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1) No killing or maiming of other PC's with out a players permission. This will get you removed from the sim. I know we're Klingons and all, but the game gets dull if you have to type up a new character every other week.  If you're going to kill an NPC or PCC, make sure it's not 'owned' by anyone by asking on the OOC list.

2) Posting is once every two weeks, minimum.  I'd rather have a nice long post rather than several short ones.  Think quality and not quantity.  Although, if you'd prefer to shoot out more than one post every couple of weeks, I won't mind in the least. :)  You can write solo posts or joint posts. Both are useful. Joint posts are appreciate because they stimulate the game.

3) DO NOT spam the mailing list. This includes forwards, virus warnings, and, especially, recruitment attempts.

4) Do not disable the holodeck safety protocols. It's very stupid, from a common sense point of view. Besides, there is no honor in getting killed by a 'hologram'.  If you do it, I may very well demote or even kill your character. Fair warning.

5) Usage of other player's characters:

Common courtesy first of all. Remember, these people have as much invested in their characters as you do in yours. Don't do any developing of their character. Revelations, private thoughts, et cetera et cetera. It causes more  problems than it's worth. If you are going to be using someone's character in your post, PLEASE, read the BIO first. And the best way to avoid any problem is to join post with the people playing those characters. If it's just a minor part of your post, you might divide it into a joint post and a solo post.

6.) I cannot emphasize this enough, but superhero characters are not allowed! They have a tendency to ruin the game for everyone. By superhero I mean character who does and know everything, who never fails, and have abilities above normal. You can have some superior talents, but this means some flaws. In the same vein, avoid super-flaw that would make the character hard to play. You can choose to make your character a psychopath-killer but he won't last more than one episode.

7.) NPCs: you can use as many NPCs as you wish in your posts. This will help you giving life and depth in your posts. Put their names, ranks and function in the header after mentionning "NPCs". But be careful when using high rank NPCs. You are free as long as your NPCs don't make decision affecting the Klingon Empire as a whole. To avoid any problem with Paramount, use Star Trek TM characters with very special care! You cannot make them talk in your post. They can be evoked by your character, you can wirte about a past meeting, but as a rule of thumb, just try to create your stories without them.

8.) Problems with other players: Handle them off the list. Either by contacting them directly, or  preferably, sending an e-mail to the GM, who will respond accordingly.

9.) The GM has the final say on anything. In his absence, the AGMs do.

10.) The most important rule....have fun!!!


The main storyline mailing list:

The Path To Glory Email Simulation mailing list is where all in-character comments and log entries are made. All posts listed in the Mission Logs section of the website are obtained from here. We ask that a certain format be followed when posting to the main list, just so that we can differentiate between email simulation stories and other non-simulation mail we all get from other sources.

Subject: [Character Last Name]: "Insert Title"

The subject line, when it arrives in your mailbox, will then have the Glory header in it.

Subject: Glory: [Character Last Name]: "Inserted Title"

In addition, the first paragraph of formatting in the body should state the title of the work followed by the authors. This is for issues of possible copyright as well as preparing the reader for the message the author is attempting to get across.

We also like to emphasize proper formatting and use of a spellchecker. If you are going to use a word-processing program such as Word or Wordperfect, save or open the file as a .TXT document. This reduces the chance of symbolization of punctuation, which makes it a living nightmare for me to edit into the archives.

Also, do *not* post your log as an attachment. With the threat of viruses (virii) in documentation, it will not be read by most people, including myself. If I don't read it, it isn't considered 'canon', and will not be archived on this website.


in the subject line you can find   Glory: [Junkar/T'Aiko] "Gates Of Glory, Part 2"

then in the body text:


Lieutenant Junkar, Tactical Officer
Lieutenant T'Aiko, Security/Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Davoust, Infantry Squad Leader
Warrior 1st Class, T'Mek, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 2nd Class Kammocks, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 2nd Class J'nah, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 2nd Class Pioped, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 3rd Class G'tek, Dorsal Airlock Operator

"The Gates of Glory, Part 2"


====Ty'Gokor, Deck 9, Collar sec Deck 9 - stardate 2382.09.11, 1830====

Having left the main bridge, Junkar and T'Aiko proceeded along the collar section of deck nine, heading for the engineering. So it seemed that General Talak had supporters on the Ty'Gokor, well that did not matter now, for they would soon all be dead. (...)

 end of the post




Whenever we get an open spot on the ship from a player leaving the sim, their position is then open for other players to challenge for.  What this means is that players intrested in changing positions or getting promoted through challenge must submit to me, the GM, in an email why they should be in the new position.  After going over the applications for the position I will rule on who gets the new position and/or promotion.  That player then, in game, writes their challenge out to the old character (the old character will then be an NPC) of what the old character did and why he/she is being 'replaced'.  The battle is then written and the old character is killed off.

Also, another way that challenges work is to show who is superior in a department.  This needs not result in a death per se, just a quick bash around the bridge or something to take over a position or to just show who's more deserving of a higher rank.  Think about what Commander Riker did to Klag on the TNG Episode "A Matter Of Honor" and you'll have a pretty good idea of what I mean.  If you need a further reference go to the Star Trek: "Klingon" CD-ROM game and/or Novelization for a better example.

Challenge through posting

If two players are challenging for the same vacant position, the contribution to the game and the quality of posting activity will determine who can be promoted. If one is seeking a promotion, one should prepare it with his posting activity. Solo posts are a good way to contribute to the game and develop the characters, but joint posts are also appreciated since they contribute to the activity of the community. Quantity won't make any difference, the quality (wirting style, ideas, depth...) is the key word.



The starting rank depend on the quality of the biography when joining the game and the departement the character will be affected. But all character starts as assistant. If the head of departement is vacant, they are considered as acting ~ officers. Players need to contribute to the Episode to earn the full responsability of the Department. THis will be official after a promotion.

As the character get higher ranks the player is asked to maintain a strong contribution. A position is not a property of the player as it can be challenged by a more active player.


Players can ask for leave of absence. Up to one month the position is kept, but for LOAs longer than one month, the GM can ask the player to leave the position if a promissing candidate is seeking the head of the department.


Character Sketches:

Your character sketch should include the following (Note - the better your character sketch, the more likely you are to start off with a higher rank.) Please remember to be as detailed as possible - it will help you in the long run.

Due to the graphic violence, language, and some sexual situations that might arise; I have set the rating to R.  Please do not apply if you are under 18.  Thank You.

Name: Your character's full name and (if applicable) house.

Age: how old your character is, in human years

Height: character's height, in feet (or centimeters)

Weight: character's weight, in pounds (or kilos)

Species: your character's race (90% of the time this will be Klingon unless you're going to play a Starfleet Exchange Officer or jeghpu'wI' character)

Place/Date of birth: when and where your character was born

Family: How much family does your character have? what are their names?

Hobbies: What does your character do for fun?

Languages: What languages does your character speak?

Service record: What ships has your character served on. (please include dates, ship name, rank, and class of ship), the rank of your character might be modified to be consistent with your affectation.

Background: where did your character grow up? what major events have occurred in his/her life?

Personality: What's your character like? Are they someone you'd want to hang around? Or a grouch?

Special notes: Any particular little tidbits not covered elsewhere.

Photo Preference: If you have a favorite Klingon (or other species) that you would like to have as your character portrait, please list at least three here (And I'll do my best to find it).  Or, if you are the artistic kind, you can simply email me a pic of your own that you have done on the computer.  Pic requests of well known Klingon Figures (pretty much anyone up on the Recurring NPCs page or the Klingon History page) will not be considered.  Hate to be stingy here, but we need to keep something resembling canon alive.

Remember, details, details, details!  Also, it never hurts to read other crew member's Bios, or go back and read some of the old logs. That'll give you an idea of what you're in for. It'll also give you an idea of the type of people you'll be playing with. Short bios will be sent back for revision.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Guidelines edited by Jeremy A. Reynolds, founder GM
Sligthly modified by Gael ImadEddine, current GM



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