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Name: B'rel, Son of Korder, Leader of the House of Marpec

Age: 24

Height: 5"10

Weight: Medium

Species: Klingon

Place/Date of birth: Narenda III, 5th August, 2358


Father: Korder, Son of Marpec, Leader of the House of Marpec (Deceased)

Mother: M'pec, Daughter of Keleth, Lady of the House


Languages: Klingon, a little Cardassian and Federation Standard.

Service record:

2373-2375 Warrior, Gunner I.K.S Daq'tagh, Brel Class

2375-2377 Warrior 1st Class, Gunner I.K.S Daq'tagh, Brel Class

2377-2379 Warrior 1st Class House Affairs.

2379-2380 Warrior 1st Class, Gunner I.K.S Daq'tagh, Brel Class

2380-2382 Ensign, Tactical Officer I.K.S Daq'tagh, Brel Class

2382-PRES Ensign, Tactical Officer I.K.S Ty'Gokor, K'vort Class

Awards and Decorations:

Gunnery Badge - 2374, 2375

Leader of the House of Marpec - 2379

Background:  B'rel was born in 2358 to the small yet respected House of Marpec at the colony of Narenda III. It was no surprise that his father a well known engineer at the colony named his son after his favourite ship, the B'rel class Bird of Prey. When B'rel was just two years of age the family moved to the capital planet of the Klingon Empire, Qu'noS. On Qu'noS, B'rel began training to become a warrior and at the age of eight he undertook the First Rite of Ascension by lighting the Kor'tova candle. The following year the Klingon Civil War erupted between the forces of Chancellor Gowron and the House of Duras.

Although to young to partake in the fighting he nonetheless witnessed much action in the capital. The war ended in 2369 and the rest of his youth was dedicated to training to become a warrior.

The Dominion War next broke out in 2373 and B'rel now fifteen was determined not to miss out on the fighting. He undertook the Second Rite of Ascension and become a warrior. He then joined the first ship he could find heading out to the border which was the I.K.S Daq'tagh a small B'rel class scout. The crew considered him a good luck charm since he bore the same name as the ship class.

He served as a gunner throughout the war, firing the ships weaponry whenever the tactical officer wasn't present. B'rel was rated as one of the best gunners on his ship and was decorated for his gunnery during the battle to retake Deep Space Nine with a Gunnery Badge. Towards the end of the war during the push on Cardassia he was promoted to Warrior 1st Class, for his achievements.

The Dominion War finally ended and the I.K.S Daq'tagh stayed on in the occupied territories for another two years, before returning to Qu'noS, where the crew took some well deserved shore leave. B'rel travelled to his planet of birth Narenda III. His father had died during the war at the battle for the Chin'toka System, and B'rel on return to Narenda III declared himself leader of the House of Marpec and took charge of his small house, reorganizing the survivors.  Due to his status as leader of a small house and his abilities proven during the Dominion War he was promoted to Ensign in 2380 soon after his return to the I.K.S Daq'tagh. B'rel served another two years on the I.K.S Daq'tagh before transferring to the I.K.S Ty'Gokor seeking greater glories and adventures.

Personality:  B'rel is a young warrior with a heavy load to carry as leader of his house, although small it carries great responsibilities which place much demands on his time and personal life. But nonetheless he is a Klingon and the honour of leading his house is of great importance to him. He has a fairly pleasant attitude and somewhat of a flamboyant personality.

Special notes:

B'rel does not wield the famed Bat'leth or its lesser cousin the Mek'leth; instead he is armed with the Narenda Blade, a locally produced blade which resembles the Terran sword known as the Katana.

Hail: Lieutenant B'Rel