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The Klingon Chancellors from 2069 to 2382
2069-2073 - Karvan
Karvan is the first Chancellor to actually rule the empire with the death of Emperor Kadar.  Karvan, already in charge of the High Council at this point in time, simply moves the power base from the Throne of the Emperor to the High Council itself.
2073-2073 - Kagga
Kagga ascends to the Chancellorship after Karvan is caught (and killed) in the middle of a power struggle.  Kagga holds control of the High Council for exactly one hour, after which he is executed for treason.
2073-2098 - 5 "weak" Chancellors will come to power and be removed.
A period of 25 years of which no one can seem to hold control of the High Council.  This is a time of subversion and treason as members jockey for position and power within the Empire.
2098-2152 - Lorak
Chancellor Lorak emerges victorious from the 25 year power struggle.  Lorak will be the one who has first contact with the humans aboard the Starfleet ship 'Enterprise' NX-01.
2152-2204 - Keth
After Lorak's death, Keth becomes Chancellor and begins a new era of expansion, exploration and prosperity.  He will have the longest rein to date until the ascension of K'mpec.
2204-2234 - Kadrya
Kadrya ascends to the Chancellorship when Keth dies of old age.
2234-2250 - Karhammur
Karhammur ascends to the Chancellorship during the time of war with the assassination of Kadrya who was too weak to be an effective leader. (Kadrya argeed to peace with the Federation)
2250-2286 - Mow'ga
Mow'ga assumes leadership of the High Council upon the death of his father in 2250.  This begins the era known as the 'Second Empire' in which children can assume control of the Council by being named as a successor by their father.
2286-2287 - Lokar
Lokar succeeds Mow'ga.  Not much is known of this event as he only reigns for little more than a year.
2287-2292 - Kesh
Kesh assumes control of the High Council after Lokar dies in battle with Federation Forces.
2292-2293 - Gorkon
"The Visionary", as he is now known as.  Gorkon assassinates Kesh, terminates the alliance with the Romulans, and begins peace negotiations with the Federation.  He is assassinated by those resistant to the idea before the First Khitomer Conference can take place.
2293-2311 - Azetbur
Named Chancellor of the High Council in order to conclude her father's work.  She is the only Female to ever be Chancellor.
2311-2323 - Kaarg
Kaarg becomes Chancellor upon the assassination of Azetbur.  This does not go over well with his successor.
2323-2334 - Ditagh
Ditagh, who had assassinated Azetbur, kills Kaarg in an Honor Duel and becomes Chancellor (Finally).
2334-2346 - Kravokh
By sheer irony, Ditagh dies of old age and is succeeded by Kravokh.
2346-2367 - K'mpec
K'mpec challenges and kills Kravokh after he fails to divert Klingon Forces to Khitomer to prevent the attack from the Romulans.  K'mpec was impressed with the crew of the Enterprise-C that had responded to the Khitomer Distress Call.  This paves the way to a long lasting peace between the Federation and the Klingons.  K'mpec will have the longest reign in Klingon History.
2367-2375 - Gowron
K'mpec dies when he is poisoned by Duras.  K'mpec made the radical choice of assigning Captain Picard of the Federation as Arbiter of Succession.  Picard names Gowron as the new leader of the High Council after Duras is killed by Worf and Toral fails in his bid for the Chancellorship in his father's place.
2375-2375 - Worf
Worf, disgusted with Gowron's choice of tactics during the Dominion War, challenges Gowron to an Honor Duel and wins.  By right, he is now the new Chancellor.  He holds the position for little more than a half hour, long enough to name his friend, Martok, as Chancellor.
2375-Pres - Martok
Martok assumes control of the High Council when Worf steps aside.  He helps end the Dominion War, retrieve the legendary Sword of Kahless, and begins another new era of expansion and exploration.  He's held the Chancellorship for 7 years now and counting...