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Entry: Kahgar son of reHDep

Species: Klingon

Rank: Warrior

Age: 26

hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 260lbs

Birthdate/Place: QoNoS city (date to be set)

Hobbies: none known

Languages: Klingon, Federation, Romulan, Ferengi, Cardassian, Tholian...

Family: All reportedly dead separately in the war with the Dominion. In truth his father is a privateer commander while his mother is a diplomatic advisor to the High Council.

Official Service: **EYES ONLY**

Bio:  Born the son of rising Klingon warriors, Kahgar was secretly transfered into I.I. while studying at a medium level military academy. He was operating secretly from that moment on, training to act as both and Intell Agent as well as an anylyst. He's operated secretly since that time.

personality:  Kahgar comes across as your typical bluff, klingon warrior. In fact he's a cold, calculating I.I. agent who will do anything to protect the Empire...

special:  -none-

Hail: Warrior Kahgar