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charactername: Michael Pallara

position: Medical Officer

rank: Warrior 1st Class

species: Klingon/Human

agegender: male

haireyes: Dark brown

heightweight: 1.92/ 90 kilo's

birthdetails: Earth age 28

hobbies: theatre, history, fencing

languages: klingon, english, frensh, cardassian

family: Unmarried

his cousin Asua serves in Starfleet

his grandfather was an influential politician in the empire, he is now retired, yet sometimes does some work behind the scenes

His grandmother on his father's side is human. His mother is Imperial Klingon. Yet unfortunately Michael looks mostly human, although being 75 percent Klingon

He has several siblings

service: 2381: Medical Officer, IKS Ty'Gokor

Warrior academy

medical school on earth

just graduated this is his first assignment

bio: Michael was born on earth. He was born when his parents were visiting his uncle who lives in exile on earth.

As his parents were both warriors in the Klingon navy, he spent a lot of time with his uncle and cousins on earth. That's why he doesn't feel uncomfortable around humans. And he understands them. Michael is more compassionate than most Klingons. One of the reasons he chose medical. Although it does bother him that he looks almost human when he did live in the empire, the other children teased him with it. And he learned to defend himself.

After his naval training he decided he did not want to be a combat officer like his parents, so he returned to earth to be a doctor and again he spent a lot of time with his uncle and that family.

He was another love relationship with the young woman who dropped him because of his Klingon blood. It was devastating for Michael, and at the moment he is not interested in any kind of relationship.

personality: Michael is an intense young man, who still struggles with his heritage. He is different from most Klingons, yet he is not sure if he wants to be different To patients he can be kind, yet he can also put on the Klingon uncaring mask. He is a man with two faces.

Hail: Warrior 1C Pallara