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Name: Ihsaan of the House of M'Vagh

Species: Hybrid Klingon-El Aurian

Position: First Officer, I.K.S. Ty'Gokor

Rank: Commander

Age: 162

Gender: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 178 Lbs

Birthplace: Dak'ou, Remote Colony

Family Status

Father Hemwing (El Aurian) alive, 545, scientist

Mother Stirsa (Klingon) House of M’Vagh honorable death

Older borther, Saabri 185 years, alive, Head of the House

Older brother, Tarmek, honorable death during the Dominion War

Older Sister, Ned’jma, 172 y, alive, Second Officer on the IKS Unforgettable

Older Sister, Sej’la, 170 y, alive, Counselor for minorities of the Empire

Younger Sister, Ha’nane, 156, alive, Counselor for minorities of the Empire

Younger Brother, Jah’di, honorable death during Cardassia Assault

Younger Brother, Deh’lik,(130?) missing since the Dominion war

Younger Brother, Magh’jol, 124, alive, healer

Half siblings (same Father)

Older brother, Guy’neil, 252, Scientist, Daystrom Institute

Older sister, Sanaa, 246, Ship counselor (Starfleet)

Older sister, Anila, 244, Federation Ambassador on Ferenginar


Ihsaan’s Klingon wife Kirma died of age in 2377

First son, Bak’tar, 34, Counselor for minorities of the Empire

First daughter, Ghriz’lane, 32, Tactical Officer, IKS K’Vagh

Second son, Gur’morf, mysterious death

Third son, Mah’deb, 24, Scientist

Second daughter, Amin’ha, 20, Counselor for minorities of the Empire

Earliest wedding of Ihsaan:

Human wife: Amanda Balezao, dead

1st son, Ihsaan Jerome, 79, Starfleet Commander

1st daughter, Ihsaan Karine, 76, Ship designer

2nd daughter, Ihsaan Margaret, 71, Engineer




Service records

2257-2299 Qo’noss Academy of Science, Full time scientist and instructor.

2300-2345 Exchange program with UFP

2346-2358 Scientist affected to the USS Aurora Oberth Class Science Vessel

2359-2363 KDF Academy

2363-2366 Detached to StarFleet (Science) USS Robin Aerie Class Survey Vessel

2367-2370 Assistant Science Officer USS Odyssey Galaxy Class

2371- Captivity in a Dominion camp.

2371-2381 Warrior First Class// Ensign: Member of the Science team Ty’Gokor Project (Qo’noss) // few months on the front during the Cardassia Campaign.

2382- First Officer of IKS Ty'Gokor.  Awarded through challenge.


2344: Hawking Price of Science

2381: Promoted to Ensign for outstanding work on the Ty'Gokor Project

2382: Awarded the Warrior's Torch for actions on the IKS Ty'Gokor.

2382: Promoted to Commander and First Officer through Challenge.

Personal history :

Ihsaan was born in 2220 from an El-Aurian father and a Klingon mother. He is the fifth child of a big family. His father was a Scientist exploring the Delta quadrant but made it to the Beta quadrant. He made his first contact with the Klingon in 2182. He helped some Klingon of a remote colony to survive in spite of the harshness of the environment. They were all from modest houses but their courage impressive. Hemwing got married with Stirsa leader of the House of M’Vagh.

With hard work and courage they transformed the environment to turn it into productive lands that offered valuable and loyal warriors to the Empire. The success of their rise remained a long time a mystery. But since they got enough power to defend themselves against potential rivals, the Dak’ou colony’s family didn’t feel the need of keeping the secret any longer. They accepted to trade their valuable mining resources with important Houses.

Ihsaan followed the steps of his father and studied science. He earned a grant and was able to study at the Imperial Academy of Science on the Homeworld. It wasn’t very easy because his hybrid heritage made deeply affected his appearance: Ihsaan never had hair and instead of developing a prominent forehead such as most, but not all, Klingon he developed a strong bone structure at the base of his neck. In the beginning he had to fight to make other respect him, but as time passed he knew how to overcome this little difference. Hybrids weren’t very common, but as the Empire expanded over other races their number increased, even if their status was not very enviable. He worked hard to get a degree in Astrophysics and Quantum Theory. From 2257 to 2299 Ihsaan was a full time researcher of the Academy as well as instructor. His research was promising, but the focus on war of the Klingon Empire made him feel many limitations to further development. That is why as soon as he could he applied for an exchange program with the UFP. This had been possible thanks to two main factors: the better relations between the UFP and the Klingon Empire and the news that Hemwing got from his children who escaped from the Borg few years before the actual destruction of El Auria.

Ihsaan spent a lot of time on Earth in various famous Institutes. He realized the gap he had accumulated and worked hard to catch up. But on Earth Ihsaan also discovered what would be his passion: Yoga and Tai-chi. The Tai-chi was quite similar to the Mok’bara, but his Tai-chi master extended the initiation to the Yoga. After few years, Ihsaan even gained in flexibility and succeed in mastering the rage that was running in his veins. He embraced the philosophy behind those discipline and learn how to take control of his own body. As many master of Yoga or Tai-chi, Chang was also a kind of healer. And since Ihsaan had been a very dedicated student he taught him how to heal without opening the body: shiyatsu and acupuncture techniques but also plants virtues. Those teaching brought him a kind of balance since most of the time he was manipulating hard science concepts.

Ihsaan wrote some interesting thesis on Warp Drive theory and what was en vogue at that time the Chaos Theory. He did some interesting research but no breakthrough. He instead brought some modest contributions and enhancement. His need for a balanced life between his family, his research and his health didn’t allow him to make spectacular research. His first wife, a human gave him three children but after 32 years of marriage they divorced. In 2340 during a visit on Qo’noss, Ihsaan get involved with Kirma who was already 78 year-old. But their romance gave birth to four children. Kirma was from a middle level House but joined to the House of M’Vagh it allowed them to reach a certain level but still far from the circle of the High Council. Besides the group of Counselors fighting for the Rights of Minorities of the Empire didn’t give a good image. Moreover, the Financial attendant of the House of M’Vagh was Hakl, a Ferengi adopted by Hemwing. Hakl was the sun of Neg a real friend of Hemwing. After he saved Neg’s life, Hemwing enjoyed the privilege of an uninterested friendship with the Ferengi. Not entirely uninterested because Hemwing used his influence to allow Neg getting a monopoly on trading from the Colony. Hakl was adopted right after Neg accidentally died in 2355. Since then he had been loyal to the House and eventually married Han’nane.

Most of the time, Ihsaan was outside the Empire. Kirma tried to live on Earth for a while but eventually got back to Qo’noss with the children. That pushed Ihsaan to ask for a Science Vessel assignment in 2346. This gave him a new life exploring new world and having real opportunities to make on site experiments. He used his shore leave to meet with his family, but it was quite hard to see his children growing up without him. Of course the members of the House were there and they weren’t orphans. But he wished he could have brought them with him. Sometimes they came to spend few months, but that wasn’t enough.

Then one day, Ihsaan decided to join Military Academy the KDF but a program that involve many months in the Starfleet academy. He was fond of science and discovery, things that Starfleet rewarded it more than the Klingon Fleet. His first assignment was perfect. The Aerie class vessel was a small surveyor which meant that he quickly got responsibilities and could run his own research. Chain of Command didn’t mean a lot in a ship where the crew was less than twenty. The vessel was sent into the Klingon Empire and this allowed him to stay close to his family while investigating fascinating space phenomena in a sector close to Dak’ou colony.

Then he got affected to a Galaxy Class vessel which was also a very fruitful experience. He could work in large team of talented people but this was stopped by the destruction of the USS Odyssey by the Dominion. His life pod reached a M Class planet. But soon after his arrival he was captured by some Jem’hadar. Because they identified him as a science officer they didn’t use him for targeting practice, but his Klingon origin made him a candidate for their fighting practice. He was put in a camp on the planet and stayed there for several months. The Planet was attacked by a Starfleet force and Ihsaan managed to escape. This episode showed him that he needed to be with his family. So after his retrieval he resigned from Starfleet and went back to Qo’noss.

He worked on the project *Ty’Gokor* using all his experience in quantum theory and applications to cloaking devices. But the needs of war called him for a while and he joined the ground forces that took Cardassia. Fortunately or unfortunately he didn’t get any wounds, and did not show any heroism. He got back to the project in the research team and took part in the installation of the new cloaking device. The death of his second wife affected him and he mourned her quite a long time. Longer than he mourned the Death of his children lost in Combat.

After the departure of Commander Blackburn back to Starfleet, The Ty'Gokor recieved a promising new First Officer.  It turned out to be an enemy of the House of M'Vagh that really had it out for Ishaan due to a Honor Duel that took place during the ship's first shore leave.  The new First Officer and Ishaan came to blows over the FO's treatment of the Science department.  After the Honor duel was over, Captain Korleth awarded Ishaan the position of First Officer in the old one's place.

Psychological profile

Ihsaan is very calm especially for Klingon standards. He always controls himself. He can talk a lot, and if he has to explain something he has a tendency to get into long monologues (especially when it comes about his passions: sciences and yoga). He doesn’t like combat situation. He values the Code of Honor but with a certain distance. His scientific rational mind makes him distinguish between foolish heroism and smart efficient move. No need to ram a ship if we know it won’t do a scratch, but try to stay alive to eventually win a victory. Especially if the ship is the prototype he had been working on for years.

Ihsaan has also learnt not to be affected by opinion of his crewmates. He always had been different, so as he usually answer ‘if I had to kill all those who insulted me because of their narrow minded vision, I should have reduced the population of the Empire by half and weakened it, and consequently it would have been an act of treason’

Another of his favorite quote is from MacBeth Act V scene 5: A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. Actually he loves the whole tirade.

Notes :

Ihsaan is totally allergic to any alcohol. Ingestion of a small quantity would be followed by difficulty to breath and his body would reject all the aliments. A high quantity could kill him. That is why he always keeps with him an antitoxin, but he simply avoids consumption. Because it is the ethanol molecule that causes the damage, he can eat meals cooked with ales or wines without any problem.

Hail: Commander Ihsaan