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charactername: Geoff Hunter

species: Human/Vulcan

agegender: 32, Male

haireyes: Black, Blue

heightweight: 6"2'

birthdetails: San Diego, 2349

hobbies: Phaser Target-Shooting, Flying Shuttlecraft

languages: Human, Vulcan

family: Geoff's Family is currently on Earth and working there, Geoff joined the Klingon Defense Force because Starfleet said he was to violent on an away team mission.

service: 2366: Joined Starfleet Academy

2370: Gratuated SFA, Assigned to the USS Venture

2374: An away team accident forces Geoff to transfer, trys to transfer to USS Galaxy, but that is denied and he is sent to Klingon-Starfleet exchange program instead.

bio: From his first days in the Academy, Geoff was a bit too warlike for Starfleet. During an Away team mission during the dominion wars, he killed some Cardassians when he was suppose to capture them. He then was assigned to the Federation-Klingon exchange program.

personality: Tends to get a little Trigger-happy under fire, but other than that is fine. He is also a little overprotective of shipmates


Hail: Ensign Hunter