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Site News

1-2-05: Came up with concept for Klingon RPG.  Started cleaning out Tripod account to make room for new website.

1-5-05: Got main site up and running (somewhat).  Making arrangements for official usage of images on the site.

1-6-05: Recieved word from Brandon Tanner of Theme Song.  Brandon has agreed to compose one for the website.  Even more adjusting to the site.  Posting for game openings goes up on

1-9-05: Applied for Developing Status on Nova Horizon Simulations.

1-11-05: Application at Nova Horizon Simulations comes under review. 

1-16-05: First Officer and AGM added!  Bios Updated.

1-17-05: More links and pics added to the list.  More work on the Bios.  I swear may hands are gonna fall off from all the typing!

1-19-05: Tactical Officer added to the Bio and Manifest bringing crew up to three.  Completed the Bio on Korleth (Finally).

1-20-05: New joining form has been added for ease of applications.  Security Officer added.  History page added.

1-21-05: Application comes to a vote at NHS.

1-23-05: Votes in.  Application approved.  Path of Glory recognized as a Developing Member in NHS.

1-24-05: Email servers set up through NHS.  Official in-game postings begin.  Record Of Battle modified to view in-game postings on the net.  More disclaimers put on portal page.  Sim Manuel and Application pages merged.  Bios modified.  Recurring NPCs Page added.  I've been busy today.  Episode 1 Begins.

1-26-05: Added the Awards and Decorations page.

1-27-05: More updates to site and various pages.  Disclaimer modified.

1-30-05: New future episode added.  New specs picture placed.

2-2-05: Path Of Glory Web Banners added.  Thanks Zach!

2-10-05: Postings added to Record of Battle.  Minor modifications to site.  Another web banner added to Credits and Links.

2-11-05: Fifth player (Intel Warrior) and Bio added. Application for Full Membership at NHS submitted.  Site added to central core, webtrekkie and slipstream top sites lists and voting links to them added to portal and splash pages.  Legal page added.

2-12-05: Application comes to a vote at NHS.

2-13-05: Minor work on website.  Bios page updated for I.I.O. player.

2-14-05: Path To Glory wins its first award! The Starbase 147 Award Of Excellence!  New banners added to Credits and Links page.  Information added to Klingon History and Way of the Warrior pages.  Must remember to break out the gagh and bloodwine for this human holiday called "VelenTInS De"

2-16-05: Votes in.  Application approved.  Path of Glory recognized as a Full Member in NHS!

2-20-05: Sixth player, Science Officer, and Bio added.

2-24-05: Seventh player, Helm/Nav Officer, and Bio added.  Eighth player, Engineering Officer, and Bio added.  Multiple Ship Classes added to the Ship Specs page.  Minor work all around the site done.

2-27-05: Ninth player, Medical Officer, and Bio added.  New batch of player posts added.  Minor work all around the site done.

2-28-05: Path To Glory wins another award! The Star Trek Portal's LCARS Intregity Award Level 2!

3-1-05: Path To Glory wins two more web awards! The Star Trek: Freedom website award (4 out of 5 Stars) and the Krillimeed Captain Level award!

3-10-05: Klingon Timeline completed.  Chancellor list compiled.  Batch of recent posts put up on Record of Battle.  Tenth Player, Operations Officer, and bio added.  Future episode pics added.  Black Fleet Page added with addition of its first character, Lieutenant Marrek.

3-13-05: Minor modifications around the site.

3-16-05: Eleventh player, Security-Intel Officer, and bio added.  Begun work on Recurring NPC/PCC bios.  Junkar Bio updated.

3-17-05: Episode 1 Concluded.  Episode 2 Begins.

3-21-05: Path To Glory wins another award!  The USS Tranquility Silver Award!

3-27-05: Twelveth Player and Bio added.  Blackburn and Junkar removed from active sim.  Batch of logs added to the Record Of Battle.

3-28-05: Minor touch-up work around the site.

3-30-05: Path To Glory wins another award!  The Section 47 Commander's Level Award!

3-31-05: Path To Glory wins another award! Bob's Trek Captain Level Award!

4-01-05: Star Trek: Path To Glory jumps up to the top 20 on both the Slipstream 250 and Central Core 50 Top Star Trek sites!  Thanks to all for the voting!

4-3-05: Minor touch-up work around the site.

4-7-05: File overhaul and site memory clean-up.  Sorry for the mess.  Star Trek: Path To Glory jumps up to the TOP 10 on both Slipstream and Central Core!  Outstanding!

4-10-05: Episode 2 Concluded.  Episode 3 Begins.

4-28-05: Path To Glory website gets its 1000th hit!

5-01-05: Ed returns, new Tactical Officer Bio added.

6-08-05: Due to multiple RL Issues, PTG is closed down for an unknown amount of time.  Episode 3 ends.

6-20-05: Touch-up and clean-up work on the site in preparation of restart.  Restart aimed for no later than August 1st.

7-10-05: Audit of active players conducted.

7-11-05: More clean-up work.  Klingon Database created. 

7-17-05: Audit completed.  Four Players dropped.

7-19-05: More clean-up work.  Credits and Links page seperated for ease of reading.

7-21-05: Bounce tests on the email groups.

8-01-05: Official Restart of Path To Glory.  Episode 4 begins. 

8-02-05: Path To Glory wins another award!  Star Trek Voyager Info (STVI) Lieutenant's Level Award!

10-30-05: Jeremy the founder of the Sim announced his leaving. Gael is designated GM and website administrator. Episode 4 will continue and some changes are in preparation.

12-01-05: Simulation Closes down.

03-25-05: Website revamped.