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charactername: Awarn Hades

position: Warrior/Other

species: 1/2human 1/2klingon

agegender: 34/male

haireyes: brown/blue

heightweight: 5' 7'' /280lbs

birthdetails: detroit michigan(earth)/12-21-71

hobbies: space exploreation, long and short range recon,demolitions,various martial arts, assassian operations,surveillanceand counter surveillance class 3 phase camo shield upgrades,phyical fittness, tracking,hunting(humaniods,etc.)fishing and continious improvement of close quarter combat with various hand weapons,time travel

languages: english, klingon

family: Farther:Robertos son of Will Mother: Lindah daughter of Carlon(deceased)Sister: Cherrah daughter of Robertos sister: Sanados Daughter of Robertos Son:Stefanosson of Awarn

service: Earth: 7th infantry 2 yrs,Special forces 26 wks. Navy Seal training (demolitions)14 wks surveillance/counter surveillence 12 wks Kronos:language,culture studys ,special close quarter combat advancement and class 3 phase shield studys (camo)


bio: born to a klingon farther Robertos who serverd as a special operative in a joint Klingon,Federation military operation and retired after a long sucessful venture and went to Earth to settle to marry a human wife Lindah and produced offspring 2 daughters&one son. and when his son came of age he soon learned of his farthers jaded past? and swore that he would never walk down the path that his farther taken . as the story goes the farthers past caught up with him and a attempt was made on his life and his family in which resulted in the loss of his wife. and during this loss Awarn swore vengence to avenge his mothers death no matter what the cost. soon after Awarn enlisted in the federations earth defence forces and it seemed to come second nature to him to him as if it were fate or karma ? it was in his blood to become a warrior .

personality: observnt, intelligent and percise aways wacthing whats near him to kill his enemy. loyal to his cause and his fellow comrads almost cold hearted way .feels no remorse or pitty for those who cross him