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character name: Q'roc
species: Klingon
age/gender: 50 / Male
hair/eyes: Black / Black
heightweight: 6'5" / 400 lbs
birthdetails: Qo'noS
hobbies: Tinkering, wood-carving, fighting
languages: Klingon
family: Father Mo'gh; dishonorably murdered by Romulan assassins
Mother K'vi; dishonorably murdered by Romulan assassins
Uncle Koch; Captain of the IKS K'e'manarr
service: 2350-2354: Trained as a warrior on the Homeworld.
2354-2358: Served as a Warrior on D'mak
2358-2360: Served as a Warrior aboard IKS K'e'manarr.
2360-2367: Served under General Mar'gag on planet On'korr.
2367: Served aboard IKS BortaS.
2367-2370: Served as a guard-warrior at shipyards orbiting Qo'noS.
2370-2374: Leave of absence to hunt down the killers of his family.
2374: Recalled to duty to battle the Dominion.
2375: Q'roc 'dies.'
2375-2382: Unknown.  Q'roc is healed by an alien species.
2382: Q'roc returns to the empire, nearly half his body replaced by cybernetics.  He is assigned to the IKS Ty'Gokor as a warrior, though watched carefully for signs that his 'modifications' are dangerous to the Empire.
bio: Born in 2332, Q'roc was the first and only child of Mo'gh and K'vi, a pair who had first met while serving honorably about the IKS K'dek. His father was a powerful man, the head of a growing family; his mother was the scion of a noble house with loose ties to the High Councilour. It was destined to be a union of powerful Houses.
Except that Mo'gh had made enemies during his rise to power.  Among them was a Romulan commander who, after inviting the pair to a feast a friendship, watched them die of the poison he had placed in their food. This dishonorable deed was followed by the utter eradication of much of the House; only two survived: Koch, then an officer aboard the IKS K'e'manarr, and Q'roc himself, still less than two years of age.
His uncle took him in, however, and proved a skilled teacher.  A warrior in his own youth, Koch demanded the utmost from his nephew; Q'roc was only too happy to comply, knowing that his destiny lay in vengeance upon the Romulans who had murdered his family.
By the age of ten, Q'roc was a powerful warrior in his own right, and had won no little renown for both his honor and his skills with the bat'leth.  More important, however, he proved an intelligent fighter and something of a tactician, preferring to use his opponents' strengths against them, even as their own weaknesses worked to undermine them further.
While some elders thought this dishonorable, his uncle proved a champion, and by the age of eighteen, in 2350, he was accepted to the warrior's academy on the Homeworld.  The next four years proved some of the most difficult in his life as he struggled against the politics of the Academy, the rigors of warrior training, and the difficulties of being the sole survivor of a once-powerful House.  He survived three trials of honor during those four years, one of which damaged his left eye severely.  The doctors believed he would never see again.
After graduating from the Academy, he served as a warrior on the colony D'mak; it was an honorable job, though one fit only for the poorest of warriors.  Certainly not a place for a great warrior like himself. Mid-year in 2358 he contacted his uncle, now First Officer aboard the K'e'manarr, and for the next two years he served aboard that vessel, earning distinction as a capable warrior. 
The victory of the Klingon Empire over the On'korr was due, in part, to his leading a daring raid against the On'korr capital while serving aboard the K'e'manarr.  He so impressed General Mar'gag that he was re-assigned to the general's personal forces that were assigned to subdue the population.  For six years he did so, rising through the ranks rapidly.
The next year saw the beginning of the Klingon Civil War -- an event that struck On'korr particularly hard.  General Mar'gag supported the Gowron faction, but most of his troops supported Duras; civil war ravaged the planet.
Struggling between support of House Duras -- a House that had once supported his father -- and Gowron, who not only his superior supported, but he found to be more honorable,Q'roc found himself embattled on both sides.  In the end duty and honor won out over personal loyalty to the Duras family, but it was too late for Mar'gag; he, Q'roc and the remainder of their supporters were forced to flee to the Homeworld.
They arrived aboard a ship badly damaged by fighting, but were taken in by the successful Gowron faction, who swore to send support to re-claim On'korr and punish the traitors. 
That same year, 2367, Q'roc was reassigned to the BortaS -- for less than six months.  Almost immediately he was transferred to the shipyards orbiting the Homeworld, where he against served as a guard-warrior, this time for two years.
Four years followed during which Q'roc attempted to hunt down and destroy the Romulan murderers of his family; he was unsuccessful.  The attempt ended in late 2374 to battle the Dominion forces coming through the wormhole.
There is little honor in being among the last to die in one of the last battles of a war against dishonorable foes -- yet die is what Q'roc did. In 2375 a Jem'Hadar attack fleet attacked the colony Q'roc had been defending; in the battle, he suffered greivous injuries to his skull; nearly half of it was torn open by an explosion, and much of his body was destroyed.
Following the battle, the natives of the planet who had survived thanks, in great part, to the efforts of Q'roc, healed him, bringing him back from the edge of death.  In the process of healing him, they were forced to reconstruct much of his skull casing and skeletal matter, replacing them with metals and cybernetics, highly advanced even by Federation standards.
The Klingons believed him dead for nearly a decade until, one day, he appeared on the Homeworld.  No longer was he fully Klingon, but neither was he machine; he was something wholly 'other.'  He survived more than twenty challenges in a period of seventeen days; after that, the Emperor personally halted the attempts on his life and oversaw his reassignment
-- somewhere as far from the Homeworld as he could.
personality: Q'roc is neither wholly Klingon nor wholly machine. Although he thinks very much like a Klingon and, indeed, honor and duty are more important to him even than life, he has gained an odd detachment along with the cybernetic enhancements that were 'gifted' to him. 
Q'roc is mildly suicidal, as is shown by his tendency to rush into battle; unfortunately, the enhancements make him terribly difficult to outwit, out-maneuver or kill; he can be shot, of course, but battling him in hand-to-hand or melee combat as all but suicide.  He feels that he has lost much of his honor and constantly strives to regain it.
special: Many people mistake Q'roc for a member of the Borg -- after all, his modifications are very similar.  But he is not borg, though in all likelihood he would be far more easily assimilated than even a normal klingon (assuming the borg in question could reach a part of him that was still flesh-and-blood). 
More importantly, his electronic parts of susceptible to power surges of various kinds, which lead to anything from death -- in the most severe cases -- to trauma to temporary psychological breakdown. 
The Klingon leadership does not trust Q'roc in the least.