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charactername: Lt. Daniel Carson

position: Operations Officer, IKS Ty'Gokor

species: Human

agegender: 22/male

haireyes: blonde/blue

heightweight: 6'00"/225 lbs.

birthdetails: Auckland, New Zealand/August 12, 2359

hobbies: martial arts, collecting antique weapons

languages: Standard, Klingon

family: Carson's family have fought for honor and truth going back to Bridge, Daniel's 8 times-great grandfather and member of Space Patrol Delta, Earth's elite defense force in 2020.

service: 2378-December 2380: Ensign, Relief Helm Officer, USS Gorkon (Excelsior II-class)

January 2381-Promoted to Lieutenant, reassigned to Federation Embassy on Kronos

2381-PRES Joined Starfleet/KDF Exchange Program, assigned to IKS Ty'Gokor (K'Vort class Bird-of-Prey)

bio: Ever since his birth in Auckland, New Zealand on August 12, 2359, Daniel Carson was regaled with stories of his 8 times-great grandfather Bridge Carson, a member of Space Patrol Delta, Earth's elite self-defense force in the pre-WWIII period.

So, he studied hard in his primary education, learning the martial arts of five cultures, including the Klingons ("The best martial arts in the galaxy today," he was heard to say on a number of occasions).

And then, he entered Starfleet Academy, where his skills were tested. However, he did well here, as well, winning appointment to Red Squad, winning three karate tournaments and other accomplishments too numerous to mention here.

After graduating from the Academy, he was assigned to the USS Gorkon, where he served as one of five relief helm officers. He served here until January 2381, when he was promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to the Federation Embassy on Kronos.

Later in 2381, upon the reactivation of the Officer Exchange Program, Lt. Carson was recommended by Ambassador Worf before his return to active Starfleet service. Carson was then assigned to the IKS Ty'Gokor, which had a crew comprised not just of Klingons, but other Federation races.

This'll be interesting....


Lieutenant Daniel Carson has an easy-going personality when he is around humans and other Federation races. However, when he is around Klingons, he adopts Klingon personality traits.

And, unlike most Federation members, Carson takes great delight in eating Klingon food. I've seen the man go through 5 plates of gagh in one sitting, followed up by pipius claw, bregit lung, rokeg blood pie and 5 mugs of bloodwine. To be honest, this young man seems more Klingon than most Klingons....

special: A scar on his right hand from a lab accident at Starfleet Academy

Collects antique weaponry, including a few artifacts from the days of Space Patrol Delta

Hail: Lieutenant Carson

Image Rendering by Pat Weber, GM of the USS Miranda Sim.