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Entry: T'Aiko

Age: 30 standard years, born 2351

Position: Security/Intellegence Officer

Rank: Lieutenant

Race: Klingon/Vulcan

Gender: Female

Height: 1.83 meters (6')

Weight: 80 kgms (175 lbs)

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Brown

Brithdate: 2351

Birthplace: Qo'noS

Hobbies: Mok'bara, Bat'leth, Reading & Writing Klingon Poetry

Languages: Klingon, Vulcan, & Standard

Father: Kopak Kenishi (Starfleet Intel)

Mother: Haleah of House Hov'Vaj

Uncle: Captain Drex of IKV Gree'tok (mother's brother)

==Professional Details==

Service Record:

2370-2371: Starfleet Academy

2371-2375: Klingon Defense Force Academy, Student

2375-3281: IKS Gree'tok, Security & Flight Control, Ensign

Commendations: Academy Award, Dedicated Service Medal, Wound Badge (x4), Warriors Torch

Reprimands: none that could be proven


T'Aiko's father, Kopak, was a former Starfleet Intelligence operative assigned to the USS Horatio. During a pon farr episode he met and mated with Haleah during a stopover at Starbase 212. What the two thought would be a one time thing turned into more. During Haleah's pregnancy, they realized they had much in common and fell in love. They stayed together without getting married and to this day offer no explanation for that.

T'Aiko spent most of her childhood on the Horatio with breaks from school spent on Qo'nos with Haleah's family. While living with her parents she was able to gain the best of both their personalities. She can fight as well as any man and solve problems as well as any engineer or scientist. She takes her education and Klingon heritage seriously. When T'Aiko was old enough she applied to Starfleet Academy which made both her parents proud. However, much to the chagrin of Kopak and Haleah, she dropped out after her first year saying it was too easy. The next year T'Aiko applied to the KDF Academy and graduated with honors.

After graduation she was brought onboard her Uncle Drex's ship, the IKS Gree'tok. T'Aiko was soaked up everything she could learning whatever she could about the ship's operation. Most of her time was spent in security keeping the peace between the often brawling crew. While not breaking up fights (and starting a few) she took some time to learn navigation/piloting and the comm/sensor positions which she considers secondary skills.

T'Aiko got along famously with Drex's daughter, Ael. Together they played a great number of pranks on the rest of the crew but never got caught. In 2379 Ael was sent on a covert mission to track and report the movements of Toral from Duras House. Unfortunately, she didn't come home from the mission. Toral attempted, and almost got away with, the abduction of the Federation Starship Miranda. (See USS Miranda Episdoe 54, Family Honor)

During the retaking of the ship, Ael was killed in combat. This affected Captain Drex rather hard. Consequently the Klingon captain lost some of his edge and many of his crew transferred to other ships to regain their path to glory. T'Aiko at first wanted to stay with her uncle, but eventually transferred, at his urging, to the IKS Ty'Gokor.

==Personality Profile== 

T'Aiko's personality is two-sided reflecting her mixed heritage. The Klingon side is the more dominant because of being raised on Qo'nos with her mother's family. She uses her Vulcan characteristics when needed but is careful not to show any perceived weakness. She is equally quick with an insult as well as a compliment. She can drink, eat, fight, tell stories, and perform her job as well as any man. Also feeling she must to better than men to prove her worth, sometimes the over-compenstating gets her into trouble. So far she's been able to get out of whatever she gets herself into.

==Any Special Details==

T'Aiko has two tattoos of an Indian 'dream catcher' around her lower left leg and ring of ancient Vulcan glyphs around her right bicep. She is an exceptional bat'leth and lirpa (the staff-like Vulcan weapon with a bludgoen on one end and a razor sharp blade on the other) wielder. She does a fair job with mek'leths and d'k'taghs. She is also somewhat nearsighted and doesn't use disruptor pistols for very long range shots.

Hail: Lieutenant T'Aiko