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History of The Klingon Empire - Timeline - From the Big Bang to Current Year of 2381


[FASA] =Fasa "Star Trek" RPG

[SFB] = Star Fleet Battles Gaming Systems

[SFC] Star Fleet Command Computer Game Series

[GAL] = Star Trek: Galaxy Sim 1996-2002

[GAL:TNG] = Star Trek: Galaxy, The Next Generation Sim

[MIR] = Star Trek: Miranda Sim

[AZ]= Star Trek: Arizona Sim

[ST: PTG] = Star Trek: The Path To Glory Sim

[ENT]= Enterprise[TOS]= Original Series

[TNG]= The Next Generation [DS9]= Deep Space Nine

[VOY]= Voyager [ST:X]=Star Trek Movies

[CON]= Conjecture. The best info I could come up with to explain gaps from all of the canon sources I could find.

[XXX] Mostly Trek Fiction/FanFiction, available from Dixon's Trek Chronology Star Ship Class Minuetia/Trivia From "Ships of the Fleet" or the "Technical Manual" series

Credits: This timeline chronology was originally compiled by James Dixon. Modifications and additions by Liam Collins and Ian Dickson. Klingon Modifications by Jeremy A. Reynolds

20,000,000 B.C.

The mysterious stone known as the Devil's Heart (Terrans), Bloodstone (Romulans), Dream Gem (Iconians), Ko N'ya (Vulcans), Nota (Ferengi), Telev's Bane (Andorians), Pagrashtak (Klingons) and many other names over its long history, is created by the Architects (Originators). It has the same properties as that of the Guardian of Forever and will become a talisman to many races. To the Iconians it will be a key to opening the Three Gates and allow their civilization to colonize other worlds. The Ko N'ya may possess semi-sentience and may be a seed to grow another Guardian of Forever. [GN 13]


??? Millions of Years Ago

The inhabitants of Organia evolve to beings of pure energy (TOS: "Errand of Mercy").


597,636 B.C.

The Tkon Empire dies out when its home planet's sun goes nova. The empire may have been forged by the Devil's Heart which came to the homeworld as a meteor when the natives were a simple hunting culture. At the height of their power, the Tkon Empire numbered in the trillions and according to legend, the Tkon had the power to move stars. [TNG 107, GN 13]


197,725 B.C.

The Devil's Heart falls into the hands of the Iconians. They use its technology for three generations to create the Three Gateways. [GN 13]


197,665 B.C.

The Devil's Heart falls into the possession of Kanda Jiak, soon to be the last of the Iconians. [GN 13]


197,635 B.C.

The Iconian Empire dies out when the homeworld is annihilated by orbital bombardment, but not before tens of thousands of Iconians escape to the remote outposts of Ikkabar, DiWahn, and Dynasia. Kanda Jiak, the last Iconian, deserts Iconia via a Gateway taking with him the Devil's Heart to Vulcan where he dies. Ancient texts will describe the Iconians as "demons of air and darkness." By 2370, Starbase 211's Kraybon Collection museum will contain the only known example of a Fire Sceptre from the ruins of Iconia Primus. [TNG 137, GN 13, TNG #39, DSN]

10,000 B.C.

According to Klingon mythology, Kortar, the first Klingon, destroys the gods who created him (DS9: "Homefront", VOY: "Barge of the Dead").


2,750 B.C.

Kohl becomes the Klingon Warrior-Patron of medicine on the Klingon homeworld. [MRM]


2,738 B.C.

Interstellar war breaks out between two developed civilizations. 'Angels' and Furies' The defeated Furies civilization (consisting of the Danai, Bardoi, Ak'lins, Sakill, Jequat, and others) is banished to the far side of the galaxy. During the first few decades, millions perish while the civilization falls into barbarism. A thousand year dimness begins. Their entire culture will be based solely on returning to "Heaven" (the Near Side of the galaxy) from "Hell" (the Far Side of the galaxy). Some survivors of this war in the Alpha Quadrant end up stranded on preFederation homeworlds in the Near Side of the galaxy. These include Earth, Vulcan, Andor, and Orion among others such as the Klingon homeworlds, and even the Ferengi will know of them. On Earth, they will form many of the demon legends (in conjunction with the Danons' visitation?) and the basis of Druidism. On Vulcan, they will be called the Ok'San. The Klingon race will be most strongly affected (calling them Iraga, Shushara, Hullam'gar, and the KdIchpon), the demons promising to return with the Havoc and consume the weak. [TOS #79, TNG #41]


2,631 B.C.

A white dwarf star is formed outside of U.F.P. territory which will contain a comet heralding the appearance of a wormhole and the destination of the Ko N'ya (Devil's Heart). [GN 13] (The Devil's Heart - TNG)


70-60 B.C.

Stef, the father of Surak, hands the Ko N'ya (Devil's Heart) stone over to his one remaining son, Surak, after being critically wounded in a battle on the Ishaya plain near Mt. Selaya and isk'Kahr on Vulcan. Surak freely surrenders the stone to Garamond, a warrior of the Ghe'Hara clan, the next day. [GN 13] [The Devil's Heart - TNG]


150 AD

Garamond, one of the Vulcan emigrants, takes the Ko N'ya (Devil's Heart) with him on their voyage to the new world later known as Romulus. He will live to be nearly three hundred years old and upon his death the Ko N'ya will be taken by his wife, Queen J'ross. She will plan on organizing the Romulan people and perhaps return them to the stars. [GN 13] (The Devil's Heart - TNG)



The Heroic Age on Qo'noS. (Kahless) Kahless spends his time uniting the Klingon Homeworld in the name of Honor before his ascension. [GN 20, SC, TNG 249][TNG: "Reunion"., "Birthright", "Rightful Heir", DS9: "The Sword of Kahless"].

Kahless becomes the first Emperor of the Klingon Empire bringing about the First Klingon Dynasty. [TNG: "Reunion"., "Birthright", "Rightful Heir", DS9: "The Sword of Kahless"]


Kahless The Unforgettable unites the Klingon homeworld, by defeating the tyrant Molor. The death poem of Molor will be considered a classic in years to come. Kahless sets the pattern for the Klingon race's ruthlessness and honor. After having fought his brother, Morath, for 12 days and nights for the sake of honor, and having invented the bat'leth ("sword of honor") weapon, Kahless points to a star in the sky (Boreth's star) promising one day to return there. His achievements will be recorded in the Sacred Texts. In 2263, the Excalbians will re-create Kahless based upon the conceptions of Captain Kirk and Commander Spock of the "USS Enterprise." In 2369, a clone of Kahless will be created. [GN 20, SC, TNG 249][TNG: "Reunion"., "Birthright", "Rightful Heir", DS9: "The Sword of Kahless"].


During this era the Hur'q invade the Klingon Homeworld of Qo'noS. They loot it of treasures including the legendary Sword of Kahless, which they take back with them to the Gamma Quadrant. The Klingons quickly realize that they must become a spacefaring race in order to survive. Space Programs pop up all over the Homeworld [DSN 481]

The Klingon homeworld is raided by race called the Hur'q who steal the Sword of Kahless [DS9: "The Sword of Kahless"]



According to Commander KerDaq, the Klingons experimented with fusion reactors during this era. [TOS #78]



The planet Radu is settled by colonists from the Klingon system. [TOS #27]



William Shakespeare, writer of plays and poetry, is born on Earth. He might actually be Flint the Immortal. Regardless, his plays will be presented through the 23rd and 24th Centuries, and in different styles including Arcturian. Even the Klingons will be quite impressed with rewritten Shakespeare during the "Enterprise's" first mission with Kirk in command. Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, Dr. McCoy, and many others will quote Shakespeare, as will the Klingon General Chang. Briefly on Vulcan after the "Enterprise's" decommissioning, Captain Spock will become a Shakespearian actor. Aboard the "Galaxy" class "Enterprise" in the 2360s, Captain Picard will have a copy of Shakespeare's works on display in his ready room. Various plays will be recreated in the holodecks by Data and Picard including 'Henry V,' and 'The Tempest' (holodeck program Data 7-3). On Deep Space 9, Garak will become acquainted with Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' through Dr. Bashir. [CK, GN 1, AON, TB, HS/a, WGD, ST VI, TOS #74, TNG 111, TNG 158, TNG 275, DSN 465]



William Shakespeare's first folio is published. By the 2260s it will reside in Mr. Brack's collection on Holberg 917G (Omega VII). Mr. Brack (a.k.a. Flint the Immortal) may even be Shakespeare. [TOS"RforM"]


The komerex Nevre ("Northern Empire") and the falgav a'kavna ("Crescent Islanders") develop as the two major sociopolitical groupings among the sea going peoples of Klinzhai. Wars rage between these two groups for decades before the Northern Empire swallows up the Crescent Islanders by around 1660. The new sea-going empire begins a series of actions against the land based komerex Klingon ("Empire of the People") that will last for centuries. [FASA]



The British sea-going ship "Bounty" becomes known for a crew mutiny. In the 23rd Century, Dr. McCoy will rename the captured Klingon Bird of Prey scout in honor of this vessel. [ST IV]



The Klingons develop the S-2 graph unit FTL propulsion system. [LOR]



The Krebiz Capitalist Alliance (KCA) Star Fleet, a small power in the Outlands between the Klingon Empire and the Kzinti, launches the "Clipper" class frigate, "Pincer" class destroyer, "Mandible" class light cruiser, "Claw" class heavy cruiser, and the "Kraken" class dreadnought. [SFB]



Emperor Reclaw comes to power, ushering in the 2nd Klingon Dynasty. [CON-Taken from DS9 sources]



Heather Lynn Owens (Future Wife of Jeremiah Leger) appears in Maryland, USA on Earth from the result of a Temporal Wave in 2381. [MIR: "Time Warp"]


Ensign Jeremiah Leger (Bonded Brother of Captain Korleth) appears at the Battle Of First Manassas, Virgina on Earth during the American Civil war from the result of a Temporal Wave in 2381. Over the course of the war, he will fight in every major engagement under General Stonewall Jackson and the Stonewall Birgade before being 'captured' at Gettysburg in 1863. [MIR: "Time Warp"]



Jeremiah Leger and Heather Owens marry in Richmond, Virgina. [MIR: "Time Warp"]



Jeremiah Leger is 'captured' at the Battle of Gettysburg by Major Joral Anton who is also from the Starship Miranda. The two remove themselves from the war to avoid further contamination of the timeline. Heather concived earlier that year but then later had a miscarrage from the stress of war. [MIR: "Time Warp"]


Jeremaih and Heather Leger witness the assassination of President Lincoln. A month later another temporal event will send them to the latter part of World War II. [MIR: "Time Warp"]



The Klingon Empire (based in 2264) attempts to alter Earth's history by assassinating Aaron Stemple, a minor government official. The attempt fails due to Commander Spock's intervention. [TOS #23]

Spock arrives on Earth from the future to prevent the Klingons from altering history. (Ishmael - TOS#23)


This is approximately the time when the Romulans encounter the planet Andor. By luck, the Romulans' defensive shields collapse and they are picked off by the primitive Andorian weapons. The only survivor is the Romulan Emperor Vitellius. The Devil's Heart falls into the hands of Telev an Andorian healer, who uses its power to cure the victims of the Scourge. The stone will become known as Telev's Bane up until the first Andorian/Ferengi contact. The Ferengi will threaten the Andorian people with whole-sale slaughter if not provided with trade merchandise. The Devil's Heart is among the items of tribute which will be traded by the Ferengi to the technologically primitive world Qo'noS. [GN 13]



K'Trelan assassinates Emperor Reclaw and kills the entire Imperaial Family and then establishes a Democratic Republic. This will last for 15 years in which the Klingon Empire will not be ruled by an Emperor or a High Council. Moderen Klingons refer to this time as the "Dark Age". [CON- Taken from DS9 info]



The former Northern Empire (now known as the komerex dexiKlingon, or "Empire of the True People") develops nuclear weapons and attacks the capital of their land-based foe with their one operational bomb. Within three years, the land-dwellers, sparked to new heights of outrage and hatred, overwhelm the sea-dwellers completely. In the end, many seadweller leaders switch sides and become naval commanders in the komerex Klingon ("Klingon Empire"), which soon controls the entire planet. In this era, the first Klingon space explorations take place. Scientists had long theorized that Kibek was the only other habitable planet in the system, and it is colonized in this period. [FASA]

Emperor Kessec comes to power by killing President K'Trelan and recreating a new Imperial Line, ushering in the 3rd Dyansty. [CON-Derived from TNG:"The Devil's Heart" and DS9 sources.]



This is the approximate era during which (according to legend) Klingon Emperor Kessec founded the First Empire with the Pagrashtak (Devil's Heart) won from his greatest enemy, a neighboring warrior-king. His brother, Batahr, kills him for the stone but then repents and uses the Pagrashtak to resurrect his brother. Kessec kills him and establishes the First Empire. He eventually gives the stone to Halaylah, a Tehalaian slave (later known as the Collector) who will form an artist's colony on Atropos which will flourish for only a century. She will be sealed up with the Devil's Heart. [TNG Novel: The Devil's Heart]



"We need breathing room," stated by Hitler on Earth during the dawn of World War II will be quoted by General Chang and the Klingon delegation in the late 23rd Century. [ST VI]



Jeremiah and Heather Leger appear outside of a small airfield in England, Great Britian near the tail end of World War II as a result from a Temproal Event. They will serve in the Civilian Transport Corps and meet up with Dr. Koen Brooke also from the Starship Miranda. Shorly after meeting with Dr. Brooke, the Timeship Relativity from the 29th Century will pick them up and return them to 2381. [MIR: "Time Warp"]


Captain Kirk, having been subjected to the Klingon mind-sifter in 2264 and transported through the Guardian of Forever, is temporarily institutionalized on Earth. [ON 2]


On the Klingon homeworld, the Kamorh'dag (Northern continent clans/Sta Mura) ascend to power. Their grip on the Empire will last for little more than ten generations. [TOS #58]



The space probe "Pioneer 10" is launched from Earth. In 2288, Captain Klaa of the Klingon Bird of Prey IKS Okrona will destroy the probe. It will be the first human made spacecraft to leave the solar system, until it is destroyed by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey in 2288 ("Star Trek: The Final Frontier").


Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Scott, Uhura and Chekov visit Earth with a Klingon Bird-of-Prey to take humpback whales to the future and Dr. Gillian Taylor to the 23rd Century to stop an alien probe. They give Dr. Markus Nichols of the Plexicorp company the formula for transparent aluminum ("Star Trek: The Voyage Home").



The nearly perfected warp drive soon points the Klingon Empire further toward the stars. [FASA]



Natives of Delta Khinah ("Bravado") II become the first Klingon servitor race. The inhabitants of Tehalai will be among the first dozen races conquered by the Klingons. By the 23rd Century, the Klingon Empire will includes at least 12 planets with native sentient races. All of them will be subservient to the Klingons themselves with almost 60% of Klingon starship crewmen consisting of non-Klingons. These are known as "subject races" and are considered less politically reliable than ethnic Klingons. They are almost never allowed to navigate starships or fire their weapons. The subject races will include the Dunkars (orange-skinned humanoids who will hold many technical positions), Slidarians (which appear to be something of a cross between an ape and a bear with a decidedly cranky disposition--they will form the bulk of ground combat troops), Hiladarians (reptiloids who also will serve in ground combat units), Zoolies (humanoids with two pairs of eyes to be used as scouts in Klingon ground units), and Cromargs (dwarfs from a radioactive planet, the genetically-deformed descendants of a race that destroyed itself in a nuclear war: they will hold many technical positions). [FASA]



With days to prepare, the large Romulan force obliterates the small Klingon garrison at Delta Khinah II, starting the first Klingon/Romulan War. [FASA]



The Loraxial Corporation is founded on Andor, initially to design accelerator cannons. Near the end of the Four Years War, Priscilla Feddic will create an efficient antimatter containment system which will lead to the first operational photon torpedo. In the 2240s, this torpedo system will be installed on front-line ships and wreak havoc on Klingon ships before the war's end. Loraxial will be responsible for several of these photon system designs. [FASA]


Klingon forces crush Romulan resistance at their two major outposts, forcing a Romulan withdrawal from the disputed area. The Star Empire gives up two outposts, having taken heavy losses. Emperor Kessec is killed in the final battle, and the Riskadh line ends, along with the First Klingon/Romulan War. [FASA]

Kagran epetai-D'kariv, temporary Imperial Regent, officially takes the throne after being confirmed by the Imperial Council. [FASA]



The Romulans begin a period of slow, cautious expansion in the direction of the Klingon Empire. The expansion ends 40 years later, setting the boundaries for what is today known as the Triangle, where many of the recurring skirmishes between these two powers and the U.F.P. take place. [FASA]


Kagran's son, Kadar, succeeds to the Klingon throne as a compromise candidate to quiet conflict between factions in the Imperial Council. Kadar spends much of his reign trying to keep all sides content, resulting in little real exploration and expansion for the next 15 years. [FASA]



The Klingons clash with the Daa'Vit Confederacy and will remain enemies for more than three centuries. [GN 9]



Within the Klingon Empire, growing dissatisfaction among the military finally forces the D'kariv line from the halls of power. General Milvi epetai-Javvic of the Imperial Marines takes the throne, the only non-Naval officer ever to hold that office. He begins exploration funding again, but the Imperial Navy opposes him at almost every turn. To regain control over the entire military, Milvi agrees to let his oldest son be trained as an officer of the Imperial Navy, thus assuring that the next emperor will again be a naval officer. [FASA]

The Ka'Hat plague spreads throughout the Klingonii worlds. [MRM]



Kamtav epetai-Javvic succeeds his father, Kadar, on the Imperial throne, and carries on with the exploratory efforts. The Klingon military backs the new Emperor, and so conquest begins anew. [FASA]



The Klingon Emperor Kadar dies. He will be the last in this position until 300 years later when Kahless returns (TNG: "The Rightful Heir").

The last emperor rules the Klingon Empire. Afterwards the Empire will be ruled by a High Council and led by a Chancellor. [TNG 249]

Chancellor Karvan is the first to lead the Klingon High Council. [FASA/Conjecture]



The Rigellian Colonial Governments Consortium make first contact with the Klingon Empire in the Phillo'tok system. They cleverly conceal the real value of their location in space and their mineral wealth, however, avoiding Klingon domination by convincing the Empire that the Orions have more to offer as independent allies. After a minor show of force, the Council assigns a figurehead Klingon governor to the Orion Colonies; he never actually attempts to exercise control, and his position is mostly that of a trade liaison. The average Orion is totally unaware that the colonies are 'officially' a Klingon protectorate. They do recognize a rich new market when they see one, and so start to trade with the Klingons. Meanwhile, the controlling Orion trade families remain watchful to assure that the Empire does not become too interested in Rigel's wealth. [FASA]



Chancellor Karvan of the Klingon Empire orders the destruction of the Jaak, a semi-reptilian servitor race of telepaths, because he finds them too untrustworthy. A power struggle results, with Karvan caught in the middle. Finally, the Chancellor is slain in single combat by General Kagga, a respected military leader holding commissions in both the ground forces and the Imperial Navy. Kagga's prestige gains him the throne--for exactly one hour after which he is executed for treason. There will be five weak Chancellors chosen and removed in the next 25 years, and many of the recently resumed colonization efforts again fall idle. [FASA]


The Klingons withdraw their figurehead governor from the Orion worlds, beginning a period of benign neglect. Conflict has heated up between the Romulans and Klingons along their common border (though no war is actually declared), leaving the Empire no time for an area it perceives as only marginally useful. Klingon trading vessels become rare in Orion space, with the Orions using their own vessels to conduct most of the trade in war materials with the Klingons. The Orions claimed that this would free Klingon vessels from war efforts. Their real reason for suggesting the policy is to rid their space of the Klingon presence in order to build their own military more effectively without tipping the Empire to their actual strength. [FASA]



A series of meetings takes place on Vulcan, attended by delegates of the five major spacefaring governments. This attempt to establish a single, unifying government fails to receive popular support because its primary goals and policies are not adequately defined. Diplomats agree to work on defining the roles and responsibilities of the new government. [FASA]


Kolos, the Klingon advocate, is born. He is not born into the warrior class - his Father is a teacher and his Mother is a biologist. (Conjecture - 75 years before ENT: "Judgment")



This is roughly the era of a galaxy-wide revolt in an unspecified galaxy. The revolt is against the Tholians, a high-temperature crystalline race of dictators who had been overlords of their galaxy for centuries. The subject races are successful, overthrowing the Tholians and forcing them out of their home galaxy. Among the subject races who rose up and overthrew them are the Seltorians, a semi-intelligent (possibly geneticallyengineered) race of beings who served as Tholian auxiliaries and lead the revolt. After the revolution is complete, the Seltorians simply replace the Tholians as masters of the galaxy-wide empire. The Seltorian Suzerainty establishes the Seltorian Tribunal, a war crimes commission charged with finding and destroying the remaining Tholians who escaped. They will track down most of the fleeing Tholians to a small satellite galaxy near their home galaxy and smash them before assembling a counterrevolutionary strike force. However, several other Tholian groups had escaped (at least toward) nearby galaxies. Some Tholians migrate towards our galaxy, bringing along their planet/provincial capital in a small Dyson sphere (by means unknown). They will arrive here around 2187. Several other groups also depart the galaxy to come to ours. One of these is based on the former 312th Battle Fleet, which gathers several other ships and Tholians during the flight. The ships of this fleet are referred to as "Neo-Tholians" or "New Tholians" even though they are considerably older than the original Tholians, and will arrive in our galaxy circa 2288. Seltorian hive ships of incredible size are assembled and sent on long voyages to many different galaxies (including Andromeda and our own Milky Way). The Seltorian commander Brzk'Girn's hive ship will reach our galaxy in 2292.

The 25 Years of weak Chancellors are over. A new Chancellor of the High Council emerges. [FASA]

Chancellor Lorak assumes leadership of the Klingon High Council. [CON]


Kolos begins serving as an advocate in Klingon court. (fifty years before "Judgment") In his early years as an advocate, Kolos won some 200 cases, before the warrior class begin to take over the justice system.


Also around this time, the Klingon justice system begins to change as the warrior class comes to have greater influence over all aspects of Klingon life. Soon, the Klingon Empire begins to develop a much more aggressive stance and works to expand its boundaries. (Conjecture based on "Judgment")



A Klingon ship emerges from the Delphic Expanse. The crew had been anatomically inverted and was still alive. Memory of this event prevents Klingons from daring to enter this region of space. (20 years before "The Expanse")



Arik Soong takes a series of genetically engineered embryos from Cold Station 12. He takes the embryos to a planet into the Trialis system to raise them. This planet is located between the Orion Syndicate and the Klingon Empire (20 years before "Borderland").



By this time, the Klingons have begun to perfect shipboard disruptor technology, which they are deploying throughout their fleet. With their Romulan War now over, the Orions now realize that the U.E.N. and the Klingon Empire must eventually encounter one another. At this moment, however, the Klingon military is occupied with raids against the weakened Romulan border. The Orions nevertheless fear that the Klingons will soon turn their attention again in the direction of Rigel and her interstellar holdings. Realizing that any contact between the U.E.N. and the Klingon Empire must inevitably lead to armed conflict, the Orions hastily negotiate several non-aggression and trade treaties with the U.E.N. [FASA]



Most Orion trade families close their operations with the U.E.N. in the face of Klingon trade vessels returning to the Rigel colonies. Through masterful timing of ship arrivals, the Orions keep the Klingons and U.E.N.. unaware of each other's presence in the OUTLANDS for many years, despite U.E.N. displeasure at the closing of many Orion ports. [FASA]

The U.S.S. "Atlas", a Federation cargo ship operating near the frontier of Federation space, is attacked and destroyed, though this is not known until the recovery of its marker/recorder buoy containing a complete transcript of the events preceding the "Atlas'" destruction. The "Atlas" was destroyed by a Romulan patrol craft for wandering into Romulan territory. At first the Romulans suspect that U.E.P. incursions into their space may be a Klingon deception. Later, the Imperial Council, remembering the 'Klingon lesson', decides not to risk negotiation with the U.E.P., in the hope that destruction of all intruders will keep the U.E.P from expanding into Romulan Space. [FASA, SFC]

The Cabal, an organized group of militant Suliban emerges, and begins its series of attacks on Tandara and other planets near to concentrations of Suliban refugees. (8 years prior to ENT: "Detained")

Shortly after this point, the Cabal become involved in the Temporal Cold War, receiving orders from a strange figure from the future. This will affect all races up and down the timeline including the USS Miranda, The USS Arizona, The USS Galaxy, and the IKS Ty'Gokor [MIR] [AZ] [GAL:TNG] [ST:PTG]



Now that the Suliban Cabal is secretly involved in the Temporal Cold War, other factions begin to develop within the 22nd century Alpha Quadrant. Sometime in this period, the Tholians become aligned with a faction (Speculative, ENT: "Future Tense").


Klingon marauders begin bullying the inhabitants of a desolate deuterium mining colony. They claim the colony in the name of the Empire.(5 "seasons" before "Marauders")

Faced with threats that the U.E.N.. will revoke its non-aggression agreements because of the closure of Orion ports to even emergency traffic, the Orions reopen their ports to U.E.N.. shipping on a limited basis. They also sign new treaties with the UE.N. These agreements provide the Orion worlds with a promise of protection from outside aggression, but bind the Orions only to not directly attacking the U.E.N,. This opens the door for the Orions to trade with both sides if and when the Klingon Empire and U.E.N. meet in conflict. They continue to try and keep both sides ignorant of the other's existance. [FASA]


The Earth merchant captain E. A. Jacoby and his crew encounter some Klingon traders led by retired Naval Officer Kassam on an Orion colony planet. The traders are aware that they have made contact with a previously unknown species, but the Klingons hide the true importance of the incident, all the while pumping the traders for information on the U.E.N.. As an experienced trader, Captain Jacoby has encountered a number of new races (all customers of the Orions) in past visits to Orion ports, and so he simply passes along the routine U.E.N.. contact material. Though Jacoby claims to have filed the proper reports to the U.E.N.. Contacts Bureau, those records are never found. Meanwhile, the Klingons begin a crash program to learn all they can about this potential rival that they call the "Human Empire". They capture a number of Terran ships and interrogate the crews using their new 'Mind Probe' technology. [FASA, TOS 'Enemy']



Miners on a desolate colony that is being controlled by Klingon marauders stand up and fight back only to lose three colonists in battle and two more to subsequent execution. (Three "seasons" before "Marauders")



First contact between humans and Klingons takes place. The starship USS Enterprise NX-01 is launched under the command of Jonathan Archer. It is the first starship built by humans to achieve Warp 5 and the prototype for all 'Combined Terran Fleet' ships built after. It is also the first starship equipped with an experimental transporter for biotransport. Phase pistols are introduced in Starfleet (ENT: "Broken Bow")

The Klingons acquire holotechnology (ENT: "Unexpected").

In the nine decades following Zefram Cochrane's visionary warp flight in space and the First Contact that followed, the human race has been slowly guided by the Vulcans toward developing the Warp Five engine. Mankind is at last able to explore the virgin depths of space with a revolutionary new starship, the Enterprise NX-01, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. Plans to launch Enterprise are moved up when a Klingon courier, Klaang, is shot down by unknown assailants and crash-lands in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Feeling that the Vulcans have been condescending toward mankind for years, Archer insists it's the humans' responsibility to return the injured Klingon to his homeworld alive.

The Enterprise speeds along her way, but suddenly the ship experiences a power failure and unknown chameleon-like aliens invade and kidnap Klaang from Sickbay. Dr. Phlox examines a captured alien and discovers he's a Suliban who has been genetically altered. Archer orders Mayweather to set a course for the Rigel system, Klaang's last stop before crashing on Earth. At Rigel X, the Enterprise away team discovers an amazing multitude of alien life at a trading complex there. Archer eventually meets Sarin, who tells him of a Temporal Cold War in which the Suliban are being used to incite internal strife within the Klingon Empire. Klaang was bringing proof of this back to his High Council in order to avoid the Empire being thrown into chaos. Hidden Suliban soldiers suddenly attack, forcing Archer, Sarin and the rest of the away team to fight their way back to Enterprise. During the extremely intense firefight Sarin is killed.

The crew track the Suliban vessel to a gas giant planet, and discover a huge Suliban mothership, or "Helix," with 3000 lifesigns on board. They are attacked by several individual Suliban cell ships, but manage to capture one with the ship's grappler. Archer and Tucker learn to fly the stolen craft and use it to infiltrate the Helix while Enterprise hides in a dense upper layer of the atmosphere. Archer and Tucker find Klaang and release him while fending off the Suliban with their new phase-pistols. While Tucker takes the Klingon back to Enterprise, Archer stays behind to set off a magnetic disruptor that dismantles the Helix. Trying to stay alive while waiting for pick-up, Archer discovers a Temporal Chamber used by the Suliban to obtain their orders from a mysterious shrouded figure from the future. Archer is found by the Suliban leader, Silik, and the two struggle against each other in a time-shifted environment. Realizing he's no match for the genetically mutated Suliban, Archer tries to gain some distance by exiting the chamber, where time returns to normal. As Archer runs, Silik fires his weapon dead center into Archer, but at that moment the captain dematerializes, being unwittingly beamed back to Enterprise by a nervous Tucker using the relatively untried bio-transporter.

Leaving the Suliban behind, Enterprise warps away and successfully delivers Klaang to his homeworld. The Klingon Chancellor Lorak draws blood from Klaang, and his scientists find hidden within his DNA Suliban data proving their conspiracy to undermine the Empire. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

On Beta Aurigae VII, a landing party led by T'Pol discovers archaeological evidence of the Zalkat Union, including documentation of the four deadly artifacts of Malkus the Mighty. (The Brave And The Bold, Book One: Discovery)

Enterprise comes across a wounded Klingon vessel, T'Pol, Hoshi and Reed take a shuttlepod down to investigate. There they are ambushed by a hostile female Klingon who hijacks the shuttlepod, leaving the Enterprise crewmembers dangerously stranded aboard the Klingon vessel. (ENT: "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie")



The Ascendance of Keth epetai-Rivaki to the Klingon Chancellorship begins a new era of Klingon expansionism and prosperity. Known as "the Centenarian," Keth will live to be just over 100 standard years old, and have the longest known reign of any Klingon Emperor to date until K'mpec. [FASA]

Chancellor Keth assumes leadership of the Klingon High Council. It is assumed that Lorak either died in battle or was assassinated. [FASA/Conjecture]

When Enterprise is in need of fuel, Archer discovers a desolate mining colony that is being controlled by Klingon marauders who are bullying the colonists and hoarding their fuel. After Archer discovers the problem, the crew trains the colonists to defend themselves and prepare for a final showdown against their Klingon oppressors. [ENT:"Marauders"]

The Klingons surprise attack, conquer, plunder and then abandon an alien colony on their border. The colonists later flee aboard a small vessel. (speculation - six months before "Judgement")

2 days before Archer begins his pre-trial hearing, the Enterprise arrives at Qo'noS. (ENT: "Judgement")



Captain Archer stands accused before a Klingon tribunal of conspiring against the Empire, and his only hope of escaping a death sentence or life in the dilithium mines of Rura Penthe is an aging and disenchanted Klingon lawyer with little energy or enthusiasm for the case.

The prosecutor of the case is Orak and one of the key witnesses is Captain Duras of the IKV Bortas, who is the founder of the House of Duras. His claims state that Enterprise NX-01 interfered with a Klingon operation to hunt down rebels. The view was that Archer intentionally aided the rebels and then attacked Duras' Bird of Prey with the war cry "Death To The Empire". Archer's version of events tells a rather different tale. The 'rebels' he aided were actually refugees, who set out to find help after their colony had been annexed and then abandoned, left to fend for itself without assistance for ages. Archer continues his description, painting a picture where Duras came upon them as they were aiding the refugees, demanded their immediate return, then fired on Enterprise when Archer didn't immediately comply. His "attack" was disabling, yes, but it was also self-defense, something which any good Klingon should understand.

Kolos pounces on the fact that Archer chose not to destroy Duras' ship. He asserts that Archer is guilty, yes - but of not much more than being self-righteous and meddling in Klingon affairs repeatedly, including saving the Empire from civil war back in 2151. The magistrate recognizes that Archer was a victim of his own foolishness and did not intend to violate Klingon law, he also says that that violation must be punished. He finds Archer guilty, but in recognition of his past service to the Klingon people, the death sentence is commuted to a life sentence on Rura Penthe. During the sentencing, Kolos is found in contempt of cort and is sentenced to one year at Rura Pente. A few days later, the Enterprise shows up and rescues Archer from Imprisonment. [ENT:"Judgment"]

A Tellarite bounty hunter captures Archer on March 21 intending to turn him over to the Klingons for a substantial reward. He is resuced by Enterpirse. [ENT:"Bounty"]


The First Lyran-Klingon War begins; no details are known. [SFB]

Kolos is released from Rura Penthe [ENT: "Judgment" plus one year]

The Temporal Cold War ends, but has lasting effects all over space and time. It takes awhile for the effects to be repaired. [MIR: "Time Warp"] [ENT]

After a dangerous group of genetically engineered humans called "Augments" escapes from their secluded planet intent on causing all-out war between Earth and the Klingons, the Enterprise crew is called into action and Archer enlists the help of criminal genius Dr. Arik Soong, the scientist responsible for creating the Augments. While searching for the Augments in the Borderland — the volatile region between the Klingon Empire and the Orion Syndicate — Enterprise crosses paths with a band of ruthless Orion slave traders, who kidnap T'Pol and eight other crew members off the ship so they can be sold at auction, forcing Archer to enact a risky rescue mission with Dr. Soong's help. [ENT:"Borderland"]

Enterprise pursues Arik Soong and his Augments across hostile Klingon space toward a planet where the geneticist intends to go back into isolation and raise an army of genetically engineered superhumans. But Soong's "children" revolt against him and plan a biological attack upon a Klingon colony, in order to incite retaliation against Earth. [ENT:"The Augments"]



The Lyrans, a felinoid race probably related to the Kzinti, attack what they believe is a Klingon mining colony. The outpost is, instead, from the Hydrans, and not previously known to the Lyrans. Thus begins the first Lyran-Hydran War.



The Lyran-Klingon War ends when several Lyran clans abandon the war to protect their homes from the Hydrans. The Lyrans are forced to accept an unfavorable settlement. [SFB]


2161 - United Federation of Planets Formed

The United Federation of Planets is formed, consisting of the United Nations of Earth (Sol III), the Planetary Confederation of 40 Eridani A (Vulcan), the United Planets of 61 Cygni (Tellar), the Star Empire of Epsilon Indii (Andor), and the Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets (Centaurus VII). The U.F.P. sphere of influence is a 90 parsec diameter sphere centered on Sol, approximately 380,000 cubic parsecs. Under the Articles of Federation, expenditure is granted for the construction of an initial total of fourteen heavy cruiser starships and seventeen starbases. Star Fleet becomes the organizational name for United Earth Star Fleet, The Andorian Royal Navy, the Centaurian Fleet, The Tellarite Defense Force, and the Vulcan Exploratory Fleet, a military chain of command roughly based on that used by NATO in the 20th Century and the military forces of all five U.F.P. members (and those of subsequent member systems) are consolidated under it. The goals of the U.F.P. include ensuring interstellar security and improving economic trade, scientific research, and galactic exploration. In conjunction with these objectives, Star Fleet Command is to be created within the next three years, providing a unified military force for exploration and common defense. Also established very early in the development of Star Fleet is the Special Security Division (SSD). The SSD's elite group of security investigators will be forever criticized and an undertone of fear and dislike will in time develop between the SSD and Star Fleet through the 23rd Century. The Orion Colonies offer to join the U.F.P., provided that they are paid ten trillion credits "in compensation." Their request is rejected, and so they remain outside the Federation. The Orions also maintain the secret of the existence of the Klingon Empire. The Klingons are just one of many cultures with whom the Orions trade, and so they continue to go unnoticed by the newborn Federation. Harmon Axelrod is the first president of the U.F.P. Council. [SFC, ON 16, SFB, FASA]



Peace reigns, but the Orion Colonies know that the Klingon Empire will soon discover the existence of the New Federation. The Colonies sign non-aggression and trade treaties with the Federation, but still remain outside the U.F.P.. [FASA]

By this time, the Klingons have begun to perfect shipboard disruptor technology, which they are deploying throughout their fleet. With the Romulan-Federation War now over, the Orions now realize that the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire must eventually encounter one another. At this moment, however, the Klingon military is occupied with raids against the weakened Romulan border. The Orions nevertheless fear that the Klingons will soon turn their attention again in the direction of Rigel and her interstellar holdings. Realizing that any contact between the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire must inevitably lead to armed conflict, the Orions hastily negotiate several non-aggression and trade treaties with the U.F.P., but still do not join the Federation. [FASA]



Future Klingon Chancellor Kadrya is born in the Empire. [TOS #16]


The Klingons launch their first warp-powered D-6 K'T'inga class cruiser. Note that primitive Romulan strategic warp engines still cannot be used in tactical combat--a significant disadvantage. (The Romulans would later get more advanced warp engines from the Klingons in exchange for Cloaking Devices)



Faced with threats that the U.F.P. will revoke its non-aggression agreements because of the closure of Orion ports to even emergency traffic, the Orions reopen their ports to U.F.P. shipping on a limited basis. They also sign new treaties with the U.F.P. These agreements provide the Orion worlds with a promise of protection from outside aggression, but bind the Orions only to not directly attacking the U.F.P. This opens the door for the Orions to trade with both sides if and when the Klingon Empire and U.F.P. meet in conflict. [FASA]



The Type I Drone, a warp 2 capacity missile, enters service with the Kzinti. These drones are first used in combat. The Kzinti and the Klingons develop this weapon almost simultaneously. [SFB]



Incidents occur along the Hydran-Klingon border. The Klingons want settlement rights on oxygen-nitrogen planets in Hydran territory; the Hydrans want the same rights on methane worlds in Klingon space.



Within the Klingon Empire, the transporter becomes safe for Klingon use. [TOS #16]



The Federation merchant captain E. A. Jacoby and his crew encounter some Klingon traders led by retired Naval Officer Kassam on an Orion colony planet. The traders are aware that they have made contact with a previously unknown species, but the Klingons hide the true importance of the incident, all the while pumping the traders for information on the U.F.P. As an experienced trader, Captain Jacoby has encountered a number of new races (all customers of the Orions) in past visits to Orion ports, and so he simply passes along the routine U.F.P. contact material. Though Jacoby claims to have filed the proper reports to the U.F.P. Contacts Bureau, those records are never found. Meanwhile, the Klingons begin a crash program to learn all they can about this potential rival that they call the "Human Empire". They capture a number of Federation ships and interrogate the crews. [FASA]

The Hydrans attack the Klingons. They do not have a formal Alliance with the Kzinti (who are still at war with the Klingons), but are considered as co-belligerants. The Klingons are hard-pressed to fight a war on two fronts, but the new Hydran weapon (the Nova Gun) gives the Klingons much concern. [SFB]


Badly outnumbered, the Klingon fleet defending the Hydran Frontier is decisively defeated by the Hydrans. The Klingons agree to a peace settlement granting the Hydrans trade concessions, and allowing them to colonize several methane-atmosphere planets within the Klingon Empire. The Kzinti howl with rage because the Hydrans will not continue the war. Klingons purchase much war materiel (at ridiculously inflated prices) from the Hydrans and turn on the Kzinti. [SFB]

The Tholians arrive in the Milky Way galaxy and occupy an area claimed by the Klingons. [SFB]

Another space ship disappears without a trace near Taurus II. The ship is taken by the Klingons. ("Lorelei Signal" - TAS)


The First Klingon-Kzinti War ends. The Klingons capture three key planets The Near Side Krebiz surrender to the Klingons and are not allowed to build any new ships, except replacements. [SFB]


The Tholians are first encountered by the Klingons. The first of several vicious border wars will last two years as the Tholians make their first appearance in our galaxy on the tip of the spiral arm occupied by the Klingons Sparsely populated, yet Klingon territory, the Empire is furious. [SFB]



The Klingons having defeated the Kzinti, attack the Hydrans. This is known as the "Second Klingon-Hydran War" to U.F.P. historians, as the "War of Retribution" to the Klingons, and as the "War of Infamy" to the Hydrans. The Lyrans attack the collapsing Hydran border and capture several planets, but are not formal allies of Klingons at this point. This is the Third Lyran-Hydran War.


As the Hydran defensive sphere collapses and the Hydran homeworlds come under direct attack, every Hydran warship is called in a last ditch effort to avert total defeat. The remnants of StarCommodore Hpsphyt's force finds itself blocked from reaching the capital by ships of the Lyran Star Empire. Realizing that the Lyran ships had to be disabled or they would simply follow them back to their homeworld, the Hydrans close to engage. The Lyran ships, however, are under orders to allow no Hydran ships to pass their lines and reinforce the Hydran homeworld defenses. Hydran "Grenadier" class heavy cruisers (armed with nova cannons) "Loyalty" and "Tenacity," and "Voltigeur" class frigate "Valiant," meet the Lyran heavy cruisers "Prowess" and "Vicious" in combat. The Hydran starships "Loyalty" and "Valiant" are destroyed in the battle. The "Tenacity" is damaged but manages to elude the badly damaged Lyran "Prowess" and reach the Hydran homeworld, where it is ultimately destroyed. The Lyran cruiser "Vicious" is destroyed in the escape of the "Tenacity." The Klingons smash the Hydran fleet. Hydran colonies are destroyed and many attrocities are committed by the Klingons. All Hydran ships larger than police frigates are destroyed, and the Hydran Kingdom is reduced to a client of the Klingons. The Klingons establish governors of the Hydran planets. Due to the difference in atmospheres (Hydrans are Methane breathers), however, these governors are never really able to control the populace and usually rule from orbiting satellites. These satellites have powerful weapons aimed at the planet below, but are poorly defended against attack from space. However, powerful merchant guilds establish themselves on three colony planets (Altroth, Minxitith, and Krooth) overlooked by the Klingons. These are known as the "Lost Colonies" and came will be known after the Re-establishment as the "Old Colonies". [SFB]


The Second Lyran-Klingon War begins as arguments develop over divisions of the Hydran Empire. In the confusion, the Hydran colonies of Altroth, Minxitith, and Krooth are not noticed or occupied by the Klingons. These colonies were established by the major merchant guilds of the Hydran Kingdom, and the later power of the Guilds stems from this period. The Guilds maintain the Monarchy through Prince S'Lenthna, the last heir of Hydraxan IX. The Prince is a virtual puppet (the Guilds hold the real power), but his presence is important in rallying the Hydrans. [SFB]



The Kzinti make gains, capturing several planets. [SFB]



The first U.F.P. ships are captured by the Klingon Empire. [TOS #16]

The Klingons begin conversion of the D6 K'T'inga class, increasing engine power by a quarter. All will converted by 2198.

The Klingons and Lyrans settle their differences by negotiation. The Klingons are anxious to do so because they plan to attack Tholia.[SFB]


The Great Klingon-Tholian War begins.



Though any number of independent traders have encountered Klingons in Orion ports, the U.F.P. has never taken official notice of this new culture, whereas Klingon military observers have been gathering data about the U.F.P. and Star Fleet for years. On this date, the independent trader vessel "Millie Sue" and a Klingon scout vessel exchange fire. Though the "Millie Sue" damages and chases away the attacking ship, the exchange leaves her without faster-than-light capability. Two Star Fleet warships respond to the trader's distress call and rescue all hands. A nearby Klingon destroyer class ship, sent to aid the Klingon scout, evades the larger Star Fleet vessels. The encounter leads the U.F.P. to press Orion sources for information on this previously unknown spacefaring race. [FASA]



Chancellor Keth dies of old age and is succeeded by Chancellor Kadyra. [CON]



First Fleet contact with the Klingon Empire leads immediately to armed conflict and a brief exchange of fire, when the Advance class U.S.S Sentry, commanded by Captain Francis Benoit, confronts the Klingon cruiser IKS Devisor, commanded by Captain Korall, near Gamma Demetrius. The Sentry takes aboard a small warp shuttlecraft containing a family asking for immunity from the Klingons. Information obtained from spies and Klingon prisoners convinces Federation authorities that the Klingons and the Romulans have met and seems to be old and bitter foes. The "Klingon Menace" begins to overshadow conflict with the Romulans. Declaring neutrality, the Orion Colonies trade with both groups. Klingon raids on Federation shipping often masquerade as Orion-based pirates and vice-versa. [TOS #16, SFC, FASA]



The U.S.S. "Constellation" (NCC-1017) cruiser is commissioned. During her half-century of service she will be commanded by Captain Ran Armstrong and Captain Matthew Decker, mostly during her time in the upcoming refitted "Constitution" class configuration. Vincent Bando will be Chief Medical Officer aboard her before tranferring to the "Republic" (NCC-1371), sometime prior to 2245. On stardate 4201.71, the "Constellation" will be the first starship to make contact with a D-7 ("Klolode") class Klingon warship when the "Constellation" encounters the "Atropos" (IKV 10097) in the Saurian star system. Her patrol zone will be Fleet Subquadrant 2 South where she will also be lost in 2262 under the command of Commodore Matthew Decker. Another, rebuilt, "Constellation" will participate in the Levaeri V raid in 2270, under the command of Captain Mike Walsh. In 2273, a ship intended to be called the "Constellation II" (NCC-1728) will be laid down but will be renamed "Truxtun" before commissioning in 2275. A residence hull at the San Francisco (Home Fleet) Star Fleet Academy will be named in honor of the original "Constellation." The U.S.S. "Constellation's" uniform insignia may be a stylized "I" shape. [HCE, TOS #29, DMa, FRS, STM, SASH, URM]



The Klingons abandon the war against the Tholians.

Star Fleet disguises a number of warships as merchant vessels in a ploy to draw out the Klingon Empire for another attack. One of these vessels, the U.S.S Phantom, is fired upon without warning by two Klingon warships in Orion space. The Phantom jettisons its dummy cargo pod and engages the Klingon attackers, destroying one and crippling the life support system of the second. A boarding party from the Phantom attempts to rescue survivors and gather information, but the Klingons explode their ship to avoid revealing too much, killing all survivors and the rescue party. Without substantive evidence to link the attack to the (largely still mysterious) Klingon government, the U.F.P can take no direct military action. The deceased commanders of the two destroyed Klingon ships are awarded Imperial Commendations, and their lines gain much in status. [FASA]



Vrenn Khemara enrolls in the Klingon Navy. Ruzhe Avell is his roommate. On his first full training cruise he will serve under Squadron Leader Kodon aboard the Blue Fire alongside the Two Fingers and Death Hand (all D4 cruisers) participating in Romulan raids. He earns the rank of Ensign replacing Ensign Kotke at the helm. Shortly thereafter a line dispute results in his captaincy of a small frontier scoutship. Captain Vrenn starts his own line becoming Krenn tai-Rustazh. [TOS #1]


The Kzinti win the second Klingo-Kzinti War and regain several planets including the Alnid system. [SFB]



First Klingon-Federation war erupts when USS RANGER (NCC-209) is destroyed.

The U.S.S. Sentry meets with the Klingon vessel IKV Devisor. (The Final Reflection - TOS#16 , also Federation) [Note: Described as "first contact" between the U.F.P. and the Klingon empire. This may be the first formal contact with the Federation, although Broken Bow establishes that Klingons had contact with Terrans prior to the founding of the U.F.P. One may assume that this is the incident that touched off fifty years of hostilities according to "Day Of The Dove."]

The U.S.S. "Constitution" (NCC-1700) heavy cruiser is commissioned. This starship class will total 14 ships and, as other heavy cruisers of similar design are constructed over the next century, this class will be uprated to match the current state-of-the-art technologies. The "Constitution" will be be the first ship to apprehend the smuggler Kojiro Vance, captain of the S.S. "Kobayashi Maru" (ex-"Gas'Tath") in orbit around Ti'Ruben, confiscating the contraband merchant ship. The U.S.S. "Constitution" will also be credited in verifying the existence of the D-7 "Klolode" class Klingon warships "Klothos" ("Carnage," KL 99970) and "Tabor" ("Powerful," KL 85269) on stardate 4517.23, and later the "Marta" ("Corona," ChR 333) in Romulan service on 6348.17. Later on, the U.S.S. "Constitution" will be the first starship to encounter a prototype Klingon "K't'inga" class battlecruiser, "Ykir" ("Usurper," KL 17675) in 2264 near Gamma Canaris and will sustain considerable hull damage. She will later serve as the lead vessel, again, for a new heavy cruiser variant named the "Constitution (II)" class, be recommissioned in 2271 and assigned to Fleet Subquadrant 3 South. The uniform insignia of the U.S.S. "Constitution" may take the form of a circle overlaid upon a horizontal ellipse. [HCE, SotF, KMP, FSF, FRS, URM]


USS Koryu (NCC-239) defends Aeolious VII colony from Klingon attack.



Captain Krenn in command of the I.K.V. "Fencer" captures a Willall ship. Analysis of the captured starship will give the Klingons dilithium-focused warp drive. Captain Krenn is later ordered to serve as an ambassador to the U.F.P., a long-duration voyage of over a year. [TOS #16]



On January 5, the U.S.S. "Enterprise" (NCC-1701) heavy cruiser is commissioned with two (4680 TEV rarium) laser banks, monotronic computers, and a complement of 403. Captain Robert T. April takes her out on her first deep-space mission: galaxy exploration and investigation, beginning with the patrol of the 9th quadrant, from Alpha Centauri to the outer Pinial Galaxy limit. Captain April's "Enterprise" officers at this stage may consist of: Chief Engineer Charles Fourrier, Communications Officer Karen Van Fleet, Helmsman Luis Ferarra, Science Officer Gregor Allinsky, and Medical Officer Sarah April.

Easily the most famous "Constitution" class starship, in her long service life she will be commanded by Captains Pike, Kirk, and Spock before her self-destruction in 2287. Her normal patrol zone will eventually be Fleet Subquadrant 3 South throughout most of her service life. A residence hull will honor the "Enterprise's" name at the First Fleet Star Fleet Academy. The "Enterprise" might be the first ship to utilize the classic arrowhead uniform insignia. The insignia's design is based upon the energy expenditure curves associated with normal space and warp drive travel established by Zefram Cochrane in the 21st Century. [HCE, SotF, TMoST, STM, SASH, URM, GN 18]



The first open hostilities occur between the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire. The first Federation-Klingon War begins. Modern starships (vessels equipped with shields and capable of tactical warp speeds up to warp 3.15) enter service in most Far Side fleets between now and 2239. In a daring raid on the Klingons, the Tholians capture disruptor technology. The Klingons are furious but unable to react. Equipment available to prime teams now includes the transporter homing beacon, and the transporter emergency pulse ripcord. The first Tholian commando patrol corvette is sighted this year. [ST VI, SFB]



The U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) heavy cruiser is commissioned. After the Four Years War, Fleet Captain Garth will command her up until his breakdown at Antos IV. In 2261, Captain Mark Rousseau will command the "Lexington," his fourth and final command. She will participate in the M-5 wargames in 2262 under the command of Commodore Robert Wesley. Shortly after conversion to "Enterprise" class specs in 2272, the "Lexington" (now serving as a command cruiser) will foil a joint Romulan-Klingon to ambush the Gorn heavy cruiser "Reptilicon," destroying Captain Krait's ship. On stardate 8090.29, the U.S.S. "Lexington" will verify the existence of the "K'teremny" class D-9 destroyer "Kor'sachem" ("Warrior Chief," KL 80336). She will be the second ship of the original "Constitution" class to be converted over to the "Enterprise (II)" configuration. The original uniform insignia for the U.S.S. "Lexington" may be a diamond with four half circles, one on each face. [SotF, FASA, WGD, UC, SFB, FRS, HCE, URM]



USS Phantom (NCC-1256) and USS Singapore (NCC-1249) capture Klingon colony of Veruca II.

The U.S.S. "Yorktown" (NCC-1704) heavy cruiser is commissioned. Her patrol zone will be Fleet Subquadrant 4 North. Eventually Matthew Decker will command her before his transfer to the "Constellation" (NCC-1017), and then Captain von Holtzbrinck will captain her. In the 2260s, the starship will be commanded by Captain Jarboe. Circa 2270, the "Yorktown" will be commanded by Captain Merrin Hunter, and enroute to the Thetis system will be ambushed by the Klingon D7 "Pitiless." She will subsequently be attacked by Klingons again in an asteroid belt after a systems failure. After recommissioning as a "Constitution (II)" class starship in 2272, she will be assigned to active duty in Fleet Subquadrant 0. On stardate 6419.24, the "Yorktown" will be credited with verifying the existence of the "Kivord" ("Tumultuous," KL 05431) D-8 "K't'inga" class Klingon warship. In 2288, the "Yorktown" will be one of the ships in the vicinity of Earth to fall victim to the Cetacean Probe's energy-damping field. The uniform insignia of the "Yorktown" may be a triangle. [STM, SotF, GN 7, TOS #31, SFB, HCE, ST IV, URM]

The U.S.S. "Exeter" (NCC-1706) heavy cruiser is commissioned and assigned to patrol Fleet Subquadrant 3 North. In the 2250s she will be commanded by Captain Brittany Mendez. Later, the "Exeter" will be be commanded by Captain Ronald Tracey until the loss of her entire crew in 2262 by the Omega IV virus. Captain Andreoni will command her immediately afterwards, followed by Captain Douglas Newman who will use the "Exeter" to support a line of defense on the Klingon Neutral Zone almost singlehandedly for 18 months. Lt. (j.g.) Lamia will transfer to the "Exeter" following the return of the "Enterprise" from her 5-year mission under Captain James Kirk in 2265. The "Exeter" will remain in service through the 2290s, upgraded to an "Enterprise (II)" class heavy cruiser. The uniform insignia of this starship may be a vertical rectangle. [SotF, STM, TOS #55, OG, TOS #31, TOS #75, GN 5, HCE, URM]

Relations with the Klingon Empire degenerate, giving rise to 70 years of unremitting hostility. (70 years before Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek Chronology).


The U.S.S. "Kongo" (NCC-1710) heavy cruiser is commissioned and will patrol Fleet Subquadrant 4 South. Captain Androvar Drake might command her starting in 2258. In 2261, her commander will be Captain Toroyan. Around 2264, following her upgrade to "Achernar" specs, the "Kongo" will be commanded by Captain Phillip Kosnett. Under his command, the heavy cruiser will serve as a command cruiser, convey delegates to an anti-pirate conference, come to the aid of Rita's Planet in the Neutral Zone, and briefly enter a time warp. In 2270, 143 of her crew will be lost after a containment field breach destroys an aft quarter of her hull. She will be uprated shortly thereafter to "Constitution (II)" specifications and assigned to Fleet Subquadrant 4 South. In 2283, the "Kongo" reportedly will perish in the Kargon Incident. [SotF, STM, HCE, GN 20, GN 3, SFB, TOS #62, FASA]

The U.S.S. "Potemkin" (NCC-1711) heavy cruiser is commissioned. She will be assigned to patrol Fleet Subquadrant 0. Arkady Ivanovna (Pavel Chekov's mother) will serve aboard the "Potemkin" for sixteen years as Science Officer. In the 2260s she will be commanded by Captains Mikel Garson, Callas, Sukaru Tutakai and Ascher. On stardate 6216.28, she will verify the existence of the Klingon "Klolode" class warship "Trelinitu" ("Starlight," ChR 566) in Romulan service. Unlike other "Constitution" class starships, the "Potemkin" will not be upgraded to the specs of later heavy cruiser designs, due to major structural damage in an encounter with Klingon-allied vessels during the Four Years War, and subsequent drydocking at Rigel. Beginning in 2253, the "Potemkin" will be classified as a training vessel and decommissioned in 2295 along with the "Essex" (NCC-1727). In the early 2290s her commander will be Captain Gladstone, possibly her last. The uniform insignia of the "Potemkin" may be a vertical oval edged with lateral blobs. [SotF, STM, EOM, HCE, TOS #10, TOS #59, TOS #29, TOS #45, GN 14, URM]


A Klingon-Tholian "Incident" occurs. [SFB]



Extensive dilithium deposits are discovered at the Rigel XII Mining Complex. The Orion colonies mine and sell the crystals to both the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire, for use as power rectifiers in starship warp drives. Dilithium will revolutionize interstellar travel and military weapon technology. [FASA]



Hydran Commonwealth is invaded by Lyrans and Klingons. The Queen is killed, and several merchants flee the Hydran space to found 'the Lost Colonies' where they push the Hydran Technologies insearch of a weapon system able to free their peoples. Klingons install Prince S'lenstha as a 'token' governor, while the Lyrans install Princess K'tillek, his cousin as their 'Regent' S'lenthsa's Grandson is smuggled out to the 'Lost Colonies' by the Royalists, and civil war breaks out, befuddling the occupying victors.



The Second Babel Conference meets to address a number of issues, including the volatile issues raised by the Terra-Return League. After lengthy speeches, the vote to dissolve the United Federation of Planets fails, leaving the Federation intact. Immediately after the Conference, the Terra-Return League disbands, and its political influence ceases. Following the collapse of the Terra-Return League, the Independent Systems Movement Party is formed. [FASA, SFC]



The Indirigan Fleet, at the close of their war of conquest constructs large, medium, and small armed freighters to aid them in their war effort, despite the Alpha Quadrant ban on armed merchantment. Their 'Q-Ship' idea of warships cameoflauged as merchants are despised by everyone. The KAMDAST treaty is signed by all major known powers in Alpha Quadrant, banning eh practice as well as several other 'suicide' warfare practices and delineating the 'rules of combat' for all signatories.



Another Klingon-Tholian "incident" occurs when the Klingons renew border tensions with the Tholians.

The Frax, a race of humanoids inhabiting the Kaltic Free States (staunch Klingon allies in the uppermost reaches of the Klingon Empire, basically a Klingon Protectorate ), obtain their "freedom" this year. That is, the right to maintain the Frax fleet in defense of their States and the Klingon Empire. This allows the Klingon Northern Fleet to pull back to some extent as the Frax construct their own. The Kaltic States are nothing more than a buffer between to the Klingons and the Kzinti, a fact which still did not prevent wars. With the Frax purchasing a the cloaking device from Orion pirates, Frax frigate submarines are launched this year. Submarines are cloaked starships which can actually fire a drone missile while cloaked. This technology developed by the Frax, will never be obtained by any other race, including the Klingons (though many political and covert attempts will be made, the Klingons have no desire to anger their satellite states by force of arms). [FASA]

Federation victory at Lyisik VIII ends First Federation-Klingon War. Klingon Neutral Zone is set up and patrolled.


A secret faction within the Klingon Empire attempts to forge a treaty with the Romulans. Once discovered, Vrenn Khemara assumes a new identity (Krenn) to avoid assassination. (The Final Reflection - TOS#16 - Part One)



T'Dakka system is discoverd by the Klingons. Within the next five years, they will make first contact with the Kinshaya on the fifth planet in this system. [FASA]

The so-called Demon War between the Klingons and the alien race known as the Kinshaya begins along the coreward border of the Empire. The Empire diverts fleets and material from the Federation and Romulan borders to meet the threat from the Demon's Rift. [FASA]

The Third Klingo-Kzinti War begins.

Klingon activities near the Federation border decrease drastically during this period, with few Klingon warships seen and the number of routine confrontations dropping by more than 70 percent. Star Fleet Intelligence later learns from Operation Dixie that the Klingons are fighting a war with an unknown race along their coreward border. [FASA]

Chancellor Karhammur assumes leadership of the Klingon High Council. [CON]


The D-4A "D'ama" ("Predator") class cruiser enters service in the Klingon Fleet. The predecessor of the famed D-7 class, it pioneers the commandpod-forward design which will later become the standard for most modern Klingon warships. This class will see extensive action in the Demon War. [FASA]



Kelvar Garth of Izar is the leading graduate of the Star Fleet Academy and will rise to become the leading Star Fleet tactician and military expert during the Four Years War. He will be promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain after the Four Years War and replace Christopher Pike as being in charge of "Constitution" class vessels. Later he will receive command of the U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) and while serving as a diplomatic representative of the U.F.P. to the planet Antos IV, will be burned and disfigured by an exploding power plant on the planet's surface. Garth is taught the secret of molecular metamorphosis by the Antosians allowing him to alter his form. The accident accelerates Garth's mental collapse resulting in paranoia and megalomania which almost causes the destruction of the Antosian people when Garth attempts to use the "Lexington's" firepower to destroy his benefactors,and committed to Elba II Mental Isolation and Criminal Rehab facility [FASA]



The Romulan cloaking device is perfected and is used successfully in vessels on the Klingon border. The Klingons quickly encounter them. [FASA]



The Demon War ends with a whimper instead of a bang. A state of prolonged but stalemated hostility exists between the two races, with no end in sight. It is almost three years before the Klingon military presence along the borders with the U.F.P. and the Romulan Star Empire is back to its pre-war strength, though the Demon War did see the introduction of several new ship designs. [FASA]

The Battle of Donatu V is fought. [TT, STM, "The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era]

The Near Side Krebiz break all treaties, declare neutrality, and begin to refit their old-style cruisers. The Krebiz expand their borders to include other portions of the neutral zone between the Klingons and the Kzinti.

The Third Klingo-Kzinti War ends, with inconclusive results.



The K-17A "Z'mortama" ("Death Stalker") class scout enters service in the Klingon fleet. [FASA]

Upon developing dilithium-focused warp drive, Captain Krenn sutai-Rustazh serves as the first Klingon ambassador to the U.F.P. in the 22 years since "first contact." While on Earth, he plays a game of chess with young Spock, age eight. (The Final Reflection - TOS#16 - Part Two)

Captain Krenn sutai-Rustazh is the first Klingon ambassador on Earth. Commanding the IKV "Mirror," an experimental D5 class cruiser testing the experimental dilithium-focused warp drive, he is escorted to a Babel Conference on Earth by the U.S.S. "Savannah-A" commanded by Admiral Douglas Shepherd. Spock meets his first Klingon. [TOS #16]



Chancellor Karhammur plans of expanding the Klingon Empire into U.F.P. space. Planning begins on a series of minor skirmishes to divert U.F.P. attention away from Axanar. [FASA]



An Orion pirate raider fleeing from the Klingons will also prefer the apparent suicide of the WYN cluster rather than face capture by the ISF. Captured instead by the Kzinti renegades, the pirate captain quickly (and gladly) will come to terms. For the next 30 years the pirates (of the Cluster clan) will supply the WYN with the things it needs most: high-tech manufacturing equipment and population. By the time the Klingons discover the existence of the WYN "race", some 40 million sentient beings reside in the cluster on eight habitable planets. Kzinti renegades, Orion pirates, Lyran families on the losing end of their constant civil wars, and Klingon vassels forming the bulk of the population here, but representatives (mostly escaped felons or mercenaries) from almost every known sentient race will be present. The WYN position will be perfect for defense for two reasons. First, any ship coming through the radiation belts will be disoriented for a considerable period. Until the effects of the radiation ware off, attacking ships will suffer continuous computer and electronic malfunctions drastically reducing their effectiveness in combat. The small WYN fleet, which would have been blasted to dust in high space, can easily handle intruders disoriented by the radiation. The second reason for WYN defensive success is that none of the bordering races can afford to see the others gain control. The WYN Cluster is richer by far in rare minerals and metals than any other region in space. Time and again, Kzinti ships will prevent the Klingo-Lyran alliance from overwhelming the Cluster, and more than once Klingon or Lyran ships will help keep the Kzinti at bay. The richness of the cluster will support a strong and growing economy. Trade with the Lyrans, Klingons, and Kzinti will proceed actively from 2262 through the General War--with trade conducted solely on the WYN's terms. A cargo ship filled with such things as computers, navigation equipment, spare parts, heavy ship's weapons, drones, and other items would be sent into the cluster under a robot pilot. The WYN fleet would intercept the craft, unload the cargo, and fill it with processed ore, dilithium, platinum, fissionables, and other items for the return trip. Sometimes terms will be arranged by subspace communications, and rarely a trade representative will visit the WYN capital, but usually the exchange rates are set by the WYN. On more than one occasion, the conniving WYN will send out the ship at a point close enough to the Kzinti-Lyran or Kzinti-Klingon border to tempt the neighbors into fighting over it. The one thing the WYN lack is a shipyard capable of actually building ships (rather than just converting them). In 2264, the Orions will construct one within the Cluster on the condition that it remain under Orion control. The arrangement involves the gift of a Cruiser and several light raiders (and a further payment of one light raider per year) to the WYNs, but gives the Orions one shipyard relatively invulnerable to attack, or Federation insepction. [SFB]



USS Perseus and USS Mushaika Destroy a Klingon base in closed Ganatil system after being fired upon.

Four years after formalizing diplomatic relations, the Klingons attempt to influence member worlds of the U.F.P. to vote for dissolution of the Federation. (The Final Reflection - TOS#16 - Part Three)

Star Fleet Intelligence learns that the first Axanarian task force under command of Klingon Admiral Kkorhetza has left the Klingon naval base of Ruwan. [FASA]

The U.S.S. "Bohr" reports observing a three-ship Klingon task force in unclaimed space between the U.F.P. and Klingon spheres of influence, and is diverted from picket duty. The small task force is a decoy to lure the "Bohr" from its patrol area and to allow a 20-ship force to attack the Federation-manned Arcanis IV Research Outpost. Klingon marines massacre the entire 112 crew of this base which begins a chain of events that will lead to war. Having detected two massive Klingon battle fleets in the following two months, the Federation begins to prepare for war, but hostilities do not begin immediately. Meanwhile, all this is a blind to distract the U.F.P. from Axanar, the true target of Klingon interest. [FASA]



The U.S.S. "Irwin" detects a Klingon Battle Group in the unclaimed space between the two powers. Star Fleet transfers all available warships from neighboring sector to organize a defense. [FASA]

The Third Klingon-Hydran War begins when the Hydrans attack the Klingons. [SFB]


2246 SECOND FEDERATION-KLINGON WAR (Aka the "Four Years War")

The log later recovered from the U.S.S. "Gulliver's" ship recorder buoy indicates that a Klingon task force met and destroyed the "Gulliver" as it entered the Axanarian system. [FASA]

The U.S.S. "Xenophon", a "Marklin" class destroyer, encounters and disables a Klingon D-4E cruiser eight parsecs from Axanar. The commander of the "Xenophon" is Captain Kelvar Garth of Izar. [FASA]

On September 1, The "Loknar" class frigate U.S.S. "Morgan City" (NCC-2704) is captured by Admiral Kamato's forces. It will later be renamed the IKSV "Straave'eMara" ("Slave Of Justice") and be used in Kamato's abortive coup attempt on the Klingon throne. After failing, Kamato will retreat into the Triangle taking the "Loknar" class frigate with him. From their location in the Triangle, the Klingon rebels will attack unprotected convoys and merchant vessels by using the "Straave'eMara" to lure them in. This ruse will last several years until the general recall of all "Loknar" class vessels make it difficult for the Klingon vessel to operate. The IKV Admiralty eventually decides to have the vessel painted in the standard steel-gray color of their Navy and keeps the ship in active service. [FASA]

On September 29, In response to the Federation Council, Admiral Kkorhetza refuses to withdraw his ships from Federation territory, issuing a formal declaration of alliance with the natives on Axanar. This results in a state of war between the U.F.P. and the Klingon Empire, and the Four Years War begins. At the Second Battle of Axanar, Captain Garth (his small command now reinforced by Star Fleet) defeats Kkorhetza's forces and is awarded the Federation Medal of Valor. Though tactical experts expect the Romulans to enter the war on one side or the other, they do not. [FASA, FRS, SotF]

Over the next six months, the Klingons win the decisive Battles of Andromeda, Genmarx, Lea, Lyclydun, and Janni IV. Though somewhat weak in tactical skill, they make up for it in numbers, often outnumbering U.F.P. defending forces three or four to one. [FASA]

Slightly over a year after beginning its "official" maiden voyage, the Enterprise is attacked by Klingon Commander Kor while attempting to deliver supplies to Tarsus IV. ("Though Hell Should Bar The Way," Enterprise Logs)

Another Klingon-Tholian "incident" occurs.

The Battle of Axanar is fought. [EOM, STM]



The D-4A "D'ama" class cruiser is withdrawn from service in the Klingon Fleet. [FASA]

The G-8A "Plen Zha" class cargo freighter enters service in the Klingon Fleet. [FASA]

Over the next three months, the Klingons continue their inexorable penetration of U.F.P. territory dealing the U.F.P. heavy losses particularly in the Battle of GR-1 and the Assault of Nozseca VIII.

After distinguishing himself in the Battle of Axanar, Captain Christopher R. Pike commands the "Enterprise," with Lt. Spock as Science Officer/ Second Officer. Pike is the youngest Academy graduate ever to command a starship (his successor will be even younger). A new five-year mission begins with the "Enterprise" deployed primarily as a survey vessel. During Pike's command, he will participate in over 200 planetary surveys including the initial contacts with Alpha Majoris I, Antos IV, Barlow's Planet, Berengaria VII, Coridon, Gamma Vertis IV, Lavinius VI, Manark IV, Rigel VII, Talos IV, Thasus, and Typerius II. Lieutenant (j.g.) Montgomery Scott serves aboard the "Enterprise" for the first time, under Chief Engineer Caitlin Barry. [FASA, EOM, TOS #44]

The attack on Convoy Y-162 near the Revonet system marks the first significant Klingon defeat. In this battle, the Klingons do not have superior numbers and it shows what the U.F.P.'s superior tactical ability can accomplish when the odds are more even. [FASA]

The Third Klingon-Hydran War ends. The Hydrans have gained no territory, but have regained their self-respect. For reasons that remain obscure, four new kings take the throne in less than one year. The last king, Hydraxan XVI, will manage to hold power for two years. [FASA]

The Klingons suffer their worst defeat yet, losing five squadrons to U.F.P. forces in the Nostveg Engagement. [FASA]



The Battle of Sinbad IV marks the first major confrontation between ground troops of the opposing forces in the Federation and the Empire.

The Battle of Delgon-R marks the first use of Klingon gravitic mines and the first defensive action by Klingon forces. The Klingons lose 30,000 highly skilled ground troops, including a crack Klingon Imperial guards battalion, in the Sinbad IV battle. [FASA]

The Imperial Navy has penetrated as deep as 15 parsecs into certain sectors of U.F.P. space, but is seriously overtaxed. [FASA]

Star Fleet withdraws "Constitution" class cruisers from front-line combat duty against Klingon forces. The class will continue to serve on other fronts in its pre-war capacities. [FASA]

The Karagite Order of Heroism decoration is originated by the U.F.P. Executive Council. It is a stylized humanoid female with outstretched arms grasping an upraised sword attached to scarlet and white horizontal stripes, awarded to individuals who have shown conspicuous heroism in defense of U.F.P. worlds and their populations in times of conflict. The decoration is named in honor of the successful Star Fleet Marine defense of the planet Karag against Klingon invaders during the Four Years War.

The "Larson" class destroyers "Hammurabi" (NCC-4337) and "Troy" (NCC-4338) are destroyed while escorting a convoy of merchant ships bound for a frontier area. During the battle, 17 freighters are destroyed and an additional 4 are taken as prizes by the Klingons. Of the 5 surviving ships, all report that the "Hammurabi" destroyed two Klingon D-7 cruisers and crippled two others before being destroyed herself. The "Troy" apparently was disabled in the initial exchange of fire and left for dead. When a Klingon cruiser ventured too close to the derelict, however, it opened fire and destroyed the enemy vessel in a single volley.

The D-20A m'ohtAk "Death Rite" class cruiser enters service in the Klingon fleet and is immediately rushed into the Four Years War. The class suffers from a lack of maneuvering power and a relatively weak superstructure. [FASA]

The Klingons successfully use their new D-10As and D-20As against the U.F.P. at the Debacle at Giso. [FASA]

The Defense of Rudgur III marks the first use of chlortheragen, a Klingon manufactured nerve gas. [FASA]


The Orions recover intelligence drones from Hydran space for Klingons who are seeking Hydran colonies [SFB]

The K-23A "Talat kh'exesta" ("Little Killer") class escort is introduced into the Klingon fleet. Built as a wedge of angular, flat surfaces this class spearheads their propaganda war against the U.F.P.. [FASA]

The D-9B "Z'gal" ("Seeker") class cruiser enters service in the Klingon Fleet, to act as a research vessel in the Four Years War. [FASA]

Forces of the Klingon Empire make their deepest penetration into Federation space at the Battle of Thranstor, but the Klingon fleet, led by Admiral Kamato, is eventually routed by a reinforced Federation fleet armed with the new phaser weapons. Following the defeat, the line of Admiral Kamato attempts a coup to seize the throne, blaming the defeat of Thranstor on a lack of Imperial support. Though the coup fails, Kamato escapes with his remaining loyalists into the Triangle area. [FASA]

The renegade Klingon Admiral Kamato and his followers establish the Imperial Klingon States in the Outlands Triangle. Declaring itself to be the "rightful" Klingon government in exile, the IKS becomes a major source of intelligence against the Klingon Empire for the rest of the war. Initially, the IKS contains only two planets: K'Linsann (formally Patterson's Place) and Kinarra. [FASA]

Believing that the Klingons must stop the war now in order to strengthen themselves to fight again another day, Admiral Komex surrenders himself to U.F.P. authorities and informs them of the location of the two major Klingon supply bases in the disputed area. [FASA]



Starbase 12 operational along Klingon Neutral Zone in the Fries-Posnikoff Sector near the Typhon Expanse. [TNG Novel "Ship of the Line"]

Researchers at the Vulcan Science Academy develop a hypospray antidote to chlortheragen, the Klingon nerve gas. [FASA]

Star Fleet captures a command pod of a "Riskadh" D-10A class cruiser jettisoned during the Battle of Kesse 16 months earlier. This is their first 'hands on' examination of Kllingon ship technology [FASA]

The Four Years War (Federation-klingon) ends, with the Treaty of Axanar signed by representatives of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire on Delta Orcus (Axanar). The Axanar Peace Mission negotiates the establishment of limited diplomatic channels between the two sides and obtains concessions from each to create new U.F.P.-Klingon border. James Kirk participates in this mission and is awarded the Palm Leaf. At the conference, Kirk meets the Klingon Krodan and his son Kain. [FRS, FASA, EOM, Cml, WGD, TOS #66]

A major force in the treaty negotiations, Admiral Komex refuses the U.F.P. offer of asylum and voluntarily returns to Qo'noS after the war. He redeems his line's honor by presenting himself formally to the Chancellor for judgment, and is executed in single combat by Kassa, the Imperial Champion. Komex's claim that he was acting to end a war that was destroying the Klingon Empire's ability to rebuild does hit home with some influential lines, forcing Karhammur to abdicate the throne in favor of his son soon after the war. His son starts a new line of his own, and the new Chancellorial Household begins to rebuild Klingon military might. [FASA]

Mow'ga assumes leadership of the Klingon High Council from his father. This is a period known as the "Second Empire" in which children can assume leasdership of the Council from their fathers. [CON/DS9 Sources]

Garth of Izar, a Starfleet Fleet Captain, wins a key victory at Axanar, which helps perserve the United Federation of Planets. ("Whom Gods Destroy" TOS - date conjecture)

Klingon citizens required to relocate in compliance with the Treaty of Axanar are transported to planets on their side of the newly defined Federation/Klingon border. [FASA]

The "K't'Kara" ("Bringer Of Destiny") D-7C class cruiser enters service in the Klingon fleet. This D-7 variant has more efficient warp engines than on her predecessor but they are incapable of powering all the weapons even though the ship is more maneuverable. [FASA]



Kirk is awarded the Palm Leaf of Axanar for his achievement on a peace mission following Captain Garth of Izar's victory over the Klingons. ( "Court Martial," Star Trek 2 , also "Whom Gods Destroy," Star Trek 5)

James Kirk and Gary Mitchell receive a commendation from Captain Bannock for their actions during a patrol of the Klingon Neutral Zone. (My Brother's Keeper: Republic - TOS#85)



The planet cHal ("Heaven" in Klingonese) is jointly settled by the Klingons and Romulans in borderspace, preparing for an all-out war with the U.F.P. Chal is a secret supply base populated by genetically-engineered Klingon-Romulans created to thrive in polluted environments. The Chal colonists are in turn enhanced by organs and tissues taken from captured Humans, and are virtually immortal. [FASA]


The Orions begin to attack Klingon convoys in force, using both "Cartel' privateers and Rigellian Colonial Consortium Naval Fleet ships. When the Imperial Diplomatic corps complains, the Orions reply that they have 'no control' over the actions of their citizens. [SFB]



Incidents occur along the Federation-Klingon border: a Klingon F5 attacks the Federation tug U.S.S. "Cassini" (NCC-3824) and the Federation light cruiser U.S.S. "Texas" is engaged by a Klingon cruiser while attempting to rescue a survey party. The first guided weapons destroyer is converted after Federation encounters with the Kzinti. Replacing two of the photon torpedo tubes with drone launchers, the converted standard Federation destroyer design is equipped to launch a powerful volley of drones. The experiment will be abandoned after learning that drones of this period are not significantly powerful, or fast enough, to replace the lost photon torpedoes. [FASA]


The Kzinti-Hydran Defense Treaty is signed. Each pledges to attack the Klingon and Lyrans if the other is attacked by them.

The Klingons and Lyrans sign a joint defensive treaty six weeks later. Many Lyran clans oppose this treaty, resulting in a sporadic civil war.


While on a secret mission along the Klingon Neutral Zone, the Enterprise is commandeered by renegade Klingons led by Commander Kang. (My Brother's Keeper: Enterprise - TOS#87)



The Enterprise and the Constellation are sent to Alpha Proxima II to investigate a plague caused by a Malkus Artifact. (The Brave And The Bold, Book One: The First Artifact)



Klingon battlecruisers destroy a Federation hospital ship, killing the wife of Captain Androvar Drake. (The Ashes Of Eden)

A race known as the Furies arrive with an invasion force from the far side of the galaxy to reclaim Federation and Klingon territory, including Earth, which they claim was once a homeworld. (Invasion! #1: First Strike - TOS#79)

A sudden attack by the Klingons on a vulnerable neutral sector - a location of great strategic importance - puts the Enterprise on red alert, as the threat of a catastrophic war between the Klingon Empire and the Federation looms. Kirk and Spock beam down to Organia, the planet whose security is at risk due to the Klingon threat, and find that the inhabitants, who appear to be humans who have reached the medieval period of sociological and technological development, are not at all concerned that their world is currently being overrun by Klingon troops. Kirk and Spock try to conceal their identities, but fail, leaving Kirk and Klingon Captain Kor at each others' throats - until the Organians reveal their true nature and intervene in the impending war.

The Enterprise rushes to an underdeveloped planet in an attempt to stop Klingon intervention in the somewhat primitive society. The Klingon Krag is trying to convince the planet's people that an alliance with the Klingon Empire would be beneficial, and when Kirk breaks cultural taboos - not to mention the prime directive - by interfering with a "routine" killing and saving a pregnant woman, it becomes all too easy for Krag to point out that the landing party from the Enterprise have only come to usurp the planet's ways of life.



The Enterprise is summoned to space station K-7 for security duty when the station's security forces are considered inadequate to guard a shipment of valuable grain by the standards of Federation agriculture administrator Baris. A shipload of Klingons stops off at the station as well, which has all parties concerned even more about the grain consignment. Kirk orders stepped-up security, but that only results in some of the crew - including Scotty and Chekov - instigating a massive bar brawl with the Klingons. All the while, the seemingly harmless huckster Cyrano Jones is trying to peddle furry tribbles off to anyone with a few credits, and Uhura buys one and takes it back to the Enterprise, not knowing that tribbles do only two things: eat and breed. (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles")

The Enterprise crew members make the difficult decision not to retain any tribbles as pets by beaming the tribbles to the Klingon Ship IKS Gr'oth("Missed," Strange New Worlds IV).

Odo, Worf, Sisko, O'Brien, Bashir, and Dax travel to the time period of "Trouble with Tribbles" to halt an assassination attempt on Captain Kirk by Ambassador Darvin, whom Kirk had exposed as a Klingon agent (DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations").

Koloth and the crew of the I.K.S. Gr'oth cope with a ship full of tribbles. (In The Name Of Honor - TOS#97 - Ch. 5)

The Enterprise transports Samuel T. Cogley to Aneher II, a colony world jointly developed by the Federation and the Klingon Empire, where Mak'tor, the Klingon commander, stands accused of murdering Daniel Latham, the Federation Administrator. (The Case Of The Colonist's Corpse)

The common colony of the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulans is established on Nimbus III ("Star Trek: The Final Frontier").

Orions reveal existance of Klingon-Romulan Alliance, as retalitory gesture for Organian Treaty cutting into their ’profits’ of passing merchanters.[SFB]

A lifepod filled with tribbles from the I.K.S. Gr'oth is assimilated by the Borg. ("The Trouble With Borg Tribbles," Strange New Worlds V)

The Klingon "Day Of Honor" is established to commemorate a treaty with the Narr. (Treaty's Law - DOH#4)

In a cooperative effort with the Klingons, the survivors of the Kanst Energy Experiment are rescued from the Tautee system. (The Rings Of Tautee - TOS#78)

The Enterprise visits a primitive world where the Klingon Empire has armed one faction of people against another in hopes of eliminating the weaker population and allying the stronger warriors with the Klingons. Spock is seriously injured when he, Kirk and McCoy beam down, and is returned to the Enterprise for treatment as Kirk and McCoy try to make contact with the locals. Kirk is injured by an poisonous indigenous animal, but reaches, with McCoy's help, his old friend Tyree. Tyree's mystical wife Nona cures Kirk and then pursues him. Kirk and McCoy, in the meantime, may only be able to resolve the unfair advantage between the planet's two factions by arming Tyree against his people's Klingon-backed adversaries. (TOS: "A Private Little War")



Orion Pirates led by the legendary Deth O'Key ambush a Klingon D6 light battlecruiser, the "Conquest." The Klingon captain separates the boom section to escape. Its rear hull will later be converted by the Orions into the OK6 "Conquest Falcon" and O'key founds the O'Key Cartel, one of the greatest 'trading' cartels of Orion, based upon this exploit and powerful ship.[SFB]

The Federations’ request to examine the first captured Klingon ship is firmly denied by the Orion Halls of Trade. [SFB]

The Enterprise and the Klingon ship Fire Blossom send diplomatic envoys to the planet Direidi. (How Much For Just The Planet? - TOS#36)

Captain Kirk is showing increasing signs of stress. He orders the Enterprise through the Neutral Zone into Romulan space, where the ship is quickly surrounded by Romulans, now using Klingon ships. The Romulan ships are using a new cloaking device, which allows them to move without being detected by Federation technology. [TOS: "The Enterprise Incident"]

Captain Kirk leads a landing party to planet Beta Twelve-A, where a Federation colony has disappeared after signalling that it was under attack. A Klingon ship arrives, also responding to a distress signal, and is disabled by internal explosions. Kirk beams the surviving Klingon crew over to the Enterprise, but the Klingon commander, Kang, blames Kirk for attacking his ship. Unknown to the crew, an alien life force is also beamed aboard. [TOS: "Day of the Dove"]


The Klingon D-7S "K't'mara" ("Bringer Of Justice") class cruiser enters service in the Klingon fleet. [FASA]

The K-22B B'rel "Bird of Prey" class scout enters service in the Klingon fleet. [FASA]

The Klingon D6 "IKV Gnasher" raids Rita's Planet in the Neutral Zone, massacring the Federation colonists. The U.S.S. "Kongo" (NCC-1710) arrives and rescues Burt Engels, the only survivor. While transporting him to Organia to testify against Commander Karml'r, the "Gnasher" attempts to intercept the "USS Kongo."

The "Kongo" (NCC-1710) enters a time warp and returns, having evaded the Klingons. [SFB]

The U.S.S. "Monson" (NCC-2392) "Chandley" class frigate is overtaken by four Klingon K-23 class destroyers in the Outlands Triangle. They board a captured Klingon ship which self-destructs killing two marine platoons aboard and the entire Klingon ship's crew. Because of this incident, Star Fleet policy states that before marines board any enemy vessel a complete scan must be made of the vessel to determine if the destruct systems are in operation. [FASA]

The Cardassians attempt to make common cause with the Bekiir (literally "badger" or "digfish"--extreme xenophobes from the Gamma Quadrant) against the Klingons, but the Bekiir destroy the 3 Cardassian ships sent as emissaries. The Cardassians decide to leave them alone. A Cardassian kulukmetal security box from this time (Uta Dul dynasty) bearing a directed energy weapon and a Bekiir time key is sealed with a force shield lock. A century later it will fall into the hands of Captain Square-Deal Djonreel, a Lonatian trader, and be directly responsible for the total massacre of Deep Space 9--in an alternate timeline. [DSN #5]

Hostilities breaks out between the Federation and Klingons, and the Enterprise attempts to contact Organia via long-range transport by using tachyon particles. The signal is reflected back, causing duplicate Spocks. War is averted(Spock Must Die!)

Following patrol of the Klingon Neutral Zone and a month shore leave on Starbase 4, the Enterprise discovers the planet Mercan after being transported through a gravitational anomaly. (The Abode Of Life - TOS#6)

An accord is signed between the Federation, Romulans and Klingons. (The Trellisane Confrontation - TOS#14)

A Klingon ore freighter departs Starbase 12 with Spock aboard and mysteriously vanishes. (Ishmael - TOS#23)



The Near Side Krebiz send the Diplomatic Capsule "Dirty" attached to the cruiser "Pinch" to the Federation to apply for membership. Pacifist factions in the Federation prevent the acceptance of the Krebiz application on the grounds that the Klingons would see it as an act of aggression. The Klingons learn of the Krebiz attempt and are greatly insulted. As it is headed home, the Klingons ambush the "Dirty Pinch" in an asteroid belt and attempt to destroy it. It escapes thanks to the luck and abilities of its captain while running the gauntlet. The Klingons decide to punish the Krebiz by destroying their spaceflight capability and enslaving the Alnid system. [SotF]

The Battle of Klak Dekel Braak is fought: the Klingons are victorious over the Romulans. Admiral Kor is involved with this battle and cheered by The Klingon Great Hall. [DSN 439]

Agricultural specialist Jean Czerny is abducted by Commander Kang to help the Klingon Empire fight a severe famine. Giotto (from "Devil In The Dark") temporarily returns as Security Chief. (Pawns And Symbols - TOS#26)

The slaughter of the Singers of Taygeta V is halted. Following a confrontation with Commander Kor, the Enterprise heads for Starbase 23. (The Tears Of The Singers - TOS#19)

After saving the colony from a Klingon attack, Kirk decides to follow the advice of Gary Seven and reject Sycorax's application for Federation membership. (The Eugenics Wars: The Rise And Fall Of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume Two - Prologue, Ch. 7, Epilogue)

Klingons capture a terraforming colony on Beta Canzandia III. Commander Kruge is promoted to Captain. (Faces Of Fire - TOS#58)

In December, Chekov is accused of killing Dr. Mark Piper with a Klingon disruptor, while Sulu is arrested for theft of information on the Romulan cloaking device. A conspiracy is discovered to incite a war between the Klingons and Romulans. (Traitor Winds - TOS#70)



The Klingons deliver the promised command cruiser to the Romulans and receive the cloaking protoype.[SotF]

The Klingon D7 "Purgatory" is attacked by Orion Pirates in an attempt to rescue pirate leader Hamilcar's son. [SotF]

The Orion base station "Paradisia" is converted into a battle station. The Orion commence heavy raids on all shipping in the Outlands Region and Klingon Space. The OK6 combination Orion and Klingon starship "Conquest Falcon" begins is pirate career under Captain Deth O’Day. For his first act, O'Key steals a Shuttle prototype from the Federation in Sector 001--and they are pursued by U.F.P. police forces. [SotF]

The Klingon Empire relinquishes its claim to the Archanis sector (DS9: "Broken Link").



This year, the Kaltic Freestates (Frax) become semi-independent of the Klingon Empire. The Klingon Northern Fleet is given to the Kaltics, who have a loose treaty with the Klingons for mutual defense against Kzinti aggression. The battle stations in the Kaltic Freestates belong to the Kaltics. The Klingons do not build additional Battle Stations south of the Frax (as this would dissolve the political fiction that the Kaltics are still part of the Empire).[SFB]

As tensions begin to mount along the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone, one of the key areas of tension is the Adanerg system. Early in the year the Klingons decided to attempt to seize it with a minimum-force assault. The F5G commando frigate "IKV Korl" was sent to eliminate the Federation colony. The U.F.P., detecting the attack and wanting to respond with similar force, sent out the commando frigate U.S.S. "Kripney." After a fierce skirmish, the Klingons are forced to concede control of Adanerg to the Federation, at least for the time being. [SFB]

The Klingons launch the C8 'Voor'cha' class dreadnought on the Kzinti border, and the C9 dreadnought on the Federation border. While launched simultaneously, the C8 proves to be the better dreadnought, though the design is nearly the same as the C9, save for the C8 being armed with six drone racks instead of four, and having two extra defensive phasers The loss of the cargo bay on the C8 for extra firepower is accepted as satisfactory. [SFB]

The Klingons also employ the Z-1 assault fighter for use against enemy ships. This is the first fighter fielded by the Zegurnii Design Bureau for starship combat, and will also be made available to the Lyran Star Empire (the Lyrans would field only Klingon fighter designs for many decades). The Z-1, code-named the "Zoran," will become infamous in reputation. The Klingon Empire converts several D6 K'Tinga cruisers battlecruisers into carriers. The D6V, unlike most other races fleet carriers, carries only 10 fighters in two bays. The Klingons will soon regret the 2 fighters the D6V lacked when the ship first sees combat against another carrier. [SFB]

Commander Ardak Kumerian serves in the Imperial Deep Space Fleet. He destroys the Tholian 3rd Patrol Squadron after it forms the first Tholian Pinwheel, and is promoted to Commodore in charge of the Tholian Investigation Squadron, aboard his flagship "Darkslayer." [SFB]

Ardak Kumerian leads a Klingon task force against Tholian Stronghold space. He is detected by the Tholians and soundly defeated. Kumerian is criticized for not sending the lower quality ships on the deception mission and using the better ships against the base. Thelvis Kren, an officer under Kumerian's command, starts an another incident with the Tholians which backfires, during this mission. Needing a scapegoat to quiet U.F.P. complaints, the Klingon Empire picks Kumerian. He is stripped of his position as Commodore, but allowed to keep the rank of Captain and is given command of his original ship, the D6 "IKV Destruction." The ship is sent to the Western Fleet on the Hydran border. Commodore Korath replaces Kumerian in command of the Tholian border squadron. [SFB]

The Lyrans begin using Klingon Z-1 assault fighters. Over the next three years they will begin deploying Expanding Sphere Generator Capacitors (a spin-off of technology designed to make the Hydran Hellbore less effective against more resistant ESGs).[SFB]

The Romulans continue to receive their first D7 battlecruisers from the Klingons, and begin operating the K7R on the Federation border. These operate as a single squadron under Romulan Commander Dion Charvon. It is from this squadron that Deth O'Key will manage the theft of a cloaking device. The Romulans attempt, with Klingon help, to ambush the Gorn heavy cruiser "Reptilicon" but the plan fails when Federation command cruiser U.S.S. "Lexington" (NCC-1703) shows up and intervenes. [SFB]

The Klingons receive "Mauler" technology from the Romulans. [SFB]

The Klingon warship "Hakkarl" ("Vanguard," KL 1017), an uprated "K't'inga" class heavy battlecruiser (fully automated) is launched with Captain Kasak sutai-Khornezh in command, via a Klingon Bird of Prey scout ship, "Tazhat" (IKV 1018). The renegade Klingon heads for Dekkanar (4725 Cancri IV) to trigger a war--and is destroyed by the "USS Enterprise". [TOS #48]

The Klingons relinquish their claim to Arcanis IV. [DSN 498]

Eighteen months following the end of thefive-year mission. G'Dath, a Klingon instructor working on Earth, is kidnapped by Klingons following his discovery of a new propulsion system. (A Flag Full Of Stars - TOS#54)

V'ger destroys three Klingon K'I'Tinga Class Battlecrusiers, including the IKS Amar, while enroute to Earth. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)



The "Soyuz" (NCC-5300) class attack frigate/border cutter is authorized for construction. 20 ships of this class are proposed, designed to increase the accuracy of the megaphasers while the craft is engaged in combat through the use of 2 megaturrets. In addition to phaser cannon, the "Soyuz" is armed with 12 standard phaser emplacements and 2 megaphasers on the lower navigational dome. 21 ships of this class are proposed (NCC-5300 NCC-5320) although the number of ships and their NCCs are debatable at this early stage of development. Each ship will have a complement of 429 and a maximum speed of warp 9. The most famous of these will be the USS Bozeman (NCC-1941 Soyuz Class/Miranda Class Refit) under the command of Captain Morgan Bateson who will one day become the bane of the Klingon's existance along with Captain Krik. [JRM] [TNG Novel "Ship of the Line"]

The Enterprise encounters the alien Weyland during a conflict with the Klingons. (Home Is The Hunter - TOS#52)



Kirk finds himself aboard a Klingon vessel and is told that he has travelled into the future. (Timetrap - TOS#40)



The great-grandfather of the Klingon Kohlar finds a sacred text, telling to embark on a journey to a distant region of the galaxy.



The renegade Klingon Captain Kasak sutai-Khomezh attempts to trigger a war with the Federation. (Rules Of Engagement - TOS#48)

Launch of the U.S.S. Bozeman (NCC-1941 Soyuz Class Refit) under Captain Morgan Bateson. Kirk temporarily takes the Enterprise out of the Academy training program to investigate a Klingon incursion/buildup into Federation space in the Axanar Sector. The Bozeman disappears into a temporal distortion. ("Ship Of The Line" - Ch. 1-5)

The IKS SoSoy tuj (D-7 K'T'Inga Class Refit) attempts to destory Starbase 12 in the Fries-Posnikoff Sector. The U.S.S. Bozeman (NCC-1941 Soyuz Class Refit) disappears into what turns out to be a temporal rift in the Typhon Expanse during operations to intercept the SoSoy tuj. The Bozeman's disapperance foils Klingon Commander Kozara's attempt to cross the border as the Bozeman had sent out a message beacon shortly before disappearing. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 Constitution Class Refit) enters the sector (upon recieving the message from the beacon)and drives Kozara off. Kozara and several high ranking officials (including 10 members of the Klingon High Council) fall out of favor and are purged as a result of this disasterous defeat and humiliation which the Federation diplomats charged as a 'cowardly' attack.(TNG: "Cause and Effect"/ Novel "Ship of the Line").

The U.S.S. Gagarin is attacked by Klingons near the neutral zone, and self-destructs in an attempt to avoid capture. Nonetheless, many crew members including Cmdr. Stephen Garrovick are taken prisoner. (In The Name Of Honor - TOS#97 - Chs. 1-2)

The search for the USS Bozeman carries on for several months up to a year before it is finally listed as 'Lost in Combat' by Starfleet Command. Ruby, Fiance' of First Officer Gabriel Bush, takes a personal ship into Klingon Space on a bogus tip that the Bozeman Crew is still alive. She is captured, tried and convicted as a spy and sentenced to Rura Penthe for life. Federation diplomats attempt to get her back but ultimately fail when the Klingons discover her relation to the Bozeman. She is executed and sent back to the Federation in 10 Boxes, exact number of High Council Officials that were purged for their disgrace. [TNG Novel "Ship of The Line"]



The Organians disappear or withdraw. Several races are blamed for this but no one know the true situation. In any case, their enforcement of the Klingon Neutral Zone ceases. [FASA]

Admiral Randolph Morrow informs all Star Fleet vessels that "According to information obtained by the highest levels of Star Fleet Command, the race of energy beings referred to as the Organians have ceased their enforcement of the Organian Peace Treaty." Apparently, the Organians will no longer intervene in any actions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, which means that interstellar war is again possible. [FASA]

The Klingons decide to be masters of their own fate rather than wait and see what fate the U.F.P. will provide for them and declare war on the Federation opening the Third Klingon-Federation War. They attack U.F.P. outposts, swiftly destroying border stations and driving the Federation back 2,000 to 3,000 parsecs by the end of 2282. The savage battles of the doomed border forces, including the cruiser U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) and the Ghostlight fighter squadron are legendary. [FASA]

The Federation is able to bring the 4th (Kzinti border) and most of the 5th (Gorn border) Fleets into action, but raids by Romulan "privateers" (which will escalate through 2282) keep the powerful 6th Fleet tied down. Federation counterattacks are local affairs, and their own Operation Hydra (a drive to reach Hydran space and help the Hydrans get back into the fight) destroys one Klingon battle station before being badly defeated and forced to retreat. Most of the survivors of this expedition are trapped at Starbase 15. [FASA]

The Orions declare neutrality. [FASA]

The Klingons are, however, able to penetrate Federation space and send Ambassador Thad Vak Kaleen to the Romulan capital to discuss their alliance. Some speculated that the successful arrival of Kaleen on Romulus is the most significant and far-reaching event of the year. [FASA]

The Lyrans, not particularly happy with the developing strategic situation, recognize that it cannot be helped and take over most of the Kzinti and Hydran fronts as well as sending a squadron to the Federation front.

The newly-formed Klingon Northeast Fleet drives into the Federation-Kzinti border area, destroying the Kzinti starbase there but fails to destroy the Federation starbase as well. While this operation does succeed in tripling the length of travel between the U.F.P. and Kzinti capitals, it does not completely sever that length, and the combat power expended here comes from that which had been assembled for a final attack on the Kzinti home world, an attack that never happens. [SotF2, SFB]



Somehow the Federation hangs on, although the fleet assembled to relieve Starbase 15 has to be sent to stop the Romulans instead. Starbase 15 falls to an assault by the 3rd Klingon Marine Division. With what's left of the economy on full wartime production, the shipyards produce new fleets to replace those lost and the front line is stabilized less than 2,000 parsecs from Earth. [SFB]

The Kargon Incident: A U.F.P. outpost located in the Orion sector of space is attacked by a group of six Klingon D-18Bs, commanded by Captain Kresz sutai-Kargon. The U.S.S. "Kongo" (NCC-1710) accompanied by two "Loknar" class frigates, the U.S.S. "Halk" (NCC-2742) and U.S.S. "Rome" (NCC-2726) respond to the outpost's distress call. The ships arrive too late to save the outpost, but not too late to engage the Klingons. Detecting only three ships on sensors, one with severe damage and the others with minor damage, Captain J.C. Fredriksen of the "Kongo" orders the frigates to close with the Klingons and demand their surrender. In the meantime, the "Kongo" approaches the D-18 lying dead in space. As the "Kongo" nears the vessel, sensors pick up three ships coming out of warp to the rear and the systems aboard the dead ship coming to life. The damaged D-18 destructs with such tremendous force that the "Kongo's" starboard nacelle is ripped from the hull and the port engine is damaged beyond repair. The incoming D-18s fire into the burning wreck of the "Kongo" and complete the deed their comrades had begun. The "USS Halk," also taken by surprise, never has a chance to return fire and the first volley of shots from the oncoming D-18s totally destroy the frigate. The "USS Rome," however, opens fire on one of the disabled D-18s and scores two photon torpedo hits on its bridge and numerous phaser hits to its engines. Turning on the other disabled D-18, the "Rome" begins firing as fast as it can, scoring hits with every shot. The D-18s rushing in from their attack on the "Halk" fire in unison, and the "Rome" suffers the same fate as the other two Star Fleet vessels. News of this attack reaches Star Fleet three days later when a communications marker from the "Rome" is retrieved. [SotF, SotF2]

The U.S.S. "Tori" (NCC-1725), "Lafayette" (NCC-1720), and "Wasp" (NCC-1721) defeat the Klingon hunter-killers "K'chss" and "K'utuul" during the Taal Tan Offensive at Linze: Klingon attacks upon U.F.P. merchant ships. This substantial increase in Klingon activity leads to the construction of additional frigate-type starships by Star Fleet: the pacifist bloc falling out of favor with the Offensive having shaken the Federation Council. [SotF, SotF2]

In the fall of this year, the Klingon-Romulan Coalition offers the Federation "an honorable peace" which would result in "demilitarization" of the Federation's outer provinces (which would then be policed by Coalition "peacekeeping" patrols). After much debate, Federation Council Chairman Buckner wins a motion to accept the offer by a single vote. [SFB]



The First General War has now reached virtually complete escalation. The Grand Alliance (Gorn-Federation-Kzinti) fleets battle Romulan-Klingon-Lyran Coalition fleets. The Hydrans have co-belligerant status with the Grand Alliance, but are not formal allies. [SFB]

The Klingons and Romulans launch several raids on the Federation home worlds but never make a serious attempt to capture them. A faction of the Kzinti government attempts to negotiate a separate peace with the Klingons this year, and the "Admiral Kang" sets out on its most exciting voyage. However, this effort collapses when a "palace coup" by the Patriarch himself eliminates the defeatist faction. This is the nadir of the Grand Alliance; from this point on cooperation between the major Allies increases steadily. [SFB]

This period of the War (The Days of the Devastated Zones) is known for a series of unusual incidents and battles, including:

-the famous mutiny on the IKS Demonslayer

-the rescue by Commodore Radley of a Federation squadron trapped in stasis fields

-the mutiny of an entire squadron of Klingon ships from the mothball reserve fleet

-and (perhaps the most unusual incident of all) the wild battle around the Orion station known as Mad Jack's Hole. [SFB]

The U.F.P. gains steadily in the overall balance, and the Coalition gradually loses the ability to control the conduct of the war. The initiative reaches parity when the Hydrans, with a new shipyard fully operational in the Old Colonies, begin launching a series of major assaults on the Lyran "Firewall" bases leading to "The Battle of the Line" that exhausts the combatants to a sputtering stalmate. Hostilities flare up whenever one ofthe combatabnts can afford the gesture. [SFB]

Genesis Device detonates, immidately perking an intrest in the Klingon Empire. [ST II, ST III]

Admiral James Kirk, in direct violation of Star Fleet orders, takes the "USS Enterprise" to Genesis in order to get hold of Spock's body to save his katra (soul). The crew returns to Genesis, but the battle-damaged ship is ambushed by a Klingon "Bird of Prey" scout commanded by Captain Kruge, also responsible for the destruction of the U.S.S. "Grissom" (NCC-638) superscout/survey vessel.To avoid the capture of the ship by the Klingons, Kirk has to destroy the Enterprise. The Klingons kill Kirk and Carol Marcus' son, David, but Spock can be saved and his mind is reintegrated into his body ("Star Trek: "The Search for Spock").

The "Enterprise" is self-destructed upon encountering a Klingon Bird Of Prey. Kruge dies in combat, and the Genesis planet breaks up into an asteroid belt. Admiral Kirk and his officers capture the Klingon scout ship intact, recover the Genesis Wave regenerated Captain Spock, and spend the next three months in exile on Vulcan. Maltz, one of the Klingon officers taken into custody, will help the Federation Scientific Research Council in the preparation of 'The Klingon Dictionary'.



Shortly after the destruction of the Genesis Planet, Star Fleet disposes of its entire supply of protomatter. Admiral Drake is able to produce records proving that all of the supply is accounted for. The Genesis Investigation Committee concludes that David Marcus had obtained protomatter from outside of the Federation, possibly the Klingons. [GN 20]

Kiltarc zantai-Neygebh, Klingon Ambassador to the U.F.P., arrives on Terra. He meets with a select committee of Federation Council members, ranking Star Fleet officials, and Federation Supreme Court Justices. Describing Admiral James T. Kirk, in his role in the Genesis Project, as a pirate and interstellar criminal who has recklessly endangered peace in known space, Kiltarc demands that Kirk be turned over to the Klingon Diplomatic Corps to stand trial in the Klingon Empire for his crimes. The Federation Council President responds that if Kirk is going to stand trial anywhere, he will do so within the Federation and under Federation jurisprudence. At the moment, however, Kirk is immune to prosecution while receiving political asylum from Ambassador Sarek on Vulcan. [ST IV, FASA]

Before his death, Imperial Security Officer Karamark vestai-Treth secretly transmits a copy of the Genesis data obtained by Kruge to his superiors on Klinzhai. [FASA]

When an alien probe on the search for the extinct humpback whales threatens Earth, Kirk and his crew travel to the past in a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. They find two whales in the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito and after some problems with 20th century customs and technology, they manage to take the whales with them ("Star Trek: The Voyage Home").

With the assistance of Koloth, Kirk and Sulu rescue the remaining survivors of the Gagarin from a Klingon prison camp. [In The Name Of Honor - TOS#97]

Lokar becomes Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, succeeding Mow'ga. [In The Name Of Honor - TOS#97]

Spock's illogical brother Sybok seizes control of the Enterprise and with his telepathic abilities he influences the crew except for Kirk, Spock and McCoy to head for the center of the galaxy where he believes is the planet Sha-Ka-Ree. At their arrival the landing party is received by a strange being that claims to be God. The Piercing of the Great Barrier at the Galactic Rim proves that it is not the same as the interdicted Galactic Barrier. Captain Klaa attacks the Enterprise while en route. ("Star Trek: The Final Frontier").



With the front line stabilized and the Federation economy churning out new ships faster than the Coalition can kill them (and the Coalition economy just beginning to falter), the Federation goes on the strategic offensive. Knowing full well that any offensive would have to be limited in scope and focused on a specific and valuable objective, Star Fleet Command decides on a drive toward the Tholians to separate the Klingons and the Romulans. Such a move would divide the Coalition (preventing them from moving supplies and ships back and forth), make optimum use of the U.F.P.'s interior lines, draw ships from both the major Coalition powers away from the badly damaged Federation Allies, reduce the effectiveness of the Romulan KR class ships by cutting them off from spare parts they could not supply themselves, and ultimately allow the Alliance to force a separate peace on the Romulan Star Empire. The Federation drive, called Operation Wedge, is coordinated with a Hydran assault on the Lyran Firewall bases and with a Gorn feint at the Romulan home worlds.

One of the most spectacular Hydran failures takes place at this time when a Hydran squadron, trapped with its back to a gas giant, is cut to ribbons by Klingon forces.

The Tholians are fiercely neutral, despite several minor Coalition attacks on their borders, will in effect move the edge of the galaxy closer to the Federation start lines.

The neutralized Orion cluster will, under the right circumstances, return to full membership in the Federation, allowing a bloodless conquest of one-third of the necessary distance to the Tholian border. Several alternative operations for the first Federation strategic counter-offensive (as opposed to the numerous local counterattacks) are considered and rejected. Ultimately the plan succeeds. Strong drives knock out key Klingon and Romulan bases, and a swift maneuver encircles the Orion enclave and forces them (although not the pirate fleet) to return to the Federation. The second stage of the drive in the fall of this year reaches the Tholian border, and the Tholians tentatively accept a "friendly power" status just short of an outright alliance with the Grand Alliance. They will not allow U.F.P. ships into their territory. Throughout the year there are continual operations along the front line between the Federation and the Klingons and Romulans. In one such battle, a Klingon fleet launches a deep raid behind Federation lines but are barely able to escape after their frigate squadron (the deepest penetrating unit) gets trapped and annihilated.

The Klingon destroyer "Qrish" is pursued between borderspace and Donatu, by U.F.P. starships upon discovering her disappearence from her homeport in the Shahkur star system. The U.S.S. "Hood" (NCC-1707) heavy cruiser is destroyed in the ensuing battle and the new destroyer U.S.S. "Ajax" (NCC-547) withdraws badly mauled. The "Qrish" escapes unscathed. [SotF, FRS]

The U.S.S. "Ra" (NCC-26279) Mark II "Reliant" class cruiser is destroyed either by hostile action or natural disaster, causes unknown. [FASA]

The L-24 "Vor'Cha" ("Ever-Victorious") class battleship enters service in the Klingon navy. The largest warship in the Klingon fleet, this mammoth ship is commissioned into service prior to the testing of the U.F.P.'s "Excelsior" class and for a short period of time the balance of power along the borders turns in favor of the Klingons. The L-24 uses the most powerful warp and impulse engines in the Klingon inventory yielding a highly efficient maneuver ratio and allowing a sustained speed of warp 6 for long periods of time (warp 8 is maximum). The ship's 480 troops and their 8 light support vehicles are capable of being transported to the ground in less than 7 minutes. In addition the ship carries a crew of 1,070. [FASA]

The "Tribble Ship" mystery regarding the U.S.S. "Mundy" is solved when two of its crewmembers are found in an asteroid cluster, somehow having been missed when the search parties checked the area for survivors. They reveal that they had been boarded by a band of renegade Klingons who, when they discovered that the cargo was tribbles, became so infuriated that they killed the captain and officers and left the crewmen on the asteroid.

With the links between them cut, the Coailtion begins a series of attacks on the Federation to regain the territory and reopen the routes. When these fail, the Coaltion (perhaps in frustration) looks toward Tholian territory as a possible new route. This is yet another strategic mistake that will change the course of the General War and the nature of the alliances.

The Klingons, based on the success of a local attack by a fighter swarm that destroyed a Tholian battle station, reason that the Tholians can be easily conquered and that the Federation is too overextended to provide them with any significant aid. The Tholians occupied what had once been Klingon territory--and the Klingons want it back. The Lyrans argue against the drive, saying it would simply add dozens of ships to the Alliance forces. The Romulans argue against it because their cloaked ships are vulnerable to Web.

The Romulans launched the last raid on the Federation home worlds, devastating Rigel IV. Their loss of the dreadnought "Consul" in the attack brought an end to strategic penetration attacks by the Coalition. Thereafter, the Romulans make only token attacks but do tie down some Alliance forces.

The Klingons persist and launch a series of furious attacks that will last the entire year. All new Klingon production is thrown into Operation Nutcracker, along with the strategic reserves. The Klingons finally pull out of the "firewall" bases on the Hydran front, leaving them to the Lyrans. The Lyrans "temporarily" take over sections of Kzinti territory to release Klingon fleets for the attack and (for the one and only time) send a full squadron of ships to the Tholian border. Some Lyran ships return to the Federation border, but the limited logistical support in the sector makes it difficult to support them, and the U.F.P. continually raids their tenous supply line, keeping them from being effective. In a desperate panic, the Tholians allow Gorn and Kzinti squadrons to enter their space and participate in the defense against the Klingon (and to a lesser extent Romulan) onslaught. This is the first significant deployment of Kzinti and Gorn forces outside of their own territory, and the first time outside the range of their own supply lines. It will provide valuable lessons for future operations, such as the upcoming Operation Remus. [SFB]

The "Soyuz" class frigates are withdrawn from service. [TNG 218]

In the many months since Operation Nutcracker the Klingons have pulled specialist ships (maulers and carriers) off of the Federation border for the attack on the Tholians. By this stage, the Tholians have lost virtually everything except their capital, and that has been devastated. This is the time during which Ardak Kumerian is restored to his rank as Captain of the D6 "Destruction". [SFB]

At the very moment of victory, the Klingons encounter a new Tholian force: the Neo-Tholian 312th Battle Squadron. The exhausted Klingons are unable to develop tactics against this new technology in time and are forced to back away from the Tholian capital with losses. The Romulans are ejected completely from Tholian territory. The crisis passes, but the war has changed forever--and not in the Coalition's favor. In the final analysis, the Klingons take the blame for championing the ill-fated campaign and making a major error in attacking the Tholians. The operation fails, and worse, it destroys the last strategic reserves of Klingon ships. [SFB]

Aside from their introduction of fast patrol ships, the last of the Lyran reserves were already lost in a dozen small indecisive battles on the Kzinti and Hydran fronts. The Hydrans finally manage to destroy the Lyran firewall bases in a major offensive. The strategic initiative passes firmly into Alliance hands. This episode enhances the cooperation of the Alliance (by the deployment of fleets outside of their home theaters) and adds a new, if minor, power: the Tholians, with their ships and resources, to the Alliance as the Lyrans had warned. The links between the Klingons and the Romulans are weakened (they blame each other for the failure) and effectively ends their alliance, reducing them to mere co-belligerents. [SFB]

After the failure of Operation Nutcracker, the Coalition (particularly the Klingons) are at a severe disadvantage in total available forces due to the steadily eroding economic situation. The U.F.P. is able to push the Klingons and the Romulans back to the original borders, where they run into the original network of Coalition bases that had been steadily upgraded during the ten years of war. Here the Federation advance stalls. The advent of fast patrol ships turns the war into one of attrition, and the campaign develops into trench warfare. [SFB]

Captain K'Temok, commanding the Klingon warship "T'Ong," embarks on a long-term voyage with his crew in suspended animation. [TNG 146]

Chancellor Lokar dies in battle and is succeeded by Chancellor Kesh. [CON]



Federation negotiator Curzon Da, a Trill symbiote, conducts difficult talks with Klingon representative Kang at the Korvat colony. Another hostage situation at Nimbus III colony aggravates Klingon-Federation relations (DS9: "Blood Oath").



Six crewmen from the Excelsior are taken hostage by the Anjiri-Nykuss, including Commander Chekov. The intervention of Captain Koloth nearly results in a war. Afterward, Chekov returns to the Enterprise as Security Chief. (War Dragons - CT#1)

A criminal known as the Albino is chased and nearly captured by Kang, Kor and Koloth (DS9: "Blood Oath").

The Klingon sleeper ship T'Ong begins a long-time exploration mission (TNG: "The Emissary").



KEHL (Keep Earth Human League) members stage protests on Earth, growing in force and popularity due to telepathic influences of the Fleelans (Romulan-raised Vulcan descendants). Cadet Peter Kirk is kidnapped by the KEHL and taken to Kronos by Kamarag, also influenced by the Freelans, as a pawn to lure Captain Kirk. The Romulans intend to shatter peace relations between the U.F.P. and Klingon Empire and trigger a war. Under mental influence, the Klingons attack the Patelva colony among other border worlds and the starship "Enterprise" comes to their aid. The "Enterprise" returns to Vulcan for a brief drydocking. Captains Kirk and Spock, and Dr. McCoy rescue Peter Kirk from Kronos and take the "Enterprise" up against the advancing Klingon warships at the Neutral Zone. With the Freelan Plan exposed, Wing Commander Taryn surrenders after defeat in armed combat with Ambassador Sarek. The Romulan-raised Freelan Vulcans are released.

Commanders Uhura and Chekov go undercover on a 6-month mission to flush out illegal weapons dealers of Klingon armaments, under orders from Star Fleet Intelligence. They give the appearance of having been dishonorably discharged from Star Fleet. [GN 20]



Klingon Chancellor Kesh dies and is replaced by Gorkon. This ushers in the first real chance of Federation-Klingon Empire peace. The Romulans react by recommencing the "First General War".

Klingon forces, under the command of Admiral Kor, win the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt against the Romulans. Kor is celebrated in the Council Hall. . This is most likely the time when the Klingon-Romulan alliance ends.[DS9: "Blood Oath"]

Unknown forces attack Themis and Kudao (Assumed Romulans). The Klingon moon Praxis explodes, giving the Klingon Empire 50 years of life left. The starship "Excelsior" (NCC-2000) witnesses the subspace shockwave in the Beta Quadrant of the Reydovan sector after 3 years of surveying 54 planets. [ST VI]

At the behest of Ambassador Sarek, Captain Spock opens a dialog with Gorkon, chancellor of the Klingon High Council. He proposes to commence negotiations at once. [ST VI]

On the U.F.P. frontier, the 3rd and 5th Romulan Star Legions conduct minor operations against Federation patrols. The lower pressure, however, allows the Federation to build new battle stations in the Devastated Zone, capture a key planet in the original Neutral Zone, and assemble a battle fleet to take the offensive. The Kzinti offensive reaches Zamyan, retakes the planet from the Lyrans, and destroys a newly-built Lyran base. Federation ships operate in Kzinti space in support of the offensive against the Lyrans. The Hydrans will eventually recapture the capital this year, forcing the Lyrans to retreat to the original border, effectively accepting a tacit separate. Admiral Kumerian (head of the northern training fleet) arranges to trap and destroy a Kzinti drone bombardment cruiser. This brings him to the attention of the Chancellor, who will later decide to give that officer a field command that will prove rather unfortunate. The Klingons will continue a fighting retreat through at least 2293, consisting mostly of small patrol actions involving attrition units, as their change in leadership has left them shaky. The Klingon commander on this front knowing that he will not receive new ships, unlike the Hydrans, and eventually will lose the fight and retreat to the original unbreachable border defenses. Before this final retreat, however, the commander extracts every credit-worth of resources from what little territory still held. The WYN Alliance conduct their most extended operation to date, sending a raiding force all the way to the Federation border. [SFB]

The Klingon-Romulan Alliance is dissolved. [TNG 181]

A Hydran-Klingon Conflict occurs. This is a prelude to war between the Klingon Empire and the Hydran Congress. The latter are a cloistered people on the verge of interstellar flight. [TNG #31]

The Federation urges its allies to launch a renewed offensive against the Romulans, reasoning that with only a handful of dreadnoughts on the front line, two-thirds of the Romulan Empire literally burned to the ground, and the imperial fleet in tatters, actual conquest (or subjugation) of the Romulans is possible. This would solve a long-term problem that had faced the Federation and Gorns for more than a century. However, the problem is that no such offensive is possible without drawing one U.F.P. fleet and one Kzinti fleet from the Klingon-Lyran theater. Two Federation fleets can't be transferred, as the Kzinti would have had to divert parts of their fleet to defend U.F.P. territory. The Kzinti flatly refuse and present good arguments in favor of their position. While the subjugation of the Romulan Star Empire would solve Federation and Gorn problems, it would do nothing for the Kzinti (at least not immediately). The Kzinti also consider the key victory of the Operation Remus campaign (that of their own expeditionary fleet) to have been a matter of sheer luck that could not be counted on again. Moreover, the Romulans, even left to themselves, will not become a threat to the U.F.P. and Gorns for at least a decade.

The Grand Alliance then turns its attention to the Klingons. Considering that the fleets that would have been required as garrisons would have been no smaller than those left on combat patrol, there is little validity in claims that the war will turn out any more favorably for the Alliance. The Romulans rush to get the ROC "Senator" into service, but then repair the "Gemini" (not having been converted to a space control ship) before completing the conversion of the "Leviathan." Romulan dreadnought strength, which had been eight in 2288 has fallen to only three (the "Colussus," "Proconsul," and "Behemoth"), although this will increase to six by the end of 2294 with the completion of the "Leviathan" and the "Senator" and the repair of the "Gemini." They also convert "Superhawk" cruisers to the questionable "Killerhawk" and "Thunderhawk" designs. Romulan efforts are devoted exclusively, from this point on, to retaining what is left of their economy. Low-level attrition battles will continue through 2295, but there will be no major operations in the Romulan theater that will affect the course of the war. The Romulans and the Gorns devote more and more of their forces to the IOC frontier. Meanwhile, the Klingon-Lyran/Kzinti-Federation front remains stable since it returned to the original border circa 2289. Occasional operations punctuate what is otherwise an attrition battle without major changes in ownership of terrain, while the WYN had taken over the Orionowned shipyard in the Cluster last year. The Klingons use their last operational reserves for an unsuccessful attack on the WYN Cluster. (The original commander assigned to this operation, Admiral Korath, is killed when Federation F-15 fighters intercept the fast patrol ship leader he was using for an inspection tour. Command then devolved onto Commodore Ketrick, the officer who had drawn up most of the plans. Ketrick is also killed, but his flagship, the battlecruiser "IKV DeathDealer ," survives the debacle.) Shortly after this operation, the WYN frigate "Black Dragon" makes an epic voyage to the LDR to obtain gatling phasers for use on new WYN warships to take part in the War of Return (after the General War). After the success of Operation Remus, the Federation (facing an economy just starting to show the strain of war) sends its major units to the Klingon front and the Gorns deploy a fleet to that theater. The joint Alliance Command decides on an operation to destroy the key northern Klingon starbase. The theory being that the destruction of this base will collapse the northern Klingon sector, currently protected by a neutral Frax fleet. In one of the preparatory operations to pave the way for this Operation Cavalry, the Klingon 77th Gunboat Division is lured into a trap and destroyed. The combined Cavalry fleets drive into Klingon space, but the Gorn admiral-in-command allows his forces to be dispersed to engage several minor Klingon forces.

Admiral Cat-who-sleeps-with-dogs of the "Hegemony" refuses to directly engage the Coalition forces during Operation Cavalry, secretly being a critical part of the post-war plan for the return of the Usurper. It will eventually become involved in the battle of the "WYN and the Lion" involving the Lyrans. Meanwhile, the decisive battle against Kumerian's Red Fleet is an Alliance victory, but a pyrrhic one as the remaining fleet is inadequate to assault a starbase and virtually destroyed. In a strategic sense, however, the campaign is something of a victory as the last Klingon and Lyran elements are forced out of those parts of Kzinti space they still held. The Kzinti cannot, however, make serious headway against the original Lyran and Klingon border defenses, or perhaps they do not try. Late in the year, the Seltorian Tribunal Fleet arrived from the original Tholian home galaxy and began its first attrition operations against the Tholians. The only real effect this has is to effectively end Tholian willingness to send any expeditionary fleets into the Federation. Also this year, an attempt is made by one Romulan faction to negotiate a separate peace--a move blocked at Oxvind-V by the last Klingon ships operational in Romulan space. [SFB]



The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A Constitution Class Refit) under command of Captain Kirk, is assigned to escort the Klingon battlecruiser "Kronos One" through U.F.P. space. Gorkon, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, is assassinated and Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are sentenced to the Rura Penthe penal asteroid. Escaping from the asteroid, Kirk prevents the assassination of the U.F.P. President Ra-ghoratrei at the Khitomer Conference and destroys the prototype Bird of Prey "Dakronh," capable of firing while cloaked, commanded by General Chang. The "Enterprise" heads back to Earth to be decommissioned, her principle bridge officers anticipating retirement. "Enterprise" fatalities: Ensign Burke, Ensign Samno (Security Yeomen). [ST VI]

Azetbur succeeds her father, Gorkon, as Chancellor of the Klingon High Council and continues his work. [ST VI]

The Enterprise-A is destroyed while defending the Excelsior from Klingon warships under the direction of Starfleet Chief Admiral Drake. (The Ashes Of Eden)

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B reportedly will be loosely assigned to Starbase 12, taking part in many engagements in the Neutral Zone and the Triangle. She will serve on 4 five-year galaxy exploration tours and boast the least crew losses by death for six years straight. Often serving as a transport for dignitaries, the "Enterprise's" passengers will include at one time or another: the Klingon Chancellor and his consort, the Romulan Praetor, 6 of the most powerful Orion families, the whole Vulcan political hierarchy, 50 Star Fleet admirals, and the entire Federation Council. The ship's career will be ended 5 parsecs from the Imperial Klingon States upon engaging an IKS L-24 battleship and a Romulan "Nova" class battleship working together in the Triangle. [FASA]

Spock and Pardek meet on the Khitomer Conference (TNG: "Unification").

At a second Khitomer Conference, Captain Spock and Ambassador Sarek meet Delegate Pardek of the Romulan Star Empire (replacing the executed Ambassador Nanclus). Spock considers the unification of the Romulan and Vulcan peoples. The Khitomer Accords are signed, leading to the dismantling of the Klingon Neutral Zone. [GN 16, TNG 208]



The Klingons assemble a huge "swarm" force of fighters and and, hoping that one major battle will give them the bargaining strength to end the war, launch an attack.

Federation Admiral Jack "Cracker Jack" Radey saves the fleet at the Pleiades Turkey Shoot. After the victory, the Federation launches its only major attack on the Klingon capital, but this operation is defeated and accomplishes little more than wrecking the incomplete Klingon battleship "IKV Inviolable," a major propaganda victory. The B-10 battleship "Inviolable" (the 3rd on which construction was stared) was only partially complete when sent into action against the Grand Alliance offensive, and so heavily damaged that construction was never completed.

By the end of the year, the known galaxy is literally exhausted with no will remaining in any government to launch new offensives.

The last serious Klingon attack on the Kzinti destroys the infamous 23rd Fi-Con Division but accomplishes little else.

The Camp Khitomer peace conference continues to have an impact on StarFleet and the Klingon Empire. [GSM]

Kirk, Scott and Chekov accept an invitation from Kirk's nephews, Alex and Julius, to assist in the founding of a colony world, Sanctuary. The colonists are taken hostage by the Falorians, who plan to invade their sister world, Huan, using Federation technology acquired from the Orion Syndicate. Spock, McCoy and Uhura arrive aboard the Klingon vessel K'Rator to assist Kirk, thus fulfilling the honor debt of Chancellor Azetbur of the Klingon High Council. Sulu and the Excelsior assist in the defense of Huan. (The Last Roundup)



The Organians return and halt the war. They offer no explanation for their absence, but express hope that the "Lower Empires" (as they call the others) have "learned the futility of war." Tentative diplomatic initiatives by many races meets with a warm (if grudging) reception, and a general peace agreement ends the General War with the original borders more or less intact. However, within the next few weeks of the General War's end, a group of disgruntled officers will overthrown the Romulan government, precipitating the Romulan Civil War. [FASA]

The Klingons conquer the Krebiz following the period of the General War in their War of Annihilation, absorbing the remaining Krebiz into the the slave population of the Klingon Empire. The Klingons also set out to exterminate the Seltorian Tribunal, which had failed to eradicate the Tholians. The IOC sees their advantage in the ending of the General War, as they possess more ships than any three of the races combined, as well as the 'blessings' of the Organians. [FASA]

The Battle of Gamma Amar IV is fought. The Klingons soundly route the Federation forces. [TNG #33]



For decades, the WYN government council had consisted of seven members, of which three represented the Kzinti; one each the Orions, Lyrans, and "everyone else"; and the seventh was the Usurper (sitting as chairman). With the departure of the Usurper and most of the Kzinti, the demographics of the Cluster literally change overnight. A palace coup reforms the council, reducing it to 5 members (including an elected chairman and the vacant Orion seat) and reducing the Kzinti to a single seat. The council declares continued support for the Usurper, if only in the hope that he will not "return." Aggressive Lyran and Klingon probes in the last months this year will cause great concern and will result in the arrival of numerous Orion mercenary warships and the resumption of the construction of true Orion ship designs. [SFB]



Klingons establish first contact with the people of Ventax II. (TNG: "Devil's Due")



The Andromedans invade the galaxy with a vengeance, reaching the borders of the Lyran Democratic Republic. The Klingon B-10 battleship "Invulnerable" (the 4th on which construction commenced) is never completed, but the boom section is completed and assigned to the local defense of the Klinzhai system. It will be destroyed by the Andromedans this year, but will be the key to defeating the Andromedan attack on Klinzhai, the Klingon capital. The Romulan KB10R battleship design is never delivered or begun by the Klingons, though papers are signed with the Romulans promising delivery of the "Inseparable". [SFB]



The Klingon B-10 "Insatiable" (the 2nd of the battleship class on which construction began) was converted during construction to a B10V heavy carrier (which may have been ready for service in this form in 2294) and, when almost complete, was partially disassembled and converted to a B10S space control ship. It was completed this year and used against the Andromedans, carrying stasis field generators to trap an enemy ship in a helpless time-space energy field. [SFB]



War breaks out between the Klingon Empire and the Hydran Congress. The war will last decades and be bitter for both sides: "twenty years of war and twenty more of harassment" as described by the Hydrans. [TNG #31]



General Kaarg halts an incursion into Klingon space by the Tholians ("Serpents Among the Ruins," The Lost Era).


The combined Galactic Forces launch a three-pronged attack against the Andromedans in the Lesser Magallanic Cloud, the location of their sole base. The Galactic Powers consist of the Eastern Powers (Klingons, Lyrans, & Hydrans), the Central Powers (Federation, Kzinti, Tholians & Orions), and the Western Powers (Gorn, Romulans, Argonians)--the threeprongs. The Galactic Power bloc consists of the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire (later briefly a Republic), Gorn Confederation, Kzinti Hegemony (both parts), Tholian Holdfast, Orion Convention (including several pirate cartels), Hydran Kingdom, Lyran Empire, WYN Star Cluster, and the Argonian Republic. The Vudavians and the WYN are not involved in the three-prong attack against the Andromedans outside the galaxy, but instead fight several battles against them within our galaxy. The Krebiz, their territory absorbed after the Klingon conquest, serve in enlisted positions aboard older Klingon ships, like other servitor races. This is another beginning of cooperation between the Klingons and the U.F.P. The Interstellar Organian Concordium makes several appearances, both in support of and opposing the Galactic Powers. In the end, when the Andromedeans are defeated, the IOC turns on the Powers. [SFB]

Commander Sasine is assigned to the Foxtrot XIII outpost along the Klingon and Romulan borders ("Serpents Among the Ruins," The Lost Era).



Ditagh, a Klingon bodyguard to Chancellor Azetbur using the alias of Moragh, kills General Gorak in Azetbur's office when he is called to meet with the Chancellor. He immediately follows up with the assassination of Chancellor Azetbur. General Kaarg becomes Chancellor ("Serpents Among the Ruins," The Lost Era).



Fourth Klingon-Hydran War ends with a Klingon Victory. The Klingons will continue to put pressure on the Hydrans for the next Twenty Years. [TNG #31]



Ditagh becomes Chancellor of the Klingon High Council ("Serpents Among the Ruins," The Lost Era)



The Cardassian warship Sontok discover the ruins of the first Klingon Exploration ships, Ch'Gran, on Raknal V. This ignites the first armed conflict between the two Empires over planetary rights. Ambassador Curzon Dax is requested by the Cardassian Union to mediate a diplomatic resolution on board the USS Carthage with General Worf and Legate Zarin representing their governments ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era).



General Worf, who'd represented Captain Kirk and Commander McCoy when they had been accused of assassinating Chancellor Gorkon, is killed when his passenger liner collides with a damaged Cardassian freighter in orbit arounds Raknal V. This accident prompts a blood vengeance from the Klingons against the Cardassians ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era).


Chancellor Ditagh of the Klingon Empire dies of old age. Councillor Kravokh succeeds him ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era).



Nigel Holmes, First Officer of the USS Enterprise-C, is killed when his shuttle is destroyed by renegade Klingons ("Wells of Souls", The Lost Era).



The Klingon Empire allies itself with the U.F.P. after negotiations between Riva, Sarek, and Kobry. The alliance is suggested by Ambassador Spock. [TNG #0, V 131]



Worf is born on Qo'noS. (derived from "The Bonding")



Korleth, Son of Mi'Goth, is born on Qo'noS. He will later command the IKS Ty'Gokor. [ST:PTG]



Klingon Parrises Squares player M'Kota R'Cho strangles the referee after a controversial penalty (VOY: "The Year Of Hell").


Captain Garrett of the USS Enterprise-C and Captain Kestrel of the Klingon vessel IKS Qob'ral assist the Kolyati in repelling a Romulan invasion. ("The Shoulders Of Giants" Two: Rayvis, Strange New Worlds V)

Commander Ian Andrew Troi is killed on Raknal V when he is shot by a cloaked intruder while investigating a structural failure on the Klingon continent blamed on the Cardassians. The building collapses on Commander Troi and Lieutenant Elias Vaughn of Starfleet Intelligence. Vaughn survives, but Ian Troi does not ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era).



The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C heavy cruiser commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett successfully defends the Narendra III Klingon outpost under attack by 4 Romulan warbirds, but is destroyed in the battle. In a parallel timeline, the Enterprise suddenly disappears in a temporal rift to a point 22 years in the future, and the alleged cowardice infuriates the Klingons, leading to a twenty-year war with the Federation. In the restored timeline, Tasha Yar from the parallel time assists in defending the ship against the Romulans, but although they impress the Klingons as necessary, they fail. The survivors are captured by the Romulans (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise" [TNG 163, NTM, EDC] ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era)

The Romulans take prisoners from the destroyed "Enterprise" and Lt. Natasha Yar is among them (transported from the alternate timeline from 2366 A.D., stardate 43625.2). They are interrogated and killed, except for Yar who is taken as a consort by a Romulan general. At least in the Track 'A' universe, the Romulan Selan is present during the Narendra III attack as one of the Emperor's personal staff, and his first examination of Humans will be the prisoners taken from the "Enterprise." The Romulans believed they were justified in attacking Narendra as it was clearly established for strategic purposes, to spy in through the Neutral Zone and to test the Romulans. [TNG 201, GN 17]



The criminal known as the Albino finds shelter on Secarus IV, hiding from Kang, Kor, Koloth, and Curzon Dax (DS9: "Blood Oath").


The Khitomer Massacre: Romulan ships ravage the Klingon agricultural colony on Khitomer, killing 4,000 Klingons when they believe the Klingons are building a biogenic weapon. Worf and Kahlest are the only survivors. His brother Kurn had been left behind on Qo'NoS. The U.S.S. "Intrepid" (Excelsior Class NCC-38907), commanded by Captain Drew Deighan, offers assistance. This is the first major battle between the Romulans and Klingons after the end of their alliance. Sergey Rozhenko, a non-commissioned warp field specialist aboard the "Intrepid," adopts Worf after finding the boy buried under wreckage on the planet's surface. He will be raised on the farming world Gault. [TNG 165, TNG #5, TNG #29] ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era)

Worf's mother, Kaasin, kills the traitor Ja'rod, Head of the House of Duras, on Khitomer shortly before she is killed by Romulans. Ja'rod had given the Romulans the planet's access codes, which had later been blamed on Captain Mogh, resulting in Worf's excommunication ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era).

Worf is adopted by Sergey and Helena Rozhenko.

Klingon warriors defending an outpost on the perimeter of the Khitomer system are taken captive by Romulans under the leadership of Commander Tokath. Following 3 months of interrogation, they will live out the remainder of their lives in a Romulan prison camp on Carraya until Worf's arrival in 2369. [TNG 243]

Chancellor Kravokh of the Klingon Empire is challenged and killed by Councillor K'mpec on board the IKS Sompek after he fails to divert Klingon forces to Khitomer ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era).

K'mpec becomes Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era)

Chancellor K'mpec cedes Raknal V to Cardassia ("The Art of the Impossible," The Lost Era).



A new era of peace begins between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets (DS9: "Way of the Warrior").



Jeremiah Leger, is born in Odenton, Maryland on Earth. He will later be a bonded brother to Captain Korleth and will serve as Marine Battalion XO on the USS Miranda-B, [MIR]



Korleth enters the Klingon Defense Force Academy on Qo'noS. [ST:PTG]


Worf and Zak Kebron room together at Starfleet Academy. (Into The Void - NF#2)


The Romulans attack the Klingon Kapor'At Colonies, forcing the Klingons to abandon the system after a series of raids. At the height of the attacks, the Der'Nath colony puts 48 young children on a "ChunDab" class freighter bound for Kling. It never reaches its destination. Presumably crippled by Romulans, the freighter crashes on Selva. [TNG #23]



Worf and K'Ehleyr have an unresolved romantic relationship. Unbeknownst to Worf, they conceive a son together.


Korleth graduates from the KDF Academy and is assigned to the IKS Eliminator (D-7 K'T'Inga Class Battlecruiser) as a Security Officer. He will remain in that position for two years. [ST:PTG]

B'Elanna visits Qo'noS with her mother, Prabsa. (Pathways - VOY - Ch. 6)

Up to this point, since stardate 8725.0, the primary roles played by heavy cruisers in the Klingon Empire was as diplomatic couriers and ceremonial functions. This will change with Romulan attacks on Klingon colonies bordering the Neutral Zone. [FTS]

Captain Delrin Toval of the U.S.S. "Hindenberg" is awarded the Star Fleet Medal of Honor for his heroism in evacuating his crew after an unprovoked attack from IKS warships without a single loss of life. [FASA]

Captain Koren Anastas successfully occupies the last of the major Orion pirate outposts on Matacai. [FASA]



Renegade Klingon forces raid a Federation facility for the last time until 2369 [TNG 239](TNG: "Aquiel").

The "Vor'Cha" ("Alliance") class battlecruiser of the Klingon Defense Force enters service. The largest and most formidable of all vessels currently serving the Klingon Defense Force, the "Alliance" class is proof of the mutual cooperation and trust existing between the Free Worlds of Klinzai and the U.F.P.. [FASA]



Ensigns Soleta and Worf of the U.S.S. Aldrin are sent to Kalandra Minor, where they are attacked by a Romulan mercenary who is discovered to be Soleta's father. Soleta takes a leave from Starfleet. ("Revelations," No Limits - NF)

Korleth is promoted to Warrior 2nd Class and transferred to the IKS B'Tran (B'Rel Class Bird Of Prey) as Gunnery Officer. He will remain at this position for three years. [ST:PTG]



The GALAXY Class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is commissioned. While the ship's construction is about to be finished, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards engineer Marla Finn and another engineer become romantically involved. Lieutenant Walter Pierce becomes jealous and kills them both. Command is given to Captian Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant JG Worf will be assigned as helm officer. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "Lonely Among Us", "Eye of the Beholder").

While returning to the Federation aboard the merchant ship Pride, Spock and Soleta are taken hostage by Ferengi and are rescued by Klingons. ("Out Of The Frying Pan," No Limits - NF)

Heather Lynn Owens is born on Earth in San Francisco. [MIR: "Wasteland" Part III]



Jean-Luc Picard is commissioned as captain of the Enterprise-D. Commander William Riker is assigned First Officer. Beverly Crusher is CMO. Lt. Cmdr. Data is Operations/Navigation officer. Lt. Geordi LaForge is Conn Officer. Lt. Tasha Yar is Security Chief. Lt. Worf is stationed at tactical. Leonard McCoy, age 137, makes an inspection tour of the ship (Encounter At Farpoint - TNG).

Several bases and colonies reported 'missing' with no trace to unknown raiders.

B'Elanna Torres begins dating James Chesney. (Pathways - VOY - Ch. 6)

The Eshe family relocate to Qo'noS. Dhanishta will remain here until 2371. Dhanishta and her sister are 11 years old. [GAL]

In the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise finds a Talarian ship with three Klingons aboard. The Klingons claim to be have been passengers on the ship but turn out to be dissidents, opposed to the Federation-Klingon peace. They attempt to get Worf to help them when a Klingon cruiser enters the area and demands the return of the criminals. [TNG:"Heart of Glory"]



Korleth is promoted to Warrior 3rd Class and is transferred to Gowron's personal ship, the IKV BortaS (K'Vort Class Bird Of Brey) as a Tactical Officer. He will remain at this position for three years. During his tour on the BortaS, he'll form a good relationship with the future Chancellor that will help bring glory to his House. [ST:PTG]

As part of an exchange program, Riker becomes the new First Officer aboard the Pagh, a Klingon war vessel. Meanwhile, the Enterprise finds a strange substance on its hull which turns out to be a strange bacteria that feeds on metal. Realizing the Klingon vessel was also affected, the Enterprise races to locate that ship and warn them. After Riker returns to the Enterprise, Commander Klag succeeds Riker as First Officer and will remain in that position for upwards of a decade until the Battle of Mactan V when Captain Kargan is killed. [TNG: "A Matter of Honor"] [IKS Gorkon Novel Series]

The pre-alliance Klingon warship T'Ong is discovered with the crew still in suspended animation. An old love of Worf's, Kehleyr, comes aboard the Enterprise to brief the crew on their new mission. The Klingon ship, with a crew in suspended animation, was sent out while the Federation and Klingons were still at war. The mission of the Enterprise is to prevent the crew of that ship from awakening and rekindling an old war. Worf and K'Ehleyr momentarily renew their relationship. [TNG:"The Emissary"]



Romulans re-open Neutral Zone, reveal knowledge of Borg.

A time rift alters the Enterprise's history and reunites its crew with Tasha Yar and with the Enterprise-C, thought to have been destroyed 22 years ago at the Narendra III Klingon outpost. The Enterprise-C is sent back with Yar aboard, preventing another Klingon-Federation war. Yar later gives birth the Sela in the past. [TNG:"Yesterday’s Enterprise"]

Worf meets the brother he didn't know he had, and together they go before the Klingon High Council to defend their late father's honor against treason charges. Worf is dishonored for alleged crimes of his father, Mogh. [TNG: "Sins of the Father"]

Starfleet Command assigns an ambitious young officer to help the Enterprise investigate the disappearance of a Federation colony. The Borg attack the Federation. [TNG: "The Best Of Both Worlds"]

Wolf-359 battle costs Admiral Hanson thirty-nine destroyed of the forty ships in his Armada and over 11,000 casualities. The worst disaster suffered by any Fleet in recorded history to date. [TNG: "The Best Of Both Worlds"]

Jean-Luc Picard is abducted and assimilated by the Borg. As Locutus, he takes part in the attack on Starfleet at Wolf–359 as a Borg Cube invades Sector 001 of the Alpha Quadrant The Federation responded by mobilising every Starship which could reach the battle zone in time, and a fleet of forty starships under Admiral Hanson met the Borg at the Wolf 359 system. The result was a total catostrophe; thirty nine of the forty ships where destroyed with the loss of some eleven thousand personnel and the Borg cube proceeded undamaged. Initially much blame for this defeat was placed on Admiral Hanson, but over time it has become clear that there was little he could have done. The Borg had succeeded in capturing and assimilating Captain Picard prior to the battle, and had thus gained knowledge of Starfleet's capabilities and combat tactics. In any case, the Borg cube untimately proved simply too powerful for the forces arrayed against it. Although subsequent battles have been fought on a far grander scale with far larger forces, Wolf 359 came at a time when the Federation had not fought a major fleet action for decades. Large scale war was widely considered to be a thing of the past, and losses on this scale had not occurred in living memory. The psychological impact of the tragedy, followed by the imminent prospect of losing Earth itself to the invaders, was at least as great as any since. [TNG:"The Best of Both Worlds, Part I"]

The Borg have turned Picard into a half-Borg, half-human creature, and are using him in their plot to conquer Earth. [TNG:"The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"]



A century-old Klingon "lifeboat" is discovered with a survivor, K'pril son of Korpi. ("I Am Klingon," Strange New Worlds II)

Picard has a strained reunion with his older brother when he returns to his home town; while Worf's adoptive parents are hurt by his distant manner. [TNG: "Family"]

K'Mpec, the dying Klingon leader, asks Picard to find out which of the two rivals for his position has been poisoning him; and Worf has a reunion with his former mate. Picard set up as Arbiter of Succession. Duras kills K'Ehleyr, and Worf takes revenge by killing him. K'Mpec dies and, with Duras killed by Worf, Gowron succeeds him as Chancellor [TNG :"Reunion"]

Party held on the IKS BortaS in Gowron's honor in celebration of his ascendence to the Chancellorship of the High Council. Korleth remembers much drinking and much fighting. [ST:PTG]

B'Elanna Torres enters Starfleet Academy. (Pathways - VOY - Ch. 6)

An explosion in the dilithium chamber of the "Enterprise" results in injury to two engineering personnel. Klingon exobiologist exchange officer J'Ddan and "Enterprise" crewman Simon Tarses are accused of sabotaging the ship's warp engines and for a leaking information to the Romulans. Admiral Norah Satie is transported to the "Enterprise" to conduct an investigation and implicates Picard. [TNG:"The Drumhead"]

Enroute to Risa to attend an artificial intelligence seminar, Lt. Commander La Forge is intercepted and brainwashed by Romulans into assassinating Governor Vagh of Krios. Ambassador Kell is revealed to be aiding the Romulans in their goal of severing the U.F.P.-Klingon alliance. [TNG:"The Mind’s Eye"]

As civil war threatens the Klingon Empire, Worf's loyalties are torn between the Federation and his people. Gowron is confirmed as leader of the Klingon High Council. The Klingon civil war begins when the Duras family challenges Gowron. Lt Worf resigns his Starfleet commission in order to join Gowron's side in the war. The Enterprise successfully prevents the Romulans from supporting the Duras family in the Klingon Civil War. Worf's honor is re-established, and for the first time a Non-Klingon "arbitrator of Succession" is appointed. [TNG: "Redemption, Part I"]

Gowron becomes Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. [TNG: "Redemption"]

Klingon Civil War begins. [TNG: "Redemption"]



After discovering that the Romulans are assisting the Duras family, Starfleet sends a fleet to the Romulan-Klingon border. The fleet is successful in preventing Romulan border crossings. Gowron's forces defeat the Duras family, although the sisters Lursa and B'Etor escape. The Klingon civil war ends (briefly) and Lt. Worf returns to Starfleet service. Hostilities will flare up again later in 2368 and continue until Kahless' "return" in 2369. [TNG: "Redemption" part II]

Picard risks all-out war with the Romulans when he involves Starfleet in a Klingon civil war. Star Fleet sets up a blockade of 23 ships between the Romulus and Klingon systems, using a tachyon pulse web to locate cloaked Romulan warbirds. Captain Picard meets Commander Sela of the Romulan fleet. The Duras influence is broken and Worf regains his honor, and position in Star Fleet, as the Romulan warbirds retreat. [TNG:"Redemption, Part II"]

Korleth, for bravery, loyalty, and valor in his actions for Gowron on the IKS BortaS, is promoted to Lieutenant and placed as Chief Tactical Officer on the IKS Negh'var developmental project. He will stay at this post for four years. [ST:PTG]

The U.S.S. "Enterprise" is diverted from taking shore leave on Luxor IV to Atropos where an archeological expedition, led by T'Sara, is found massacred by Orion mercenaries. The legendary Devil's Heart stone (Ko N'ya) has been unearthed and is soon recovered from a wrecked Ferengi Marauder by the "Enterprise." Its discovery results in damage to the "Enterprise" and the destruction of the Romulan warbird "Haakona" (responsible for destroying Starbase 193) and the Klingon bird of prey "Plath." The Heart is beamed into a wormhole which transports the stone beyond the known galaxy, while reunifying the descendents of the Iconian race. The "Enterprise" heads for Vulcan to deliver the artifacts unearthed from the T'Sara excavation. [GN 13]

The "Galaxy" class frames for the "Qapla" Class Development Project are renumbered Q001 and Q002 for the "Qapla" and "Kai Tam" vessels respectively. Software architecture and transporter design will be frozen. The IWS also passes reviews 1 and 2, and also will be partially frozen. While warp power integration problems are solved, the separable hull design passes review 2 and is frozen. The design of the habitation module will be broken into Federation and Klingon variants with separate design teams. [KTM]

The keel of the "Qapla" (KL 762) prototype strike cruiser/heavy cruiser-exploratory is laid at New Aberdeen Yards. [KTM]

About this time, the Vulcan ship "T'Marisu" uses a virtual filter to aid in detecting cloaked Klingon renegade ships. Lt. Dax will use the same program on DS9 two years later to detect the "Helios". [DSN #9]

Following the death of Ambassador Sarek, Picard and Data travel to Romulus aboard the cloaked Klingon vessel IKS Kruge to investigate the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Spock is found in the company of Romulan Senator Pardek, who arranges a meeting with Proconsul Neral to discuss reunification with Vulcan. The meeting is simply a front for a planned invasion of Vulcan led by Commander Sela. After the plan is foiled by the Enterprise , Spock chooses to remain underground on Romulus. (Unification - TNG)

Recalled to Starbase 234, Admiral Ruah Brackett briefs Captain Picard on the disappearance of Ambassador Spock. Ambassador Sarek dies. Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data are transported to Romulus aboard the "Kruge," a Klingon Bird of Prey commanded by Captain K'Vada. The "Enterprise" investigates the disappearance of the starship "T'Pau" (NSP-17938) from the depot at Qualor II. [TNG 208][TNG:"Unification, Parts I and II"]

Enroute to Sector 27628 for survey, the "Enterprise" assists the transport "Denver" (NCC-54927) struck by a gravitic mine. Lt. Worf's spine is crushed. He undergoes a risky genetronic replication operation conducted by Dr. Toby Russell--and recovers. Loyalty and ethics clash when a paralyzed Worf asks Riker to help him commit Mak-To-Vor. [TNG:"Ethics"]

Charting the unexplored Typhon Expanse region, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D becomes trapped in time loop for 17.4 days. Breaking free, the "Enterprise" encounters the U.S.S. "Bozeman" (NCC-1841) from 2278. The Bozeman still had the battle scars from its encounter with Commander Kozara in 2278. [TNG:"Cause and Effect", Novel "Ship of the Line"]

Over the next three months, Captain Morgan Bateson of the Bozeman writes in his weekly journal about his retraining at Starfleet Academy. Captain Bateson and his crew learn what had happened in the aftermath of their battle to save Starbase 12 from attack. ["Future Shock," Strange New Worlds VII. "Ship of the Line"].

The Ko N'ya stone is recovered from a wrecked Ferengi vessel. The descendants of the Iconian race are reunified [conjecture]. (The Devil's Heart - TNG)



B'Elanna drops out of Starfleet Academy. (Pathways - VOY - Ch. 6)

While aboard the Enterprise, Klingon scientist Kurak is accused of murder by Dr. Crusher. (Diplomatic Implausibility - TNG#61)

Aboard a Bolian freighter, B'Elanna is captured by Cardassians, and is rescued by Chakotay and Seska. (Pathways - VOY - Ch. 6)

In orbit of Deinonychus VII, awaiting the arrival of the supply ship "Biko," Lt. Commander Data's interface with the "Enterprise's" computer malfunctions. Lt. Worf, Counselor Troi, and Alexander become trapped in a malfunctioning holodeck. They are sent into a Wild West showdown with a villain who's a dead ringer for Data. [TNG:"A Fistful of Datas"]

Worf and Data embark on unusual journeys to seek out their fathers. [TNG:"Birthright, Part I and II"]

Imprisoned in a society of peaceful Klingons and Romulans, Worf risks his life to show the younger Klingons their lost heritage and inspire them to claim their honor. [TNG:"Birthright, Part I and II"]

Several Klingon youth, including Toq, are liberated from a Romulan prison camp by Worf. Toq will later become the Second Officer (And later on First Officer) of the IKS Gorkon. (Diplomatic Implausibility - TNG#61)

Picard finds himself in a race with Cardassians, Klingons, and Romulans to solve a four-billion-year old genetic puzzle. Evidence is found that all humanoid lifeforms in the galaxy share common ancestors.[TNG:"The Chase"]

Worf finds his faith sorely tested when it appears that the greatest Klingon warrior of all time has returned from the dead to reclaim the empire. A clone of Kahless The Unforgettable becomes Klingon Emperor, ending Klingon Civil War between Gowron and Duras supporters on Council. [TNG:"Rightful Heir"]



Klingon Gor’Vosh station established at second Dyson Sphere there.(QD)

Dahar Master Kor is appointed Ambassador to Vulcan for the Klingon Empire (DS9: "The Sword of Kahless").

First contact with forces from beyond Bajoran wormhole named ‘Dominion.’

Aboard the Liberty, B'Elanna repairs a shuttlecraft with Seska. (Pathways - VOY - Ch. 6)

The crew of the Liberty begins constructing a base on an M-class planet in the Badlands. Tom saves B'Elanna from drowning. (Pathways - VOY - Ch. 6)

Bajoran militia leader Orta discovers a Malkus Artifact on Bajor's second moon. Dax, Kira and Captain Declan Keogh of the Odyssey are taken captive aboard the Rio Grande. (The Brave And The Bold, Book One: The Second Artifact)

Kira Murphy was caught in a compromising position with a group of Klingons, a Targ and three naked Orion females in a prohibited zone. [GAL:TNG]

Jeremiah Leger enters Starfleet academy at the age of 16. [MIR]

The Enterprise hosts Iyaaran ambassadors in their first contact with the Federation. Troi is assigned to host LoQuell who seems to take pleasure in lots of different things, including dessert. Originally, Riker was supposed to chaperone Byleth but the ambassador insists on Worf being his escort instead and, throughout their visit, Byleth orders the frustrated Klingon around seemingly intent on provoking the warrior. Meanwhile, Picard on his way to the Iyaaran homeworld with Vovall, crashlands on a planet where he is rescued by a strange woman who falls in love with him and dotes on him. [TNG:"Liaisons"]

Worf returns to the Enterprise from a Klingon competition only to find that reality is changing around him and he's the only one who realizes it. [TNG:"Parallels"]

Worf's brother in law saves the population of a village on a planet whose atmosphere becomes unstable, and so violates the prime directive. [TNG:"Homeward"]

Kang, Kor and Koloth, with the help of Jadzia Dax, finally track down and kill the Albino. Kang and Koloth die in the course of the battle (DS9: "Blood Oath").

Worf's son Alexander doesn't want to undergo a Klingon ritual to become a Klingon warrior. Meanwhile, a mysterious Klingon helps Worf when he is attacked when he visits a Klingon festival. [TNG:"First Born"]



Tharia, an Andorian member of Chakotay's crew, uses a Malkus Artifact to destroy the ecosystem on the Cardassian planet of Nramia. Tuvok poses as a Starfleet defector to infiltrate the Maquis, and is taken aboard Cal Hudson's vessel, the Liberator. The artifact is recovered by Captain DeSoto of the Hood. Tuvok joins Chakotay's crew. (The Brave And The Bold, Book Two: The Third Artifact)

Worf is promoted to Lt. Commander. (Star Trek VII: Generations)

Soran destroys whole worlds striving to get back into the Nexus, an energy ribbon moving through the galaxy. In his effort to stop him and save the Veridian system, Picard gets unexpected help from Kirk, who has actually spent the last 78 years inside the Nexus. They succeed, but Kirk loses his life, and the Enterprise-D saucer crashes on Veridian III Armagosa star system was destroyed by Dr. Tolian Soran. The Enterprise-D was destroyed by the sisters Lursa and B'Etor whilst attempting to prevent Dr. Soran from similarly destroying the Veridian system. The Duras Sisters were killed in the conflict. Picard and his crew were given a new SOVEREIGN class ship which will become the new Fleet flagship and was named USS Enterprise-E ("Star Trek: Generations").

A Romulan group led by Sela kidnaps Deanna and Alexander from Lwaxana Troi's home on Betazed. Worf and Will Riker are captured while attempting a rescue. While Picard and Odo are on Qo'noS, Sela sends Tom Riker to assassinate Gowron. The hostages are rescued by Captain Korsmo and Cmdr. Shelby of the U.S.S. Excalibur. Worf and Deanna break off their engagement. (Triangle: Imzadi II - Chs. 7-26)

After Quark accidentally kills a drunk Klingon in a brawl in his bar, Quark claims he fought the Klingon and won. His tall tale helps rebuild the dwindling clientel at his bar, and all seems to be going well until the family of the dead Klingon arrive on the Station. Soon Quark is kidnapped, taken back to the Klingon home world, and forced to marry the widow of the Klingon he killed. He then finds that he is embroiled in a bitter feud between two Klingon houses. [DS9:"The House of Quark"]

B'Elanna Torres and Lt. Tom Paris are abducted by the alien race who suffer from the Phage. During an experiment, B'Elanna is literally split into two separate beings--one fully Klingon, the other fully human--by Sulan, a Vidiian scientist in search of a cure for the deadly disease. Her two selves must learn to work together in order to escape the alien laboratory and rescue Lt. Paris. [VOY:"Faces"]



Korleth is promoted to Lieutenant and later Commander and takes the position of Chief Helmsman/Second Offcier on the IKS Heg'ta (B'rel Class Bird Of Prey) in anticipation of action against the Dominion. He will stay at this position for three years. [ST:PTG]

General Martok is captured by the Dominion and replaced with a shapeshifter (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow").

The keel of the "Targ" (KL 763), the third ship comprising the "Qapla" class, is laid down. General agreement is reached that the Borg threat has indeed been curtailed resulting in new mission objectives being established. System changes are made on the "Khai Tam" (NCC-81000), design changes are made in the "Targ," and the fourth and final prototype "Relentless" (NCC-81001). The "Qapla" (KL 762) lead ship requires a refit. [KTM]

The USS Enterprise (Sovreign Class NCC-1701-E)is launched under command of Morgan Bateson, with Montgomery Scott as Chief Engineer and Will RIker as First Officer. They succeed in preventing the Klingon Commander Kozara from capturing the ship and invading Cardassia. Picard, accompanied by Worf from Deep Space Nine, rescues Starfleet personnel from Cardassia, and eventually regains command of the Enterprise. [TNG Novel Ship Of The Line]

The Klingon Empire officially ‘withdraws’ from Khitomer Accords. [DS9:"Way of the Warrior, Parts I and II"]

Believing that the Dominion has infiltrated the Cardassian government, the Klingons launch an invasion under command of General Martok. Worf joins the Deep Space Nine crew as an advisor on Klingon relations. After Sisko intercedes to rescue the Cardassian leaders, Gowron calls off the attack but again places discommendation upon Worf's family. (The Way Of The Warrior - DS9)

Sisko is rather shocked when a major Klingon fleet appear at the station and ask for shore leave. The combination of their unusually quiet state and their harassment of ships in the area leads Sisko to seek help in the form of Lt Worf, formerly of the Enterprise. Arriving on the station, Worf discovers the purpose of the Klingon mission and agonises over whether to tell Starfleet or not. [DS9:"Way of the Warrior, Parts I and II"]

With their plan discovered the Klingons leave and begin an invasion of Cardassia in an attempt to secure a foothold near the Wormhole and a forward base against a possible invasion by The Dominion. After a conversation with Gul Dukat, who is now a leading figure in the new Cardassian civilian government, Sisko agrees to rescue the Cardassian government leaders from the invading Klingon forces. The Klingons retaliate and attack Deep Space Nine in force. [DS9:"Way of the Warrior, Parts I and II"]

Commander Worf transfers to Deep Space 9 after his mission with Picard. [DS9:"Way of the Warrior, Parts I and II"]

Dahar Master Kor, a revered Klingon warrior, set out with Worf and Dax in search of a mythical, ancient artifact they believe has the power to unite the Klingon Empire. [DS9:"Sword of Kahless"]

Cast out of Klingon society because of Worf's dishonor, his outcast brother asks Worf to kill him in a Mak-To-Vor ceremony. [DS9:"Sons of Mogh"]

To spare Worf's brother Kurn from the shame of his family's exile, his appearance and memories are altered, and he is given the new identity Rodek. (Diplomatic Implausibility - TNG#61, also Vengeance - DS9#22)

On DS9, Keiko O'Brien has her second baby. Worf visits his parents on Earth. [DS9:"Accession"]

Worf is put on trial for destroying a Klingon freighter carrying 400 civilians. Did he give the order to open fire in a blind rage, to prove himself a truely vicious Klingon warrior? If so, the Federation will have to extradite him to the Klingon homeworld to face a full trial. [DS9:"Rules of Engagement"]

Odo's molecular structure destabilization forces his return to the Gamma Quadrant aboard the "Defiant." He faces judgment by the Founders for murdering one of his own kind a year ago. Judged, he receives his wish of becoming Human and is permitted to return to DS9. Garak is sentenced to 6 months in a holding cell for sabotage, assaulting a Federation officer, and attempting to incite war between the U.F.P. and the Dominion. Meanwhile, a Klingon task force is dispatched to the Arcanis sector to reclaim it. Odo suspects that Gowron is a Changeling. [DS9:"Broken Link"]



Jeremiah Leger and the rest of his class are all rushed through the academy at the threat of war. He graduates a year early as an Ensign at the age of 19. His first assignment is the Utopia Planitia Shipyards to assist on construction and shakedown of the USS Davenport (Yeager Class) in the infamous "Frankenstein Fleet". [MIR]

Sisko, Odo, O'Brien, and Worf enter Klingon territory on a suicide mission to expose Gowron, the Klingon leader, as a Changeling during the Order of the Bat'leth ceremonies at the Warrior Planet Ty'Gokor. They uncover a changeling in the shape of General Martok. [DS9:"Apocalypse Rising"]

Worf helps Quark woo a visiting Klingon woman, despite the fact that he himself is in love with her. [DS9:"Looking for par’Mach in all the Wrong Places"]

Trapped on a planet under Klingon attack, Jake Sisko panics in the heat of battle. An open war with the Klingon Empire breaks out. [DS9:"...Nor the Battle to the Strong"]

The "Qapla" class "Khai Tam" (NCC-81000) heavy cruiser-exploratory is launched. Space trials show the integrity of the structural fixes. Dynamic warp tests show power integration problems are minimal. Dynamic impulse tests confirm the superior performance of the Klingon engines. Live fire tests of the IWS shows increased phaser and disruptor outputs and high photon torpedo yields. Software glitches cause gravity and replicator problems, however, which will be fixed by the year's end. Final hull coatings and markings are applied, and all lifeboats and embarked craft are docked. The commissioning of the "Qapla" will be delayed for almost a year due to continuing power integration and load distribution problems, and system refit delays. [KTM]

Sisko, Dax, O'Brien, Bashir, and Worf travel back in time to a pivotal moment in history of the Original Starship Enterprise (Constitution Class NCC-1701) to stop a Klingon from attempting to assassinate James T. Kirk (again). [DS9:"Trials and Tribble-ations"]

While vacationing on the planet Risa, Worf falls under the influence of a traditionalist group bent on destroying the pleasure paradise. [DS9"Let He Who is Without Sin..."]

A brief civil war strikes the Q Continuum. Supernovae explode all over the galaxy as the Q use the energy of countless stars for fuel to their kind of warfare. [VOY:"The Q and the Grey"]

While Worf and Garak are imprisoned in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko learns of a Dominion invasion. [DS9:"In Purgatory’s Shadow"]

Enabran Tain dies in a Dominion prisoner camp, but the real Martok can escape. [DS9:"In Purgatory’s Shadow"]

Gul Dukat announces that Cardassia is now a member of the Dominion, giving the Klingon Empire all the justification they needed for the war to begin with. [DS9:"By Inferno’s Light"]

During their exploration of a decimated colony, the Voyager Away Team is thrown into turmoil with the sudden onset of the Vulcan mating season. The ensuing irrational advances of a Vulcan crew member wreak havoc when they trigger Lieutenant Torres' involuntary Klingon mating instincts. Meanwhile, Commander Chakotay spots the remains of one of the colony's invaders--the Borg. [VOY:"Blood Fever"]

Quark confronts D'Ghor, a dishonored Klingon, with evidence that he has been stealing from Grilka, Quark's Klingon girlfriend. ("...Loved I Not Honor More," Prophecy And Change - DS9)

The Cardassians align themselves with the Dominion against the Federation and Klingon Empire. ("Final Entry" August 21, 2373, Strange New Worlds V)

On a mission for the Klingon Empire, Worf realizes that his friend General Martok is no longer fit to lead. [DS9:"Soldiers of the Empire"]

Deep Space Nine prepares to face a Dominion/Cardassian attack. An open war between the Federation and the Dominion breaks out when the Dominion conquers DS9. [DS9:"Call to Arms"]

USS Galaxy is present at the First Battle for Deep Space Nine. [GAL:TNG]



All ships stores are loaded aboard the "Qapla" (KL 762). The full complement of crew arrive, including over 200 Klingon exchange crew. The first fight breaks out in the ship's lounge (and considered part of the commissioning by the Klingons). A full complement of torpedoes are loaded, and a full-up shakedown cruise to Earth and back is completed. The cruise reveals only minor problems which are quickly corrected en route. No major repairs or refits are required in the yard. The "Qapla" class strike cruiser/heavy cruiser-exploratory (depending upon the fleet within service) is the first true Federation-Klingon hybrid starship, carrying a total ship's population of 855, warp 9.8 capacity, and an ordnance of 12 torpedo tubes, 4 phaser arrays, and 2 disruptor cannons. Four ships of this class will be initially built (KL 762-KL 763 & NCC-81000-NCC-81001) with the option of 20 additional ships for both Star Fleet and the Klingon fleet (deemed necessary in light of the Borg threat). The "USS Khai Tam" (NCC-81000) will be the first "Qapla" class starship to be commissioned. [KTM]

Several months into their war against the Dominion/Cardassian alliance, the Federation is fighting a losing battle. Having long ago abandoned Deep Space Nine, Sisko and his crew have been taking on the enemy from the U.S.S. Defiant. But they grow more and more demoralized as fleets of promised reinforcements are demolished. Reacting to the heavy losses, Federation Admiral Ross informs Sisko that he is no longer in command of the U.S.S. Defiant. Sisko and his crew embark on a secret mission in a captured Jem'Hadar warship. Part 1 of the six part War of the Dominion arc. [DS9:"A Time to Stand"]

Sisko and his crew are stranded on a remote planet with a dying Vorta and a small group of Jem'Hadar. Part 2 of the six part War of the Dominion arc. [DS9:"Rocks and Shoals"]

Worf must face his failures as a father when his estranged son volunteers for duty aboard a Klingon ship. Part 3 of the six part War of the Dominion arc. [DS9:"Sons and Daughters"]

While Sisko's promotion takes him away from the Defiant, Odo's loyalties are tested by the arrival of a fellow shapeshifter. Part 4 of the six part War of the Dominion arc. [DS9:"Behind the Lines"]

While Kira prepares for the destruction of the minefield that protects the Federation, Sisko hatches a daring plan to retake Deep Space Nine. Part 5 of the six part War of the Dominion arc. [DS9:"Favor the Bold"]

As Lieutenant Torres reluctantly faces the Day of Honor, an ancient Klingon ritual which requires examination of one's behavior, the U.S.S. Voyager is forced to eject the warp core, and she and Paris must launch a shuttle to tractor it back. Soon, the U.S.S. Voyager is ambushed by the Caatati, a race almost completely assimilated by the Borg, who demand Seven of Nine as ransom. When the Caatati attack the shuttlecraft, Torres and Paris are left suspended in space and prepare to die, prompting Torres to confide to her crewmate that she loves him. [VOY:"Day of Honor"]

The USS Davenport (Yeager Class) is destroyed at the Second Battle for DS9, killing the Captain and most of the bridge crew including Callie, Jeremaih Leger's fiance' at the time. Jeremiah was tossed into an escape pod by the Captain of the ship. Jeremiah, senior surviving officer of the Davenport, is rescued and is transferred to DS9. [MIR]

Korleth is knocked out of commission during the battle. He recives the Wound Badge afterwards. [ST:PTG]

The USS Miranda (Jupiter Class NCC-77000-A) participates in the Second Battle for DS9. [MIR]

The Federation, with help from the Klingons, reconquers DS9. With the minefield that protects the Federation soon to be demolished, Sisko leads what appears to be a suicide mission to take back Deep Space Nine. Conclusion of the six part War of the Dominion arc. [DS9:"The Sacrifice of Angels"]

Worf's plans for a traditional Klingon wedding are threatened when Martok's wife refuses to accept Jadzia Dax into their House. [DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited..."]

The Khitomer Accords are reinstated by Chancellor Gowron and Captain Sisko. [DS9:"The Sacrifice of Angels"]

When Dax is seriously injured during a crucial mission, Worf must question his priorities. [DS9:"Change of Heart"]

Sisko attempts to trick the Romulans into declaring war against the Dominion. The Romulans join the alliance against the Dominion when their ambassador is seemingly killed by the Dominion, but actually by Garak. [DS9: "In the Pale Moonlight"]

Betazed falls to the Dominion. Mr. Homn is killed. Lwaxana Troi begins to organize the Betazoid Resistance ("The Ceremony Of Innocence Is Drowned," Tales Of The Dominion War).

On Romulus, Spock investigates the assassination of Emperor Shiarkiek by Archpriest N'Gathan. Senator Vreenak's ship is allegedly destroyed by the Dominion, inciting the Romulans to enter the war ("Blood Sacrifice," Tales Of The Dominion War).

Jadzia and Romulan subcommander T'Rul attempt to create a biogenic weapon for use against the Jem'Hadar. ("The Devil You Know," Prophecy And Change - DS9)

Jadzia Dax is killed by Gul Dukat.

The USS Valiant is destroyed ("Dorian's Diary," Strange New Worlds III, The Battle Of Betazed) [Conjecture].

The Anti-Dominion alliance conquers the Chin'toka system in a large-scale attack. Jadzia Dax is killed by Gul Dukat, Worf mourns her loss. (Triangle: Imzadi II) [DS9:"Valiant"]

Ignoring the warnings of the Prophets, Sisko leads an invasion into Dominion territory. [DS9: "Tears of the Prophets"]

Korleth and Jeremiah Leger meet in a barfight on DS9. The two become fast friends. [MIR] [ST:PTG]



On Deep Space Nine, one of Bashir's nurses is revealed to be a Romulan agent. She assists Beverly Crusher and the Enterprise EMH, with the help of communications from Dr. McCoy and research by Dr. Phlox, in finding a cure for the "Vulcan Scourge," a Dominion bioweapon. ("Mirror Eyes," Tales Of The Dominion War)

Aboard the Destiny, Ezri Tigan becomes the new host of the Dax symbiont. ("Ninety-Three Hours," Strange New Worlds III, also "Second Star To The Right...," The Lives Of Dax)

Korleth transferrs back to the IKS Negh'Var as the ship's First Officer. He will remian at this post for two years. [ST:PTG]

Battle of Betazed. [TNG Novel "The Battle For Betazed"]

A secret Tal Shiar base in the Neutral Zone falls to the Dominion. Centurion Shinzon and his Reman regiment are sent to retake the base, where Shinzon discovers a Thalaron research lab and a positronic android called B-4. ("Twilight's Wrath," Tales Of The Dominion War)

Alliance wins significant victory in ‘Valley of Death' over 1,200 Dominion ships, but losses are enormous.

U.F.P is advised by Starfleet that they can expect to lose Alpha Quadrant to Dominion within several months PROJECT ARCHANGEL Accelerated. (DS9: "Image in the Sand", "Shadows and Symbols') [GAL]

Three months after a possessed Gul Dukat killed Jadzia Dax and sealed the wormhole, life on Deep Space Nine has changed. Kira, the acting commander, is upset when Admiral Ross informs her that the Romulans will set up a station office, while Sisko has retreated to Earth to contemplate a way of contacting the Bajoran Prophets -- the aliens who reside within the wormhole. When the vision of a woman's face, buried in the sand, appears to Sisko, he sketches her, and Jake recognizes her from one of his grandfather's photos. Part 1 of 2. [DS9:"Images in the Sand"]

Sisko meets Ezri, the new host of the Dax symbiont, before departing Earth for the planet Tyree with his father, Joseph, and son Jake. Ezri wished to accompany them on their search for Bajor's mythical Orb of the Emissary, which Sisko has been led to believe exists. Back at the station, Kira prepares a blockade to stop the Romulans, who have placed weapons on a Bajoran moon. On a Klingon ship, Worf, O'Brien, Bashir, and Quark embark on a mission of their own: to destroy a Dominion shipyard, thus securing a place for the spirit of Worf's dead wife Jadzia in the sacred Klingon afterlife of Sto-vo-kor. Part 2 of 2. [DS9:"Shadows and Symbols"]

In addition to coping with the memories of her past lives, Ezri Dax must deal with the range of reactions fer presence generates. Kira awkwardly tries to make conversation; Sisko is happy to have his old friend back; Quark flirts with her; and Worf, pained by the memory of his dead wife Jadzia, which Ezri's presence provokes, makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. Elsewhere, Garak inexplicably collapses and is rushed to Bashir's care. [DS9:"Afterimage"]

Odo is lured to a secret meeting site, where he finds himself face to face with Weyoun, the Vorta leader of the enemy Dominion. Weyoun announces that he's decided to defect and, in exchange for asylum, he promises to provide valuable information that could help the Federation win the war. After the two board Odo's Runabout, the ship is hailed by the Cardassians. Odo is shocked when the monitor displays Weyoun standing beside Damar. [DS9:"Treachery, Faith and the Great River"]

To Worf's surprise, he is paid a visit by Kor, an aging Klingon war hero. Kor admits that his ambition has earned him countless enemies, and that consequently he has been unable to secure the command of a ship. Worf promises to find him a miltary command, and approaches General Martok with the request--which is angrily refused. Martok explains that years earlier Kor had denied Martok officer status because he was descended from a common house. Undaunted, Worf appoints Kor as a third officer on the Ch'Tang, Martok's flagship, where he is treated with awe by the crew--much to Martok's chagrin. [DS9:"Once More Into the Breach"]

While making a supply run to the front lines, on the barren planet AR-558, Sisko encounters Starfleet troops that have been decimated during their five-month occupation of the largest Dominion communications array in the sector. If they can figure out how it works, Starfleet will be able to tap into Dominion transmissions. In addition to daily skirmishes with the enemy, the shell-shcoked forces are constantly threatened by "Houdinis"--anti-personnel mines that "hide" in subspace, then explode without warning. Determined to help commanding officer Nadia Larkin and her troops, Sisko stuns his crew by announcing that they're staying at the site indefinitely. [DS9:"The Siege of AR-558"]

Grand Negus Zek, the ruler of the Ferengi empire and paramour to Quark and Rom's mother, disappears while on a business trip to the Alternate [Mirror] Universe. Ezri's counterpart from the universe delivers word that Zek is a prisoner of the evil Alliance and will be killed unless Quark can secure a cloaking device, which renders a ship invisible. Quark and Rom steal one from a Klingon vessel, then accompany Ezri back to the Alternate Universe to retrieve Zek. The Klingons, naturally, are upset over the theft of one of their devices. [DS9:"The Emperor’s New Cloak"]

As Sisko revels in the purchase of Bajoran land, where he hopes to finally build his dream house, word reaches the station that Worf is missing in action after a fierce battle with the Dominion. Due to strategic concerns, Sisko calls off the search party before Worf can be found. Overcome by memories of Jadzia's life with Worf, Ezri steals a runabout and goes in search of Worf herself. Part 1 of 9. [DS9:"Penumbra"]

Kai Winn arrives at the station to "assist" Sisko with his wedding, and he admits the Prophets warned he would face a great trial in his future. Later, Winn has a long-awaited vision from the Prophets, who reveal that a "Guide" will soon visit her; the Prophets hope that, together, the two will lead Bajor's Restoration. Shortly before Sisko tells Kasidy that they must call off their wedding, Dukat, surgically altered to look like a Bajoran, appears on the Promenade. Sisko and Kasidy Yates get married. Part 2 of 9. [DS9:"Til Death Do Us Part"]

Lieutenants Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres tie the knot but their holographic honeymoon is cut short by a phenomenon that breaks down the U.S.S. Voyager's infrastructure and disintegrates not only the ship but the crew. [VOY:"Course: Oblivion"]

Worf and Ezri are beamed aboard a Jem'Hadar ship, where the Female Shapeshifter and Thot Gor, the respective leaders of the new Dominion-Breen alliance, prepare to sign a treaty designed to destroy the Federation and end the war. However, Damar objects to signing it because of concessions, made to Thot Gor, which could harm Cardassia. Meanwhile, Kai Winn and Dukat seal their bond by pledging to restore Bajor - even if the Emissary stands in their way. Part 3 of 9. [DS9:"Strange Bedfellows"]

The Breen join the Dominion. Worf and Ezri return to the station; Earth is attacked by the Breen. Damar plots to get the Dominion out of Cardassia. Dukat tells Kai Winn that she must release the Pah-wraiths from their prisons on Bajor. Part 4 of 9. [DS9:"The Changing Face of Evil"]

While Picard is visiting his niece at Starfleet Academy with Deanna, San Francisco comes under a surprise attack by the Breen. ("Eleven Hours Out," Tales Of The Dominion War)

The USS Defiant is destroyed in a battle against the Dominion. [DS9]

Jeremiah is wounded while trying to escape off of the USS Defiant. He will later awake in the infirmary on DS9. [MIR]

Chin’Toka system captured from Dominion in First Allied Offensive. [DS9]

The crew of the USS DaVinci are assigned to recover prototype encryption technology from a crashed Breen scout ship. ("Field Expediency," Tales Of The Dominion War)

Section 31, a secret Federation Intelligence operation, infects Odo with a deadly virus, supposed to erase all Founders. Sisko and his team must work with Damar and the Cardassians against the Dominion. Bajor asks Odo to donate some of his DNA to aid in a medical project. Kai Winn considers releasing the Pah-wraiths. Sisko commissions Kira and puts her in a Starfleet uniform. Part 5 of 9. [DS9:"When it Rains.."]

Odo's health fails fast because of the Changeling disease; Bashir works feverishly for a cure. Sisko fights with Chancellor Gowron for his recklessness in battle. Kira proposes stealing an enemy ship so that they can figure out its weaknesses. Part 6 of 9. After he has killed corrupt leader Gowron, Worf declares Martok Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. [DS9:"Tacking Into the Wind"]

Martok succeeds Gowron as Chancellor of the Klingon High Council. [DS9:"Tacking Into the Wind"]

Commander Klag of the I.K.S. Pagh battles and kills 10 Jem'Hadar soldiers and 1 Vorta following a crash on Marcan V. He is awarded command of the IKS Gorkon after he recovers from the loss of his arm and put in for induction into the Order of the Bat'leth the next year. ["A Song Well Sung," Tales Of The Dominion War]

Kira, Garak and Damar hide on Cardassia Prime after failing to mobilize the Cardassian resistance forces. ["Face Value," Prophecy And Change - DS9]

The USS Excalibur (Ambassador Class) completes its time-travel journey begun a year and a half earlier, arriving in the midst of a battle between a Romulan warbird and the Corinth, which had been captured by Cardassians led by a changeling. ["Stone Cold Truths," Tales Of The Dominion War]

Kira brings a dying Odo back to the station and he urges her to leave his side to fight with the Cardassian resistance. Bashir and O'Brien lure a Section 31 operative to the station in order to find the cure for Odo's disease, but their attempts to get into his brain prove disasterous. Part 7 of 9 [DS9:"Extreme Measures"]

Sisko gets a new Defiant. Kira, Garak, and Damar must hide on Cardassia when ambushed by the Dominion. Quark thinks he's been named Zek's successor. Rom becomes Grand Nagus of the Ferengi when Zek retires. Odo is pissed to find out that Starfleet engineered the disease that almost killed him. Part 8 of 9. [DS9:"The Dogs of War"]

Planet AR-558 communications array captured intact.

Bashir and Ezri find romance. The new Defiant joins the final battle to free Cardassia. Kira, Damar, and Garak plan to sabotage key Dominion locations while hiding on Cardassia. Kai Winn asks Dukat to help her free the Pah-Wraiths, which Dukat plans to use to destroy Sisko. Kai Winn is killed by Gul Dukat. Gul Dukat falls to his apparent death. Odo returns to his people and Sisko surprises everyone with his departure and sacrifice. Part 9 of 9. [DS9:"What You Leave Behind, Parts I and II"]

The Founders of the Dominion surrender to the Federation in return for the cure to a genocidal virus infecting the Great Link. [DS9:"What You Leave Behind, Parts I and II"]

Jeremiah Leger is promoted to Lieutenant JG and placed as the USS Defiant's secondary Security/Tactical Officer. He will remain at this post for two years.



Dominion War Treaty signed into effect at DS9. The Dominion will...

*Never come within 10 parsecs of the Gamma Quadrant exit of the Bajor Wormhole again

*Starfleet will set up and maintian a string of listening posts in Idran system near the wormhole.

*Cardassian Military disbanded and civil defence force replaces it.

*Cardassian government returned to the Detapa Council.

*All Cardassian and Breen warships and weapons will be destroyed

*Cardassian and Breen ships will only be sllowed minimal weapons necessary for self defense.

*Cardassian Empire worlds to be occupied by Alliance forces for the next ten years.

*New DMZ around Cardassian Territories will be enforced


Jake, Nog & Ezri discover a secret Breen outpost in Federation space. ["Fear, Itself," Strange New Worlds V]

At the behest of the Federation, Ambassador Worf is assigned to negotiate peace between the al'Hmatti—the native people of the planet taD—and the Klingons who occupy their world. Worf is transported by the Enterprise, as well as the I.K.S. Gorkon, whose crew includes Captain Klag, Commander Drex, Lt. Toq and Lt. Rodek (formerly Kurn, son of Mogh). [Diplomatic Implausibility - TNG#61]

Ambassador Worf returns to Qo'noS. [Diplomatic Implausibility - TNG#61 - Epilogue]

B'Elanna asks to be placed in a coma-like state when she wishes to free her mother from the Klingon Death Barge, the afterlife that awaits dishonoured souls, even if it is at the cost of her own. [VOY:"Barge of the Dead"]

The Spirit of Malkus the Mighty is freed from the final artifact on Narenda III, and possesses the minds of Spock, McCoy, Kira and DeSoto. Aidulac, the creator of the artifacts, succeeds in destroying them with the assistance of the USS Enterprise and the IKS Gorkon. [The Brave And The Bold, Book Two: The Final Artifact]

Captain Klag is inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth on the Warrior Planet of Ty'Gokor. The next day, Chancellor Martok charges the captains of the Chancellor-Class to go forth into the Kavrot Sector and begin to find planets worth of conquest for the survival of the Klingon Empire. [IKS Gorkon: "A Good Day To Die"]

Brenlek is found by the IKS K'mpec and is conquered within a week, being the first planet to come under Klingon rule since Martok's oreders. [IKS Gorkon: "A Good Day To Die"]

San-Tarah is found by the IKS Gorkon. After a series of martial events, the crew of the Gorkon loses and promises the Childeren of San-Tarah that the Empire will leave them alone. General Talak goes back on Captain Klag's word and beings the fleet in to conquer the planet. Klag calls on the Order of the Bat'leth to assist in defending San-Tarah and upholding Klingon Honor. In the end, Talak is killed by Klag and San-Tarah (on a technicality in one of their customs) willingly cedes into the Klingon Empire after seeing how the system of honor works. [IKS Gorkon: "A Good Day To Die", "Honor Bound"]

Vekhma, fomer shipmate of Klag's back on the IKS Pagh, becomes Captian of the Taj after the Battle of San-Tarah. [IKS Gorkon: "Honor Bound"]

The IKS Kravokh finds the Elabrej Hegemony and is quickly destroyed by a powerful new weapon that the Elabrej have developed. The IKS Gorkon is ordered to engage the Elabrej and do as much damage as possible before the fleet can arrive. The Elabrej surrender a few weeks later. [IKS Gorkon: "Enemy Territory"]



After receiving the news that she is pregnant with Tom Paris' child, and after learning that the child will have dominant Klingon features, B'Elanna has flashbacks to when she was a child, remembering how difficult her life was because of her Klingon heritage. [VOY:"Lineage"]

USS Voyager encounters a generational D-7 Klingon ship. When the crew of the ship beam over to Voyager after a warp core explosion, they believe that either B'Elanna, or her child is their savior as foreseen by their religious scrolls and prophecies. [VOY:"Prophecy"]

Jeremiah Leger transfers to the new Concorde Class Carrier. USS Pearl Harbor as Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer as the ship begins its deterrance run into the Gamma Quadrant. He finds the long hours boring and soon voulenteers for extra hours with one of the Starfighter Squadrons on board. He will remain on the Pearl Harbor for three years.



Klingon Conference at planet lanjep regarding trade proposals is disrupted by Breen and Orion agitators. Captain R.E.L. Price is kidnapped in an attempt to disrupt Federation support. When Commander Karyn Dallas, as Acting Ambassador, comes out against the MiC'ra'NathAl Sector trade route, Price is shot in the back during a rescue attempt aboard a Breen ship. Her CO crippled, Galaxy still limping from the 'Bhrode Retrograde Backflush Manuever", Starfleet announces their decision to retire the ship. The crew is scattered and the ship towed to Stardock 2 for dismantling. [GAL:TNG]

Saladin Bolivar transfers to the IKV Deh'taj as a Tactical Liaison Officer. [GAL:TNG]

Commander Hawksley is transferred into the Federation Officer Exchange Program, to be assigned to the Klingon Imperial Deep Space Fleet Vor'Cha class ship IKS Firestorm. Served as Lead Weapons/Gunnery Officer and later Executive Officer. [GAL:TNG]

Commander Hawksley is given an official Flogging and Minor Reprimand from An'HoD Klirga, son of Huron for 'Un-Warriorlike actions in Failing to smash Dissension amongst Crew and allowing cowardly mutinous scum to exist." [GAL:TNG]

The IKS Taj is destroyed. [TNG: "A Time To Hate"]



Riker and Troi are married in Alaska. Shinzon of Remus, a clone of Picard, claims the Romulan praetorship after murdering the members of the senate. Data is destroyed and the Enterprise seriously damaged while preventing the Scimitar from attacking Earth with a thalaron weapon. Riker accepts command of the U.S.S. Titan, and Crusher returns to Earth to head up Starfleet Medical (again). The Klingons attempt and succeed in staling the Romulan Cloaking Device that allowed the Shinzon's ship to fire while cloaked. The IKS Ty'Gokor Developmental Project is started on Qo'noS [Star Trek X: Nemesis - TNG] [ST:PTG]

The U.S.S. Titan, commanded by Captain William T. Riker, heads to the Romulan Neutral Zone on assignment. [Star Trek X: Nemesis - TNG]

Korleth leaves the Klingon Defense Force to attend to urgent House Matters. His eldest brother, Jureth went rouge under the influence of a Tal Shiar mind control agent in an attempt to restart a war between the Federation and Klingon Empire. His second eldest brother, Joran, would end up killing Jureth in battle. Jureth would later die honorably in an Inter-House scuffle for supremacy leaving Korleth as eldest living son of the House of Mi'Goth. Korleth makes plans to ensure his House's survival.



The USS Pearl Harbor is attacked by a group of renagade Jem'Hadar. Jeremiah Leger attacks and destroyes a civilian transport

that was heading on a suicide run for the Pearl Harbor that had Jem'Hadar on it, killing the renagades and the civilians onboard that were being used as 'living shields'. Leger is court-martialed, reduced in rank to Ensign and transferred off of the ship as soon as it returns to Deep Space Nine. The only thing that saves him from a dishonorable discharge and a life sentence in a penal colony is the fact that his actions, while killing civilians in need, did save the ship from destruction. Captain Elaithin Jii will pick Leger up and put him to work on the USS Miranda as a member of the Hazard Team. [MIR]



The SS Halley (Oberth Class) is boarded and later destroyed by the T'Kith'Kin. Many memebers of the crew and civilian population are caputred and taken to Havras including 18 year old Heather Owens. [MIR "Wasteland" Part II]

Ensign Jeremiah Leger is transferred to the Hazard Team aboard the USS Miranda (Pathfinder Class NCC-77000-B). [MIR: "Wasteland" Part I]

The USS Galaxy, under protection by the larger Pathfinder class USS Miranda, is sent to mediate peace talks with the Breen Confederacy. [MIR: "Wasteland" Part I]

The combined forces of T`Kith`kin and Hydrans stage an orbital ambush of the Federation forces over Breen. [MIR: "Wasteland" Part II]

The delegation team consisting of Captain Elaithin Jii, Legates Kylar Curran and Abigail Pryce-Randall, Commanders Arel Smith, Karyn Dallas, Shinta Navarre, Lt's Cole Cantrell, Victor Krieghoff, and Ammanalyn Llywhyn, and Ensign Zeke Wikkins are taken prisoner when the Breen military stage a coup on their homeworld, ousting the civilian government. The Galaxy and Miranda are forced to locate and destroy the enemy outpost in order to have the team returned to them. Ensign Leger, somewhat going against Hazard Team policy, goes off solo into the outpost and manages to rescue a human girl who had been a prisoner of the T'Kith'Kin for a few months. [MIR "Wasteland" Part II]

USS Galaxy and USS Miranda are heavily damaged in the Havras system. Task Force 12, headed up by Irene deMercereau, intercepts the ambush by the Breen, T`Kith`Kin, Hydran attack group and drive off the opposing forces. Galaxy and Miranda are towed back to spacedock under the assistance of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. [MIR "Wasteland" Part III]

USS Galaxy and USS Miranda begin to undergo an estimated 3 month refit. Miranda is upgraded to a Pathfinder II class. Galaxy's major refit is accelerated. The Class II, riddled with technical flaws, is upgraded with the Galaxy III specifications. To facilitate the accelerated refit, the Enterprise D saucer frame, currently being used to test new technologies, is shipped to Starbase 212 for meshing with Galaxy's stardrive. [MIR "Facelift"]

During shore leave on Qo'noS, Ensign Jeremiah Leger accidently lets slip the actions of the Miranda and the Galaxy at the Havras system the night of his bonding ceremony with Korleth (Despite the Federation gag order). The Klingon High Council is informed of this new threat of the T'Kith'Kin-Hydran-Breen alliance the next day by General Mi'Goth. [MIR: "Facelift"]

The Temporal Cold War has an effect on the ships in the Sol System. Jeremiah Leger, Heather Owens, and many others from the USS Miranda are thrown to different parts of Earth's Past. [MIR: "Time Warp"]

Jeremiah Leger and Heather Owens-Leger (Now married) are returned to the USS Miranda with the help of the USS Relativity (Wells Class Timeship, 29th Century). Leger is promoted to Lieutenant and placed as XO of the newly formed 101st Marine Battalion onboard. [MIR: "Time Warp"]

The IKS Ty'Gokor (K'Vort Class Bird Of Brey) launches under the command of Captain Korleth, recently returned back to duty in the KDF. The ship is equipped with the new cloaking system that allows it to fire torpedos and disruptors while cloaked. [ST:PTG "In The Beginning..."]



The Second General War between all spacefaring races begins. Battle lines will be drawn, sides chosen, and enemies formed as this new war threatens to change life in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as we know it! [MIR, AZ, GAL:TNG, ST:PTG "The Shape Of Things To Come"]