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Captain Korleth

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Captain Korleth
Entry: Korleth, Son of Mi'Goth
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer, I.K.S. Ty'Gokor
Species: Klingon
Age: 40
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 350lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Birthplace: First City, Qo'noS
Birthdate: Jan 1, 2341 (Terran Calander)
Special Marks: So many battle scars its hard to go into.
Hobbies: Fighting, Dabo, Bat'leth Combat, Starship Piloting, Billiards, Reading Shakespeare.
Languages: Klingon, Terran, Enough Romulan to hurl Insults.
Family Status:
Father: Mi'Goth, Son of Kern.  House Leader and General in KDF
Mother: B'rela, Daughter of Kessra.  Lady of the House
Brother: Jureth. Eldest Brother of House. (Dishonorable Death)
Brother: Joran. 2nd Eldest Brother. (Honorable Death)
Brother: Korlen. Youngest Brother.
Brother: Jeremiah Leger. Starfleet, USS Miranda. Bonded into House.
Mate: Kassa, Daughter of Isarra
Son: Tre'gok.  In KDF Training Academy.
Son: Vrenn. In KDF Training Academy.
Service Record:
2356-2360: KDF Academy
2360-2362: Security, I.K.S. Eliminator, Warrior 1st Class/2nd Class
2362-2365: Gunnery, I.K.S. B'Tran, Warrior 2nd Class/3rd Class
2365-2368: Tactical, I.K.V. BortaS, Warrior 3rd Class/Ensign
2368-2372: Tactical, I.K.S. Negh'var, Ensign/Lieutenant
2372-2375: Helmsman, I.K.V. Heg'ta, Lieutenant/Commander
2375-2379: First Officer, I.K.S. Negh'var, Commander
2379-2381: Leave Of Absence- House Affiars
2381-Pres: Commanding Officer, I.K.S. Ty'Gokor, Captain
Awards and Decorations:
Wound Medal x4 - 2368, 2369, 2372, 2374.
Bravery Medal x2 - 2368, 2375
Medal of Loyality - 2368
Medal of Honor - 2375
Member of the Order of the Bat'leth
Ever since Korleth could walk, he wanted nothing more than to be a warrior in the service of his Empire.  Born the middle of 4 brothers to General Mi'Goth and B'rela.  He took the First Rite of Ascension at the age of 5 and the Second at age 15, right before he went into the KDF Academy.  Upon graduation of the Academy, he was stationed as a security guard onboard the K'Tinga Class BattleCruiser I.K.S. Eliminator to learn his way and to find his own path in the KDF.  By the end of his two year tour on the Eliminator, he would have one promotion and would be on his way to a more prestigious assignment.
Then it was on to the K'Vort Class Bird Of Prey I.K.S. B'Tran where he would take up the position of Second Gunner.  He once again served with distinction and earned yet another promotion.  The B'Tran would on many occasions assist Chancellor Canadiate Gowron in his many skirmishes with the House of Duras.  Korleth and the House of Mi'Goth were all backers of Chancellor Kempec and the soon-to-be Chancellor Gowron and this was not lost on Gowron himself.  Gowron, needing as many supporters as he could in the face of an upcoming Civil War, asked Mi'Goth for one of his sons to serve with him on his personal flagship.  Come 2365, Korleth was transferred to the I.K.V. BortaS under Gowron's personal guidance.
Korleth learned much on the BortaS and stayed by Gowron's side all throughout the Klingon Civil War.  While under his command, Korleth made the friendship of Worf, and and up and coming Klingon by the name of Pok (who would later become First Officer and then Captain of the BortaS).  For his dedicated service, Korleth was awarded the Medal Of Loyality and a Bravery Medal for his outstanding service to the Chancellor.  He would be promoted once again to Ensign and become Tactical Officer aboard the new class of Klingon Dreadnought: The I.K.S. Negh'var.
The I.K.S. Negh'var to date was the most impressive ship in the Klingon Armada, and Korleth was good enough to warrant a slot on her crew during its initial development and shakedown.  Korleth helped fine tune the gunnery and targeting systems during the time and would learn practically all the positions there were on the ship.  This warranted another promotion to Lieutenant and placement as ship's Third Officer.  Korleth stayed with the ship until after the conflicts started with the Cardassians, the Federation, and the Dominion.
Korleth accepted a position on the I.K.V. Heg'ta, commanded by Worf's brother, Kurn.  It was during this time, after the Khitomer Accords were restored, that he spent a lot of time around Humans at the Federation Station Deep Space Nine.  It was here that he made the friendship of a lowly Security Ensign who had seen his own fair share of battle.  Korleth's older brother, Joran, also saw the Klingon potential in this young Human.  So together, both brothers would take Jeremiah Leger and mold him into a more respectable warrior.  Later on, after Kurn disappeared and Joran got command of the Heg'ta, they would have Leger onboard their ship multiple times for proper 'training'.
After the end of the Dominion War, and much prestiege later, Korleth became First Officer of the I.K.S. Negh'var, as the ship practically needed a whole new crew after casulties suffered during the war.  Korleth took it at the behest of his father.  Korleth at this time was upset at Worf for killing Gowron, but relented after seeing full the evidence that Gowron was throwing Klingon lives away just to further his own political goals.  HIs father urged him to accept Martok as Chancellor and Korleth grudgingly agreed.  Martok, later that year in recognition of Korleth's deeds and unwavering loyalty to the Empire, personally inducted Korleth into the Order of the Bat'leth.
Korleth took leave from the KDF in 2379 to attend to the most grievous of family business.  His oldest brother, Jureth, had seemingly gone rouge without much explination.  Joran and Korleth both took command of House Birds of Prey to hunt down their eldest brother for an explination.  It turned out that Jureth had allowed himself to be captured by Romulans at one point in time and had become their puppet.  In a campaign that lasted for about a year, Joran and Korleth hunted down Jureth to stop him from either igniting another Klingon Civil War, or from getting the Federation to wage war on the Empire.  When the dust had settled, Jureth self-destructed his own ship to avoid the shame of being captured by his own house.  The whole incident left the House of Mi'Goth in a state of shock.  Later on, in actions against the Romulans for revenge, Joran and his entire crew on the Heg'ta met their end on a suicidal run against the Tal'Shiar Warbird responsible for Jureth's downfall.  This left Korleth now as the eldest son of the House of Mi'Goth.
Now as the heir to the House of Mi'Goth, Korleth saw the need to strengthen the House.  During the whole ordeal, he was kept apprised of Jeremiah Leger's actions in the Federation.  His friend, now a Hazard Team member aboard the USS Miranda had seen a lot more action then the last time they were together.  Korleth decided to bond Leger as a Brother to help strengthen the familiy.  Mi'Goth applauded the forward thinking and arranged for a big celebration since Korleth's own sons were at the right age for the Second Rite of Ascension.  Leger and his family were invited to Qo'noS and incorporated into the Klingon lifestyle.
With the House affairs now in order, Korleth resumed his duty in the KDF.  For past service and honors, he was given command of the newest K'Vort Class Bird of Prey to roll off the lines: The I.K.S. Ty'Gokor
Personality Profile:
Korleth is calculating, which makes him extremly dangerous for a Klingon.  More quiet and reserved than your typical Klingon, but that's because he is calculating the many different ways to kill an enemy.  Is quick to decisive action when he needs to be.  Very Honorable which made him a prime canadaite for the Order of the Bat'leth.  Dislikes politicians with a vengence ever since he saw what Gowron did toward the end of his reign.
Special Notes:
Very open minded in terms of Klingon-Federation relations and holds a high regard for humans and their ability to wage war.  Prefers the use of a Bat'leth during melee combat.

Hail: Captain Korleth

Lieutenant Jeremiah Leger, USS Miranda

Ensign Heather Owens-Leger, USS Miranda