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charactername: Holden, Son of Rosh

species: Klingon

agegender: 29/Male

haireyes: Black/Brown

heightweight: 6'4"/210lbs

birthdetails: Qo'nos

hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Human War history,

languages: Terran, Klingon, Romulan

family: Father: General Rosh, Son of Kohl(Retired)

Mother: Captain Freyi'er, Daughter of Grok(Retired)

Brother: Ensign(Posthumously) Jorik, Son of Rosh(Deceased, Dominion War Casualty)

service: 2368-2372: KDF Academy

2372-2375: Engineer, I.K.V. Tor'Rok, Warrior 3rd Class/Warrior 2nd Class

2375-2376: Engineer, USS Magellan, Warrior 2nd Class/Warrior 1st Class

2376-2381: Engineer, I.K.V. Kol'To, Warrior 1st Class/Ensign

2381-Pres: Engineer, I.K.V. Ty'Gokor, Ensign

bio: Holden, Son of Rosh was born in the Imperial City on Qo'Nos, Holden was often made fun of as a child for having a "human" name. The reason for this was because of a human of the same name that died honorably to help his father with a military victory during a period of federation and Klingon cooperation. Starfleet Itelligence and Imperial Intelligence chose to classify the incident despite the fact that it was a clear sign of Federation and Klingon cooperation. Nevertheless, Rosh named his first born son after him. He shortly had a second son named Jorik. The boys grew up together, and Holden became a fierce fighter to protect the honor of his given name, a story which Rosh told his sons often. "The Human with the heart of a Klingon" as it was known in the family. Both Rosh and Freyi'er were in the Klingon Defense Force, and often would bring their sons on their respective assignments, giving the boys a taste of what they themselves one day wanted.

But Holden had an unusual skill. He was, even at a young age, a skilled technician and engineer. He would routinely maintenance equipment around the house, and was even allowed to assist with repairs on his Father AND Mother's ships. His brother trained fiercely in the ways of a klingon warrior, while Holden stuck to what he knew. He still became a skilled warrior in close quarters himself. He entered the KDF academy when he came of age and trained to become an Engineer. While his father was somewhat disappointed, none could deny his skill.

Upon graduation, Holden was assigned to the I.K.V. Tor'Rok, an aging B'Rel-class bird of prey, a ship he learned to love, and help kept afloat on numerous occasions. He was even joined later on by his younger brother, who had become a security officer. He served up into it's destruction in mid 2375. The survivors were rescues by the USS Magellan, and after staying there for a short while helping with engineering, Holden requested to enter the officer exchange program. He was accepted and remained aboard the USS Magellan until after the Dominion War. While Devastated by his brother's death aboard the Tor'Rok, Holden kept his resolve and continued to fight in his own way.

In mid 2376, Holden felt it was time to go home, and reguested a transfer. He got it and was transferred to the I.K.V. Kol'To and had a quiet, yet successful career there.

In 2381, Holden was promoted to Lieutenant and offered a transfer, he took the offer and was transfered to the I.K.V. Ty'Gokor.

personality: Despite being a true klingon, Holden has an unusualy "human" personality. He is very outgoing, and very friendly in a "Klingo-humanish" kind of way. He believes in the Klingon way of life, and can be a fierce warrior, but he prefers to be holed away in service ducts and under consoles making sure his follow warriors have a working ship to fight with. He smiles and unusual amount, and is actually hard to anger....for a klingon. But if you do anger him, don't expect to get off easy.

While serving on the USS Magellan, Holden interacted with a largely human crew and feels a bond to any members of that crew that he fought along side. He considers the Magellan and honored ship. Every member of the crew that fell, he announced to the heavens that they were on the way to Sto-vo-Kor.

He also picked up the ability to understand and laugh honestly at human humor.

special: While on the USS Magellan, Holden actually fell in love with a human Security Officer by the name of Nancy Rockford. They were very interested in each other, and almost had a full blow relationship, but it was all ended when Holden felt he needed to go home. They vowed to meet again.

Holden still holds his bother Jorik's Mek'Leth. A weapon his brother became quite skilled with. Holden revears it and protects it as if he were protecting his own son. Jorik entrusted it to him upon his death.   Holden talks to his brother as if his brother can hear him from Sto-Vo-Kor. Also, that if anyone touchs his brother's mek'leth.....Holden get's pissed...