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Entry: Heather Lynn Owens Leger

Species: Human

Age: 18 (Aged to 24 from temporal event)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 115lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Birthplace: San Francisco, California. Earth.

Birthdate: August 18, 2361

Hobbies: Chess, Billiards, Reading, Racquetball, Dramatic Arts, Archeology, Karate, Piano, History.

Languages: Federation Standard


Father - Gary Owens, Archeologist. (Deceased)

Mother - Charlene Owens, Archeologist. (Deceased)

Sister - Nicole Owens, 18, Student. (Missing, Presumed Dead)

Spouse - Jeremiah Leger, 30, USS Miranda.

Children - None


2376-2380 Starfleet School of Archeology (Extracurricular)

2376-2380 San Francisco High School, Earth.

Service Record:

2379- 2380. SS Halley, Oberth Class, Student-Archeologist

2380- 2381. USS Miranda-B, Civilian

1860- 1865. Confederate States of America, Civilian (Temporal Event)

2381- 2382. USS Miranda-B, Civilian/Voulenteer

2382-Pres. USS Miranda-B, Archeologist.

Personal Details:

At first look into Heather's life before going out into space, one would think that she had the absolute perfect life. She was always top of her class all throughout High School, was Homecoming and Prom Queen her senior year and, naturally, became valedictorian of her graduating class. Heather was always active in after school activities as well; President of the Student Council, always the lead heroine in school plays, and head of the chess club. She'd go to most of her school's sports games to cheer her team, and her boyfriend, on to victory. Her parents even enrolled her and her sister, Nicole, into the School of Archeology in hopes that their daughters would take up the family study. It became a whole new passion for the Owens Girls. Heather was a social darling, but stayed in a steady relationship with her boyfriend, High School Football Captain Marcus Adams, all through the latter half of Middle School and all through High School. Upon graduating, her and Marcus were looking forward to going out into space with their families and even starting a family of their own on the SS Halley, a science ship outbound from Earth to study long dead societies on other planets. Heather had it all: A loving family, a devoted boyfriend soon to be husband, a wonderful sister, an excellent career ahead of her and a new adventure in space.

Yes, it was the Federation dream come true, but dreams have a nasty way of going wrong when you're not looking. As the show started, fate had given Heather the best seat in the house... Front row center.

As the SS Halley was off on its mission of exploration and discovery, it was waylaid by T'Kith'kin Raiders, the ship captured (and later destroyed), and its crew taken prisoner. Heather was among the initial survivors and watched in horror as her father was killed by the boarding parties and her boyfriend beaten to within an inch of his life. She was easily captured by the boarding parties along with her mother and sister and then hauled off to a remote prison facility with the remainder of the Halley's crew and passengers. The Halley prisoners were tossed into the cells with the inmates that were already there and that was about when the hellish show began.

The encore was watching her boyfriend get repeatedly beat up for even attempting to keep the other inmates off of Heather, Nicole and their mother. To follow that up was the subsequent rape of all three women. The opening act was the brutal interrogation techqunies of their captors and the eventual execution of Marcus for 'withholding vital information'. Heather then watched as one by one, each of the crew and key scientific personnel were taken, tortured, and executed if they were lucky. The unfortunate ones were sent off to dilithium mines or some other form of hard labor. Heather too was taken, tortured, beat, emotionally abused and then released back into the general population only to be beat abused and raped some more. Eventually she watched as her mother was killed in a prison riot and her sister taken off to whereabouts unknown leaving Heather alone to endure the harsh life in the prison. She'd be passed off to various men of various races treated more like a commodity than a person. She's spend her nights in the bed of a different man each night where she would constantly cry herself to sleep.

Cold, dirty, beaten, broken, dressed in rags that barely covered her up, her hair grossly disheveled from the months of abuse and wounds all over her body, Heather was no longer the beauty queen anymore underneath all the dirt and grime. She was near death by the time an away mission from the USS Miranda-B came on planet to strike at a T'Kith'kin Base. Ensign Jeremiah Leger from the Miranda's Hazard Team happened upon the young girl while her captors were in the process of torturing her yet again for more information. Leger killed her captors, took off his own commbadge and had Heather beamed to safety onboard the Miranda.

After getting healed and cleaned up on the Miranda, Heather opted to stay onboard since she no longer had any family left in the universe. She continues to have regular counseling sessions to help deal with her pain and loss over the past year.

In 2381, the USS Miranda was hit by a temporal wave that catapulted Heather back to the year 1860, a year before the American Civil War started. While back in time, she again ran into Jeremiah Leger a year later. The two married while they were trapped back in time and soon after, she became pregnant. Unfortunately, due to the stress of the war and Jeremiah constantly off to battle, she lost the child in a miscarrage. This put a bit of a strain on her marriage, but the two managed. After returning to their own time period, Heather and Jeremiah remianed married and even had a second ceremony to reaffirm their vows... In the Klingon Empire. 

Personality Profile:

Shy and sweet but has a bit of a cruel streak at times. The ultimate persona of the girl next door. Used to be really timid around men ever since being freed from the T'Kith'kin Prison Facility an was strugglig to find her voice and her will to live again. Being trapped for a year alone in the Civil War helped her become strong willed once again. This was helped along by her marriage to Jeremiah who continued to mold her back into the feiry redhead that she once was.  Is geting to be her old self more and more each day.

Special Notes:

Has become strongly attached to Jeremiah Leger who she now views as her savior, her knight in shining armor, since all of her family and friends were either killed by the T'Kith'kin or taken to other prison facilities elsewhere. Has a cat she named "Ms. Kitty" that was a gift to her from Jeremiah. Has even taken up karate which is being taught to her by Jeremiah. In turn, she's teaching him to play chess.

Hail: Ensign Leger


Image Rendering by Pat Weber, GM of the USS Miranda Sim