, he realised he was only in his black uniform pants and white socks. It was probably only that strange quartermaster fellow anyway here to request more requestion forms for supplies next stop, fortunately his Mek’leth was nearby on his desk, in case it was something else. But it wasn’t the quartermaster or an assasin, it was someone else.

"Morning" He said, a little surprised.

"Junkar."  Michael said.  "I heard you were on board.  It is good to see a friendly face." He smiled.

Junkar snarled in amusement. "It is good to see you, Michael" He said, trying not to smirk at the human name, twenty years and he still wasn't used to it. "How is the grandson of the mighty politician Pallara?" He asked.

"Angry.  I just met our captain, very old-style."  He went inside, he had known Junkar since they were little children, and with him he could be himself.  "When is the empire going to learn that there is no dishonor in a sickbay!"

Junkar pulled the seat over from his desk for Michael and took a seat on his bed. "His not that bad, just... change takes time" He replied. "We can't push the old warriors to much, we must persuade them over time with honorable acts and deeds" He said qouting Michael's famous grandfather.

Michael rolled his eyes.  "At least he is pretty progressive for an old man.  He is still trying to pull strings behind the scenes.  And from what I hear is still succeeding as well.  How have you been?"

"Not bad, settled my affairs on Qo'noS before I took the comission here" Junkar replied, opening two bottles of bloodwine, which were stowed in a crate with others underneath his bed. "You know me, I'm a generally content warrior, not much to complain about"

"the simple life for you."  Michael said smiling.  "Sometimes my friend, I envy you."

He handed one of the bottles to Michael and took a swig from the other. "You want a mate now? Two point five baby warriors? We'll then we shall have to go find you one!" He declared with a grin. "Theres a whole galaxy of mates out there waiting for you"

Michael snorted.  "Fat chance. You know even with the family name and income, not many full-blooded women want a mixed blood like me.  They prefer the full-blooded relatives.  "His grandfather had loved women his whole life, and had married many times.

"There are always human girls, they arent bad, heck youre half human" Junkar suggested. "Andorians are vicious and tough... but alas you want full blooded Klingon girls yourself it seems"

"I like human females are great deal.  Yet the family expects me to marry a Klingon.  Hell, they are complaining I am not married already."  He said frustrated.  "Especially my mother.  I am 75 percent Klingon and yet I look like a bloody human."

It was difficult for Junkar to relate seeing as he'd married the daughter of a respected General, to the delight of everyone involved. "Find a girl, marry her have children, soon they'll forget all about where shes from, half klingon, klingon from the colonies, human girl, bolian girl.... you'll see"

"as if I would be able to find a girl here.  There don't seem to be many of the ship.  Does the captain have something against women as well?"

Junkar laughed. "Imperial Klingon navy ships have tradionally been void of women except for medical and science officers, and of course Captain's mates..." He grinned drinking a little more. "House ships are different though, much more women, the standards are different. On my fathers ship, most of the officers have their mates with them, and thier daughters and sons serve on the ships as well. I look forward to the day when Fortan is old enough to serve on my ship, like I did with me father"

"I know.  I had a great time when I was with my parents on their ship.  When they did not park me on earth with my uncle.  My mother's family have always looked down on me because I turned out so human.  Yet you are going to help me find a suitable mate."  He said laughing.

Junkar patted Michael on the shoulder. "Of course, I’m Junkar, Son of Ka’pok!" He stated "We’ll find you a mate! And if there’s time we’ll find some honour and glory along the way!"

Michael just growled in reply. It was going to be a long tour of duty.


"Target Practice"

Captain Korleth, Son of Mi'Goth

Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka'pok

***0200, Alion System***

One element that definitely separated a Klingon crew from its Cardassian, Federation and Romulan counterparts was that Klingons loved battle drills. And that was something they certainly were given plenty of. Klingons also preferred the real thing, not some holodeck mock up. So this morning while the ship had dropped out of warp for maintenance, Junkar had spent the morning breaking in the disruptor banks on a nearby asteroid belt.

"Weapons, fire on the closest one" Junkar ordered from behind the Captain's chair. Even though he had the bridge, he would not sit on the Captain's chair.

The disruptor banks opened up once again and the blasts blew the rock into several pieces to the cheer of the delta shift bridge crew.

Junkar grinned. "Good... the neighbouring one to that one" He ordered, with the weapons officer opening up on it less then a second later. "Fire two torpedoes into the one in sector four three" He ordered, having picked the smallest target between two larger ones.

Korleth had gotten up early in order to do just what Junkar had done. It pleased him that his Tactial Officer had already thought of it. ~Initiative is good~ he thought as he walked onto the bridge. One of the bridge warriors in the back noticed him and was ready to announce his presence, but Korleth waved him to silence. He wanted to observe the crew's performance without their knowing that he was watching. He studied the young warrior as he put the ship through its paces. The ship responded well under his command. He'd make a fine Commander one of these days.

The torpedo reared off course and exploded in space much to this dismay of the bridge crew who cursed and shouted at Jo'meg.

"Quiet" Junkar demanded, before turning to Jo'meg. "What happened? He asked the younger warrior.

The warrior checked the information on the weapons console. "I... miscalculated" He hesitantly replied to the smirks of the bridge crew.

Junkar grinned at the reply; Jo'meg was barely seventeen, fresh from Qo'noS. "We'll fire again and this time. Don't mis...calcu...late" He ordered.

This time Jo'meg fired once again, burying his head between his shoulders as the torpedo veered towards the wrong rock, before turning and hitting the target. The crew cheered once again.

"Very good Lieutenant." Korleth said, now stepping out of the shadows with a big smile on his face. "You perform well, and handle the crew even better." he said, giving Jo'meg a sideways glance.

Junkar gave a frown at Kian, who immediately carried. "Captain on deck!" The warriors stood to attention.

"You are a credit to your house. Now, take over tactical I'd like to see if you can shoot as well as you can command. Jo'meg! I hope your piloting skills are better than your firing skills." he said pointing toward the Helm Station. A few laughs came from around the bridge at that jibe.

Junkar walked over to the tactical station, patting Jo'meg on the back as they passed by each other.

"Full Impulse! Target that large asteroid there." Korleth ordered, pointing out the hunk of rock he intended for this little exercise. "And make like the smaller asteroids around it are fighters. Attack and destroy, and keep moving! Engage!" he barked out.

As the ship ploughed forward Junkar opened fire with a spread of photon torpedoes from the forward firing tubes, against the larger asteroid and using the disruptors against the smaller ones. With Kian who had taken over the auxiliary tactical console assisting with the pulse disruptor cannons against anything that the larger weapons couldn't pick up. Teamwork was something Klingons had always exceeded in, contrary to popular belief.

"Excellent!" Korleth said with pride as he pounded a fist onto his chair's armrest in approval. "Stand down from alert and resume course." he told the helmsman as he stood up. "Junkar, you have the bridge again." he said as he moved off to his office.


Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Junkar, Son of Ka'Pok


Medical Officer

Warrior 1st Class Michael Pallara



Warrior 3rd Class Kian, House of Gonkor (NPC)



“Strong Opinions”


OOC – Occurs right before “Target Practice”


***Training Room, Lower Decks***


Junkar walked over to a weapons stand, and removed a Bat’leth from it. He’d trained with the Bat’leth since his youth, and although this was not his personal Bat’leth, he nonetheless felt fairly comfortable with it.


“Pick a weapon” Junkar said, pointing at the stand which contained other bladed weapons. He expected Michael to pick the Bat'leth knowing he'd received training with it as a younger man, but there was always the chance he'd pick a painstick or a Mek'leth, both would be interesting.


"Do we really have to do this now, Junkar. I would rather get my sickbay in order."  Michael complained.  Yet seeing the look on his friends face, he picked up the Bat’leh. "You know I didn't have much chance to train on earth."


“Indeed” Junkar replied, taking an offensive stance.


"Let's get this over with."  Michael said with a sigh, ready to defend himself.

Junkar swung low, catching Michael’s legs with the hook of the Bat’leth, sending him tumbling to the ground. “I will not hesitate to kill you, get up”


"Always charming, my friend.  When it is the empire going to see, killing each other is not a good way for promotion.  Starfleet still sees us as barbarians."

Junkar deflected Michael’s bat’leth and pushed him back several feet. “You shouldn’t care how Starfleet sees us, you shouldn’t only care how you see yourself” He replied. “And we do not kill for promotion, we kill to remove useless officers… look at the Federation, it is full of incompetent, corrupt, lazy officers”


"Not that many actually.  They work hard for it.  And we waste good officers.  My grandfather sees it, he is one of the few.  We are never going to be a superpower, if we don't change that."  He scored a hit against his friend now showing he was not totally useless.


He grinned, as he swung his bat’leth around, he loved debating politics with Michael. “We are a superpower” Junkar replied. “You can’t compare our society to the Federation, we work on two totally different structures. Were clan based, our loyalty comes from honour and ours hearts… the Federation is a loosely connected society of client states eager to fragment”

 "they want to be there.  It makes them strong."  Michael reparted.

”Look at Xanthe and Nassari” Junkar added. “The Federation fight amongst themselves just as we do, but Klingons do not revert to petty terrorism against civilians”


"Nonsense, we have rebellions as well, of all those worlds we have repressed to become our member states.  I don't understand you can be so blind."

”Of course they rebel, we conquered them… most worthy races don’t like being conquered. But the Federation they conquer people with words and promises which they always fail to keep.” Junkar replied, switching the blade to the other hand and knocking down a combat dummy with a rearwards swing. “Now don’t get me wrong, I like the Federation, hell I like humans too. But I’m a Klingon, and I believe in and practice the Way of the Warrior.”


"You're a fossil, like the rest of you."  Michael was getting warmed up and doing better.  Although he was no match for Junkar. "Mind you should when I am around humans, I am always defending the Klingon Way."  He laughed.


Junkar grinned. “I like being a fossil” He said being breaking away from Michael and resting his blade against his side. “You’re a human, but you’re also a Klingon” He stated. “You’ll always see the worst and best of both peoples.”

"It is like a curse."  Michael agreed.

”Lets go eat” Junkar said, carefully placing the blade on the rack. It wasn’t his Bat’leth, but he still showed a great deal of respect for the training blade.


"Already?  Tired, old man?"  His friend grinned.

Junkar laughed at the jest, one which had anyone else made would have ended bloody. But now he turned to a more serious matter. "How have you been treated in the mess?" Junkar asked grimly. The mess on a Bird of Prey was known to be notoriously rough and weaker men sometimes found little food.


"Not that badly now.  I had to break a few noses on the first days."  Michael smiled.  In fact he was making too many enemies at the moment, and it bothered him.


They walked out of the room and head down the corridor to the mess. “”Enjoy it now while it’s still fresh and alive. By the time we cross the border, we’ll be eating replicated food and dead gagh.” He snarled at the last comment.


Michael didn't mind.  At least then he could just get stuff from the replicator without having to go to the mess.  It was his experience that warriors only started to appreciate a doctor after the first battle.  They would still not admit it, yet then they would leave him in peace.


"Do you know where we are going anyway?"  He asked.

The Captain had so far been fairly vague over where exactly they were going, only that they’d be fighting Romulans as far as Junkar knew. “Somewhere across the border, a target rich enivorment maybe. Romulans have been raiding our border posts lately”


"Don't they always."  He had no problems with fighting Romulans, they were trouble.  "Sounds like I might be busy soon."  He grinned.


“I hope we find one of those Valdore class ships, they’ve been raiding our trade routes since the war ended” Junkar replied. “My brother says he came across one in the Nu’pek system a month ago”


"That would be interesting.  I have never fought them myself."  Michael said.  If they took one or two alive, highly unlikely, he would also enjoys studying them medically.

Young Kian now appeared, disruptor rifle slung over his shoulder. “We’ve dropped out of warp for maintenance… you wanted to be informed, Sir”

”Ah good” Junkar said confidently, before turning to Michael. “I have business on the bridge, care to finish this later?”


"Sure, no problem.  You have important stuff to do, Lieutenant."  The medical officer said with a grin.


Junkar grinned again, his most common facial expression. “Qapla” He said before leaving with Kian.




"Healers' meeting"

Warrior 1st Class Ihsaan, Science Officer

Warrior 1st Class, Pallara, Medical Officer.


Sickbay - I.K.S. Ty'Gokor

The report about the burst maneuver was ready, but before presenting it to the Captain and the First Officer, Ihsaan thought about visiting the Medical officer. They didn't have an opportunity to talk and introduce themselves privately. Besides, Ihsaan wanted to make sure that there was in Sickbay the antitoxin for his ethanol allergy. The doors opened and he saw the Officer, fortunately he was alone. "Greetings Dr Pallara, I am Ihsaan, Science Officer, I came to introduce myself."

"Michael Pallara, CMO." The doctor introduced himself.

Ihsaan crossed his arms and let a laughter escape from his mouth: "Better come to greet you in good health than be brought the feet first!" He didn't come for a very serious matter and didn't want to put too much emphasis in his case. It was quite disturbing to be unable to ingest alcohol for a Klingon, not to mention the mockery when they had to celebrate anything.

"Very true, yet also very un-Klingon." Michael said smiling. "So what can I do for you?"

The remark was said with a smile and contributed to make the situation easier: "Doctor! Well, I have to tell you. Usually I can produce my medicine myself using some herbs. But on this ship I cannot be sure my biolab won't be blew up by a Romulan shot. So I need to know if you have some fexozenadine of hydrochlorate in store." Ihsaan didn't doubt that Doctor would quickly understand the use of this medicine. It was an unusual antihistamine that was used to fight some allergy problems but most of them related to the ethanol molecule: the molecule that was common to most of known alcohol in the Galaxy. The question was: how the Doctor would react, as a Doctor or as a typical stubborn Klingon warrior?

"Let me check for you." Michael walked over to the medicine cupboard. "I am still investigating my stocks." He took a closer look. "That will be no problem."

"Very good! This anti-toxin can be my only way to survive in case of... accident" There was no shame in revealing his weakness to a physician.

"In case I would have to treat you in an emergency, I would like to give you a physical now. Get your medical record up-to-date."

Ihsaan shrugged: "I see no objections to that... What am I supposed to do?"

"Follow me. I will have to take some samples, scan you and run you trough some endurance tests. The whole thing will take bout an hour." Michael explained.

Ihsaan did as requested: he let the doctor take a blood sample and scan him. Ihsaan wasn't against 'modern medicine': he thought that what called 'traditional' medicine could be a good complement. His Tai-chi master on earth, as many other masters was also a healer. It was a long tradition found among Yoga masters, or martial arts masters. Those techniques supposed at a high level to retake control of ones' body, to understand the flow of energy and movements. Some people who had worked on that topic had found that many discovery of 'modern medicine' where actually a rationalization of what was known centuries ago by pre-industrial cultures. Of course, they didn't have the modern scientific background and the explanation was somehow mystic, but it was possible to reach same goals using different ways. This was true for many cases, but correction of inside malformation or allergies were beyond the traditional techniques. Maybe because the ethical grounds were different: the modern techniques the fate was in the hands of Specialists that most of the time wanted to fight Death with all means necessary, and sometimes even they artificially maintained life without questioning the real meaning of Life at stake, while traditional methods were more based on individuals controlling their own faith through their quality of life. The Healer was also a kind of guide that transmitted knowledge about how to take care of ones' body. Both views had their strength and weakness. He had been initiated to those techniques by his Tai-Qi master. He also found that Earth Yoga, Klingon Mok'bara, Vulcan nerve pressure could be the same expression of certain philosophical stream among those cultures. He really believed in their power, but that day, he realized the limits.

While he was performing his test, Ihsaan spoke up: "I have some healing skills myself too."

"Really?" Michael looked up. "Not many in the empire are at the least bit interested in medicine. So I am surprised and glad to hear it. What field holds your interest, Ihsaan?"

"Well, not as strong as yours, I can fix bones, muscles pains, headaches. But I try to fight illness with internal resources and sometimes with plants. I spent many years on Earth and I had the chance to learn from Yoga and Tai Qi masters." Ihsaan said to start the conversation. "I hope you won't see me as a competitor, I believe some problems could be fought with more traditional means."

"Not at all. I don't have enough staff so it is good to know there is someone I can rely on in times of emergency. I don't know much about traditional medicine myself but I would like to learn."

Ihsaan smiled: "The point is that those traditional techniques require a work on ones' soul. It is not only curing a disease, it is also healing the soul and trying to learn to live in way where causes of illness are reduced." He paused. "I am talking about illness not wounds. I know that a warrior have to fight physical opponents. Even though, in a way I believe that there is also Great Honor in fighting our inner opponent and improve ourselves."

"You are not into psychology are you? That is very not talked about in the Empire." Michael grinned. "Don't mention it to anyone but me if you value your life."

Ihsaan smiled: "No, no, don't worry!" He tried to find better words: "It is not psychology, but to reach a degree of self consciousness, and be aware of the consequences of your deeds. You can kill headaches with drugs or by finding peace with yourself. Mok'bara could be one way to reach that."

They were about to start a great debate about the very nature of Klingon society. Who was the real opponent? Klingon by nature were a warlike species and their neighbors couldn't deny that fact. They had developed a whole philosophy of Honor and Battle was a supreme Art. To be Klingon meant to be a warrior, to refuse the Way of the Warrior was denying being a Klingon. But to Ihsaan being a warrior didn't mean to be soldier. A society couldn't build only on a class of fighters. The Philosophy of the Warrior could be applied to every part of the Society, but that might mean to recognize that maybe, maybe the warrior had to overcome his warlike instincts. Ihsaan had seen how Honor could be turned into a useful tool to manipulate people, or how the essence of Honor was betrayed to serve personal purposes. In a sense Ihsaan could be considered as a conservative, or even a 'radicalist' claiming a kind of return to the true meaning of Honor. But long ago he had given up this fight. He found it very dangerous to claim being the holder of the Ultimate Truth. So he would only try to 'be' what he claimed to be. Long ago he realized that he was just a 'poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more'. The first time he saw Mac Beth, this sentences stroke him deep in his heart. Emperors and Kings had fought to print their names in the stars, but sooner or later they were 'heard no more'.

"You may have heard many glorious stories about the Assault on Cardassia." Ihsaan said on a slightly interrogative tone.

"Heard of course. I was studying on earth myself. But many of my family members were involved. We are one of the strong navy families as you might well know." The doctor stated.

"I was there." Ihsaan answered. "Let me tell you why I was there and why I am still a warrior first class."

The sickbay was empty, there was only Ihsaan and Dr Pallara. So Ihsaan felt free to speak. The only witnesses were medical equipments, scanners, surgery tools and a screen displaying graphs and results of Ihsaan biology. Nothing to be worry about.

"I would be delighted." Michael found he liked listening to the man. And it was refreshing not to be yelled at for a change.

Ihsaan took a deep breath and started: "If you ask to one of my former crewmate who is know Lieutenant he would tell you this story. We were supposed to take an Outpost: a strategic planetoid in Cardassian defense perimeter. A very important one. It was heavily guarded by ten Jem'hadar attack ships, unmanned orbital defense system, and dozens of thousands of Cardassian soldiers on the grounds. This Outpost was important for reasons that we, simple soldiers hadn't been told. But we could guess that the fleet might retreat in this zone and make a base to harass the Allies. We arrived with only three Bird of Prey and two Starfleet fighter waves commanded by one Akira Class vessel. The intelligence had been wrong: there was a dozen of Jem'hadar attack ships and orbital defense system online. The Starfleet bravely terminated the defense system while we, Klingon, we defeated the Jem'hadar in spite of being outnumbered. Of course, my crewmate would give you incredible description as if he was on the Bridge of each vessel. And I have to admit he is talented to make songs. Then he would describe the ground attack and the how all Klingon took the Control of Outpost. And because Kahless had blessed the warriors, there were few casualties among us." Ihsaan paused as he remembered this story many of his former crewmates had made up. He had to listen many times to this song. Everyone had told it with nuances.

Looking at Pallara he continued: "Now, here, my version. When we dropped out of warp, there were only six Jem'hadar ships. That means a quite balanced balance of power. History will tell that the rest of the Ships had been called to bomb innocent citizens of Cardassia in retaliation for the felony of the Cardassian troops. The communication between the ground command center and the rest of the fleet was jammed by the remaining ships. They couldn't engage them since the orbital stations were

controlled by the Cardassian based in the ground. We engaged the ships and Starfleet the orbital defense system using the same strategy imagined by Sisko at tha Chin'toka battle. But the orbital defense wasn't programmed to shot at Starfleet or Klingon energy signatures, instead they shot at the Jem'hadar ships which couldn't resist very long. Maybe one had been destroyed by a Klingon disruptor shoot. Then the commanding officer told us that he surrendered to our authority. Some Klingon thought it was a trap, but we heard about the fact that Cardassian had switched side following Damar the felon. The Cardassian had stolen the Glory of the Battle and many Klingon couldn't hide their anger. Glory was one light year away in the core of the Battle. It was also the suffering of innocents, but we didn't know it. The orders were to remain here and keep the Outpost just in case. Fortunately for the Cardassian, there was a Starfleet captain to shield them against us. Because many Klingon were about to create their own Glory by ignoring the surrender. On the ground I talked with one Cardassian privateer. They were all confined in the central place until we received further instructions about how to treat

the new 'ally'. In fact they were less than fifty. The soldier I talked with told me why he joined the forces. He had been forced to, he never believed stories about Klingon eating Cardassian babies or any propaganda. He hated the Dominion and had cried when Cardassia announced the Entry in the Dominion. He didn't believe in war, he didn't believe in violence, but he had to enlist to avoid retaliation on his family." Ihsaan paused again. He had talked long on a clear tone, but sometimes he couldn't hide the emotion.

"There are always two sides to war." Michael said softly. The story had been unexpected. Not many on this vessel would share their innermost thoughts with a total stranger. He didn't really know how to read this science officer.

"So, what is Honor? What is the meaning of Glory?" He said asking those questions to himself. "Personally I find Honor more in the Truth than in the Glory of Battles." Then some thoughts came up to his mind ~The hydrogen. Found everywhere in the Universe, the hydrogen can join to form other components. It was before the life, it would remain long after the life. The hydrogen 'is'. The hydrogen doesn't fight, doesn't die, if one is cease to exist, another takes its place.~

"You really shouldn't be here you know. You are so out of place on this klingon vessel. More even then I am. Why didn't you enlist in Starfleet. It seems more like your cup of tea. You are a philosopher." Mike grinned.

Ihsaan could restrain his laughter and let it go. After he finished he said on a joking tone that contrasted with the gravity of his previous words: "I am not a philosopher, just someone who tries to think a bit about the consequences of his deeds."

He paused and looked Dr Pallara right in the eyes: "Actually, I was in Starfleet as an exchange scientist, more than fifty years in the UFP, and about 20 years in Starfleet vessels, even after my graduation from the Military Academy! But I had to choose between the Empire and the UFP. I made my choice: my family. Besides, I feel myself as a Klingon, with a different perspective, but the Empire can grow by allowing different perspectives to express." Ihsaan said remembering the history of his Family.

"They won't change in our lifetime, I fear." Michael said. "My grandfather has been trying for 50 years and he has some small successes but not much. Don't get me wrong, I love our people, and I am fiercely loyal to my family, but sometimes they despair me." This confession time seemed to rub off on him

"Right, the treadmill is next for you now." The doc announced.

Ihsaan needed two seconds to realize what the doctor was talking about, but then he got it: the endurance test. That meant the end of the conversation indeed. He stepped on the treadmill and got ready. When the doctor activated the device, Ihsaan started to run following the pace imposed by the machine. He breathed regularly as his training taught him over the years. He kept silent meditating while he was running. He let the doctor make his test. After a while his mind was blank, like a sky. Sometimes some ideas crossed the sky in the background, but he didn't pay very much attention to them. His legs were moving, his will controlling them at a subconscious level. Running without imposing his will, just letting them do their job. His breath was tuned to the rhythm, his gaze far beyond the wall. An active meditative state that allowed him to stay alert because when the Doctor finally spoke up he could hear and process the information.

Michael watched him. He hoped they could become friends, being what he was he would not have many friends on the ship, and Ishaan seemed a good company.

Step by step Ihsaan reduced the pace to match with the decreasing speed. He finally stopped after walking a bit on the treadmill set at walking speed. His breath returned to the normal as he got down from the device. With a smile to Dr Pallara he asked: "So, what is your diagnostic Doctor?"

"You are in perfect physical health, and regulations. Not that I had expected any different." He hesitated. "Maybe we could meet more often, and discuss medicine and philosophy."

This invitation was very welcome to Ihsaan: so he answered with a joyful tone: "As long as I come to see you in good health, I like the idea!" He paused and announced: "Well, thank you very much. I let you get back to your duty. Perhaps we can have a lunch tomorrow."

"I would like that very much. Let's make it a private lunch, away from the messhall so we don't have to fight for our food." Michael chuckled.

With a friendly nod Ihsaan left the Sickbay. Doctor Pallara would be a good friend on this ship. A Klingon physician: that sounded a promising friendship.

Michael watched him go thinking exactly the same thing.



Holden, Son of Rosh, Engineering Officer

Warrior 1st. Class Ta'lorg(NPC)


Engineer's Office, Engineering.

Holden's work on the cloak continued. Much progress had already been made, but Holden wanted to push it as far as perfect. He had heard of the Reman incident, and the thought that the Remans he had heard much of had actually built such a vessel as the Scimitar right under the noses of a paranoid people like the Romulans, continued to astound Holden, and the thought of what could happen within any government bothered him profoundly, but also brought on a sense of vigilance.

Should there be an insurrection within the empire, Holden would be ready for it. And he would be ready to take the most honorable side.

The cloaking device received a few more tweaks before Holden called it a night and left his cluttered office.

The halls of the night shift were dark and foreboding, and interupted Holden's need to sleep, pumping his blood.

But a feeling came from the shadows......"Jorik? Are you watching me now?"

There was silence, as there often was. "What do you think of my life now? Serving the Empire on a state-of-the-art ship? Do you approve?"

No one ever understood why the elder brother looked up to the younger. All Holden would ever say was that "Jorik was a man of greater prowess and honor than myself. I often aspire to be like him in my own way."

Holden's bunkmate was looking at the Mek'Leth. She gazed at the blade, noticing at mix of blood on it, in a pattern that suggested battle had taken place. There also the other markings. Marks along the sides. The acted both as Blood Grooves...and as Kill Markings. A Myriad of countless permanent marks in the hard metal.

Holden steped in just as she decided to take the blade to see it up close.

"STOP! If you touch that blade, I will kill you where you stand!"

"My Word....You protect this weapon like a hawk!"

"You must understand Ta'Lorg. Only the younger son of Rosh may wield that blade." Ta'Lorg did not understand, but she decided to continue her Elder officer's wishes, just as she always had.

Had Jorik been watching from the shadows, he would have sighed and walked away. He truely was the wiser, he knew....


"Battery Blues"

Ens. Holden, Son of Rosh, Engineer.

Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka'Pok, Tactical Officer


***Battery Room***



Junkar popped his head down the small hatch and took a look for himself at the situation. "Mate of a Targ" He muttered as he shone the small flash light at the batteries. The top bank had melted onto the middle bank of batteries; fortunately the lower bank was still undamaged. "When did this happen?" Junkar asked, popping his head back up, he could smell the acid fumes all over.

"Lieutenant Junkar? Why are you here?" Holden had just happened to be monitoring the Batteries himself and noticed the failure.

"I noticed a failure in batteries. May I see?"

Junkar moved aside for the engineer to have a look, handing him the torch. "We noticed it on the bridge as well" He replied. Unlike other space faring races a Klingon ship was not solely reliant on the warp core and a backup life-support generator.

"I'm quite sure I that spare batteries were loaded on board before we embarked." Holden looked down, repulsed by the smell. He growled. "Damn it all..." He noticed a warrior walking by. "Warrior! Check the cargo hold for spare batteries."

"The First City shipbuilders are notorious for cannibalising wrecked ships without checking the parts first" Junkar stated, wondering just how old the batteries might be.

"I've seen that too often." Holden hated them sometimes.

Junkar looked at the floor, the acid here and there in small pools. "Can we go down there?"

"That acid could burn right through your boot. So no. We would need to get enviromental suits."

The warrior returned. Carrying 3 batteries.

Holden looked at the batteries. "Is this all there were?"

"Yes M'lord."

He growled in rage. "I requested 6 batteries!!..." He calmed down. "At least these appear to be fresh, set them down here and and bring me 2 enviromental suits."

The warrior saluted and proceeded.

Junkar stood up, looking down at the opened hatch, before down the corridor at the warriors who’d stopped to see the show. "Anyone happened to have a spare battery?" He asked.

No one replied.

"Fine, when we board a Romulan ship someone better remember to seize a few." Junkar demanded.

The warrior returned, brandishing two heavy enviromental suits, one on each shoulder. "On your way Warrior." He saluted again and left. "Shall we?"

"Argh" Junkar muttered begining to place the suit on. Very little amused him about jumping into battery acid, espicially anything this concerntrated. "Jo'meh, Kling, Klash hold these batteries and pass them down when Holden's ready" He ordered the three closest to him.

Holden slipped the suit on quickly, and just about hopped in. Once inside the cramped, hazardous acidy room, Holding looked up and shouted. "Throw me a battery."

Junkar jumped down with the first battery, the acid splashing around as he hit the ground. He handed the first battery to Holden. "Here you go, Ensign"

He had already removed the first upper battery. Placing the new one in place, "Ok..the next one please, sir."

"Kling" Junkar called out and waited for the battery to be passed down, then passed it on to Holden.

Holden took it and placed it in place. He nodded to Junkar.

"Klash" Junkar called out this time, once again taking the battery and passing it too Holden. "What will we do with these?" He asked, wondering if they could make a use of them.

"I do not know. I believe some use may be made. I think we should have them contained and placed in a quartered off section of the Cargohold." With the final in place, he held the 3rd old, yet still good, battery. "This one is in one peice, and decent condition. It's also strangely free of acid. Have them put it in storage."

"Agree" Junkar replied, handing them to the others.

"I wonder. They do look useless, but I'm sure the fleetyards have done more with much less."

Junkar nodded before the other warriors pulled him out of the small room via the hatch. "I'm sure you may find a use for them, there aret many replacement parts were we are going" He said, reaching his hand down to pull Holden up.

"Aye, M'lord. I'll leave them here to the side. This room was specifically made to prevent any damage from everything but the batteries themselves."

"Good idea." Junkar replied. "Theres much to do before we cross the border, Qapla Holden"

"Qapla, Junkar. Now someone lift me out of here."


"Battle Drill"
Ensign Hunter
Full Bridge Crew
Geoff woke up to the Captain's Voice over the comm. He said all crewmen must be ready for a battle drill sometime during the day. He did not give time. Geoff then got dressed and did his regular routine and shifts. He was walking to his quarters when the alerts started ringing and the Captain started yelling "All hands to Battlestations!"
Geoff then ran all the way back to the bridge from where he just came. He stubbled in and sat down in his chair. "Ready......Sir!" he said under his breath. "Hmph.....Humans....". The captain muttered. "Ok crew, I have projected an enemy ship on the sensors it can be targeted and destroyed....Lets do just that!". "Qapla!". The crew said in unison.
"Helm, evasive Manuvers! Tactical, target their weapons and warp core!". He yelled to the crew. The Bird of Prey swung around and let fly with it's wing mounted disruptors. "Sir they're returning fire!" the science officer said. "Don't worry, were Klingons! (and Humans) We can stand up to anything!". "Sir, the enemy ship's warp core is going critical!". The science officer said. "Good....You all did well! We will drink to our victory in the Mess Hall!". Geoff decided that he wasn't hungray and went to his quarters for some relaxation. he hoped that we wouldn't have anymore of those anythime soon...

"Report on the Flaw"

Captain Korleth, Son of Mi'Goth

Warrior 1st Class, Ihsaan, Science Officer


Captain's Office - I.K.S. Ty'Gokor

The research on the shimmering effect was still going on and the frequent drills brought many data. But until they could reduce the whole effect, they might have to use it. The report describing the 'Burst Maneuver' was ready and reviewed. A clear and easy-to-read presentation, prefect grammar taking into account the variety of ranks of people involved, and in the appendix preliminary results of the research jointly done with Chief Holden. The first page gave a summary of the whole idea, details were discussed later, avoiding technical jargon. Ihsaan had asked the Captain for a meeting and he was on time. Arriving late would have been a big mistake.

Ihsaan push the door chimes button and waited for an answer.

"Enter!" came the shout from the other side of the door. Korleth was busy at the moment finalizing plans of attack against the Romulans in accordance to their orders. He was beginning to wonder if the High Council wanted a simple battle campaign, or a miracle. The doors parted to reveal his Science Officer, the Half-Klingon Half-El Aurian man that probably would never die since El Aurians lived for so damn long. "What do you want?" he asked in way of greeting.

"Warrior Ihsaan, reporting about the Cloak" Ihsaan said with his usual clear and calm voice. The doors revealed a small office with very few furniture. The metal was overwhelming and Ihsaan couldn't mistake this office with a Starfleet Captain's one. Even under normal conditions a Klingon ship lights were diffusing an atmosphere of Starfleet 'Red Alert'. ~The 'Way of the Warrior', the office of the Warrior~ Ihsaan commented in his mind. Besides, a Klingon Captain had little to do in an Office, his location was the Bridge. The office function was more to reprimand someone without affecting his Honor by a public humiliation.

"Ah yes... Our resident expert on the new Prototype. Sit." he said, indicating the chair with the point of his leather-clad arm and hand.

Ihsaan gave the small Padd and sat on the other side of the Office. The words of the Captain echoed in his mind: ~resident expert on the new Prototype~ it could be a joke or a real sing of respect. Ihsaan had no way to know. He let the Captain read the summary. And let the Captain speak when he was done with the reading. Ihsaan wondered how far the Captain patience would go. The main lines, the whole summary, or the details. For him it was a way to know the Klingon he would have to deal with. They had exchanged just few words and hadn't gone further than the usual Klingon courtesy.

Korleth reviewed the Padd and the report on it, every so often looking up at Ihsaan with a quizzical glance. "So how was there a flaw in the Cloak to begin with?" he asked, wanting to know why this was discovered en route instead of back on Qo'noS when they had all the time in the world.

It seemed that the Captain hadn't been briefed on the flaw when he got onboard. So Ihsaan would have to fill in the gaps. "Actually, this problem was known well before the official launch... All models predicted that disruptor blasts would generate a kind of shimmering effect caused by some residuals caught in the cloak. We needed to run some tests, real tests to collect data and try to adjust the harmonics. But the High Council decided to launch the ship before we could conduct the tests. Fortunately, we have been working long enough to know where we are going." He paused and continued: "We are currently collecting the data and I am working closely with Lt Holden to process them. But I cannot guarantee we solve one year of research issue in few days... The preliminary results are promising though."

"I don't need data, I don't need 'promising', And I don't have a few days!" Korleth growled. He pointed again at the science officer. "We will be at the Romulan Border in less than 48 Hours. Our strategy hinges on whether or not the Romulans will be able to detect us. Now stop trying to dance your way around me with words and answer me straight! If the problem is not fixed, how will we be able to compensate?" The whole thing was beginning to sound like a bad plot out of a horrible opera, or worse, out of one of those human novels that his brother loved to read. Korleth was assured that the cloak would not be able to be detected and that all the so-called 'flaws' from the first design had been fixed. Now it was becoming apparent that that was not the case.

"I understand" Ihsaan said keeping his tone calm in spite of the passion the Captain put in his words. "That is why I came up with this idea of 'Burst Maneuver'. Let's use the flaw and turn it into a strategic advantage. Until we can totally overcome the residuals issue we can still gain from the cloak. Besides, the maneuver requires talent, courage and accuracy from everyone this would be an honorable way to fight." Ihsaan elaborated wondering if the Captain would welcome this part of thrill in their attack maneuvers. Maybe there was no room for danger, but that sounded more Starfleet than Klingon. "I have to admit that the shimmers might not be too serious if the opponent sensors are not sophisticated. But it might be unwise to underestimate the Romulans when it comes with cloaking detection. They are quite advanced in this field."

"So what you're telling me is that you can't get rid of the visual shimmer of the cloak, but instead you have found a way to turn it into a weapon?" Korleth asked, shocked. When Ihsaan nodded he threw his head back in laughter. "That is excellent!" he said. "With the speed of the ship and a few evasive maneuvers, the Romulans will never know what hit them!" Korleth got up and began to pace, a nasty habit, but it helped him to think. "Now we'll have to come up with something for when we take on the bigger installations along the border though, they will not be moving the same as ships..." he rubbed his chin "And not only will we have Torpedos, but we have disruptors as well. Surgical strikes at the vital parts of their Starbases and Outposts would cripple them long enough for us to get in the killing blows... yes... it will be a glorious battle..."

Ihsaan listened to the Captain, giving back some respectful nods. The Captain words were those from a Klingon with a long experience of Battle. He was younger than Ihsaan, but he had been in many battles. A far more dangerous life than Starfleet Science Vessel. Ihsaan knew that when it would come up with battle maneuver the Captain word would prevail.

Korleth turned sharply and eyed Ihsaan. "We DO have Torpedos and Disruptors, yes?" When the science officer nodded, Korleth grinned. "Have you heard of a human maneuver called 'The Picard Maneuver'?" he asked. "We can simply do tactical bursts of warp speed around the Starbases while we cut them to ribbons."

Ihsaan nodded. "One thing about serving in Starfleet ships is that we cannot ignore this famous Maneuver." Ihsaan considered the Captain's words for a while and then said: "Do you intend to combine, the Picard Maneuver with the use of the Cloak? Because in that case we will consume more energy than the sum of the two. Containment fields and stabilizators will rain a lot of power, not to mention weapon and cloak." Before the Captain could 'burst' into anger Ihsaan mitigate his previous analysis: "I don't say it is not possible, but we cannot afford it for a long campaign."

"Then might I suggest that you get with engineering an come up with a solution to the power demand then? The combination of maneuvers will be an excellent tactic against non-moving targets." Korleth responded, sitting back down behind his desk. "Our campaign, as you call it, will not be for very long. I'm sure that the core will be able to handle the demands."

A science officer, as well as an engineer when they served on Klingon ship had to develop a certain degree of diplomacy. They had to make understand that the 'Glorious' moves of the warriors might meet some unbreakable limits: the law of Physics! "I can try to adapt the 'burst maneuver' to be something like the Picard Maneuver but at Full impulse, using the shimmers. We will keep a certain dualisation effect but we will save our energy for a large campaign." This was a good compromise. Mentally Ihsaan saw the scheme and equations to duplicate the effect of the Picard maneuver using the residuals. They would have to use some differential speed between the residuals and the ship. Going faster than Full impulse would provoke a time dilatation effect but working against the ship. Their time would dilate while the enemy will show them moving slowly. He was about to review the energy matter equations when Korleth's voice attracted his attention.

"If there is nothing more then, get to it. We have a day before we reach the border." Korleth said, going back to the latest tactical profile of the Klingon-Romulan Border.


"Tales of Glorious Battles"

Captain Korleth, Son Of Mi'Goth

Lieutenant Junkar, Son Of Ka'pok

Warrior 1C Pallera


Mess Hall - IKS Ty'Gokor

As Captain of the ship, Korleth had the option of dining in his quarters. But it was always in his opinion that the Warriors of a ship needed to see their commander both on duty hours and off. It was one of the few good things that he learned from Gowron before he went totally 'political'. Now, as it was nearing the evening meal came up, he stalked into the mess hall and immediately went for the replicator table that one could either get the life food made by the cooks or something replicated that wasn't on the menu. Klingon Replicators have come a long way since the early days.

Now they replicated food that almost tasted real. But it could not replicate live matter like gagh or ract, both of which Korleth had a craving for along with a nice mug of Bloodwine. His personal bodyguard, a bekk by the name of Tran, also filled up a plate of food after Korleth did so and took up a seat beside his captain, his eyes wary for any danger that might come from the crew. Korleth understood the need for bodyguards but sometimes wondered about the frevor in which Tran did his duty.

"Captain" Junkar said taking a seat nearby him, but not close enough as to make the bodyguard too anxious. He had a plate of rokeg bloodpie and a small bottle of bloodwine as well, a disruptor rifle strapped over his shoulder. "There are things we should discuss"

"What of?" Korleth asked, taking a generous bite of gagh.

"We'll be approaching the Romulan senor grids and listening posts" Junkar declared, there were already others listening in to the conversation. As was common on such a small vessel, few secrets were keep,there was little need to due to the communications blackout usually enforced on raiding ships anyway.

"Yes. We will be engaging the cloak once we arrive and then 'testing' our weapons around the listening posts before heading to the outposts." Korleth said, "But that is not why you brought this to my attention." It wasn't a question, more of a statement of fact.

"A lot will depend on where we hit the grid..." Junkar paused as he was interrupted.

Korleth looked up as the ships medical officer came up to the table. "What do you want?" he asked in way of greeting.

"I was looking for a place to sit and eat in quiet." Michael said realising that taunting the captain was not a good idea, yet he couldn't help himself. He was too tired today to deal with uppity Klingons wanting to fight him. This was a safe place, more or less.

Korleth motioned toward the bench. "By all means, join us Doctor." he said. "The more the merrier."

"Well thank you, Captain." He was surprised it went so easily.

Junkar pushed a cap between him and young Kian for Michael to fit in. "I hope I did not interrupt something important, gentlemen."

Junkar waited to everyone had settled down. "We need to hit a quiet area and rather quickly" Junkar began again. "Some of those listen posts arent going to go quietly either, they have their own defences... plus they'll call for ships"

"Let them." Korleth said. "This new 'burst' maneuver along with the new cloak will make us hard to track. Let their ships all come to the border looking for us while we slide in undetected to the heart of their Feklir-ruled Empire. Filthy ToDaHs'..." he muttered.

Now Junkar was a seasoned campaigner, and he was well aware of the ships advantages over other Klingon ships of its class, but he also knew that grand statements and pretty ships did not win battles. "If we cause a stir, they'll be searching for us and the Romulans are effeicient hunters"

"True." Korleth admitted. "But with that 'Burst Maneuver' that you all came up with, combined with our own variant of the human's 'Picard Maneuver', we will be victorious."

" I am interrupting it seems." Michael mumbled as they totally ignored him. Oh well, at least he had what he wanted a quiet place to eat.

"No youre not, you make great furniture" Junkar joked, resting his elbow on Michael's shoulder. "We'll Captain whatever happens, lets hope we destroy at least two warbirds before we go down ourselves"

"Oi, you noble good for nothing, I am not your pet slave." Michael said laughing shoving him off. They had been doing this since they were children.

Junkar laughed, looking at Michael at his side, then across at Kian, Klash, and all the others at the table, before returning his glance to the Captain and his bodyguard. "Perhaps it is time to break out another barrel of bloodwine, Sir" He said with a grin.

Korleth laughed at the exchange "How right you are!" he motioned for the quartermasters to get the bloodwine. "So, it seems all of us have ties with the Federation here. How about we swap tales? Any takers?" he asked, looking at his companions.

"My grandmother was a human. My uncle lives on earth, and I have spent a great deal of my youth and my training there. My parents wished my education to be rounded." Michael explained.

Junkar grinned. "I was exiled to Earth for one standard year for insulting the honour of T'pek niece of Chancellor Martok" He said with some pride, there was honour even in exile. "I swear I couldnt tell the difference between her and her mother!"

The younger warrios laughed and chuckled at Junkar misfortune, then looked anxiously at Korleth for a reaction, he was after all a staunch ally of Martok's.

Korleth was laughing right along side of them though. "Just be glad that all you got was exile!" Korleth said. "Had it been Gowron, you would've been strapped right to the bow of the Barge of the Dead!" Everyone laughed at that. "Ah... youth... I remember the barfights fondly back on Deep Space Nine." he said in reminincine. "I remember well the great battle right on the promenade. This one Starfleet Security Officer kept on coming back for more."

"So you killed him!" Klash added excitedly, before taking a drink from his mug of bloodwine.

"No, didn't kill him. Ended up making him my brother!" He laughed hard at the irony.

Junkar said nothing, he knew the story to some extent already, having met Leger, Korleth's brother on few occassions. As he took a bite out of his Rokeg bloodpie and grinned and found it amazing that the universe was such a small place.

Michael was surprised. He thought the Captain looked down on all humans. Maybe there was hope for the man after all.

Korleth had been laughing loud at the memories. "I tell you, you should've seen this pathetic excuse for a security officer." he said, describing Leger's initial apperance. "Scrawnier than a under-fed grishnar cat, messed up hair and he looked so pale that it was as if he had laid eyes on Feklir himself." he took a swig of bloodwine and continued the tale, wiping off his mouth with the back of his hand briefly. "But there was this fire, this fire in his eyes that told me that this human had seen death and wanted to embrace it. I personally must have tossed him across the promenade out of Quark's Bar at least five times. But he kept coming back and challenging us even after the rest of his security squad had either been knocked out or had retreated to the outside."

"Then what Captain?" Tran asked, caught up in the story. Tran was a testament that ALL Klingons loved a good story, whether it be about a Glorious Battle among the stars, or a lowly barfight in a space station.

"It was about that time I unsheathed my d'k tahg, ready to expedite this human's journey to the afterlife, but my older brother, Joran, held me back and then asked this human why he was so persistant. He replied 'kill me if you want, but we're not through until I've either done my duty, or have died trying." Korleth said. "It was that moment when we knew there was hope for the species after all. But he was a pathetic fighter." He chuckled at that. "We showed him how to REALLY fight!"

"They are resilient. They have amazed me often." Michael said. "And I have learnt to respect humans, even like a lot of them."

Junkar looked across the galley and noticed the clock. Standing up he brushed off any crumbs of rokeg bloodpie from his uniform and finished of his mug of bloodwine. "We'll I have the bridge now" He stated.

"And it's back to my inventory of sick bay." Michael said.

"Qapla" Junkar shouted before banging his fist on the table and walking out.

"Qapla!" Everyone else echoed who was sitting at the table, Korleth included. ~The crew is starting to come together...~ he thought as he took another swig of bloodwine. ~This is good.~


Tactical Officer

Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka’pok.



Junkar looked out into this vastness of space as he stood behind Captain Korleth’s vacant chair, before turning to face the rear and only entrance as a pair of young warriors; two males in fact entered the bridge, and saluted before taking their places behind him at the weapons control and tactical stations. They were in a fairly merry mood, then why wouldn't they be, they still hadn't seen battle yet, Koleth’s had been given so many new recruits, Klingon hybrids, even humans, Junkar still didn’t know if they had done this out of confidence in Koleth’s abilities or signed him a death warrant. Either way, Junkar was his third officer and therefore bound to die with him.

Walking down from his spot he passed by each console, encouraging the bridge crew, pointing out flaws in the younger warriors techniques and praising the veterans for their vigilance, even Klingon space could be dangerous for Klingons. His lips began to tremble slightly as he tried to control them but failed, his warriors stare and somewhat cold expression was replaced by a smile, as he remembered his first great battle against the Cardassian fleet, and the following attack on Deep Space Nine.

Why was he such a sentimental warrior? Why couldn't he be like the vast majority who just processed things and moved on with their lives? No, he had to be one of those few warriors who remembered very little
detail of life's memories and then stayed up all night trying to come
up with alternative outcomes to events. Alternatives which he could
never implement even if he wanted, even now he was starting to wonder
what he could have done differently to have not ended up here, he could have died at Cardassian Prime with so many other young braves, he could have stayed back with Captain Kor and fought to the death against overwhelming Jem’Hadar odds.

Nine years ago he had thought he knew everything about life, the future and where he was going to be. But like all those who thought they knew everything, he knew nothing. Himself and all the others who went along day by day with so much faith and confidence in themselves, in the end achieved nothing of notoriety, other then lord of a fishing village and mention in a greater man’s poem. It wasn't the most honourable or the strongest warrior who went on to make something of themselves, no most of them were killed in the Dominion War; it was that short Romulan with no concept of honour, who couldn’t hold his bloodwine, who made something of himself, on the blood of Klingons and humans the Romulans took what they wanted after the Dominion War, and now they were raiding Klingon territory once again.

Eventually he found himself back at the centre on the bridge behind the Captain’s vacant chair again, looking at the viewscreen into space, he could easily fall in love with this, cruising around in space, seeking honour and glory, he had no family to tie him down, just his warriors to fight with and die with. But family meant a lot to a Klingon, the ties of blood that extended to the lowliest member of a great house, he had a mate back on Qu’noS who wanted him back eventually. Plus one could never leave Qu’noS for too long, power could shift rapidly at the first sign of weakness in a house. But for now he had duty, a duty to see the Romulans crushed under his fist.


Captain Korleth, Son Of Mi'Goth

Lieutenant Marrek of the House of Gara'Keth

Boreth, General Warrior (NPC)


Main Bridge, 3rd Shift - Approximately 0030 Hours

"SHIELDS UP! EVASIVE!" Marrek called out as the warning klaxons blared to life and woke the usually drowsy third shift bridge crew. "Someone get the Captain up!"

A Romulan Scout had decloaked behind the IKS Ty'Gokor and took the oppertunity of firing a plasma torpedo right at the ship. Typical Romulan tactic, shooting someone in the backside. The Klingon bridge crew responded in good time, getting the shields up, but not fast enough to dodge out of the way. The torpedo nailed the Ty'Gokor on top of the right wing and sent it into somewhat of a spin. The helmsman on duty corrected easily all the while trying to stay in his seat.

"If the Captain isn't up after that hit, he's a better sleeper than I thought!" Boreth said from the Tactical Position. He held the prestigous spot whenever Junkar was not on duty.

"Quit yapping and start firing!" Marrek said sharply, giving him an evil look. Boreth complied, making the ship's disruptors lance out at the honorless Romulans.

Korleth was on the bridge in a matter of moments. "Report!" The ship shuddered under the impact of multiple disruptor hits from the Scout. Korelth sat in his Command Chair and looked at the Tactical Display that Marrek was now calling up from his station.

"We're only a few hours from the Border captain. This petaQ decided to beat us to the punch." Marrek said. "It was almost as if they were here waitgin for us!"

"Cloak us!" Korleth ordered. He'd deal with the implications that Marrek suggested later.

"We can't my lord!" Boreth repled from tactical. "Cloaking Device is offline. That first plasma torpedo caused major damage to our starbord wing! Power is fluxuating!"

"BAH!" Korleth said in disgust, slamming a fist down on the armrest of his chair. "Bring us around and fire at will then Boreth!

The two ships locked in a bitter dogfight in the silence of space. Disruptor blasts lanced out back and forth through the silent vacuum as each of the mortal enemies attempted to kill each other. The Romulan got in a good hit right on the nose of the Ty'Gokor, pitching the ship violently downward. On the bridge, the helmsman pitched forward over his console and knocked himself out when he landed on the deck. Marrek moved over and took over, sliding into the seat easily.

"FIRE!" Korleth roared as Marrek brought the nose around so that the ship's weapons could bear on the scout. The Bird Of Prey shot out with everything it had, unfortunately, so did the scout. Explosions rocked around the bridge and the ship shook violently. Marrek felt heat rip through his body but hung on, clutching the Helm console for dear life. Korleth looked like he was riveted into his seat and made of stone, unmoving from his position of honor.

And then it was over. Boreth was looking at his display. "The Romulan is destroyed!" he yelled triumphantly. Cheers echoed throughout the bridge. Korleth looked around at the third shift bridge crew. They did him proud. "Well done! All of you." he turned to Marrek, who was still in the Helmsman's seat. "You bring honor to your House Marrek." he said, smiling.

Marrek slid out of his seat and landed on the deck with a thud. Korleth was by his side in an instant, rolling the warrior over to his back. The entire front side of Marrek's body armor looked like it had been shredded as if it were tissue paper. Korleth looked up and saw that the console had blown outward and shrapnel from the console and bulhead went right through Marrek's body. The boy had held on to the last, making sure that the ship was out of danger.

Marrek looked up at his captain. "Ship... ok?" he asked in pained breaths.

"Yes Marrek, you bring Honor and Glory to your House by knowing all the stations." Korleth said. "We shall destroy five Romulan Ships in your name. May you have your revenge on them when you join the Black Fleet."

The Security officer grinned at that. "It has been... an... Honor... Sir." he closed his eyes as he winced in pain, and then his breath gave out.

Korleth pried his eyes open and looked deep into his eyes. A low growl started deep within him and then he tossed his head back and howled to the heavens. The rest of the crew who had been watching joined in on the howl. It lasted long and reverberated off of the walls and celing of the bridge, telling all in the Black Fleet that another warrior was on his way across the River Of Blood.

Lieutenant Marrek of the House of Gara'Keth was on his way to Sto-Vo-Kor.

The howl ended and Korleth got to his feet and looked around the battle scarred bridge. "Get repairs underway! Wake all the shifts and do what needs to be done! I want reports on my desk in an hour." He commanded. "I will be in my office apprising High Command of what has transpired." The warriors all echoed a resounding "YES SIR!" before commencing to chant Korleth's name in victory as he exited the bridge.


Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka’pok

Warrior First Class Jo’meg, House of Gonkor

Warrior Kian, House of Gonkor


ooc- Takes place before battle with the Romulan Scout and leads into it.


 “Tolate For Battle”



***Junkar’s Quarters***


Junkar’s quarters were surprisingly small for the forth highest ranking officer on the ship, but then again this was a Bird of Prey. The luxuries of the larger battleships and heavy cruisers didn’t exist here, even though by definition the K’vort class was much larger then her B’rel predecessor. Nonetheless the three Klingons managed to squeeze inside to play their weekly dice game of Kar’pei.


Kian laughed merrily as the dice came to a stop and he saw that he had won this round. He was a young warrior, seventeen standard years old, but having pasted the second right of accession he was a man and a warrior to all in the Klingon Empire, able to take a wife, fight glorious battles and be granted land and titles for his loyal service.


“Good roll” Junkar said, passing a pile of his darsek’s across the desk to Kian’s stack. “If only you’d rolled like this back at home, you might not be in such debt”

Kian beat the armour plating on his chestplate with pride. “After this mission, I will bring back so much Romulan latinum that I will be the richest man in Tapar”

”Third richest man in Tapar” Jo’meg corrected. “Remember Lord Junkar over here and myself outrank you” Jo’meg was not much older then Kian, but there was an order to things, and until and if both he and Kian were ever able to establish their own houses, they would follow the house rules of the House of Gonkor.


Junkar smiled, patting Kian on the shoulder, before throwing the dice across the desk. “Bah, once again it looks like this might go too Kian” He said as the dice revealed an image of two B’rel class bird of preys and one Vor’cha class cruiser.

”You keep rolling bird of preys today, M’lord” Jo’meg commented taking the dice. “Maybe it’s an omen of things to come” He joked, rolling the dice. “Ah crap! One Vor’cha, a B’rel and a transport ship!”

Kian laughed once again, rolling the dice, laughing even harder when they revealed the images of three Negh’’Var class ships. “What is the luck of rolling three attack cruisers!” He said with amusement. The game was a reality simple one but it kept the boredom down.


Junkar and Jo’meg passed more their darsek’s over to Kian, before Junkar stood up and walked over to the other side of the room. “What do we want to listen too?” Junkar asked the other two.

Aktuh and Melota!” Kian and Jo’meg shouted simultaneously.


“Ah my young warriors miss their prespective mates back at home do they!” Junkar stated, the two having picked the opera that was most famous for its love song in the third act.

Jo’meg leant back against his hard steel chair. “When I return to Qu’noS, I’m going to find myself a beautiful mate from the Northern provinces, she will outshine all the women in Tapar and I shall have beautiful daughters and strong sons”

Junkar laughed. “If she is as beautiful as you say Jo’meg you will have to be very watchful and pay attention to Kian’s visits! For those sons and daughters may look more like Kian then you!” He said followed by a great roar of laughter.


Kian to laughed greatly, falling off his chair and hitting the steel ground with a thumb, his armour making a ringing sound as it hit the other metal.


Jo’meg shook his head. “If you two were not bound to me by so many blood oaths I would kill you both where you stand!” He said standing up.

”Isn’t it where we laugh!” Kian added, with a chuckle rolling off his back and onto his feet.


The three stopped laughing when a jolt sent them to the ground.


Junkar stood up. “Plasma torpedo starboard wing!” He shouted, picking up the two younger Klingons. He knew the feeling of being hit by a plasma torpedo well, and having his quarters stationed on the starboard of the ship meant he could feel any hits there.

”To the bridge!” Kian shouted, grabbing the Bat’leth off the wall and handing it to Junkar.


When Junkar, Kian and Jo’meg arrived on the bridge, the battle was over. Marrek lay dead on the floor of the bridge. “Lucky bastards going to Sto-vo-kor!” Junker shouted, as he realised the battle was over.


Turning to Boreth he asked. “Where is the Captain?”


“His in his office, contacting High Command” Boreth replied, moving away from the tactical console.

”Oh well” Junkar began. “We’ll lets clean the blood off the floor before someone slips over it and find Marrek a empty torpedo casing” Then he walked over to the Captain’s chair and stood behind it, ready for whatever orders the Captain would issue next.



"Last details"

Lieutenant Carson, OPS Officer

Ensign Holden, Engineering Officer

Warrior 1st Class, Ihsaan, Science Officer


Warrior 3rd Class, Kiron, Engineer


Holden's Office - I.K.S. Ty'Gokor - 36 hours before reaching the Romulan


These last days Ihsaan and Holden had worked hard on the both fronts: the shimmering effect and the burst maneuver. They also had to modify some parameters to apply the Captain idea about the Picard Maneuver. Right after his meeting, Ihsaan had rushed to Holden's officer to inform him of this 'small change of plan'. Of course what appeared easy with words, was quite hard in practice. The young Starfleet Lieutenant had came up with few interesting ideas. The man named Carson had shown a surprising ability to be 'Klingon' among Klingon. Sometimes more Klingon than the Klingon themselves.

Even with the help of the OPS officer Carson, they didn't have much time so, Ihsaan had recommended Holden to call some backup: Warrior Kiron. Ihsaan knew him very well. He was a Klingon but from a conquered world. His homeworld Kel'da had been under Klingon domination for centuries, but still Kel'dans were considered as third class citizens or even more. The luck of Kel'da had been to be administrated by a House Dumat that was defeated by the House of M'Vagh few decades ago: the only battle of the history of this young and discrete House. As a tribute, House of M'Vagh took over the administration and many things changes for the Kel'dans. Within the sphere of influence of the House of M'Vagh and other families of the Dak'ou Colony, they were allowed to compete for normal occupations. The Kel'dans quickly specialized in technical tasks. Most of them were quite obsessional making them good technicians who focused on small details. But centuries of servitudes and, as a secret research revealed after the fall of the House of Dumat, some biological manipulations made them poor leaders and thinkers. Kiron grew up on Dak'ou, Ihsaan birth place, working for his family. Kel'dans were not very different from Qo'noss Klingon, but this species now bears the stigmas of servitude even if they started to regain some Honor after a while. But their attitude harm their social ascension and Ihsaan family member working as counselors and lawyers had still long years trying to help them regain a normal status. That was how Kiron ended on the Ty'Gokor project. His abilities as an engineer were well beyond the average. Ihsaan could tell some general ideas, Kiron would screen all the small details, design the schematics with the precision of Starfleet Physician making a surgery of the spinal nerve.

These last days, Kiron had proven well beyond any expectations his value to the engineering team and the Project in general. The Burst maneuver imposed very careful calculus and programming. Something that needed a full attention and a complete focus. Kiron had done well. Maybe his Ashtanga Mok'bara training had something to do, because even for a Kel'dans he was particularly focused, almost monomaniac. "Here the last results you asked" Kiron said to Ihsaan and Holden.

"Very Good, Warrior. Thank you." Holden said

Without a word Kiron gave the Padd and left the office as requested. Ihsaan looked at Holden and with a smile he said: "He is doing a good job." Most of other Klingon didn't like to see him on this ship but Ihsaan couldn't tell whether Holden was judging him from his origins or from his achievements.

Holden examined the obviously different Ihsaan, but one could say that his time on the Magellan gained Holden a little tolerance for those different than himself. He smiled and nodded.

Ihsaan and Holden were discussing about the minorities issue in the Klingon Empire which wasn't the main purpose of this meeting. So when Lt Carson arrived with the data he had been compiling it reminded them that they had a Cloaking device to deal with.

In his office, Carson was reading the reports on the cloaking device. It was rumored that the cloaking technology on the Ty'Gokor which would allow it to fire when cloaked was stolen from the remains of the Scimitar, the Reman warbird commanded by Shinzon, late Praetor of the Romulan Empire. But, regardless of the source of the technology, Carson was honor and duty bound to assist in the preparations for battle-including the repairs on the cloaking device. With the data compilation complete, Carson stood up, picked up two PADDs- one Starfleet, one Klingon- and went to Ensign Holden's office.

A few minutes later, Carson stood at the door to Holden's office. Pushing the button for the buzzer, he was told to enter. "Holden, here's the data on the cloaking device. Most intriguing that Shinzon's cloak is now going to be used against the Romulans!" Carson said with a smile as he handed Holden the Klingon PADD.

Warrior 1st Class Ihsaan, the Science officer, saw the Starfleet PADD in Carson's hand. It's been a while since he hadn't seen one of those, and this little object took him back years in the past. He remembered when he was bringing science reports on the Odyssey. "Lieutenant, you are using Starfleet material." Carson looked at Ihsaan and laughed. "Warrior Ihsaan, although my loyalties are to this ship, its Captain and its crew, I am still a Starfleet officer" Carson said as he turned to leave.

"So, I can still carry that 'Starfleet material' if I damn well please." Carson said. Before he left Ihsaan correct the misunderstanding. "Of course you can Lt. Starfleet Padds are as efficient as Klingon's Padd. What matters is the knowledge they carry. And it seems that the one you brought will be very helpful." There was another point Ihsaan wanted to clarify: "The High Council launched the project well before the Scimitar destruction. I can tell you I have been working on it before the end of the Dominion war."

"Interesting. Well, let's get to work, people," Carson said. "Sooner we get this cloak operational, the sooner we can send the Romulans to Fek'lhr!"

"Ha Ha....I like your spirit...but I've always like believe that there is a place worse than Fek'lhr for those honorless greenbloods....Save for Vulcans. Vulcans are a very honorable people, and capable of fighting very fiercely...Yes....Jorik has spared with a few of them..."

They had spent enough time discussing out of the topic so now as Carson suggested they needed to get back to their work. The 'burst maneuver' couldn't wait any longer. They had the opportunity to collect data from few shots under the cloak. It was important to assess the frequencies and the optimal harmonics to reduce or suppress totally the shimmers. For what

Ihsaan knew, the current state was the best they could achieve in the experimental stage. The models he elaborated with the help of Holden and the hard work of Kiron, could be run quite soon, but more data would reduce the standard error and variance in the estimated parameters. It would take at least three days to run enough simulations. And then there would be the analysis of the result. It seemed that they had to use the shimmers as 'a weapon' for a part of the campaign.

A few hours later, Carson yawned. "Forgive me, but I am still human. And humans need sleep to act honorably in battle. See you tomorrow." As Carson stood to leave, Ihsaan nodded.

"There are still few more details to review... we are almost finished." Ihsaan said hoping that it would make the human change his mind.

"I know, Ihsaan," Carson said. "By the way, if battle is necessary, I have a way to make sure that we shall be victorious. I'll show you tomorrow."

As the doors closed behind Carson, Holden looked at Ihsaan. "Despite my experience with them, humans still tend to annoy me on...rare occasions." He let out a guttural guffaw.

Ihsaan joined the laugh. "Well, we've got the data we needed" he finally said.

"Let's see how we can finalize the maneuvers. The suppression of the shimmers is not for tomorrow." Ihsaan said to launch their work.

"Understood." Holden smiled his strange smile.

As an engineer Holden had very practical view of the issues. There were how things worked on the Padds and how it really operated in the real world. But it seemed that the maneuver was possible. With few adjustments and a close monitoring of energy balance, this would turn into a deadly move and a strong tactical advantage over motionless targets.

They continued to review all the details until the fatigue started to make them understand that the more they worked, the more they could harm the good job they achieved. Besides, they were focused on trivial details without any significance. They had to admit, but the 'Burst Maneuver', for both ships and motionless target, was ready to be applied. The engineering units had to get the engines ready to sustain the high demand implied; Tactical and helm would just have to be at their best when required.

After giving the final instructions to the engineering team, they decided to adjourn and rest. Ihsaan left Holden went back to his room. He slept a deep and restful sleep.



Tactical Officer

Lt. Junkar, Son of Ka'pok

Science Officer

Warrior 1st Class, Ihsaan


General Warrior

Warrior, Boreth (NPC)


***IKS Ty'Gokor - Bridge***


The battle scarred bridge of the I.K.S. Ty'Gokor was bustling with energy as repair teams worked away on repairs and the bridge crews from the various shifts filled the bridge to have a look at the footage of the battle.

Ihsaan had been alerted by the attack by the hard way. He was off-duty and training. The ship was shaken off while Ihsaan was on a Yoga stance lifting his body with his hands. Fortunately he managed to avoid a bad injury. He just had enough time to put his armor in and dashed to the Bridge. As his steps brought him close to the Bridge he could hear the warriors and the Captain guiding Marrek to the Black Fleet.

Junkar frowned looking at the video footage of the recent battle, Romulan scout ships were usually only fitted with two disruptor arrays, but this one had been fitted with a plasma torpedo launcher as well. Not to mention the small scout vessel had stood toe to toe with a K'Vort class cruiser. "this was one very over gunned scout ship" Junkar commented.

"I agree" Ihsaan added, while he noticed that his science console was finally back online. The emergency auto-shut down system had been triggered by a peak of power surge to avoid destroying the databank. ~Good thing to have a backup not linked to the system~ Ihsaan remembered with relief. Anyway, to damage the databank the blast had to go through the extra-shield that covered the precious data. It was a warship, but a warship without cartography of the space was nothing but a lost targ in the desert. He reviewed the data collected before the shutdown and found more questions than answers: "It seems that the amount of energy absorbed by our shields before my console was shut down is far beyond one should expect form a scout ship."

"That is extremely disturbing" Junkar replied, wondering if the new Federation-Romulan friendship was resulting in the exchange of the Federation's super weapons which one always heard rumors of.

Ihsaan frowned: "There are two disturbing points: first this ship was in Klingon space, so we can assume that it was either waiting for us or heading for a target. Second, the first hit knocked down our cloaking device. Was it luck or informed attacked?" If it was an informed attack there was enough to be worry about.

"They might have targeted the starboard wing knowing it would take down our warp drive generators if it hit a corresponding system, but you’re right it was damn luck…. They do know much about the K'vort class" Junkar responded. Junkar was right: specifications of the K'Vort Class weren't secret anymore.

This attack triggered a lot of questioning in Ihsaan's mind. Unfortunately the Captain had not told them anything precise about raids in Klingon territories. All they know came from rumors and incomplete reports. If only they could have more detailed information, maybe they could find out a pattern. ~Are the Romulans preparing something on a major scale?~ Ihsaan asked to himself as he prepared a sensor sweep "I recommend a sensor sweep to recover key parts from the destroyed scout. Maybe we can retrieve some information... At least, I want to analyze some of them. I will also do a long range sensor to find if there is any backup. I wonder whether they are preparing something bigger with all those raids."

Junkar nodded. "You’ll have as long as it takes Holden to repair the damage" He said, Ihsaan was right a scout ship was called a scout ship for a reason: there could be an entire squadron behind it, waiting for its information.

Ihsaan launched the sensor sweep but did not detect anything interesting, only useless debris. As for the long range sweep nothing to signal. He narrowed the scope of the sensors looking for data storage components in the debris field. He found some and beamed them to a confinement cargobay. It was a long shot with little hope that it actually could turn to be

useful, but he would have regretted not trying. "Lieutenant, what are your assumptions based on the footage. Were they following us and waited that we dropped out of warp to attack, or we just crossed them on their way to a target?" Ihsaan asked.

"Romulan ships are common on the border… but this was special, it attacked a superior ship several hours away from the border." He began pacing the bridge; much like Korleth would when he was thinking. "Why would a Captain and a Romulan Captain at that be so willing to commit suicide for no apparent reason unless they knew something… or there were other Romulan ships in the sector"

"Marrek said something when the attack began" Boreth injected. "He also suggested they might have been waiting for us"

Junkar turned back to Ihsaan. "Check that debris and contact the bridge if you find anything useful. I’d like to know if there’s a squadron of six warbirds waiting for us across the border"

"Acknowledged" Ihsaan said with nod before leaving the Bridge to go and examine the debris he collected.


"Rite of Ascension"

(backpost -before the launch)

Lt. Daniel Carson

Federation Exchange Officer

Operations Officer-I.K.S. Ty'Gokor

Federation Embassy, Kronos

Ambassador Worf walked up to Lieutenant Daniel Carson, his liaison. Lieutenant, as you know, Starfleet and the K.D.F. are reviving the Officer Exchange Program, Worf said. Since I am returning to active service as Executive Officer of the Enterprise-E, I am letting my staff decide whether to stay on when the new ambassador comes in or signing onto the Exchange


Carson looked at Worf. I have already registered for the Exchange Program, Carson said. I'm just waiting for an assignment. Reaching into his drawer, he pulled out an antique weapon. This laser pistol was used by my ancestor in Space

Worf held up his hands. You do not need to give me a gift, Lieutenant, he said. Just serve your Klingon captain as honorably as you've served me and you shall join the Black Fleet when you die. As Worf turned to leave, Carson raised his fist to his chest in the Klingon salute. "Qapla!" he said. Worf returned the salute.

The next day, Carson was at the reception desk as a Klingon walked into the Embassy. "What do you want?" Carson asked. "I am Korleth, son of Mi'Goth and Captain of the I.K.S. Ty'Gokor. I am here to meet Lieutenant Daniel Carson," the Klingon said.

Carson stood up. "I am Lieutenant Carson," he said. "I have been told that you've registered for the Exchange Program," Korleth said. "Well, I am in need of an Operations Officer. I already have two exchange officers on the Ty'Gokor. But, when I read your personnel file, I was intrigued by the rumors of your Klingon behavior."

Korleth pulled a Klingon-style PADD from his utility pouch. "Ah, yes. The Embassy's counselor said you've been known to ingest five plates of gagh, pipius claw, rokeg blood pie, bregit lung, and five mugs of bloodwine in one sitting. I'd like to see if it is true, Korleth said.

"Well," Carson said, I'll be in the tavern in the Kormact district in the First City tonight at 2030 hours Federation standard. You can see for yourself. Until then, Captain" Carson gave Korleth the Klingon salute. "Qapla!"

"Qapla!" Korleth said in return.


That night, Korleth ad three of his officers on the Ty'Gokor walked into the tavern Carson mentioned. Lt. Marrek, the Ty'Gokor's Security/Intel officer, had heard rumors of the human who was more Klingon than most Klingons and anted to see for himself if they were true.

And then, exactly at the time Carson specified, he walked into the tavern. He said in Klingon, "If Captain Korleth, son of Mi'Goth, is present; I challenge him not to believe this!" He then turned to a server. "Five plates of your finest gagh, one plate each of pipius claw, rokeg blood pie and bregit lung and ten mugs of bloodwine!" he ordered.

One Federation standard hour later, everyone in the tavern was transfixed on Carson as he tore into the plate of rokeg blood pie. "Server, come here! A mug of bloodwine for everyone!" Carson said.

As the server put mugs of bloodwine in Korleth's and Marrek's hands, Marrek took a sip and looked at Korleth. "It is as the rumors say, my lord," Marrek said. "That human is truly a Klingon."

The next morning, Carson woke up to the voice of the computer. "Lieutenant Carson, you are receiving a transmission from Captain Korleth. "Put it through," Carson said.

"Lieutenant, I witnessed your show in the tavern last night. You are welcome aboard the Ty'Gokor," Korleth said. "Report to the Primary Bird-of-Prey landing strip at Defense Force headquarters at 1300 Federation Standard hours tomorrow for orientation. We lift off at the end of the week." Korleth's image disappeared from the screen.


The next day-

Klingon Defense Force Headquarters, Primary Bird Of Prey landing strip. First City, Qo'noS

Carson saw his new home up close for the first time. The Ty'Gokor looked like an ordinary D-25 model K'Vort-class Bird-of-Prey, but Carson knew better.

Once he was aboard and stowed his gear in his quarters, Carson made his way to the Bridge. He was surprised to see two Starfleet uniforms amongst the sea of Klingon armor. One person wearing the uniform turned to him. "Ah, Lieutenant Carson," the man said. "I am Lieutenant Commander Blackburn, the First Officer. You know, it's not too late to get off the ship like a common rat.

Carson cocked his fist and punched Blackburn in the face and stomach. "Commander, I am here for honor! I am not going to act like a scared targ!" he said. "Now, where's my station?"

Blackburn smiled. "I was hoping you were going to do that, Mr. Carson," he said. "This way."

Blackburn showed Carson to the operations station. As Carson sat at the station, he knew that once the ship took off, the biggest adventure in his life would begin. And if it came to pass, Carson would fight and die for his ship and the Empire.

For that was the Klingon way and the way of Lieutenant Daniel Carson, Soldier of the Empire.


"A Call To Arms"

General Nedved, Son of Ne'jar (NPC)

Captain Korleth, Son Of Mi'Goth

Lieutenant Junkar, Son Of Ka'pok

And Various Others

***Seseado System, Klingon-Romulan border***

The Klingon-Romulan border was a common place to see skirmishes between both fleets of the two Empires as Generals, Admirals and Captains on both sides took any advantage they could to inflict damage on their enemy. Today was no different; the aging IKS Vor'cha with the IKS Khitomer and IKS Mekro'vak comprised the 1st Vor'cha Attack Wing of the Klingon Defence Force, under the command of General Nedved, had spent most of the morning facing off against an opposing wing of the new Valdore Class Bird of Prey's of the Romulan Star Navy.

The battle seemed to be going no where as both wings would decloak, attack, cloak, decloak and attack again waiting for an opportunity to strike a decisive blow. But then like always the Romulan broke and run.

But today the General was not going to let them escape, sensing victory in his crasp, he followed them deep into the Romulan half of the Seseado System, towards the asteroid belt between the forth and fifth planets.

"Something is wrong…" The General stated as they followed the fleeing Romulan Birds-of-Prey into the asteroid belt. It was common for them to hide in asteroid belts, but this one hadn't even cloaked. "Make a right! Get us out of here!"

A massive energy reading was detected as a Romulan Starbase built into an asteroid decloaked. Firing a barrage of plasma torpedoes and disruptors as soon after, knocking out the impulse engines on the IKS Vor'cha.

The other two Vor'cha Class attack cruisers moved forward to cover the IKS Vor'cha, but they two received heavy damage from the starbase and the Romulan Bird-of-Preys that had now turned about and were engaging the Klingons.

Although powerful enough to take on the Valdore class birds-of-prey the three attack cruisers could not deal with them and the starbase. But valiantly they fought, with the IKS Vor'cha listing in front of the starbase, and the other two attempting to cover her.

"General there's a Romulan Warbird heading our way" The navigations officer stated, bringing the odds to three Klingon ships up against three Valdore Class birds-of-prey, a dreaded Warbird and a Starbase.

"General, all is lost, we must self destruct! It is the only way to restore our honour!" One of the weapons officers demanded, fearing the shame of being captured by the Romulans.

"NO!" The General shouted smashing his first on a console. "Send an encoded message to all lone hunters on this side of the border."

The communications officer immediately opened a wide ranging channel.

"All hunters! This is General Nedved, Son of Ne'jar! We are under attack by superior Romulan forces and require reinforcements! Break cover and join you're brothers!" He said, turning to the communications officer. "Send the coordinates to any ship that replies... the battle is not over yet!"


***IKS Ty'Gokor, Near the Klingon-Romulan border***

"Captain! Distress call coming in." Junkar replied "Its General Nedved."

Korelth stood from his command chair and went back to the tactical position to look at the message. After reviewing it once, he punched in a call to Engineering. "Is the cloaking operational again?" he asked. The reply was in the affirmitative. "Good!" he closed the comm and pointed to the helmsman. "Maximum Warp to the Seseado System!" and then turned to Junkar. "Arm weapons and Cloak us. Time to use our new weapons."

Junkar grinned. "At once Captain."

"Red Alert!" Korleth called out, pushing the whole crew to battle stations. "Time to make the Romulans pay!"

The IKS Ty'Gokor seemed to fade out of existance right when it went to warp. The wings came up for attack position and locked right as, for the first time in nearly a century, a Klingon Bird Of Prey prepped to fire while under cloak.

As they neared the battle zone, Korleth could cleary see how the Romulans got the upper hand. "Honorless petaQs" he spat. "Load the Torpedo Tubes and fire on the Starbase. Lets see if that gets their attention."


***Romulan Starbase, Seseado System, Klingon-Romulan border***

The Starbase shuddered under the impact of multiple torpedo hits on their weakest shields since they had been reinforcing the shileds in the direction of the Klingon Cruisers. The Base Commander looked at his SubCommander. "Where did those torpedos come from?!" he demanded.

"I do not know sir!" The SubCommander replied. "It was almost like they came from out of nowhere. We are not reading any ships in that direction!"

The Commander's reply was cut of with another shout of "INCOMING!" as two more torpedos broke through the paper-thin shielding and penetrated the hull. "Hull breaches! Decks 15 through 26!" came the damage report.

"How are they doing this?" The Commander demanded.


***IKS Vor'Cha, Seseado System, Klingon-Romulan border***

"General! The Starbase has taken multiple torpedo hits! Their shields are down!" The weapons officer of the Vor'Cha reported to the General.

The General grinned. "Kahless smiles on us this glorious day!" he said. "Come about! Let's help our hunters out there."


***IKS Ty'Gokor, Seseado System, Klingon-Romulan border***

"Do we send a message to the Vor'Cha sir?" Blackburn asked, looking up from his console.

"We do not." Korleth repled gruffly as he surveyed the battle from his chair. "Communications now would only comprimise our cloak. Burst maneuver! All disruptors and torpedos on the starbase. Expedite their journey to Gre'thor."

The Ty'Gokor strafed the now helpless starbase with its full fury of disruptors and torpedos, each hit doing devestating damage before they lept to warp a short distance away. The Ty'Gokor then came around again, this time only firing two more torpedos right into the engineering section of the base. The core breeched and the base went up in a fiery explosion, taking out a nearby Valdore in the process.

"That certainly evens the odds a bit." Korleth said, clearly pleased.


"Glorious Data"

Ihsaan, Science Officer

Various on the Bridge


Bridge - I.K.S. Ty'Gokor - Battle of Seasedo

As soon as the Captain had gone to the battle condition, Ihsaan rushed to get his console ready. The programs were working: all data from OPS and engineering would be transferred to his own console. The screen was empty, but very soon all the variables would be inputted. He could understand the excitement of the gunners or the helm as well as the Captain. He was

waiting for the action as well. But he would deliver a totally different fight. This was the unique opportunity to deliver the first battle against the 'shimmering effect', a passive one though, since he would just collect data as much as he could. The real combat situation was better than shooting at asteroids, the hull stress, the high velocity, the demands of energy all those variables could be taken into account. The graphs and the tables were filled by constant data. It would give a strong base for comparison. Ihsaan was absorbed by them and didn't pay much attention to the shouts and movements on the Bridge.

"Fire". Ihsaan didn't really hear the order, but the diagrams and tables told him. "Burst maneuver" A glance at a secondary screen told him that everything was going fine. He tapped some instruction to start a backup program to compensate for the high data collection process. All passive sensors, internal and external were delivering a continuous flow of data. He has hesitated between discrete and continuous data. The theoretical implications were not exactly the same in terms of treatment and available methodology. But a recent paper from a Vulcan warpcore scientist had open an avenue of new research using continuous data imputing in his seventh order momentum equations. Ihsaan had found a way to implement his theory to the issue of the cloak and it was promising. The discrete data methodologies were limited by the arbitrary distance between two values and other assumptions, and many variables had really a signification when they were continuous. He saw the potential empirical methods he would apply. He was eager to run the seventh order momentum three stages XRARCH equations. With luck, no, there was no room for luck, he will get enough simulations to explain more than 80% of the shimmering effect. If he could reduce the standard error term to less than point four zero one, the modification would suppress most of the residuals. But if he couldn't get below this limit, the results were unpredictable by any models.

While the fighters were battling shooting, maneuvering, destroying, Ihsaan was also trying to win his fight. This war had started few years ago when his team had detected the shimmering effect and now he was winning a decisive battle, one that could change the balance of power between the science, the known, the predictable and on the other side the Unknown. The image of the war was not really appropriate. The Unknown was a great challenger, not a destructive enemy. It had been the challenger that pushed Ihsaan in his last limits. It had been the mean to open his mind to new perspectives, the call of the great Universe. But now in the fever of fight, Ihsaan was in a 'battle'.

The databank contained more data that anyone could imagine. All pertinent variables had been taken into account. Running the simulations and the equations would need days, may be weeks, even with a Starfleet bioneural computer. The road was long, many other battle had to be won. And at that moment, in the fever of the fight, Ihsaan let his blood talk for him, and when the crew shouted their victory, he joined them to celebrate his own victory.