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Kahless the Unforgettable

The First Klingon Empire, founded some 1500 years ago by Kahless the Unforgettable, who first united the Klingon people by killing the tyrant, Molor.  The empire is controlled by the Klingon High Council  which, by 2069, had grown so powerful that no emperor headed the empire until the ascension of Kahless the Immortal in 2369.
The Second Klingon Dynasty after the formation of the empire (Year pre 2069) was ruled by Emperor Reclaw.  This ended quite violently as General K'Trelan assassinated Reclaw and his whole family and ushered in a new government of representational democracy.  This would be the only time where the empire would be ruled by an elected council.  Ironiclly, this ten year period would later be referred to as the Dark Time as Klingons had a bitter taste for a process where one ascended by election and not matrial powress.  Upon K'Trelan's death ten years after his ursupton of power, a new imperial family rose up and assumed the family line and titles of the House of Reclaw in order to create the illusion of an unbroken royal line.  Thus started the Third Klingon Dynasty.
First contact between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets took place in 2218.  It was a disastrous event that led to a century of hostilities between the two powers.  By 2267, negotiations between the Empire and the Federation were on the verge of breaking down.  The Klingons had issued an ultimatum to the Federation to withdraw from all disputed areas claimed by both powers or face war.  The hostilities came to a head at the planet of Organia.  The noncorporeal beings there intervened and imposed the Organian Peace Treaty on both powers, ending armed hostilities.
During the Second Empire, (Year 2250) Chancellor Mow'ga sent a fleet of Klingon Warships into Breen space.  The fleet would never be heard from again.
The Klingons entered into a brief alliance with the Romulan Star Empire around 2268 when and agreement between the two powers resulted in the sharing of military technology and spacecraft designs.  The Klingons gave up warp drive and the Romulans gave up Cloaking Technology.
The Klingon Homeworld, Qo'noS (Pronounced Kronos), is the capital of the Empire and holds the seat of the Klingon High Council.  It is rarely referred to by its formal name inside of the Empire.  Qo'noS was in trouble in 2293 when the nearby moon of Praxis caused serious environmental damage to the planet.  This damage has since been reversed.

Chancellor Gorkon

A new chapter in Klingon-Federation relations opened up with the aforementioned explosion of Praxis.  In the economic disarray that followed, Chancellor Gorkon, leader of the High Council at the time, found that the empire could no longer afford its massive military forces.  Gorkon therefore launched a peace initiative to offer an end of 70 years of current hostilities.  Just prior to the peace conference, Gorkon was assassinated by people from both powers who sought to maintain the current status quo.  Gorkon was succeeded by his daughter, Azetbur, who concluded her father's work at the Khitomer Accords later that same year.

Chancellor K'mpec

The Klingon High Council was a hotbed of political intrigue that nearly plunged the empire into a civil war in 2367.  It first started when the traitor, Duras, sought to clear his own father's dishonorable involvement in the Khitomer Massacre of 2369 by implicating Mogh.  Chancellor K'mpec, arguably the greatest of all of the Chancellors by presiding over the High Council longer than anyone, avoided war by supporting the plan to implicate Mogh.  Then to protect Worf and Kurn, the sons of Mogh, he allowed Worf to accept discommendation for the crimes.  Later that year, K'mpec died of poison, allegedly by Duras himself.  This murder, viewed as a killing without honor (the victim never saw his murderer), triggered a bitter power struggle to determine his successor.  K'mpec had the forward thinking to take the unorthodox precaution of appointing a non-Klingon, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, as his Arbiter of Succession.  Under Picard's mediation (and the fact that his Chief of Security killed Duras) political newcomer Gowron emerged as the sole canididate for council leader.  K'mpec's reign over the Klingon High Council was the longest ever in the history of the empire.

Chancellor Gowron

Chancellor Gowron, as new head of the High Council, had a major problem to face upon taking office.  Forces loyal to the Duras family, led by his sisters Lursa and B'Etor, unsuccessfully attempted to block Gowron and thus ended up plunging the Empire into a brief but bitter civil war in 2367.  The conflict lasted a year.  At first, the Duras Sisters had Gowron's forces overmatched, but it was soon learned that they were receiving aid from the Romulans.  As such, the Federation conducted a blockade of the Klingon-Romulan boarder to keep supplies from reaching the sisters.  As a result, Gowron's forces were successful in maintaining power.
Though called an Empire, no emperor had ruled for more than 300 years.  This situation changed rather dramatically in 2369 when the clerics of Boreth produced a clone of Kahless the Unforgettable (Later called Kahless the Immortal).  Although their initial claim that the clone was the actual Kahless was quickly disproven, this clone was regarded as the rightful heir to the throne and, with the support of Chancellor Gowron, was installed as the ceremonial emperor of the Klingon people.  Gowron's leadership of the High Council came to an end in 2375 when a series of politicall motivated decisions by Gowron cost the lives of numerous Klingon warriors during the final days of the Dominion War.  Appaled by Gowron's squandering of warrior's lives, Worf challenged and slew Gowron in a bat'leth fight for honor.

Chancellor Martok

Although Worf had earned the right to lead the High Council by killing Gowron in a duel, Worf stood aside to allow Martok to ascend to the chancellorship.  Under Martok's guidance, and the help of a final push from the Federation, the Dominion War came to a close.  As a matter of victory, Martok drank a bottle of bloodwine on the smoldering ruins of Cardassia Prime... an honorable toast that Admiral Ross and Captain Sisko declined on.
Martok had a rocky road ahead of him as the Dominion War ended.  Many empire worlds needed to be reconquered as the jeg'pu'wI on those worlds managed to throw off their Klingon overseerers.  While the worlds were reconquered in a short amount of time, the seeds of rebellion remained on some.  Martok realized that he would soon need a powerful icon to rally the people behind.  Worf brought up the possibility of finding the Sword Of Kahless.  With the sword in Martok's possession, no one could dispute his claim to the Chancellorship.  In 2376, Martok and Worf set out to reclaim the legendary sword.  A few of the Great Houses on Qo'noS decided that at this moment would be the perfect time to kill Martok and take his position as Chancellor.  After Martok had recoverd the Sword Of Kahless and returned home triumphant, those House still loyal to Martok purged the Houses that attempted to steal control.  In 2377, Martok called for the Great Expansion, knowing that the still weakened empire needed many more resources than it had in order to rebuild.  By 2380, many more worlds were brought under the banner of the empire while everyone enjoyed the steady, if not uneasy, peace that was between all of the major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

And this is the current state of political affairs as of 2381:  The Klingon Empire has peace treaties with the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Empire.  The empire has non-agression treaties with the Cardassian Union and the Dominion for the time being.   There has been an emergence of an apparant T'Kith'Kin-Hydran-Breen alliance and they are rapidly making the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant shift.  The once proud Thallonian Empire has collapsed with the destruction of thier homeworld and rebuilding is looking like a long, hard road.  Terrorism is rocking the Federation and the Romulans have begun cover attacks on the Klingon Empire.  Things are rapidly begining to spiral down the tubes to another series of wars and the Borg are still a threat as they await out in the Delta Quadrant somewhere, rebuilding and waiting for thier time to strike.
Internally, the Klingon Empire has made great strides in terms of Medical Care, prostetics, and (of course) weaponry.  Many models of starships have been upgraded with the latest in Klingon and Federation technology.  More and more Klingons are engaging in the Officer Exchange program with the Federation and even attending their academies.  Likewise, many Humans are in the program and attending the Klingon Academies.  As a result, the USS Enterprise and USS Arizona have Klingon executive officers and the I.K.S. Ty'Gokor and I.K.S. Rotarran have Human first officers.





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