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Rank System (Officers):






Warrior First Class



These are the various medals that can be awarded to warriors of the Empire:

Order Of Kahless:
Federation Equivalent: The Federation Medallion.  The Empire's highest award, awarded by Kahless2 himself in the presence of the High Council on Qo'noS.  Awarded to those who have distinguished themselves honorably at the great risk of their own life and personal honor to go above and beyond the call of duty against an enemy of the Empire.

Order Of The Bat'leth:
Federation Equivalent: Federation Order/President's Medal.  Awarded personally by the Chancellor of the High Council on the warrior planet of Ty'Gokor in the Hall of Warriors.  This honor is bestowed upon warriors who have proven their elite status and are in inducted through an initiation rite which is an endurance test as much as it is a celebration.  This celebration is held once a year and tradition dictates that the inductee must reamain concious until the awarding of the Medal.  Members are then expected to uphold and live up to the ideals of Kahless and should the need arise, call upon or be called upon the Order to aid in restoring honor to any part of the Empire.

Honor Of The Black Fleet:
Federation Equivalent: Order of Merit.  Awarded for service in the field or before enemies of the Empire.  Typically awarded for a truly astounding act, or for a long illustrious and distinguished career with honor.

Medal Of Honor:
Federation Equivalent: Medal of Honor.  Awarded at great personal risk,  the recipient has saved the lives of others.

Medal Of Valor:
Federation Equivalent: Legion of Honor.  The recipient has been noted by the Klingon High Command as an honorable and extremly valuable individual in battle.

Medal Of Courage:
Federation Equivalent: Starfleet Cross.  Awarded to those who show have distinguished themselves by extraordinary courage under fire against an enemy of the Empire.  The act or acts must be so notable and must have been at the risk of life so extraordinary as to set the individual apart.

Medal Of Bravery:
Fedeation Equivalent: Cross of Distinction.  The recipient has performed acts of bravery gaining him honor and distinction in the eyes of his/her commanding officer.  Or, awarded when conditions do not warrant the Medal of Courage.

Medal Of Loyality:
Federation Equivalent: Commendation of Loyalty.  Awarded to those who, no matter how grim the situation, stays by their ship, their captain, their general, their chancellor, or for the Empire.

Lifetime Service Award:
Federation Equivalent: N/A.  Awarded to those old warriors who, despite their advanced age, stay on active service in the KDF for the younger warriors to hone their skills and training on and to serve as mentors for such.

Outstanding Service Award:
Federation Equivalent: Distinguished Service Medal.  Awarded to those who have shown their outstanding ability in the line of duty.

Dedicated Service Award:
Federation Equivalent: Dedicated Service Medal.  Awarded after the first year of consecutive service in the KDF.  Awarded every five years afterword.

Warrior's Torch:
Federation Equivalent: Bravery Commendation/Combat Rediness.  Awarded to those who perform a selfless act of bravery and who constantly keep their skills honed to a deadly edge.

Honor Badge:
Federation Equivalent: Sliver Star.  Awarded for act of Honor when conditions do not warrant the Medal Of Honor.

Valor Badge:
Federation Equivalent: Bronze Star.  Awarded for act of Valor when conditions do not warrant the Medal Of Valor.

Courage Badge:
Federation Equivalent: Citation of Valor. Awarded for act Courage when conditions do not warrant the Medal Of Courage.

Bravery Badge:
Federation Equivalent: Medal Of Gallentry.  Awarded for act of Bravery when conditions do not warrant the Medal Of Bravery.

Loyality Badge:
Federation Equivalent: N/A.  Awarded for act of Loyality when conditions do not warrant the Medal Of Loyality.

Wound Badge:
Federation Equivalent: Purple Heart.  Awarded to those who are injured in the line of duty.

Departmental Badges:
Federation Equivalent: Commendation/Recognition of Merit.  Awarded to those who show considerable improvement in thier field of expertise.  Badges range (high to low); Command, Intellegence, Tactical, Security, Operations, Engineering, Helm/Piloting, Communications/Sensors, Marines.

Academy Award
Federation Equivalent: Academy Bar.  Awarded to those in the KDF who attend formalized officer's training at the Klingon Academy on Qo'noS.

Campaign Medals:
Federation Equivalent: Campaign Ribbons.  Awarded for participating in battles and wars for the Klingon Empire.  Various Campaigns include: Romulan, Federation, Cardassian, Dominion, Breen, Borg, So'na, Ferengi, and Hydran.  Other Campaigns can be added as time progresses.