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Lieutenant Jeremiah Leger, 101st Marine Battalion XO

Entry: Leger, Jeremiah

Nickname: Jerry

Rank: Lieutenant

Species: Human

Age: 25 (Aged to 30 from Temproal Event)

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 200 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Birthplace: Odenton, Maryland, Earth

Birthdate: January 14th, 2355

Hobbies: Billiards, Poker, Gambling, Flying, Anbo-jitsu, Karate, Piano, Bat'leth fighting, reenactments, history, rock music.

Languages Standard, Klingon



Father - David Leger, Director of ITT Computerworks, Washington DC Earth

Mother - Bo Leger, Interior Designer

Brother - Marcus Leger, 23, Shuttlecraft Mechanic, Baltimore Maryland, Earth

Sister - Rebecca "Becky" Leger, 18, Student

Sister - Nalya Leger, 15, Student

Sister - Marla Leger, 15, Student

Spouse - Heather Lynn Owens-Leger, 24, Civilian



2365-2370 - Tipton Flight School, Ft. Meade Maryland, Earth

2366-2370 - Arundel High School, Gambrills Maryland, Earth


Service Record:

2370-2371 Starfleet Academy Cadet

2371-2372 Starfleet Academy Cadet

2372-2373 Starfleet Academy Cadet

2373-2374 Starfleet Academy Cadet

2374-2374 USS Davenport Flight Control Officer

2374-2375 Deep Space Nine Security/Tactical Officer

2375-2377 USS Defiant Security/Tactical Officer

2378-2381 USS Pearl Harbor Security/Tactical Officer

2381-2381 USS Miranda Hazard Team Officer

1861-1865 Confederate States Sergant Major, 33rd Virginia Infantry Stonewall Birgade

2381-pres USS Miranda 101st Marine Battalion XO



Cross Of Distinction - For actions at the Havras System

Purple Heart - For wounds recieved in battle



2380- Court Martialed for firing on a civilian transport without authorization. Action: Reduced in Rank.

Personal Details:

Ever since Jeremiah has been a little boy, he loved to pilot and drive things. Weather it was land, sea, air, or space based, Jeremiah Leger (Or "Jerry" to his friends) could pilot it. Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland provided may opportunities to be at the helm of the fishing ship that his family owns and would often take it out for joy rides with his friends when he wasn't out in the bay looking for crabs. But the call of the unknown and the desire to drive further, farther and faster then drove him to taking up aerial piloting as well. His family enrolled him in the Tipton Flight School at the old Army Base , Fort Meade, to help him become a pilot... at age 10.

Jeremiah was a natural at flying. Starting off in old aero craft and then eventually rising up to the more complex shuttles and fighters that is in Starfleet's inventory, he quickly became a terror of the skies. He became engrossed in the old movies and vids of World War 1, 2, and 3 aces that romanticized the aerial dogfights of old. The more he studied and watched the more apt he became in flying. Pretty soon, by age 13-14, he was participating in mock dogfights and would even take a handicap to give his opponents an edge. Nothing could stop him. By the time he was 16, he was already marked as one of the top pilots of his age and had secured a slot at Starfleet Academy, his next big frontier. Now that he had airplanes and shuttles under his belt, he wanted to go for Starships next.

The Academy went by at a real fast pace with the Dominion War in full throttle. Jeremiah's was put in the Pilot and Command tracks and his class was advanced at an extremely rapid pace to keep up with the growing demand of putting more officers in the field. Jeremiah was graduated a year early and was shipped off to the Utopia Planetia Shipyards to await assignment to one of the infamous "Frankenstein Ships" to go out and face the Dominion threat. Jeremiah was recognized for his aptitude in flying and was given the first posting out from his class: Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Davenport, an extraordinary achievement at age 18.

Action on the Yeager Class USS Davenport was hit and miss. Every time the Davenport was called into action, the battle with Jem Hadar forces would end before they could arrive. Jeremiah would always pilot the ship like there was no tomorrow. Even racked up a commendation for keeping on a lone scout ship and helping the Davenport's Tactical Officer get the clean shot they needed for the kill. Their chance for a real battle came late in 2374 when the call came to help retake Space Station Deep Space 9. Jeremiah relished the opportunity to finally face a real aggressor in live combat. As the battle for DS9 commenced, the bolder Jeremiah got with his piloting. Rumor has it he even traded hull paint with one of the Cardassian Cruisers at one point in time during the battle. A lucky shot from a Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser ended the Davenport's role in the battle. Jeremiah (with help from the Engineering staff) managed to keep the Davenport in one piece long enough for most

of the crew to escape. The captain practically had to throw Jeremiah into an escape pod at the last minute to get him to leave his post.

After the Davenport's destruction and the subsequent retaking of DS9, the survivors from the battle were rounded up. Since there were no slots for a conn officer or even general pilot available nearby, Jeremiah was regulated into Security Duty onboard DS9 under Constable Odo's command. Jeremiah was initially dismayed and depressed at the assignment, even taking it personal for what he thought was his superiors punishing him for the Davenport's loss (he was the highest ranking survivor), even though he was absolved of any wrongdoing and had received multiple commendations for his superior fighting and piloting. After awhile, and a few bar fights with the Klingons, he grew into the security officer's position. He even sought out several Klingon Guards and got them to teach him to "fight like a real warrior". The Klingons helped the disillusioned Jeremiah find a proper focus and even sent him through a Rite of Initiation so that he would be properly recognized as a warrior by Klingons and awarded him his own Bat'leth as well. With his new found niche in life, Jeremiah started his long road to recovery.

With Jeremiah cleaning up his act on DS9 (being unruly after losing the Davenport was not helping his promotion possibilities any) he was assigned to the new USS Defiant-A as a Security-Tactical Officer serving under Commander Worf. Onboard the Defiant-A, his actions and new dedication to duty earned him a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Action on the Defiant-A was fast and furious. Jeremiah was constantly at the forefront of any activity involving security. Even participated in some boarding actions and repel-boarding defenses. He'd jump into a battle every time with a fervor that would have made his Klingon mentors proud. He stayed with the Defiant-A for two years after the Dominion War before accepting a position as 2nd Security Officer onboard the new Concorde Class Starship: USS Pearl Harbor.

The USS Pearl Harbor and her escort fleet were assigned to patrol in the Gamma Quadrant as a deterrent to the Dominion. And life as a security officer onboard for the most part was dull work with hostilities long at an end with the Dominion and the Jem'Hadar. Jeremiah soon slipped back into unruliness and even picked up gambling as a form of a hobby. Eventually he opted to start flying Combat Space Patrol missions as a way of keeping up his piloting skills and to (hopefully) stay out of trouble. Things went pretty much smoothly up until early in 2380. While out on patrol one day, a refugee ship darted up from an M Class planet the Pearl Harbor was investigating for Jem'Hadar Renegades. Jeremiah and his flight quickly intercepted the ship but could not get the ship's occupants to respond to hails. Time was running short as the ship continued to make a beeline for the Pearl Harbor. Not liking the how the situation was shaping up, Jeremiah got extremely close to the ship !

and made an aggressive active scan, finding trace explosives and a couple of Jem'Hadar Warriors onboard amongst the civilians. Without even thinking twice, Jeremiah fell back a bit and open fire, destroying the ship and all the occupants onboard.

The backlash from his actions was severe. Upon returning to the Pearl Harbor, Jeremiah was quickly removed from duty, confined to quarters and told that he was facing court-martial for his actions. Turned out that one of the planet's high ranking officials was onboard he ship Jeremiah had destroyed and that the Pearl Harbor's diplomatic team had been negotiating with the Jem'Hadar Renegades for a peaceful outcome to the hostage situation, an outcome that was shot to hell by his destroying the ship. In the subsequent hearing, Jeremiah was partially exonerated in his defense that he acted in according to what information he had at the time. He was forced to accept a demotion and immediate transfer to another ship.

The wait was not long. Ensign Jeremiah Leger was accepted aboard the USS Miranda-B by Captain Elaithin Jii as a Hazard Team member to help fill their depleted ranks. Shortly after being on the Miranda, Leger found himself in action at the infamous Battle of Havras. While on the mission to destroy a T'Kith'Kin/Hydran Fueling and Supply depot, he came across a young human woman who was being tortured for information. Leger singlehandedly slayed her tormentors and beamed her to the safety of the Runabout Avalanche. This resulted in a dressing down from Commander Darion later on.

Jeremiah befriended the frightened woman, a one Heather Owens, who had survived the destruction of her science ship and the subsequent imprisonment. Heather 'attached' herself to Jeremiah and even accompined him on his shore leave after Havras. Their friendship became solid later on as he continued to help with her therepy and rehabilitation.

In 2381, a Temproal Wave knocked him back to the year 1861 and placed him right in the middle of the Battle of First Manassas Virginia on Earth. He was quickly drafted into the Army of the Confederate States and made to fight. He rose quickly in the ranks eventually becoming Sergeant Major of the 33rd Virgina Infantry. Word has it that he knew General Stonewall Jackson personally before the General's death. While stuck in time, he met up with Heather Owens who had been tossed to 1860. The two stuck together and eventually married in January of 1862.

After returning to the present, Jeremiah was promoted to full Lieutenant and placed as Executive Officer of the 101st Marine Battalion coming onboard.


Personality Profile:

Jeremiah Leger's first quality about him is his roguish smile which he uses to disarm anyone but the hurt and pain he's endured from seeing too much while at a young age reflects in his eyes. This comes from seeing many of his academy friends and comrades get killed during the course of the Dominion War. Jeremiah comes off as being a bit rough around the edges and is usually short with people, more than likely his bit of Klingon background showing here. He doesn't like playing by the rules and only does so when they suit his needs.

When not on duty, Jeremiah can usually be found in the Holodeck honing his skills to a very fine point. He has a number of holoprograms that he's picked up from Commander Worf, Constable Odo and quite a few of his friends from the security detail of the I.K.S. Gorkon. Engages regularly in sparring bouts with anyone who is willing.

"Shoot first and ask questions later" has literally been his quote in life.


Special Notes:

Deeply troubled and tortured, still thinks that the loss of the USS Davenport in the Dominion War is his fault somehow. Still bears burden of the Davenport's loss even after all these years.

Scar on forehead from when his head came into contact with his helm controls on the USS Davenport during the battle for DS9. Refuses to get scar removed.

Maverick to the Max. Idols are Tom Cruise and Steve Martin off of the old 20th century films "Top Gun" and "Sgt. Bilko".

Picked up the nickname "Jerry" from a few of his British friends in flight school when they commented that he flew like a Nazi from World War 2. The name stuck during the academy.

Keeps in contact with his family on Earth and his House on Qo'noS. Not too many friends around Starfleet and has been dubbed as a 'Loner' in his most recent psyche report.

Loves Seafood from growing up on the Chesapeake Bay as a kid

Hail: Lieutenant Commander Leger


Image Rendering by Pat Weber, GM of the USS Miranda Sim.