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charactername: Duke'Plah

rank: Warrior First Class

position: Comm/Sensors Officer

species: Klingon

agegender: 23/Male

haireyes: brown/grey

heightweight: 6 feet/190 lbs

birthdetails: First City of Qo'Nos/ Jan 19, 2360

hobbies: Fighting, Engineer, Bat'leth Combat, and blood wine.

languages: Klingon (need help on that), and Terran.

family: Father: Tree'Ja, Son of Pet'lah, Houlse leader, Captain of I.K.S. Nemesis (Negh'Var)

Mother: B'tela, Daughter of Traught, Lady of the House.

Brother: Fal'dore, Elderest Brother of House. Captain of I.K.S. Dor'aine (Dishonorable Death for attacking his own father's ship.)

Sister: B'felore, Youngest Sister of House.

Mate: None.....

service: 2375-2379: KDF Academy

2379-2381: Security, I.K.S. Nemesis, Warrior 1st Class

2381-PRES: Comm/Sensors, I.K.S. Ty'Gokor, Warrior 2nd Class

bio: He had troubles in KDF Academy, but was helped out by a friend, Durran Brown, a Half Kligon, Half Human. He is serving on a Defiant class ship called USS Defiant-A. If it wasn't for his friend, he wouldn't made it onto his father's ship. He worked hard to make his father happy. He even saved his father's life in battle with the Romulans. But now, ever since his father's ship was lost in the Dominion war, when he wasn't on it. He was transfered to Ty'Gokor. He doesn't know what to do next....

personality: He is a hard working klingon. He works out and keeps his abilities up by training in the holodeck with the Bat'Leth.

Hail: Warrior 1C Duke'Plah