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Lieutenant Junkar

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Name: Junkar Son of Ka’pok, of the House of Gonkor, Lord of Tapar
Age: 28

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Tactical Officer, IKS Ty'Gokor
Race: Klingon

Weight: Heavy
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Birthdate: 2353

Karlush Province, Qu’noS
Hobbies: History, Hunting, Swordsmanship, and Mok’bara

Languages: Klingon and Federation Standard

Ka’pok (Father), Krikala (Mother), Jem’mok (Brother), Shokeg (Brother), Katarren (Sister), Keleth (Mate), and Fortan (Son).




5 x Wound Badge, 2370, 2373, 2375, 2376, 2377.                                                        

1 x Helm Badge, 2373        
1 x Poem written in his Honor by General Nedved, 2375                                    

1 x Warrior's Torch, 2382

1 x Order of the House of Nedved, 2375

Member of the Order of the Bat'leth, 2382

Service Record:


2369-2373 - Warrior 1st Class, Helm, IKV Bat’leth

2373-2377 - Warrior 2nd Class, Security, IKV Vor’cha

2377-2378 - Warrior 3rd Class, Security, IKV Bat’leth

2378-2379 - Lieutenant, Security, Klingon Embassy on Earth

2379-2380 - Lieutenant, Tactical Officer, IKV Bat’leth

2380-2381 - House Affairs.

2381-PRES - Lieutenant, Tactical Officer, I.K.S. Ty'Gokor


Personal Details:


Junkar was born on in the southern province of Kurlush on the Klingon homeworld of Qu’noS to Ka’pok and Krikala; he was the youngest of four children. He was also born into the old and prestigious house of Gonkor. In Klingon society he is known as the chuQun, the nobility, that small percentage that makes up the elite of the Houses.


At five he lit the Kor’tova Candle, declaring that we would one day become a warrior and continue his Houses great tradition of defending the Empire. From then onwards he dedicated his childhood to homing his fighting skills and knowledge of the teachings of Kahless.


His early childhood was sheltered to say the least; his companions for the most part were the household guards and retinues, having few friends his own age including two human boys named Sebasitan and Phillip Davoust from the Federation Embassy.


At fourteen he thought himself ready to become a warrior and partook in the First Rite of Ascension, perhaps he’d taken the task on at too young an age, it almost killed him.


He was fifteen when the dishonorable House of Duras started yet another civil war in a long line of civil wars, but unlike other honorable Houses they were backed by the Romulans. While his father and older brothers left onboard the IKV Bat’leth to fight for Chancellor Gowron, he stayed on Qu’noS to defend his Houses estates, earning himself a name as a tough young warrior.


At the civil wars end in 2369 he finally joined the crew of the IKV Bat’leth, where he served for four years under his father and brothers. He received his first major wound and decoration for it in 2370 during a battle with a Romulan Warbird on the border.


When the Dominion War broke out he was transferred to serve onboard the renowned IKV Vor’cha, as a substitute for his older brother Jem’mok who’d taken command of his own ship. The Dominion War was a great time for any young Klingon warrior seeking honor and glory, and Janker did not buckle under the pressure. As General Nevded wrote in his poem. “Junkar with fists of steel and the heart of a Targ fought off the Hordes of Jem’Hadar, until none stood and the bridge was ours”


Many honors were earned with a Helm Badge, two more Wound Badges, the Order of the House of Nedved, as well as the mention in Nedved’s famous war poem. But alas when the war ended Junkar found himself in a post war nightmare with no one to fight and little room for promotion. Transferring off the IKV Vor’cha back to his father’s ship the IKV Bat’leth, he concentrated on finding himself a mate. This plan failed miserably as he insulted the honor of a potential mate from the House of Martok. As punishment he was sent to the Klingon Embassy on Earth in 2378 for one year.


When the semi-exile was over in 2379 he returned to his father’s ship the IKV Bat’leth, and once again like old times there was much adventure and glory to be sought. As well he finally took a mate, Keleth daughter of his former commander, General Nedved. This was no easy task for the third son of Ka’pok to convince the first daughter of such a fine House to marry, but his honorable conduct under her father during the Dominion War sealed the deal.


By 2380 he took a brief time out to settle his affairs on Qu’noS, including securing his mate’s position in the house of Ka’pok and having their first born. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on you’re view, General Ka’pok had three children, Jem’mok the oldest, the strongest, and governor of the province in the General’s absence. Then there was Shokeg who commanded the House’s Squadron which consisted of twelve Birds-of-Prey. Katarren, third born and a daughter administrated both the province and the fleet and kept everything in order. Finally came Junkar… who was given a small fishing village, named Tapar in the south of the province.


There just had been not much else to give Junkar, once all the towns and ships had been divided amongst his siblings, uncles and family retinues all there was left was this small fishing village. None the less, there Junkar resided with his mate Keleth and his first born Fortan. Life was peaceful and good there, although a warrior cared much for honor and glory in battle and for that reason Junkar spent much time thinking of returning to space while he settled his House affairs.


Upon a request from his father, General Ka’pok something which he would have never turned down anyway, he took the commission of tactical officer onboard the I.K.S Ty’Gokor under Captain Korleth.  He transferred off in March of 2382 to embark on a special mission for Chancellor Martok himself.  He is currently serving onboard the IKS Sword of Kahless.


Personality Profile:


Junkar is an honor driven individual; he cares greatly for his House, Empire and even cloned Emperor. Although he does enjoy battle, he is not a bloodthirsty killer as Klingon’s are made out to be. He does enjoy peace at times, using it to hone his fighting skills and spend time with his new family. Like all Klingon’s he dislikes Romulans and finds Cardassians just as annoying. His favorite foods are Gagh, Rokeg blood pie, Spaghetti and Ice Cream, especially chocolate.


Special Notes:


The House of Gonkor


Junkar is from the House of Gonkor, an old prestigious and respected house located in the province of Kurlush, in southern Qu’noS. The province is mountainous with many rivers, which provides the House of Gonkor with a mighty income from mining operations.


The province of Kurlush has a high population especially in the capital so unlike the larger Klingon houses from the colony planets which have large fleets; the House of Gonkor provides the Empire with thousands of warriors and just one squadron of ships. The family also has one seat on the High Council.


Lord of Tapar


As well as being of the House of Gonkor, Junkar holds the title of Lord of Tapar, a small fishing village in the south of Kurlush Province. It is a honorary title for the most part as very little power is gained from ruling a fishing village, but nonetheless it is a honorable position and stepping stone to greater glory.

Hail: Lieutenant Junkar

Lieutenant Sebastian Davoust, USS Miranda

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