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Classification: Heavy Cruiser
Class : Qang (Chancellor)
Number Constructed: 12
Number Destroyed: 3
Unit Run: IKS Gorkon, IKS K'mpec, IKS Mow'ga, IKS Martok, IKS Kesh, IKS Kaarg, IKS Ditagh,  (IKS Gowron), (IKS Azetbur), (IKS Kravokh), plus 2 others.
Ship's Compliment: 2725 crew
Brigs: 110
Transporters: 35 six person transporters
Holodecks: 1
Length: 479.40m
Width: 364.44m
Height: 105.24m
Displacement: 1123.0102mt
Disruptor Arrays: 12 360degree firing arc
Disruptor Output: 9.0x1011w/x4.0x1011w Continuous
Disruptor Cannon: 1
Cannon Output: 7.8x1012w/3.7x1012w Continuous
Photon Torpedos:102
Quantum Torpedos: 36
Shield Holdoff: 8.87x1012w
Shield Refresh: 3.45x1012w
Reactive Armor/Damage Deflective Plating
Optimum Speed: Warp 7
Cruising Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.82
Cloaking Device
Electronic Jamming Equipment
Source: "The Brave and the Bold" Part 2 by Keith R.A. DeCandido