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Episode 4: "Honor Bound"

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Tie-In with the I.K.S. Gorkon novel series by Kieth R.A. DeCandido.
Captain Klag of the Chancellor Class Warship, I.K.S. Gorkon, has found a Class M planet ripe for the taking: The planet of San-Tarah.  The Children of San-Tarah have beaten the Gorkon's Crew in a series of martial games for possession of the planet and Klag has given his word that the Klingon Empire will leave them in peace. 
But Klag's old rival, General Talak, has ordered him to go back on his word and aid Talak in conquering San-Tarah.  Now Klag calls out to the Order of the Bat'leth to uphold Klingon Honor against Talak.  Meanwhile, Captain Korleth on the I.K.S. Ty'Gokor hears the call and is torn between duty and honor.  As the Ty'Gokor returns from Romulan Space, will the crew of the Ty'Gokor side with Captain Klag... or General Talak?



Captain Korleth, Son of Mi'Goth

Commanding Officer, IKS Ty'Gokor

Lieutenant Junkar, Son of Ka'Pok

Imperial Staff Officer

Lieutenant B'rel, Son of Korder

Tactical Officer, IKS Ty'Gokor

Lieutenant Florianus Leonadis

Republic of Schutzenia


***Imperial Headquarters***

***Great Hall***

The recent news of the battle of Harvas in which the Federation Twelfth fleet had engaged a Breen/T'Kith'kin/Hydran fleet, had brought the entire quadrant to the brink of war. There was now a great number of enthusiastic warriors lingering outside the Great Hall at all times awaiting commissions on ships heading for that area.

Junkar stood outside the great hall in conversation with several staff officers and a Lieutenant from Schutzenia, one of the Empire's new member planets. Fresh news had arrived that the scout ship IKS Tarq had engaged a T'Kith'Kin battleship under the dreaded Captain Alandugogbaeg and been forced to withdraw after suffering severe damage.

"Korleth, B'rel!" Junkar said loudly noticing the two in the crowd, he had heard of their salvaging of the USS Eldridge a couple months back but had not expected to see them here today.

"Junkar!" Korleth said loudly in greeting. "How are you my boy?" he asked with a big simle. It had been months since Junkar transfered off of the ship. He then glanced up at one of the monitors in the Great Hall which was playing a newscast from the Federation News Network. "So what news is going on in the Council?" he asked. "Or more specificly, Martok himself?"

"There are too fractions in the council these days, pro-Federation and anti-Federation, both are anti-Romulan and pro-war though, so whatever happens there will be fighting somewhere" Junkar replied merrily at the prospect of a campaign wherever it was.


"A war with the Romulans is far more preferential than a war with the Federation." Korleth spat. "The honorless petaQs need to be exterminated. Hopefully the council will see that."

Junkar nodded. "The council will close for deliberation soon, we should find a place to eat and drink while we wait!"

"Yes." Korleth said. "My father has been very tight-lipped about what has been going on in the council. I guess we shall see soon enough, eh?" he jabbed a friendly elbow into Junkar's ribs. "So tell me, how is

it: Working for Martok?"

"It has been good" Junkar said simply and leaving it at that, a true warrior as far as he was concerned did not share secrets or gossip about his commanding officer.

B'rel looked down onto one of the lower street levels and noticed a bar he had not been to for sometime, the Warriors Fist. "I have found a place" The Narendan born Klingon stated.

"This will be interesting." Florianus comment.

"I have run into youre sons on several occassions recently at the Academy." Junkar told Korelth as the warriors began to walk down the stairs. Feeling no need to cheat and use a transporter.

"Indeed? They have not mentioned that in their letters home." Korleth said, following Junkar down the stairs. "You do have my permission to beat them should they ever get out of line of course." he said with a chuckle. He knew his twin sons would be a handful for any instructor, as was the case with any pair of brothers that were in the academy together. "Regardless... I eagerly await their Rura Penthe trial. It will be intresting to see how far to the North Pole they get. Word has it that no one has been able to beat Captain Klag's distance yet."

"Will you take them onto youre own ship as Ensigns ?" Junkar asked, pushing a drunken warrior to the side as he cleared the path for Korleth and the other two.

Florianus and B'rel walked behind Korleth and Junkar, guarding the rear and ready to charge forward or to the flanks if a threat arose.

Both men knew if either Junkar or Korleth were killed on their watch, the dishonour would last several generations.

"I figured that I'd let them off into the KDF for their first assignment before bringing them back to serve on the Ty'Gokor or one of the House Ships." he said as he too shoved a drunkard over a table who was laughing entirely too loudly and taking up most of the walkway between tables. "When do your sons graduate?" he asked. "And do you still have that Ferengi Vessel stashed somewhere around here?" he asked with wry amsuement. Korleth knew how Junkar loved to goad the Ferengi on with that ship.

"Ah yes the IKS Ferengiar, is still a transport vessel in the house squadron... there is very little else a Ferengi ship is good for" He replied cheerly. "My son graduates in at least twenty years."

The Klingons and the Schutzenian took a seat at a table.

"Considering they would rather 'bargin' their way out of a fight, this is the truth." Korleth said right before calling up a barmaid for a round of bloodwine for the group. He then changed subjects and clapped a hand on Junkar's shoulder while grinning proudly. "So, still looking forward to the end of the year and your induction into the Order?"

"Yes... yes I am" Junkar said with a grin, remembering his recently deceased companion Sebastian Davoust, he would have liked his favorite human to have lived to see it. "It will be a great honour, and in such times honour is something of increasing significance to a true warrior"

"Well said!" Korleth said, grabbing two mugs from the barmaid when she came back and thrust one over to Junkar. "So who will you have with you for the Rite?" he asked. "I will be more than happy to steer my ship to its planetary namesake when the time comes."

"That is a difficult quesiton" Junkar replied with deep consideration.

"Which Rite, may I ask is this?" The Florianus the Schutzenian asked.

"The night before the inductions to the Order," Korleth explained "The inductee is allowed to have freinds and family there for the all night celebration, a night of feasting, of drinking, and of telling stories under the watchful eyes of the past heroes of the empire." he said with a smile as he took a swig of bloodwine. "However, tradition dictates that one must remain conscious until the awarding of the medal. Those inductees who do not remain conscious do not get in. It is as much as a test of stamina as much as anything else."

"Obviously the warriors of the order will already be invited, so I can assume you will be there, as will be father" Junkar finally answered.

"...I shall call on the most loyal warriors of my house and allied houses"


"So you going to be calling in the Davousts then I take it?" Korleth asked. He liked the Davousts just as much as he liked the Legers. It would be good to see them again.

Junkar snorted. "Sebastian is dead"

"NO!" Korleth said in disbelief. "I trust he died in battle then?" he asked.

"Indeed he did" Junkar replied with some sense of pride, pushing aside the fact that it had been by friendly fire. "Shot down two of the new warrior class starfighters before he went"

The rest of the night was spent with drinking and eat as the men waiting for the High Council's decision. Eventually they decided to leave and rejoin the crowd of warriors outisde the Great Hall.

As the four warriors left the bar and began their walk down the narrow lower pathway towards the stairs which led to the Great Hall up above, they all picked up that something was wrong.

"Four behind us" Florianus whispered to the others, preparing to pull out the short Schutzenian sword from its sheath.

"I know I can hear their steps... theres another two up a head, I can see their shadows" B'rel added closing in behind Junkar and Korleth incase they intended to use disruptor weapons.

"That makes six... maybe eight or ten if theres another group down the alley to the left, ambushers wouldnt leave a cap open for us to escape."

Junkar stated, as he cursed himself mentally for leaving his

Bat'leth on the IKS Swotd of Kahless... at least he had his Daq'tagh.

"Ready when you are Korleth..."

"And here I thought this was going to be a dull night..." Korleth said with a smile as he took out his own D'ktagh and flipping the small catch that allowed the two 'wings' to unfurl. "Let's teach these dogs a lesson in how to properly fight." he said as one of the ambushers, presumedly the lead man to start off the attack, casually strode up to the group with his hands carefully hidden in his cloak.

Unfortunate for him, he was acting TOO casual.

Right as the first one made to 'innocently' walk pass Korlelth and twitched. Korleth beat the assassin to the punch, or the knife so to speak, and plunged his knife into the would-be assassin's side, cleary catching him by surprise.

Florianus planted his feet firmly on the ground while holding his sword up high with two hands and waited for his opponent to charge him. The unknown Klingon warrior charged forward with a Mek'leth in one hand and a Daq'tagh in the other, challenging Florianus with insults to come at him.

The Schutzenian had no intention of falling into the common trap, and stood there patiently as his companions fought on either side and behind him. Soon the Klingon surged forward at Florianus and he quickly dispatched him a downward hack, splitting his opponent in two.


Korleth rolled with the punch as a second assassin stepped up and slugged him. He actually saw his attacker smile like some grishnar cat as he then took out his mek'leth. The Fool... Korleth reared back with a roar and plunged his d'ktagh deep into the idiot's abdomen and twisting a bit for good measure. As the life ebbed from the assassin's eyes, Korleth took the man's mek'leth as he fell.

As Junkar fought off one of his opponents, he felt a jab in his back; some paqtagh had stabbed him in the back. After dispatching the warrior in front of him he turned to see the one who'd stabbed him running away.

"Coward!" He shouted before throwing his Daq'tagh at him, the weapon missing by several meters as Junkar fell to the ground.

B'rel snarled at the cowardly act, but there was nothing he could do for now, as he continued to battle away against his opponents. If he would die today he would at least kill one of them.

Korleth grabbed Junkar by the arm and hoisted him up. "You can't fight the battle from the ground my friend." he said with a smile. This was the most fun he'd had in ages. "Besides, I refuse to believe that you'd be done in by a mere flesh wound."

"Kill them all" Junkar muttered as he spat blood out of his mouth.

Once again, Korleth let out a hearty laugh as he then raised his new found mek'leth in anticipation of the new opponent coming up. He parried the incoming blow easily and then sunk the mek'leth into the man's neck. "You would think that whoever wants us dead would send warriors instead of these morons!" he laughed as he watched the man before him struggle to stop the blood from pouring out of his neck.

Korleth gave him a savage kick, sprawling him out on the ground.

The following events brought the fight to a close. As the warriors from the bar poured out to see what all the noise was about. Noticing the surrounded, Korelth and friends, they immidiately figured out what was underfoot and fell on the would be murders, the lucky ones escaping down an alley and into the darkness oof the night.

"This is a strange housepin" B'rel commented as he searched one of his dead opponents. Stripping him of his weapons and a good pair of gloves.

Florianus who was now busy treating Junkar's wound as Korelth held him up, looked over the housepin on the dead man in question. "Looks old.

Have you seen this before Captain Korelth?"

Korleth took the pin from him and looked at the raised markings. "House Pin, that's for sure..." he said. "But I don't recognize the House." he said. "Could be minor or dishonored..." he said, thinking aloud. "Or could be one of the early versions of a now well known House." he handed it over to Junkar to view to get his input on the matter.

"Strange" Junkar said. "I think this will be a job for Commander Ishaan..."



Path to Glory, Episode 4 Timeline summary

Months have passed since the Ty'Gokor encountered the Eldridge. After an incursion in Romulan space, the crew returned on the Homeworld and enjoyed a deserved shore leave.

It's when everything seems quite that a lot of change occure!

It was an opportunity to see old friends reported dead: a Starfleet officer who deserted to join the Klingon Empire. Lt Junkar challenged without bloodshed the tactical leadership and B'rel accepted his defeat. Captain Korleth escaped from an assassination attempt. In the meantime, Ihsaan convinced Korleth to improve the medical facilities in anticipation of the deterioration of the diplomatic situation. It was also an opportunity to suggest a promotion for Doctor Pallara.

Now, the Ty'Gokor had finally returned to space and she is heading for a non Klingon planet. Soon the Senior staff will announce the choice between the honor of keeping one's word and the glory of conquering a new Planet.



============== IKS Ty'Gokor, Ihsaan's office ==================

Space! Finally the ship was back in his environment. The usual image of star rays moving away from the ship was interfering with Ihsaan's thoughts. He frowned a bit to chase away this distraction, as if the eyebrow could clean the inside of his brain. Ihsaan was indeed preoccupied. The Captain had been silent after announcing the coordinates. None of crew had heard any word from him after that. Moreover he spent most of his time in his office or his quarters. And now there was this
convocation: a short and elliptic order to come to the Captain office. Usually, it wasn't that important. Reporting to the Captain was part of the job. But the context and the Captain's tone made it sound heavier than usual.

The Padd containing the last updates in his hand, Ihsaan stood up and gave a last look to his desk looking for something that could comfort him. But there was nothing useful as long as he didn't know anything about the upcoming crisis. At least Pallara's team was now larger and they could get ready for any medical emergency. Ihsaan couldn't restrain a last glance at his desk when the doors closed. He walked toward Korketh office.


Korleth watched the recording for a second time making sure that he'd heard things correctly.  General Talak, the lousy PetaQ that he was had the audacity to go back on the word of a Klingon Warrior!  The very thought made him angry, as was demonstrated by his now decimated office. The supreme commander of the KDF should have more Honor than a mere Ferengi or Romulan.

But this Klag.  He knew the man and his House well.  The House of Mi'Goth, while not formally aligned, were long standing friends with Klag's House. That, and after the Dominion War, everyone knew of the Hero of Mactan V. It made Korleth swell with pride to be in the Order of the Bat'leth with him.  The choice he had to make was clear.

He stabbed the communications panel at once to summon his First and Second Officers.  "Ishaan!  Junkar!  My office, NOW!" he roared.  He figured they were close since the doors opened almost immediately.  He went straight to business by hitting the comm button again and talking to Carson who would assume the bridge duties with Ishaan and Junkar in here.  "Carson!  Take us to battlestations and cloak us immediately. Change course to the coordinates that I'm sending you and get with Holden to see how much faster we can get there."  He closed the channel and then sat back down in his seat and motioned for his officers to do the same.

Junkar took a seat next to Ihsaan. Their look didn't hide their interrogation. First there was the silence and the calm, and then there was the roaring voice summoning them without any explanation. Ihsaan could read in Junkar's eyes that the lieutenant wasn't aware of what was going on. They were both eager to know the reason of Captain's preoccupation. Speculations could lead to many ways in those times: tensions with the Romulan, tensions with the Federation... One could pick up any issue in one of those categories. Ihsaan crossed his arms and let the Captain begin. It was pointless to speculate on such a narrow base of information.

"Captain you summoned us." He simply said as an invitation to start the briefing.

"Yes..." Korleth said, eyeing them both.  "Tell me you two, what do you know of the Order of the Bat'leth?"

Junkar smirked. "I know enough not to speak of what I know even in the

presence of such honorable company."

Ihsaan nodded. Of course he knew about it, but that didn't tell why the Captain called them.

Korleth grinned.  Junkar well knew since he is to be inducted into the Order later on this year.  He also foresaw an induction in order for Ihsaan as well, but that wasn't the point now.  The point is that their hearts beat for Honorable Battle.  "Very good." Korleth said with a nod to go with the grin before sitting down.

"Captain Klag of the IKS Gorkon has found a race of honorable warriors. The 'Children of San-Tarah' it seems.  A race of beings that look like overgrown wolves from Earth if you ask me, but they have the warrior spirit.  Anyways, they challenged Klag to a series of martial contests in which if the crew of the Gorkon won, then San-Tarah would willingly cede into the Empire.  And if the San-Tarah won, the world would forever be left alone by Klingons."

"An honorable agreement" Ihsaan commented.

"As much as I would like to say it, but no." Korleth said with a sigh as he leaned back in his chair.  "The San-Tarah won and so Klag reported the loss to General Talak.  Talak then proceeded to order Klag to go back on his word and prepare the world for immediate invasion."  He then paused to let that sink in.  "Captain Klag has called upon the Order to defend his and his crew's honor by keeping the San-Tarah free."  And then he waited to see their reactions.

Junkar wasnt suprised, Talak was as dishonourable as the creature who concieved him as went the rumours throughout the Imperial Court. "As I am not a member of the order yet, I can only vow to fulfill my oaths to you two warriors and support whichever decision you two come up with, with the consideration that amongst us three, Captain Korleth is the first amongst equals."

"Hmm..." Korleth growled thoughtfully, sizing the inductee up.  "I would like you both to speak your minds on this matter.  While the Order has been called to uphold Honor, we will be fighting against our fellow Klingons who have chosen the honorless path.  History, as the humans say, are written by the victors and the odds will be stacked against us.

The immediate thoughts that crossed Ihsaan's mind were clear: The 'Children of San-Tarah' had to be protected. But those issues couldn't be dealt with rushing decisions. What was in stake here? On the one hand, there was the 'honor' the spinal column of the Klingon Empire, sometimes an easy leitmotiv that justified absurdity and sometimes a real value that helped the Klingon cross the centuries. But on the other hands, there were the potential consequences of a civil war. This issue could spread out in the Empire and revive old divisions.

"Captain, the Honor is what defines a Klingon. Even if the victorious side can rewrite the history, the Black Fleet cannot welcome impostors. My heart tends to choose the side of 'Honor',... what would be our society if our words worth nothing. Even for a Ferengi a contract is a contract. Yet, the perspective of a feud against fellow Klingons might have consequences beyond this incident..." He paused wondering how Korleth would welcome his
proposal: "I know it might seem too 'Starfleet', but we should think about a diplomatic solution... This shouldn't eliminate the use of strength though."

"With respect for your age and rank Ishaan, if we sit here talking about this we'll all be old men." Junkar stated. "This is starting to sound more like a Federation financing committee meeting"

Of course it sounded Starfleet and Junkar's comment made Ihsaan smile. "I agree. And I am not excluding the dogfight. But we must be sure that this small event won't spread out. We must be sure that if we strike, we strike hard in a quick wave, then maybe the other side would be open to listen to our arguments." Ihsaan crossed his hand. "But to answer to your question Captain, and without any second thought, I can stand against the General Talak Romulan inspired order."

It didn't take any longer to end with a common position. The three officers agreed on the side, but it was clear that Commander Ihsaan would try to avoid any direct offensive. Talak was indeed a Klingon and a demonstration of strength could block him. But for that Ihsaan wanted to be sure that he wouldn't have any support.


"The Oath Against Talak"

Junkar, Chief Tactical

T'Aiko, Security Chief

***Forward Photon Torpedo Room (Tubes 1 & 2), Deck 14***

Junkar took a sip of his Raktjino as he stepped out of the torpedo reserve room and into the forward photon torpedo room. The torpedo personnel had already replaced the torpedoes fired against their Starfleet opponents in their previous patrol before they'd left Qu'noS.

"B'aht Qul challenge" Junkar commented as he looked over at Kian and T'Aiko playing the popular arm wrestling game, of course invented by Klingons, who else would come up with such a relatively simple yet physically challenging game but the finest warriors in the galaxy.

"If you can call this a challenge," T'Aiko said between breaths. Hers and Kian's hands were deadlocked in the center of the table with niether warrior being able to gain an advantage.

Junkar nodded before placing his Raktjino on top of a photon torpedo.

Kian, the seventeen year old bekk was not much of a challenge for the older woman. "T'Aiko; we need to double our armory guards for when we arrrive at San-Tarah. I have a suspicion that the good General might try something underhanded."

T'Aiko turned to face Junkar while seeming to forget she was in the midst of an arm wrestling match. "A wise decision. I've seen to it already as I suspect the same thing."

Kian struggled to move her arm but couldn't get it to budge even a bit. T'Aiko kept talking casually without any strain showing in her voice. "Admittedly, I have an uneasy feeling about our assignment."

"I do not." Junkar replied. "I have no problem killing dishonourable warriors or those who follow them."

"Killing the dishonorables isn't what makes me uneasy," T'Aiko continued to hold Kian's hand as if he wasn't trying to move it, "It's the fact that there are any dishonorable Klingons at all that does."

"Maybe." Junkar said as Kian broke away from T'Aiko conceeding defeat. "Perhaps I'm too trigger happy these days since the assasination attempt on Korleth."

T'Aiko looked at Kian, "What's the matter? Can't beat a girl?" she teased.

Kian grumbled something in comprehensible. T'Aiko watched him. He had a cute ass but not enough upper body strength as far as the security officer was concerned.

T'Aiko turned to Junkar now, "A little trigger happiness never hurt anyone, especially if it's for the right reasons. Saving our commanding officer falls into that catagory."

"Grrrr." Junkar grunted.

She eyed him curiously for a moment. "If I didn't know better I'd say you were worried about 'some' thing... just not the same thing I'm concerned about. Tell me comrade, what's on your mind?"

"I have a sneaking suspicion that the assination attempt on Korleth, maybe not have been directed at Korleth." Junkar commented.

"Really?" asked T'Aiko with her brow furrowing in curiosity.

"Murder the youngest of one of the leading houses on Qu'noS would have caused much more of a stir then taking out Korleth who already has two strong hires to replace him," Kian said. "Lord Junkar's brothers are old as is our mighty General Ka'pok."

Junkar gave Kian a blank stare. "Careful Kian," he said unwilling to admit his importance in the line of his house's succession.

T'Aiko regarded both with narrowed eyes. "Interesting theory though... I wonder if this could be a prelude to another attempted coup?"

"General Talak is a dangerous man," Junkar commented. "I have a feeling we will send many warriors to the Black Fleet and many of us will go too, by the time this is all over."

It was no secret Talak was dangerous. It didn't take an intelligence officer to know that. "Talak's loyalties only lie to himself. I doubt he he fights with any honor."

"Good then, were agreed." Junkar said abruptly. "An oath then..."

"An oath," T'Aiko agreed.

"To destroy Talak if he moves against the Empire" Junkar said, as he drew his Daq'tagh and cut the palm of his hand open. One that had been cut open many a time in many an oath.

T'Aiko held her own, already scarred, hand scarred hand open. "Agreed," she said officially.

Kian smiled at the oath, with Junkar being Lord of Tapar, he had automatically pledged the services of himself, Jomeg and Sebastian as well.

"Survive and succeed," Junkar said.

"Survive and succeed," T'Aiko repeated.






Commander Ihsaan, First Officer

Ensign Pallara, Chief Medical Officer



=======IKS Ty'Gokor, Main Sickbay deck 10, stardate 10.09.2382============


The meeting with Korleth and Junkar was over and Ihsaan wanted to talk about a preoccupying fact with Doctor Pallara. He had read his report after one year of service on the Ty'Gokor and Michael had pointed out a strange phenomenon aboard the Ty'Gokor. According to his report there had been an increase of brain problems on the crew. After four or five months of service, many officers and crewmen developed strong headaches. After retrieving the identities with the stations, the cases seemed localized in some parts of the ships. Among them the cloak generator chamber, but also other spots. After reading the reports of the department of operation, there was no doubt that the cloaking device was behind that.

Sickbay's doors opened and Ihsaan could see how Micheal was busy. "May I have a word with you, Michael? It's about your report..."


"Finally somebody who listens. Please come in." Michael said with a smile. "I have been so busy lately with the department that I didn't think about it any more. I guess I have you to thank for this and my promotion." He gestured to the new equipments and crewmen.

"No, you have to thank your work and dedication." Ihsaan responded. "It was easier to convince the Captain." He found a chair and sat. "But now you are under a lot of work you might regret the time when Sickbay was a small unit." Ihsaan joked thinking about the PADDwork that might have increased with the promotion.

"Very funny." Michael said smiling. "Believe me I like it much better to be appreciated and to be busy."

Ihsaan smiled. He could have guessed Pallara's answer. "Well, about your report now!" He projected the results on a screen nearby. "And here the readings from the investigation of the OPS and cloak officers. What do you think?"

"I think we have a problem here. One that has been going on for many years, but the brass has been to pigheaded to do anything with it. And most medical officers just told their patients not to be a baby and forget the pain. I think our engineers and scientists have to find a solution for this problem pretty fast." He said seriously.

"Well, I came out with this solution with the help of the new Science officer." Ihsaan displayed graphs showing new harmonics. "As you can see, the vibrations interacting with 'strings frequencies' are no longer emitted." Ihsaan was referring to Michael's work. The CMO had found that the improvement to reduce the shimmering effect had a bad impact on the brain cells. It seemed that the frequency of shield harmonics was affecting the quantum structure of the sentient beings, and the most sensitive area was the brain.

"The problem with this solution is that we get back to the beginning. We do not eliminate the residues and the shield shimmers." Ihsaan said with a shrug.

"You have to go slow with me, I am no engineer. Would this work or not? Half solutions would still endanger the crew." Michael said.


"Of course, the safety and the health of the crew come first! We cannot afford to slowly kill our troups. But I want to have your medical opinion about this solution: does it really suppresses the cause of the problem or only reduces it?"

"I am not sure. I am afraid we would have to test it can see how it works. It would take some weeks for me to get reliable data."

The cloak wasn't just another technical problem. It was the years of work. Ihsaan and the other scientists and engineers had spent part of their life to make it work. And now he realised that something was wrong. And not the least. It was harmful to the crew. "I am afraid you have one week to evaluate it. We will reach our destination in two weeks. And we need some time to make adjustment, not to mention training the crew to the new techniques." That was another problem. After one year of using the cloak, certain habits had to be lost if they had to give up the special abilities. Of course, Korleth had maintained a more classical Klingon fight patterns. He knew that an abuse of the special abilities would lessen the fighting skills of the crew. But still, when the odds were against the Ty'Gokor, the "fire under cloak" option was used.

Michael did not look happy. "It is not long enough, but it will have to do. I will need test subjects. Preferably people from all departments on the ship. I wonder test them now and every day of the coming week. Just to see which people are affected if any, and how much."

"You'll have them! I give you full authority on that matter." He turned his word into a formal authorisation on his PADD and gave it to Michael. "Now, I must leave, another matter is bothering me. I want to avoid useless bloodshed" Ihsaan said mentioning his meeting with T'Aiko. If surgical attacks on Talak support could discourage him from pursuing a large offensive, many lives could be spared. Even though those useless battles were somehow a way to regulate Klingon genetic aggressive temper.

"Thank you my friend." Michael said watching him leave. He knew Ishaan was doing all he could.



Lieutenant Carson, OPS Officer

Warrior 1st Class K'nar (PCC)


===========I.K.S. Ty'Gokor-Bridge, stardate 10.09.2382===========

"Carson! Take us to battlestations and cloak us immediately. Change course to the coordinates that I'm sending you and get with Holden to see how much faster we can get there."

The order from Korleth was all Carson needed to hear. "Yes, my lord," Daniel said before the channel closed. "Battle Alert! Raise cloak and set course for coordinates 520 mark 713, maximum warp!" Carson barked out. The warrior at Tactical nodded. "Cloak operational, Lieutenant," she said. The Bridge lights dimmed as the cloak was enabled. The warrior at the helm nodded, then said, "Warp 9, sir."

Daniel sat in the command chair and turned to the warrior at his own Operations panel. "Tell Holden to come up here so we can discuss how to get to our destination faster." "Yes, sir," he said.

========Ty'Gokor-Lieutenant Carson's Quarters; a few hours later========

With Korleth back on the Bridge, Carson saw the opportunity to go to his quarters and get some rest. His body still ached from the painsticks of the Rite of Acension, but at least in the eyes of most Klingons and their Black Fleet, he was now a warrior. There was a knock on his door. "Enter," Carson commanded.

The doors opened, revealing Warrior 1st Class K'nar, his Klingon "brother." "Daniel, a word if I may," K'nar said. "Of course, K'nar. Please, sit down," Daniel said. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Most of the crew are discussing the San-Tarah and General Talak's order that Klag of the Gorkon go back on his honorable word. What do you think, brother?" K'nar asked. "Well, when I signed onto the Ty'Gokor, I swore an oath to the Captain and to fight for honor," Carson said.

Carson reached into his desk and withdrew a Daq'tagh knife from the drawer. Pushing the button springing the two auxiliary blades into place, Daniel drew the main blade across the palm of his hand, causing a crimson path to trickle down his palm.

Daniel handed the knife to K'nar, who did the same. Violet and crimson mixed on the floor of the room. Daniel and K'nar then clapsed their hands together.

"Survive and succeed," K'nar said.

"Survive and succeed," Carson said. He then raised his fist to his chest in the Klingon salute. "Qa'pla!" Daniel said.

"Qa'pla!" K'nar repeated.

"Now, brother, let's go get some gagh from the mess hall," Daniel said. "I heard the Captain got some especially fresh gagh during our last layover on Kronos."

Daniel and K'nar walked out of Daniel's quarters together. They had pledged the support of the House of K'nar in the conflict to come. They would fight on the side of honor.






Commander Ihsaan, First Officer

Lieutenant T'Aiko, Intelligence Officer

"The Face of the Devil"


=== Ty'Gokor, T'Aiko's Cabin, Deck 9, stardate 2382.09.10 ===


The Klingon/Vulcan woman was at her desk studying the screen intently when Ihsaan walked in. He was one of the few given permission to do so without knocking first. T'Aiko spun in her chair and watched the Ty'Gokor's first officer walk in. As the ship's intelligence officer, she took a stab at what Ishaan may have come to see her about. "Nothing good ever comes of anything Talak is involved in."

This introduction wasn't very appealing. Ihsaan wondered how bad it was. With the potential limitation of the cloak, and the odds against them, another problem wasn't welcome. He frowned and sat on the chair T'Aiko showed him. "And what are those 'bad' news you got?" He asked his eyes searching for clues on T'Aiko's desk.

T'Aiko noticed Ishaan trying to read her screen. As an intelligence officer, she kept the display coded in a way only she could read. However, this was information the First Officer needed to know. She touched a control and the symbols on her screen dissolved and reappeared in familiar Klingon text. "Talak is 'not' honorable in any way, shape, or form," she informed the First Officer of the Ty'Gokor.

"I see" Ihsaan said starting to read the report. "In short, is there anything useful to make sure he won't get enough support in the upcoming battle. I don't want him to use his dark resources against us or anyone defending the Honorable word of the Captain Klag." Ihsaan said inviting the intelligence officer to summarize strength and weakness of Talak.

"He is brash and acts without any thoughts to consequences, good or bad. He is not as smart as he'd like to think. Unfortunately, he 'does' have some support because he's won many battles... for as many mistakes he's made, he has as many victories," T'Aiko answered.

The information got absorbed and raised many questions. But the most important one had to be asked: "From your investigation, is there a way to change the balance of power? I mean, if he is going to gather some forces or... if he is counting on some faction... Can we do something before the battle?" Ihsaan felt the need to clarify his plan: "We are going into a battle,... and it seems that we might not be able to use the cloak's special ability... so if there is a way to undermine the support, if there is a target we must focus on... Please tell me." He looked at the screen and pointed some names "Is it worth engaging those ships before they reach the rendezvous point? Or is there any other strategic point?"

T'Aiko called up a map of local space. There were several symbols on it indicating those following Talak and those not. The Ty'Gokor's position blinked subtly. "Right now it's an even match. If we're to gain an upper hand diplomatically we need more information." She frowned. It was difficult enough to get a Klingon to listen to reason let along turn against a decorated warrior like Talak even when he's being dishonorable. "I'm waiting for an information packet from my mother to confirm some suspicions."

"Good work!" Ihsaan responded before realizing what T'Aiko just said. "Your mother!? Is she in the Klingon Intelligence forces?" he asked not remembering whether this information was in T'Aiko's personal files.

"I thought you knew..." T'Aiko replied. "My mother is an intelligence agent and my father is an ambassador." She waved him off, "It's of little consequence at this point. Any time I should be getting the message from her."

"Indeed... Keep me informed as soon as you get the information. And could you run a check on the crew. See whether some of them could for a reason or another disapprove the choice of the Captain to support Klag?"

Ishaan felt sorry to overwhelm the intelligence officer with more work and added a smile on his request.

Before T'Aiko could answer anything Korleth's voice bounced on the wall of the small office =^=Commander Ihsaan to the Bridge=^=

"On my way" Ihsaan answered as he left the T'Aiko to her work.




Lieutenant Carson, OPS officer

Captain Korleth, Son of Mi'Goth (NPC)
Ensign Holden, Engineering Officer (NPC)




========== I.K.S. Ty'Gokor, Bridge - Stardate 2382.09.11, 1800 ========

"Ship's Log, I.K.S. Ty'Gokor, Lieutenant Daniel Carson recording, Fourth Season in the Year of Kahless 1512-Federation Stardate 59873.4. The Ty'Gokor remains on course to Planet San-Tarah in order to help keep the Children of San-Tarah free of dishonorable invasion by General Talak's forces. Ensign Holden is to be commended for increasing our maximum speed beyond safe margins in order to make---"

The Bridge shook violently as the stars on the viewscreen returned to normal space. "Report!" Carson said, turning to Ensign Holden at the Engineering console.

"Warp engines are off-line, Lieutenant," Holden said.

"Helm, go to full impulse!" Carson said. "Impulse engines off-line," the helmsman said. Carson flipped a switch on the command chair arm. "Captain Korleth to the Bridge!"

"What is going on?" Korleth said as he entered the Bridge. "My lord, both warp and impulse engines are offline. All other systems are unaffected," Carson said, surrendering the command chair. "Carson, Holden, get down to Engineering and investigate," Korleth commanded.

"Yes, my lord," Carson said. Holden and Carson left the Bridge.


=============== Ty'Gokor-Engineering ==============

Carson and Holden turned the corner into the Engineering section and heard a voice say something in Klingon.

"'This will teach Korleth to follow orders,'" Holden said in a whisper.

"Talak!" Carson said.

"It does seem so," Holden said.

"We gotta get back to the Bridge!" Carson said. Carson and Holden ran back to the corridor.


=============== Ty'Gokor-Bridge=====================

Korleth turned in his chair as Carson and Holden arrived back on the Bridge. "Report," Korleth said.

"My lord, a small group of warriors loyal to General Talak has sabotaged our engines. I think we can repair them, but in order to do that, we must retake Engineering," Holden said.

"What do you recommend, Lieutenant?" Korleth asked Carson. "Well, sir, if we were on a Federation ship, I would reccommend flooding the areas in question with anestascene gas. But since this is a Klingon ship, we'll have to do it the Klingon way."

As if to underscore his words, Carson reached behind his back and withdrew a Klingon disruptor. "No, Carson. You will remain here on the Bridge to coordinate the retaking of Engineering. T'aiko and Junkar will lead a team to Engineering," Korleth said.

"Yes, my lord," Carson, T'aiko and Junkar said. Only Carson said it in a sad tone of voice. Korleth heard it, stood up and put his arm around Carson's shoulders. "You will yet see combat on this mission, Lieutenant. Just not today," he said. "Yes, sir," Carson said, putting the disruptor in a holster on his uniform.





The renegade NPCs

Lieutenant Jerol, Security assistant officer

Lieutenant Heirhem, OPS assistant officer

Ensign Dar'tok, Engineer assistant officer

Ensign Lakan, Intelligence assistant officer

Warrior 1st class Rajak, OPS warrior

Warrior 2nd class Breek, security warrior

Warrior 2nd class Warem, security warrior

Warrior 2nd class Lassad, engineer warrior

Warrior 3rd class Merak, security warrior



"The Gates of Glory"


=Ty'Gokor, Main Engineering, Body sec Deck 6 - stardate 2382.09.11, 1809=

"Force fields under our control, lieutenant, at your command!" The voice of Ensign Dar'tok came like an echo in Heirhem's mind. He could believe what was going on. It was still hard to realize that he was leading a mutiny. Challenging his captain hadn't been an easy solution. But he swore his fidelity to Honor. And Korleth hadn't been very honorable. His approval for the policy conducted by Commander Ihsaan was a proof of weakness. Unfortunately most of crew didn't think so. They all followed the Command team blindly.

Things could move very fast when crisis occur. Less than twenty four hours before when Ensign Lakan came to see him with a list of name he couldn't imagine how the event would turn.

"Lieutenant Heirhem" The intelligence assistant officer had told him. "Lieutenant T'Aiko asked me to run a check on the background of people who might have strong sympathy for General Talak. And this is the list of people who, according to what the records revealed, might have strong incentives to question the captain's choice. Your name is at the top." Of course Heirhem family had indirect links with the General. And yes, Heirhem's ideas were closer to this Honorable General than the aliens running the ship. How Lakan could have retrieved that information? It was a good job, it was his job as an intelligence officer. And at that moment he had thought about killing the officer. But his prudence told him to let the Klingon finish his speech. "If you could convince those people that they better anticipate what would happen, there still room to make sure that the Ty'Gokor won't fight against Talak"

After this conversation, things were quickly prepared, the "honor bound" was stronger than the bureaucratic hierarchy of a ship. Those Klingon believed in ideals, they believed in Honor! And if Talak had decided to ignore the result of the challenge lead by Klag, there must have been a good and honorable reason. No species could defy the Klingon and misuse the 'Honor' to meet their needs.

The plan was simple: sabotage warp and impulse engine, then take control of engineering and transfer vital command their, seal the location and wait for a the IKS Dereks. The ship was heading toward the battlefield but a coded message would warn the Captain that the Ty'Gokor was under their control. They had three hours before the IKS Derek could join them. If she couldn't make it... Heirhem didn't want to think about that. His eyes crossed the Merak's eyes. The third class warrior was still young and could have a glorious future. But this day was a good day to die. If necessary he was ready to blow up the whole ship.

"Lieutenant, this one is still alive" Merak said pointing at the engineer on the ground. The blast in his back was a testimony of the way they took control of engineering. The three engineers were shot in the back. "Transport him in Sickbay with all other bodies before activating the force fields." Heirhem said with pity. For a second he felt sorry for those victims, ten engineers had been killed. Fortunately most of those on duty were sent in the impulse engine area to fix the minor damage they had done. Everything worked as planned. Warp engine severely down, impulse engine with minor damage. The repair teams jumped on the later one leaving Main Engineering almost empty. The only point that made Heirhem worry was the visit of Carson and Holden. But fortunately they quickly left the place. Anyway, sooner or later he would have to kill them. Especially the Human who was trying to make them believe he was a Klingon.

"Done, my Lord! Area secured and isolated. All corridors are sealed." Dar'tok said. "Good! Lakan, what about the message to the IKS Dereks?" He asked the intelligence officer. Checking whether Breek, Warem and Rajak were in position.

"I sent the recorded message and I got a window to open a channel with them. Captain Khiloss will speak with you. We got communication control, the Bridge is unable to make long range communication, but T'Aiko was swift to block the control transfer. We do not have commanding control" Lakan responded. That meant they didn't have self-destruct command.

"the Dereks is hailing us"

"On the viewer" Heirhem ordered.

=^=What does that mean?=^= Bluntly asked Khiloss. =^=Are you trying to divert us from our destination? We know Korleth is against us!=^=

"No, my lord! You can check every member of this operation is loyal to Talak!" said Heirhem. "Engineering is under control, the ship disable. But we need your support to make it join the right side of the battle! Or at least not blast all your ships hidden behind her cloak. As you should know, the Ty'Gokor can fire while cloaked."

This statement stroke the Captain who remained silent for awhile. He had heard of a secret weapon serving the Empire. Rumors of a powerful ship striking deep inside the Romulan star empire, rumors saying that she had destroy a whole Armada. Rumors had always been overstatements. Behind the Armada destroyed, Khiloss could easily imagine two or three ships destroyed by the Ty'Gokor, and the idea of having to deal with a ship with that ability made him feel uncomfortable even in his Vorcha Class.

The Captain seemed to nod to someone close and got back to Heirhem. =^=Very well, your words seem to have some ground. At least about your loyality. We will divert our course and help you! Qa'pla!=^=

"Qa'pla" Heirhem said while the screen got dark. "The Bridge is jamming communications. We are now on our own!" Lakan said. Heirhem stared at him. There was a question bothering him from the beginning. "Lakan! When you came with your list. It was clear that we were loyal to Talak, but I don't see why you are with us? Why you forged the report you gave to T'Aiko?"

"If you are loyal to Talak, as far as I am concerned I have my personal reason to be 'against' Slag." Lakan answered coldly. Heirhem was wondering how far he could trust the intelligence officer. He was the assistant of T'Aiko and betrayed her, not for a cause, but against a Klingon. He tried to hide the impression of distrust and convinced himself that sometimes one's cannot choose his ally. But one's can always choose his Path to Glory, and those disturbing allies could be left at the Gates of Glory!






Lieutenant Junkar, Tactical Officer
Lieutenant T'Aiko, Security/Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Davoust, Infantry Squad Leader
Warrior 1st Class, T'Mek, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 2nd Class Kammocks, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 2nd Class J'nah, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 2nd Class Pioped, Ship's Infantry
Warrior 3rd Class G'tek, Dorsal Airlock Operator

"The Gates of Glory, Part 2"


=Ty'Gokor, Deck Nine, Collar sec Deck 9 - stardate 2382.09.11, 1830=

Having left the main bridge, Junkar and T'Aiko proceeded along the collar section of deck nine, heading for the engineering. So it seemed that General Talak had supporters on the Ty'Gokor, well that did not matter now, for they would soon all be dead.

Soon the two spotted a warrior working on a console by the dorsal airlock. Junkar drew his disruptor and pointed it at the warrior. "Talak or Junkar?" He asked Bekk G'tek.

The warrior grinned and drew his Bat'leth, before joining Junkar. Now there were three in the team as they continued down the collar heading for engineering.

T'Aiko already had her disruptor out and her other hand was ready to pull one of the several blades on her person out. She could feel the Klingon bloodlust rising in her. The past few months had been frought with too much inactivity for her taste. Now was a time for action.

Junkar pointed his disruptor down the hallway. "Alright T'Aiko point..." He said before turning back to the other warrior. "G'tek cover us." Junkar then moved closer to the corridor wall, he knew the closer they got to engineering the more at risk they were.

T'Aiko let out a loud growl and charged ahead while keeping a sharp eye for any attackers that should happen to get in her way. This would also distract the attackers away from her comrades behind her. As she neared the entrance to the main engine room T'Aiko slowed down and pulled her mek'leth out. Now armed in each hand she changed her gait to brisk but cautious. "So far so good," she called back to Junkar.

~Stupid woman will get herself killed if she doesn't shut up for just two seconds~ Junkar thought as he stalked along the deck with G'tek. He heard something over his shoulder and looked back. It was the ship's second human officer and a squad of the ships infantry.

Sebastian moved a head of the squad up to Junkar. "I just checked with Carson before I left. They've activated forcefields at every entrance to engineering and we've intercepted coded messages between engineering and the IKS Derek." He whispered.

"What did they contain?" Junkar asked.

"The bridge hasn't decoded them yet, but we can be sure the IKS Derek is loyal to General Talak and is heading this way." Sebastian informed Junkar, while nursing a disruptor rifle in his arms.

"We will have to change our tactics then." Junkar replied quietly, referring to the Vor'cha class cruiser. Junkar then signalled the rest in the party to fan out and take cover along the corridor, while he waited for A'Tiko to return with news of the forcefield.

One second later T'Aiko reappeared, "There are forcefields set up at corridor junctions all around the engine room. I was unable to bring it down," this fact obviously fueled her anger. "We may need to use the maintenance crawlways to gain access."

"I need two volunteers to go with T'Aiko" Junkar announced looking over at his warriors. Before J'nah and Pioped stood up and joined T'Aiko. "Sneak inside, bring down the forcefield and the rest of us will join you when your done."

"Excellent," T'Aiko agreed with the choices, "Follow me!"



Commander Ihsaan, First Officer

Ensign Q'roc, Assistant Security Officer

"The Trap"


=== Ty'Gokor, Collar section, Deck 10, stardate 2382.09.11, 1830 ===

The red lights were still flashing making hard to forget the crisis status. Ihsaan was on his way to the Bridge when he found himself blocked by a force field. He turned around the other side of the corridor was now sealed too. He was caught like a Targ! He opened a panel and tried without success to override the security codes. It was obvious that the mutineers were stronger than he first imagined. ~The conduits!~ He opened the conduit above his head and jumped to catch the ladder. With little luck they had forgotten to block conduits. He heard some voice and noise not very far. He was about to start crawling when he heard the voice of Ensign Holden announcing a good news. At last! =^=Commander, I successfully retook control of force field in the Collar and Nose sections. You are free now!=^= "Good job, Holden!" Ihsaan said before jumping back in the corridor.
There was never a time Q'roc could remember *not* fighting.  It was in his blood in a way, or at least such an ingrained part of his life that he could never escape it.  He had fought with his uncle, fought at the Academy, fought for the general, fought against the Jem’Hadar... always he fought – for duty, for honor.
The creature that Q'roc had become turned his head, seeing a twisted reflection of itself in the dark bulkhead of the Ty'Gokor.  His face was pale, barely Klingon any longer, the ridges of his forehead barely visible if he paid them but a moment’s notice.  In contrast his brilliant red cybernetic eye…
He turned back to the Klingon he held like a rag doll.  He, too, seemed pale, his eyes were dimming as the life drained from him.  He struggled, but Q’roc’s grip was relentless.  His thumb, pressed against the man’s throat, was far more deadly than any bat’leth.  “Duty,” he said, laughing bitterly.  "Honor."  Another bitter laugh.
"You know nothing of duty," he said, "of honor.  You are a fool, a coward and a traitor."  The Klingon tried to struggle at the string of insults, but without oxygen flowing to his brain his movements were weak and haphazard. 
The assistant head of security had followed the man, presumably sent to kill the Ty'Gokor’s First Officer.  But he had neither the training nor the experience in the martial arts that Q’roc had, and it had been easy to follow him; when the force field had gone down – presumably the traitors’ doing – the Klingon had rushed in.  He had been startled to find the hall empty and, in that moment, Q’roc had struck.  "A child," he said, shaking his head, sneering at the would-be assassin.  "You would never have survived the war."
Using the full force of his cybernetically-enhanced arm, he smashed the treacherous Klingon into the bulkhead with a dull *thunk.*  If the warrior had not been dead before, he was now.
A flicker of movement caught his attention and he slid to the side to avoid disruptor fire that never appeared.  Instead he found himself staring into the First officer’s

As Ihsaan stood up he saw the Assistant Security officer Q'roc. A strange Klingon who joined the ship when they were on Qo'noss. The officer was full of cybernetics, almost like a Borg, expect that Borgs did not wear uniforms and cloths but Q'roc did. The Klingon was a good officer even if his psychological records revealed a tendency to self destructive actions. Ihsaan made a mental note to personally monitor the officer and ask him to join his Ashtanga classes. But this wasn't the time for crew evaluation. There was a crisis to deal with and he had to know in which side Q'roc was.

"Korlteh or Klag?" Ihsaan asked his hand on his disruptor.

"Honor," Q’roc said, glancing aside at the dead carcass of the traitor.  "And duty."  He moved – slowly, not wanting to test his metallic bone structure against a disruptor at this close range – toward the body of the dead man.  "This urwl, this traitor," he spat the word, "had come to kill you.  I presume."

A smile appeared on Ihsaan face as he released the tension in his arms. The officer looked like a Borg but his appearance was relief. The trap on his head had failed thanks to Ensign Q'roc. "I owe you this one!" Ihsaan said with laughter pointing the dead body. He was glad he had accepted this transfer. No ship wanted to take Q'roc, and this was a good reason for Ihsaan to let him join the Ty'Gokor. A choice he didn't regret!

Q'roc was unsure how to respond to the -- the compliment?  Once he might have known.  But he couldn't quite remember.  The words he felt did not seem like his own, as though they had been implanted along with the cybernetics.  'I owe you this one,' the First Officer had said; but he could not understand.  Was it not his *duty* to save his superior's life?  Was it not *honor* that had forced his hand?  He knew that he had lost honor -- what *thing* could be honorable and still be -- be this?
So instead of responding with words he merely nodded, once, sharply.  Each act, each motion -- everything he did was all directed at one goal: honor.  Or death.

"So now we must go to the Bridge and try to kill the devil while it still in the egg!" Ihsaan proposed. The red lights reminded him that there was no time for small talks. He didn't know how many people were against Captain Korlteh decision, and this wasn't good at all. It must have been a minority; otherwise the plot would have been discovered easily. But some warriors could have decided to follow their renegade superiors.

This -- this was something the cybernetic monstrosity understood.  Here was not a time for words, a time for thought, a time for understanding.  This was a time for action.  "You will follow.  If they attack -- if they are *true* Klingons -- then they will do so from the front, like Klingons.  And they will die like dogs."  He frowned.  "And if they attack from the rear, then you," he nodded at the disruptor in the superior's clenched fist, "have a weapon that can reach farther than a fist.  And you can protect my back.  Like brothers."  He nodded once and, without waiting for a response from the First Officer, started off, his movements those of a wild beast of the jungle, every sense attuned to the vessel around him, searching out that which was out of place and wrong.
His disruptor in his hand Ihsaan gave a last look behind him and then let Q'roc open the way to the Bridge.




Lt. T'Aiko, Security and Intelligence Officer



"Pounding Down The Gates"


============Ty'Gokor  - stardate 2382.09.11, 1845===================

"I need two volunteers to go with T'Aiko" Junkar announced looking over at his warriors. Before J'nah and Pioped stood up and joined T'Aiko. "Sneak inside, bring down the forcefield and the rest of us will join you when your done."

"Excellent," T'Aiko agreed with the choices, "Follow me!"

The trio ran down the corridor to the next maintenance tunnel hatchway. It was quickly opened and the three warriors disappeared within.

Moments later they reached their destination. The exit hatch from the maintenance tunnel was two meters above the deck in the Ty'Gokor's main engine room… what they'd call Main Engineering on a Starfleet vessel.

T'Aiko opened it just enough to spy on the saboteurs. "Filthy dogs!" she whispered quietly to herself. All of her Vulcan logic had flown out the airlock. Her Klingon instincts were taking over especially after seeing her, now former, assistant Lakan helping the enemy.

She decided to kill him last.

T'Aiko closed the hatchway again to give orders to her two compatriots without being heard by the traitors who'd taken over main engineering.

"J'nah, you will make for the main console and lock out the main computer and disengage the force fields they set up. Pioped, you will open the doors to let Junkar's team enter. Remember one thing… these aren't your shipmates any longer. They are traitors and should be dealt with most harshly. We will use stealth while we have the element of surprise. Understood?"

Pioped and J'nah answered with firm nods. Both had disruptor pistols and bladed weapons at the ready. T'Aiko pulled her pistol back out and raised it's kill setting to the highest it would go.

Next she opened the hatchway again and the three soldiers quietly snuck out.




Commander Ihsaan, First Officer
Lieutenant Junkar, Tactical Officer
Lieutenant T'Aiko, Security and Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Carson, OPS Officer
Ensign Q'roc, Assistant Security Officer
Ensign Pallara, Chief Medical Officer


Captain Korleth, Commanding Officer
Ensign Holden, Chief Engineer

"How to deal with traitors"


=== Ty'Gokor's nose section, War room, deck 8, stardate 2382.09.11, 1850 ===

Almost an hour had passed since a small group of renegades took over Engineering and had tried to take control of the whole ship. ~Traitor on my ship!~ Korleth was burning inside. After few attempts to immediately solve the situation Ihsaan felt that there was a need for coordinating the initiative and elaborate an efficient plan. They had isolated the mutineers and built firewalls to make sure they couldn't expand their control. T'Aiko did a good job, Ihsaan noted.

Now that the situation was stabilized though still critical, they could spend precious minutes to think about how to deal with those traitors who shot their crewmates in the back! Everyone was there. Captain Korleth looked at the assembly with satisfaction, the most valuable senior officers had remained loyal and that was a very strong point. "Warriors!" He started. "No need to brief you on the situation! The summary is on your PADD, but you know most it since you written it with your blades or your work. I summoned you to make sure we can deal with the situation before the arrival of the IKS Dereks." He paused and nodded to Ihsaan to let him continue. "Commander Ihsaan!"

His name bounced in his head. It wasn't the first crisis he had to deal with as a First Officer, but this time, they needed to fight their crewmates. Ihsaan tried to find some strong words, something heroic, that could give some weight to what he was about to say, but he didn't find anything. Maybe this had nothing to do with heroism. It was the cold and sad reality of preparing the bloodshed. "Here the status" he simply started "They have confined themselves in engineering. They have no control beyond this area. Thrusters and impulse are under our control but offline. I must stress that even if they cannot start the self destruct sequences, armoury reports that powerful explosive are missing. So they could use them to destroy the warp core. The last point, a minor one, but we are drifting toward a nebula; we should enter in less than 30 minutes. I asked Science to analyse the composition of the gaz, but it seems that we could stay there until the repairs are finished. Until then we are nothing but a piece of duranium that could be shot like an asteroid!" Ihsaan ended his portray of the situation and then added:

"Lieutenant T'Aiko, you successfully blocked their attempt to hack our system, so do you think we can strike back?"

"Yes I do," T'Aiko replied angrily. "I'm sure with a little more time we can figure out the protocols they put in place and defeat them. I already have several of my staff working on it." The fact that their control of the ship was lost, even for a short time, was distressing to the Security Chief. She was angrier than her tone let on.

"How long?" Ihsaan asked. "It would be better to join this effort with other measures."

"Perhaps an hour," she replied, "Most likely less."

Ihsaan gave her a nod and then looked at Holden and Carson: "How long before we get our engines back online! No one is comfortable with the idea of being the toy of the celestial mechanics, trapped in outside gravity forces.

"My lord, during the last attempt to retake Engineering, I was able to rig a bypass to the damage the traitors caused. We should have full warp power in thirty minutes, an hour tops," Carson said. "Of course, the traitors can still blow the warp core with the missing explosives, but unless that actually happens, we can still fight if need be."

"Good!" Ihsaan nodded impressed by the short delay. "Lieutenant Junkar and T'Aiko Ensign Q'roc how can we retake engineering by force without risking a suicidal response." He paused and continued to explain himself: "If it was a group of sixty or a hundred of mutineers I wouldn't be worry. But it seems that this was done by a very small group. Apart from individual turncoats who followed them before changing their mind with a disruptor close to their head, it was from the beginning a desperate attempt. The Dereks will come in about two hours, it's more than enough to take their force fields down. That's why I cannot ignore the possibility of a suicidal action."

Q'roc spoke first, his hard, vaguely mechanical voice filling the meeting room.  "A frontal assault is suicidal.  And foolish."  He nodded.  "But we outnumber them, many to one.  I suggest two, three assaults.  I can lead a small force up the center -- attack them straight on."  He grinned, a deathshead visage.  "Others can attack from the sides as we begin making noise.  They will be trapped, and can be destroyed like dogs."

"Why don't we just expose the engine room to space," T'Aiko suggested, "That way the filthy dogs will get what they deserve."

"I do not believe that would be wise," Q'roc said carefully.  "There is vital equipment that could be damaged."  He looked to the officer representing engineering for confirmation.  "And besides -- there is no honor in killing in such a manner."  He shook his head, disgusted at the thought.  "There is honor in battle.  But in ..."  He motioned again with his arm.  "No."

Junkar nodded. "Q'Roc is right. We'll to do much damage and lose precious materials exposing engineering to the vacuum of space... besides honor, extera extera" He replied with a slight chuckle at the humour of it all.

"Not to mention, that if Carson's report is still up to date, they still control the systems necessary to do that. No! We must think about a coordinated assault!" Ihsaan added.

"Well..." Junkar began. "Now that we have security and marine teams covering all the entrances to engineering, once the forcefield is brought down we will be able to simply storm engineering and put all of the traitors to the sword."

The Captain had stayed in the background but felt the need to ask for
details: "How can we be sure that they won't blow up everything when the forcefields will power off?"

"We can not be certain," Q'roc said, then shook his head.  "But these ... men ... are cowards.  I do not believe they have such an action in them."
He turned to T'Aiko, then to Junkar; they had been aboard the vessel longer and might know the crew better, though he could not respect any who shot a warrior in the back.  Such an act was an abomination and showed that they feared death more than anything.

"I don't think we should worry about 'their' honor," T'Aiko started, "They have already proven they have none! They should die in the worst way thinkable as far as I'm concerned."

The tactical issue was delicate indeed, but there was also a last point that needed to be discussed. "Doctor Pallara has brought some disturbing information" Ihsaan started to get the attention of the audience. "As you may have read, many victims had been caught by surprise, or shot in the back. They transported the bodies in Sickbay. One of them is still alive." He paused: "Doctor Pallara" Ihsaan invited Michael to continue. This was a matter of Ethics and it might be important to have everyone's opinion on that.

"Yes." Michael said. "Warrior Jomrad is still alive and I would like to keep it that way. I need to get back to sickbay and operate on him."He hesitated not sure of how his next words would go down. "There is only a small chance he will regain the use of his legs. But he is a valuable man. He can pass on his knowledge to others. It would be an act of waste to let him die." He almost pleaded. "I need permission to operate straight away!"

Q'roc made a face of disgust.  "Let him die an honorable, warrior's death."  He motioned with one metalic arm.  "Do not curse him to 'live' as an abomination."

This was an argument one couldn't ignore, the survivor, the one back from the dead with alien cybernetic had certainly something to say about how he was seeing life, and how his life became. Ihsaan didn't have the expertise to judge how Jomrad could be healed and how he could walk if there was able to walk one day. He looked at Pallara waiting for his answer.

Michael watched Q'roc with compassion. "Our society is changing, ensign. I wish you would see that. You do your job, you have a life and you are a valuable asset to the empire. You would be even more so if you chose to see it yourself.  It will be the same for Jomrad. Besides I know he wants to take revenge. He is not through with life yet." Pallara said with vehemence.

"Jomrad is a fine warrior and therefore has the right to Hegh'bat" Junkar commented, referring to ritual assisted suicide. "If he asks anyone for it, it would be dishonourable to stop it or not to assist him."

"Damn it!  Of course he is going to say he wants to die right now!  Even a human would say it under the circumstances.  He has lost a lot of blood, he is not thinking straight, and he needs time to readjust."  Michael was so frustrated with the whole bunch of them right now.

The conversation was turning bitter as expected, but there was nothing to do. Ihsaan shared the ideas of Michael but he knew that this position was hard to hold. Not only the patient might refuse, but after convincing him there would be a whole crew to convince. In the Federation the moral backed Pallara's ethics, but in the Klingon society Hegh'bat, as mentioned by Junkar, was an accepted practice. "We shouldn't jump to the conclusion or make hasty choices, in either side." Ihssan said to calm down the situation. "Michael, the best is to stabilise Jomrad condition. And when he wakes up explain him the situation." He paused

Before he could continue Korleth spoke up: "The final choice is up to him and him only. This is not a Starfleet, this is a Klingon ship with a crew of Klingons Jomrad would have to work with. There are many factors that need to be taking into account. We share your care about the crew, so let's discuss it after we retake the ship, otherwise there will be no decision to make."

"To sum up" Korleth said showing that the meeting was about to end "T'Aiko's officers are working on taking down the forcefields, but T'Aiko will also lead a squad as well as Junkar and Q'roc. In the meantime Carson and Holden's warriors are rushing to give us back the engines."

"Dammit!" Michael was beyond reason. "If I just keep him stabilized he will die. But maybe that is what you want. He needs the operation, and he needs it right now!' He came to his feet. "As a matter of fact that is what I am going to do right now." He started to leave.

"Ensign" the voice of the Captain sounded like a thunder. "You are not dismissed!" Warriors taking engineering and discussing his choices, shooting on other crewmates, and now, now, his Chief Medical Officer trying to turn a Klingon ship into a Federation hospital. No it was too much. The warriors guarding the doors stepped to block any attempt to leave the room without the Captain approval. Most of the time no one noticed their presence, but in situations like this one, one could remember why they were there. "If you leave this room, it will be for the brig." ~And this is too kind~ Korleth thought. In this time of crisis, discipline was needed at every level.

The silence which followed the thunder was heavy and uncomfortable. "Ahem" started Ihsaan "Perhaps Doctor Pallara can do his best to save Jomrad. Now the warrior is not able to make a choice. If he dies, it will be on a biobed because he was shot in the back. Let allow Ensign Pallara do his best to save his patient and if possible his legs. Then, Jomrad will have all the latitude to make his choice." Ihsaan proposed to cool down the situation. He gave a look at Korleth who nodded still angry.

"Right" The Captain said. "Do what is good for him! But remember that what is good for a Human is not always good for a Klingon living in a Klingon society." Korleth added with a calmer voice. "Dismissed" Korleth said allowing the Doctor to leave.

Michael shot his friend a grateful look. Today he had established that he indeed did have a klingon temper and he was not proud of how he handled the situation. Pallara nodded curtly and left to get ready for surgery.

Korleth waited for a while. "Lieutenant Carson I want you to focus on a way to blind them. They shouldn't be able to see or hear what will happen to them. But use a minimum of person to avoid slowing down the repairs Understood?"

The Starfleet exchange officer nodded. "Good! I will monitor the operations from the Bridge, so it is important to keep your communicators online." He glanced at Carson "And important that only us will be listening". He stood up. "Enough words! Now, actions!"